Arizona Can Challenge Medicaid Expansion, Death Sentences in Maryland Commuted, Will Gas Savings Bring a Happy New Year?: P.M. Links


  • Okay, prices probably won't go THAT far back to previous levels.
    Credit: dok1 / photo on flickr

    Arizona's Supreme Court will allow a lawsuit challenging the state's Medicaid expansion to move forward. The expansion was supported by outgoing Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, but challenged by Republican lawmakers.

  • Ourgoing Democratic Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley has the commuted the sentences of the state's four death row inmates to life in prison without parole. The state abolished the death penalty two years ago, but it only applied to new convictions.
  • Uber claims a Chicago driver charged with sexual assault was not authorized to be driving for the company and was using an account in his wife's name.
  • Topping this year's list of words Lake Superior State University wants to banish is "bae," which if you've never heard before has become slang for boyfriend or girlfriend. Also on the list is "polar vortex," "swag," "takeaway," and "enhanced interrogation," among others.
  • With the drop in gas prices, AAA is predicting drivers may save $75 billion at the pump next year.
  • And with that, the links are off to drink champagne and yell numbers at strangers to count down to the end of 2014. Happy New Year!

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  1. And so it begins…the last PM links of 2014.

    1. See you on the other side.

    2. It’s already AM Links in Australia…

      1. Fuck Australia. And Arnold Schwarzenegger.

        1. Also, fuck all you yodelers over there in… umm… Sweden?

      2. There they call it G’day Tingles.

      3. I assume IFH is riding around on a kangaroo, swinging a platypus over her head and swilling beer. i.e., a Wednesday

        1. Can you eat platypus eggs? As in scramble ’em or use them for baking?

          1. I have no experience, but I don’t see why not.

            1. Someone go beat on the door of the outhouse ifh sleeps in. I want answers!

          2. it turns out, yes and no; they’re tiny and don’t have shells like birds.

            1. So they are kind of like turtle eggs. Interesting.

            2. “Firstly, because a platypus is a mammal and not a bird.”

              I think the person that came up with this is talking out their ass. The reason why the distinction between mammals and birds is mostly correct is that mammals generally don’t lay eggs, but the platypus is an exception. Unless the platypus does not lay eggs while they have yolks and whites, you could theoretically make an omelette, but it may be completely impractical to do so.

              1. Platypi are mammals, they’re just monotremes. How they give birth is really just one of the qualifiers between mammals and birds, along with other stuff like hair and having a neocortex.

          3. At the very least, you can throw them at an American President if he comes to visit.

      4. I’m in Taiwan. You guys are still in last year.

        1. No. Time doesn’t really run backwards here.

    3. Hello.

      See you in 2015.

      Getting old.

      1. I thought Canada was on the lunar calendar.

        1. It’s the loonie calendar.

          1. Now see, people? This is how you pun.

            1. This is how you pun

              Don’t encourage him.

            2. Don’t tell me how to pun, fwend.

      2. Is it your birthday too?

  2. With the drop in gas prices, AAA is predicting drivers may save $75 billion at the pump next year.


  3. With the drop in gas prices, AAA is predicting drivers may save $75 billion at the pump next year.

    I bought a hybrid at the end of September. Since then, gas prices near me have dropped by over a dollar. Y’all should really thank me.

    1. Thank, or laugh?

      1. Yes. And thank you Andrew.

        I believe he is alluding to the same phenomena as washing your car causing rain to fall.

        1. Ugh, I forgot to put the laugh in that, dammit.

        2. That I was.

        3. Rain causes my car to get washed.

      2. I did a calculus @ $3/gallon (which seemed low at the time!) that given how much I drive, the money saved in gas would be more than worth it.

        So, yeah. You can laugh.

        1. I assume you used the numbers for the hybrid given to you by either the manufacturer or the sales outlet? If you did your calculus is wrong.

          1. No, I did it myself. Gas mileage difference between the standard Camry and Hybrid, compared to the price difference. Given how much I drive (a lot), at $3 a gallon I’d save enough money to make up the difference between the two and then some.

            1. Did you include the price diff in the car, and that no one will buy it when gas is less than $2?

              1. I included the price difference (see what I said above!)

                And I figure that gas will come back up eventually. Though I don’t plan to get rid of this car for a long while.

    2. Thank you. I have a list of stocks I’d like you to short.

  4. And with that, the links are off to drink champagne and yell numbers at strangers to count down to the end of 2014.

    The comments wish the links the best for the new year.

    1. and yell numbers at strangers to count down to the end of 2014.

      So the staff of Reason are spymasters?

  5. And with that, the links are off to drink champagne and yell numbers at strangers to count down to the end of 2014. Happy New Year!

    Good lap, Reason.

  6. New Years Eve is for amateurs.

    1. New Years Eve is for amateurs.

      1. See? You get it! No waiting in line for us tonight!

  7. The tradition created by the late W. T. Rabe, former public relations director at Lake Superior State University, begins its fifth decade with this year’s annual List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness.

    That literally makes me [sic] to my stomach.

  8. “Bae” is the linguistic equivalent of watching all your childhood pets being raped to death.

    1. So basically anything you have ever written?

      1. Yeah, but “bae” doesn’t do it in a fun way.

    2. How do you rape a guppy?

      1. Slowly and with adequate lube.

        1. How do you rape a hamster?

          Wrap it with electrical tape so it doesn’t explode.

  9. Happy New Year, everyone.

    1. Poll: What is everyone doing?

      1. I had to cancel my party because the wife and I have the flu. I was going to get tore up from the floor up, but I’ll probably be whacked out on NyQuil and in bed by 9.

        1. Dang. I bet you had good food planned too.

          1. Fondue for 16 and three punches. We are going to try and do something the weekend before school starts.

            And three pounds of cocktail wieners.

            By the way… I put them in a crock pot with one cup each of ketchup, dark brown sugar and bourbon and let them go on high for about an hour before service. Cheap, easy and always a crowd favorite.

            1. Wow, that sounds awesome. Will try.

              Me: quiet New Year’s at home, and a little maudlin – 2015 is going to be a little tough. But it’s been a nice year, and I’m happy to be here to drink at the end of it, and plan to be here (probably drunk, to be honest) at the end of the next one too. Happy New Year, all of you monocled slavelords.

            2. I wish you hadn’t told me that just before my trip to the grocery store. I just got a smoker, and went a little overboard.

              I think I have meat poisoning.

              1. If cocktail weiners ain’t your bag, it works well with smoked sausage or thick-cubed ham. Or all three.

                1. I love em. Especially with a sweet Jack Daniels glaze

      2. Me: I’m going to drink beer at home while I’m watching movies with the kids. At 11:59, I’m going to run out on to my porch with my 12 gauge, blast off a few shells, and then turn out the lights and hide.

        Or, I’ll go to sleep at 11.

        1. “Pl?ya Manhattan.|12.31.14 @ 4:43PM|#

          Me: I’m going to drink beer at home while I’m watching movies with the kids. “

          Damn, i was going to admit something similar but i figured you were writing this from your rented penthouse while chopping up a giant pile of coke and your friends were out trying to score some last-minute ‘professional grade’ fireworks from some shady character in chinatown.

          I’ve been there.

          1. All of my fireworks come from south of the border, but supply is tight this week. I have a couple of crowd pleasers left over from the 4th, so we’ll see how much I drink first.

            If I do cause trouble, my wife is definitely going to cut me off. It’s an age old question: Sex, or blowing shit up?

          2. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had an awesome New Years Eve. It’s so crowded and expensive everywhere that it’s always a letdown. I hate hate hate waiting in line.

            1. ” I don’t think I’ve ever had an awesome New Years Eve”

              I agree – its almost always a huge, expensive, headache inducing letdown.

              That said = I did one in Cabo San Lucas that was memorable. For most of the 2000s i would DJ New years events either @ a club or some hosted event, so it was always an excuse to wear a tux and accept copious offers of yayo.

              In general, i’d try to stay away from certain areas of Manhattan (i.e. no where near midtown) on New Years because its like St Paddys in how 3 million+ suburbanites roll in for dinner and drinks and the place is a nightmare until dawn and you can’t get a cab *ever*

      3. Party within walking distance, guests to dress in suits & such, like the adults we supposedly are.

      4. Staying in and drinking. So, you could call it Wednesday.

        1. That reminds me: This does technically count as a special occasion.

          Maybe I’ll pick up some John Daniels at the store. (his close friends call him John)

            1. Will you be my lawyer tonight? Bail money is in the top right desk drawer.

          1. I’m going with the Joseph Cuervo.

      5. Counting down the hours until I can leave my in-laws house. This place would be at least a little better if my in-laws weren’t completely anti-alcohol.

        1. Ouch, dude. Sorry.

        2. Oy, that’s cruel and unusual punishment. My in-laws house contains a bar with a dozen-plus brands of single malt which I’m encouraged to drink, since nobody else likes it. I’m willing to make serious sacrifices for the good of my relationship.

          1. Are they looking to adopt?

            1. Possibly, but you’d need to convert. Another plus: Southern Jews (Louisville) = awesome food.


        4. My parents are anti-alcohol. My siblings and I have started pre-gaming every family event. We roll up with a pretty strong buzz on. Flasks are amazing.

          1. ” My siblings and I have started pre-gaming every family event”

            I have a really good, “Bong Hits Before Midnight Mass” story.

            It wasn’t me. But my friend. The kneeling, standing, kneeling, took him out and i had to drag his unconscious ass down the aisle. Its not a good look.

            1. If it had been a Pentecostal church you could have just yelled “Hallelujah!” and left him there.

              1. I know, right? unfortunately, catholics are so goddamn cynical that everyone pretty much knew he was already drunk. Because almost everyone had been at the same parties we had = they’d just skipped the bingers in the parking lot.

                it was a bummer, because i like Midnight Mass. Good show, good music. lots of incense.

                1. I’ve only ever been to a wedding Mass. Too much kneeling, but at least they don’t give you any shit about booze at the reception.

                  My grandmother was Pentecostal, and her church funeral service was fairly nightmarish. Wailing. Fainting. People screaming and throwing themselves onto her coffin. My mother had such a death grip I thought she was going to break my hand.

                  1. “SugarFree|12.31.14 @ 5:10PM|#

                    I’ve only ever been to a wedding Mass.”

                    That’s like a shortened, condensed, procedural version of a “mass” (nothing but the necessities and the proper forms)

                    Then you have ‘regular mass’, with the full liturgy reading/sermon, etc.

                    Then you have *Christmas Midnight Mass*, which is the Superbowl Halftime Show of Catholicism. They bring out the laser show, the choir, Dueling Organs, kids swinging incense, and the “nice robes” with the extra gold tassel and stuff. its fucking epic. not everyone does a ‘big show’, but I come from the irish/italian roman catholic crowd, and they like to see the Bling come out. Also, everyone is drunk, more or less.

                2. Good show, good music. lots of incense.

                  Sounds like a Grateful Dead concert.

            2. Damn, that’s awesome. Some day I’ll tell you guys the story of my last confession (first confession/first communion is a really big deal).

              1. That didn’t come out right. “Tonio’s Last Confession” is the working title, a play on first confession, which is a big deal.

            3. I think it was at my mom’s birthday that my brother in law had a little too much vodka from the bottle we hid in the basement. So, my sister made him wash dishes and didn’t let him talk or make eye contact with anyone.

              1. I was 13 or 14 the time my older sister had a big New Years Eve party and I snuck several big glasses of sloe gin and cream soda punch. It was so good going down and so vile coming back up. Not to mention which, I drank about half a gallon of the punch and somehow threw up about a five gallon bucket’s worth. I used to love cream soda but to this day I can’t so much as smell the stuff without gagging.

                1. I can’t do screwdrivers to this day. Same deal.

                  1. I drink responsibly, and have never been sick. Close, but no vomiting.

                    1. Lame

                  2. Tequila is completely off limits for me.

                    It comes back like a superball bouncing off concrete.

                    1. Jose Cuervo isn’t my friend either.

                    2. That’s because Cuervo is horrible. Judging tequila via Cuervo is like judging beer via Budweiser.

      6. Going next door to the neighbors with the kids for a low key evening.

      7. Should I still answer even though I am not a Millenial?

      8. Partying; contemplating my continuing unemployment. Talking about my unemployment. Trying to think of something other than unemployment, such as partying. Or trades school.

  10. Progressive Liberal Conundrum =

    We Love Unions = Why Unions No Love Us?

    Liberals are shocked to discover that when Unions maintain a concentration of power, that they use it for their own benefit and protection from criticism rather than to further the interests of the Working Class or of Disadvantaged People or whatever the fuck popular issue Progs want to push. They don’t care.

    But but but #Blacklivesmatter spew the activists?! Are we not in Solidarity?! Why do Good Civil Servants not serve their populist master De Blasio, as any good statist-power-sucker should? University-educated millenials fail to see how any public-worker is not by default Part of Their Team.

    The apparent schizm between the political class and their otherwise-supportive unions has confounded Media people = We Want witch Trials! they shriek. Why can we not make examples of Wife Beating Athletes or Civvy-Choking Cops? “No” say the Unions. “We too have power, you see”.

    And for the millionth time, the idea that Power is Not By Nature ‘Wise and Beneficent’ goes right over their State-Worshiping heads.

    1. And all this on top of Grubergate and the collapsing rape narrative. It’s been a bad season for them.

    2. There was a comment on a New York Times story about the cops where someone said that the police union isn’t a real union because unlike real unions the police union appears to shield bad actors from consequences.

      See, other unions never behave badly, so clearly the police officer’s union doesn’t really count.

    3. I’ve also seen the inverse phenomena happening in Canada and some parts of America. That is, private sector unions are warier and warier of parties that will wreck them to appease environmentalists, or tax them dry for PUSs. Some of them are getting it. They have to.

  11. In Other News: France figures out that the one percent can’t and won’t pay for everything on the socialist wish list. Looks like that millionaire tax is done for.

    1. And Venezuela’s economy has contracted by over 4% this year, with 60% inflation.

      Maduro blames protesters who made it difficult for the grand socialist state to deliver goods to the peasantry.

      I am not making that up.

      1. Looters and wreckers, in other words.

      2. And they’ll likely get away with that excuse.

      3. Brazil is cutting pensions and other goodies. The leftist incumbent won and is now applying her opponent’s program.

  12. As one of the preeminent lurkers around here, I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year! May your monocles all stay polished and your orphans stay obedient in the coming year.

    1. Obedient?

      I expire them and start with a new batch every year.

      1. That’s smart – good way to keep that “new orphan” smell.

      2. You dirty fucker. You know I have an orphan-refurbishing business. Sell them to me.

    2. Thanks, Jack. “Preeminent lurkers,” lol.

      1. I feel like there needs to be a lurk-off.

        “Oh yeah? _I’ve_ been lurking since 2002 and I’ve _never_ posted before this!”

        1. Nice.

          New Year’s project (I don’t do resolutions) – outreach to lurkers.

  13. Trangender Teen Leaves Suicide Note = Blames Society

    Parents naturally upset = but critics point to their pronoun insensitivity as case-study in Transphobic Societal-Failure Run Amok

    “On Sunday, mother Carla Wood Alcorn mourned her child’s death. “My sweet 17-year-old son, Joshua Ryan Alcorn, went to Heaven this morning,” she wrote in a message she later removed…

    Friend Abby Jones criticized that message as an example of what contributed to her friend’s depression. “They used the wrong pronouns,” Jones told The Post. “Her mom is there referring to her as her ‘baby boy Joshua.’ She could not be who she wanted to be because of her home life.””

    I have no other observation other than –

    Name a time in history when people of various gender-leanings or sexual orientation have EVER had a more open and welcoming social environment, and opportunity to communicate with supportive, like minded people on the internet *all day long* if they so choose?

    Because i missed it.

    yes, yes, ‘Better is not Good‘ and surely Gender-neutral public toilets and Pronoun Police will solve all of our social-failings, but my point is = ‘being a teenager’ has never been particularly different. Everyone has to do it. Suck it up, princesses.

    1. The gender neutral bathrooms in Battlestar Galactica were pretty cool. Though Then again, not all women look like Kandyse McClure, Grace Park or Katee Sackhoff. Then again, I certainly don’t look like [insert whoever was the most attractive guy on BSG. Lee Adama? Edward James Olmos?].

      1. I like the gender neutral bathrooms in Futurama with the sign that says “No Laughing”

      2. whoever was the most attractive guy on BSG

        I’ll defer to the resident fancy-lads and/or ladies (as if), but yes, I believe Jamie Bamber was #1 in their hearts/loins.

        1. But not Fat Apollo.


        2. I know plenty of vag-people who were all about Baltar. Both men look quite good.

    2. This was covered this morning in the commentary for AM links.

      And yes, being a teenager has been particularly different, even in recent history. The concept of adolescence is a very modern one. In earlier times teenagers were serving in the military, working real jobs, getting married, etc.

      1. “. In earlier times teenagers were serving in the military, working real jobs, getting married, etc.”

        My specific question was = when was it easier to be Gay/Trans/whatever?

        1. Well trans wasn’t even possible until the surgical advances soooo, I say easier.

          1. Uhh, sorry, I meant easier now.

            Drink early, post more frequently, as long as corrections count I am on my way to successfully making my resolutions a reality!

      2. This. I don’t really like the idea of separating kids and adults to the point where kids have a completely different culture. I think it makes coming of age all that much more difficult.

        And technology has made it much easier for people to find others with similar interests, concerns, situations, etc., but it’s also made spreading conformity easier as well.

        From my perspective, one of the biggest contributors to teenage “angst” is being stuck a system that you clearly don’t fit in and you have no way to fix it, or remove yourself from it. That might be my biggest beef with things like Common Core. If implemented, 80% of the kids may take to it, but you’re going to alienate the 20% and trap them there for 12 years.

        1. The statists hand down 12 year sentences to 20% of the population sounds about right.

        2. It’s not just in the high school halls, it’s also in the shopping malls, in the basement bars and in the backs of cars.

          1. Be cool or be cast out.

  14. I’m going skiing!

    1. Yesssss! I am going next weekend!

    2. Where? Good snow on the west coast this week.

      1. Sierra-at-Tahoe. I got a pass there this season and I’m just going to ride up from the valley every day off that I have nothing planned. Climate and proximity to better skiing are keeping me from missing Pittsburgh.

        1. 6″ of fresh powder as of this morning.

          It’s a shame that Tioga Pass is closed in the winter. You’re not that far from Mammoth. 4′ base, and 10 minute lines to get to the top.


    ^ Hilarious. Sponsored content on Twitchy trying to sell the Affordable Care Act.

    I think they may have done a poor job targeting this advertisement.

  16. The very last of the WaPo’s “2015 In/Out List“…

    “Out = Narratives / In = Facts”

    Yes, it links to their debunking of the Rolling Stone story. Little patting-self-on-the-back there? Given the WaPo also published zerlina maxwells, “We Should Automatically Believe Rape Claims“, i think maybe they’ve made equal contributions to ‘narratives’ in 2014

    1. The archive back to 1978 is cool.

  17. RIP Luise Rainer

  18. Happy New Year everyone. May 2015 be better.

    1. Sure it will…
      White privilege can be a tricky thing for people to wrap their heads around. If you’ve ever called out white privilege before, chances are you’ve heard responses like “But I’m didn’t ask to be born white!” or “You’re being reverse racist.”

      The next time that happens, just show the nay-sayer this succinct comic by Jamie Kapp explaining what white privilege is ? and what it isn’t.…..explained/

      1. Umm, yes, well. It’s all clear now.

      2. Cool story bro. Any more made up statistics you’d like to share?

        1. Sorry, it twas sarcasm, at your “better 2015” comment. With retardism like this spreading, I don’t see it.

          “Let’s Talk About Thin Privilege”


          1. Then I’m perplexed at your pessimism. 2014 was the year people started tearing this stuff apart ex GamerGate.

            Re: white privilege: it’s not about whiteness, it’s about labeling black community problems as white people privilege.

            1. I do hope I’m wrong. But, you are right I am a pessimistic about it…The derpism seems mighty strong on this last day of 2014…But, I do hope you find that great career you seek and your 2015 is better.

              1. Something bugs me.

                all these people attacking white privilege seem to forget that white people are human.

                and, because they are humnan, they seek to maximize their own privilege. They are human. they have no choice but to behave in such a manner to maximize their own privilege. All of us humans are hardwired that way. It is our basic instinct. There is no denying it.

                so, by increasing awareness of white privilege, they recruit more defenders of white privilege.

      3. Not surprisingly, there is no comment section.

  19. America’s worst parking spots: Wall collapse buries several cars in road salt…..road-salt/

  20. Senate Republicans set hearing to approve Keystone XL legislation


  21. Thanks to “Back to the Future,” I am going to feel awfully old in 2015.

    1. That would be because… well… you are old. I am right there with you and it sucks.

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