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Watch Anthony L. Fisher on HuffPost Live Discussing Free Speech Implications of Sony Dropping "The Interview"


I will be on HuffPost Live around 2:20p ET today with host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to discuss the

No sequel planned.

 free speech, diplomatic, and business implications of Sony's controversial decision to yank "The Interview" after both a massive email leak and terrorist threat against theatres showing the film, both allegedly attributed to the North Korea. 

Tune in live or check back later when a link to the segment will be posted. (UPDATE: Link below!)

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  1. Kim Jong Un’s feelings are so sensitive I can only assume he went to Oberlin.

    – Iowahawk

    1. nice 🙂

    2. That dude is so awesome.

    3. *clapping*

  2. Do contracts that pay actors and producers a cut of the profits offer a guaranteed payout in the event of the movie being pulled by higher ups?

    1. If they don’t already, after this bullshit, I guarantee they will.

      1. The Film Actors Guild will get right on it.

    2. The biggest stars (your Tom Cruises etc) get points on the gross in addition to a big salary.

      Not sure if Seth Rogen et al are big enough stars to rate that kind of deal. Which would be fine for them.

      However, if they did get points on the gross, I’d guess they might have a breach-of-contract suit because they may be able to argue that the contract presumes the film would have been released and therefore would have at least earned a single dollar in the theaters.

    1. Alamo Drafthouse is just awesome. Always has been.

  3. What we as Americans have to realize is that other countries don’t have a first amendment, and therefore we should be much more careful about what we say that may offend the people’s of other cultures.

    1. Paul,

      Do you have an advance copy of Obama’s speech on the subject or something?

      1. Oh sorry, I kind of phased out there for a minute, I was recalling a bunch of post-benghazi editorials from professors and main stream media types.

        I guess I just kind of went on auto-pilot.

  4. On his morning radio show, Dan Patrick was undecided on whether Sony did the right thing. On one hand, he contemplated, if Sony doesn’t release the film, then the terrorists have won. On the other hand, he understood why the people of North Korea were upset that their “religious figure” was the target of an assassination fantasy.

    Dan Patrick is a fucking moron.

    1. On the other hand, he understood why the people of North Korea were upset that their “religious figure” was the target of an assassination fantasy

      And I bet he felt just as torn when Christians demanded that The Last Temptation of Christ be puled from theaters.

      1. The idea that “the people of North Korea” knew anything about this film or had anything to do with, well, anything, is just too stupid for words.

        1. That is another good point. Whoever did this, they are not “the people of North Korea”. In fact, the entire point of this is to keep the people of North Korea from ever seeing the movie and realizing what a clown the world considers dearest leader to be.

          God what a moron.

          1. Bingo!

    2. Sports writers/talkers should stick to sports. When they venture too far from x’s and o’s type stuff they inevitably reveal themselves to be pretty fucking stupid.

    3. Is that the dipshit sports radio host Dan Patrick or the dipshit news radio/state senator/Lt. Governor Dan Patick?

      1. The Dipshit who hosts the sports radio show.

        1. Apparently being named Dan Patrick destines you for a life as a dipshit radio host.

  5. Nice to see another example of our ‘enlightened’ entertainment overlords exposed as the gutless jerks they paint everyone else as.

    Thank you Sony for demonstrating that Hollywood is just as brave and courageous in regards to racism and censorship as they preach that the rest of us should be.

    Double standards – HOW DO THEY WORK?

    1. Everyone can come to my house to watch it. Just don’t tell Paramount.

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