Brian Doherty on Winning Second Amendment Rights for Pot Smokers in Colorado


A pair of Colorado firearms instructors is planning a ballot initiative in their state to help smash a huge violation of citizens' rights: that marijuana smokers, according to the federal government, are not allowed to own guns. The Colorado activists behind the would-be ballot measure, Edgar Antillon and Isaac Chase, are making an end run around courts as they launch the Colorado Campaign for Equal Gun Rights. The measure would amend Colorado law so that state-legal use of marijuana would be no barrier to receiving a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Senior Editor Brian Doherty examines all aspects of the national battlefield on the bloody crossroads where the rights of gun owners and marijuana smokers meet, and finds it's a grand battle symbolic of a Libertarian Moment. Even if it fails to go all the way the first time around, it's a logical victory given America's Constitution that deserves to be won, whether via lawsuit or ballot.