Texas Theater Will Show Team America in The Interview's Place

The Alamo Drafthouse takes a stand.


As Sony's release of the North Korea–mocking comedy The Interview falls apart in the face of terrorist threats, one movie theater has found a way to give Pyongyang the finger:

After Sony canceled the release of the North Korea assassination comedy The Interview, a Texas theater said it would swap the film with Paramount's 2004 film Team America: World Police for one free screening.

"We're just trying to make the best of an unfortunate situation," James Wallace, creative manager and programmer at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema's Dallas/Fort Worth location, tells The Hollywood Reporter.

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, here's how Team America treats the man who ruled North Korea in 2004:

Update, December 18: Paramount has now ordered theaters not to show Team America. Details here.

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  1. Fucking pussies, show the damn movie!

    1. Agreed. This is outrageous.


        1. I’m ronery too.

          1. I suppose I could rewatch This is the End, but honestly if I’m going down that road I’ll just watch World’s End again.

            1. Marmalade Sandwich!!!

              1. Paddington?

          2. I was sent from pranet Xiron to conquer the Earf

            I had a twiffic pran – I thought it would work

    2. How are the theater owners pussies for not showing a movie they couldn’t get a copy of?

      Showing Team America instead shows some balls.

      1. I think that was directed at Sony.

        1. Thanks, Bo. Every once in a while, you are ok, I don’t care what anyone says..

          1. “I don’t care what anyone says..”
            Me too 😉

      2. Gotta love the Alamo Drafthouse policy on Cell Phones:

        1. It’s funny, we’re treated to the ‘turn off your cell phones’ PSA in every movie, ever since the beginning of cell phones, and I haven’t heard a cell phone make a sound in a theater since the early 90s when cell phones were just barely beginning to become a thing.

          That’s almost (over?) 20 years since I’ve heard a cell phone make a sound in a theater. Is there a place in the country other than where I live where cell phones are an ongoing issue during the movie?

          And no, the guy who got shot because he was texting outbound during the previews doesn’t count. I could give a fuck if someone sends a text during a preview.

          I’m talking about full on notifications or a ringtone, during the movie.

          1. Yes, and that place is Bowie, MD. Where one sees a lot of ballcaps with the stickers still on them, white t-shirts, and chinstraps, one tends to see a great deal of cell phone use during movies.

            1. We seemed to have had that exact same problem in Potomac Yard in Alexandria back when I lived there…

          2. That is some racial unawareness right there, Paul.

      3. Sony made the decision only after the theaters refused to play the movie.

      4. Sony is a bunch of pussies, the terrorists are assholes, and the filmmakers are the dicks.

    3. I wonder what the official word from FAG is on this?


  3. I want the “I want the Gold” Girl. Damn

  4. It’s been such a hackneyed cliche but here’s where it’s literally true: not showing this film means the terrorists win.

    1. the terrorists state-sponsored hackers win

    2. Yeah, it’s 911 and the Patriot Act and creating DHS all over again. Just in an even more pathetic way. Just give the enemy exactly what they were looking for, that’s the ticket.

      1. It’s nine eleven times 1000.

          1. Actually 9/11 * 1000 is 9000/11

    3. Ironic that that quote was from Frank Pierson referring the holding the Oscars after 9/11

    4. I just read a YouTube comment for the trailer of The Interview that literally said “Are you guys retarded? Who would risk starting a potential world war over free speech?”

      Thankfully most people pounced on him but SERIOUSLY?!?

      1. Justin Raimondo posts on YouTube?

        1. Raimondo believes the president has information that we don’t have. So yeah, it’s a youtube video that’s at fault.

        1. But dicks fuck pussies.

          1. dicks also fuck assholes. And sometimes they get shit all over the place.

            1. Pussies are so close to assholes, sometimes they get full of shit, too

      2. See “The Speech” by Lord Dunsany.

      3. If there is a war, we can just say YouTube started it… Corny, I know.

    5. They really do hate us for our freedom.

      Oh wait a minute…

  5. I wouldn’t even expect this reaction from the fucking French. How embarrassing.

  6. And Americans wonder why other countries want the atom bomb??? THIS IS WHY! If you don’t have an atom bomb, ‘murica drones you. If you DO have the atom bomb, you get to choose which movies ‘muricans get to see.

    1. This. Which makes it pretty dumb that people wonder why Iran wants a bomb.


    Looks like the Interview is totally dead. Unbelievable.

    1. Not even VOD or DVD? Good grief , the utter cowardice…

        1. “communists always triumph”?

          What planet are you living on? More like communists always starve to death or get shot in the head, wtf.

          “capitalists are dumb”

          You use computers and the internet without a hint of irony.

          1. Looks like somebody totally missed a Spaceballs reference…

          2. This is why you click on the links before commenting on the caption…

          3. You should be embarrassed.

    2. This is one of those times where I wouldn’t care if someone offended my Libertarian sensibilities – hack Sony and release the movie.

    3. Chance of it leaking is now extremely high.

      If this was North Korea and not a disgruntled employee, you bet there’s going to be a disgruntled employee.

  8. Trey Parker and Matt Stone had better be working furiously to parody this bullshit in the next SP episode.

    1. It might be too similar to the episodes where Cartman tried to get Family Guy pulled.

      1. But Family Guy deserves to be pulled, their ARE random and stupid.

    2. Knowing them, they’re already done and it’s ready to air. But will Comedy Central show it?

    3. Their season ended last Wednesday, so unlikely.

  9. Team America wasn’t a very good movie.

    1. Supposedly the Interview isn’t either.

      1. It’s got Franco and Rogen, how could it be anything but lazy and insultingly stupid?

        1. Also some adjective that describes the concept of trying desperately to be hip and transgressive but failing miserably.

          1. Or a bunch of fat, slovenly losers sitting around smoking pot and acting clueless and neurotic. That’s the image the left has to pound into our heads, you see: the image of man as a bum.

            I cannot escape the irony of a Rogen film being pulled for fear of insulting a miserable third world regime, since he’s supposed to stand for what the youth of America is now: a bunch of cowardly bums with no principles and no backbone.

            Though it wasn’t his choice to pull it, this thing is sadly indicative.

    2. Fuck off. It was genius and one of the funniest movies ever made.

    3. I hope you get AIDS!


      1. I take it you don’t agree.

    4. Ouch. I thought you were cool.

  10. Just to be safe, for the Team America showing there should be guaaaaaaaards at the theater. (Sorry for crappy quality.)

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Hollywood in a craven move to not offend China change the bad guys in the Red Dawn remake to be… North Koreans?

    1. Yes. And Kim Jong-Il was supposedly upset about Die Another Day even though that film never mentioned him at all.

      However this is Kim Jong-Un and I can imagine that since this movie is a comedy about assassinating him that he really wanted to send a message.

    2. Yeah. Jeet Heer was just tweeting about that. Apparently Hollywood thought North Korea was the one country it was safe to offend.

      1. Well, there’s always Hollywood’s safest most used bad guys: Nazis and Neo-nazis.

        1. Eastern Europeans and Russians are still pretty safe, too.

        2. You mean like when Hollywood completely changed Tom Clancy’s story in Sum of All Fears so as not to offend Muslim sensibilities in the wake of 9/11?

      2. China used to be that country. See Goldfinger or You Only Live Twice.

        1. Oddjob was Korean. You Only Live Twice was set in Japan. It also starred that gal who gives me urges.

          1. Goldfinger was given a nuke by China and China was funding Blofeld in You Only Live Twice.

    3. And didn’t one of those stupid White House Has Fallen movies have North Koreans taking over the White House?

    4. Well, shit, at least there was a bunch of money at stake in that change. The North Koreans aren’t about to boycott Sony.

    5. And in the video game homefront they made… shit, I can’t remember, made the Chinese into North Koreans as well?

      However, insulting a capitalist country is something you want to avoid. We need China to prop our quasi-socialist economy up. Who cares if we insult a communist regime that can’t even keep the fucking lights on.

  12. Aw, come on North Kowea, you’re brawking my bawls.

  13. I am ashamed that a great American Institution like Sony….

    ..wait a second…

    Don’t the Japanese *()@#&@ hate Koreans?

    1. Not sure. The Koreans hate everyone, they’ll tell you as much.

    2. Less hate, and more ‘ha ha the Koreans are so stupid and lazy’. Replace with Japanese for Koreans’ alternative view.

      1. I have a couple of Korean friends. They are neither stupid or lazy. But at least one of them is crazy as hell. He just got back from Seoul and his urban camping story and pictures were hilarious.

        1. To clarify I’m referring to a somewhat common Japanese opinion on Koreans. I remember awhile back DNA analysis showed that Japanese were likely descended from Korean migrations. Cue massive internet flame war between Japanese who refused to believe that they were descended from Koreans and Koreans being disgusted they share ancestry with the Japanese.

          1. You don’t really need to clarify for me, I understand.

            In Mexico, all uneducated poor people are referred to as Guatemalans.

            In South America, they are Bolivians. And if you aren’t happy with the quality of something your purchase, it’s because it’s Paraguayan.

            But only white Americans are racist or have ever been in the entire history of the world.

            1. In Ohio, they’re Kentuckians. In Kentucky, they’re from Tennessee.
              And the difference between the Swedes and the Norhovians is that the Swedes have better neighbors.
              True story:
              Long ago, I was a shop manager where we did fine carpentry. Except when we were slow, and I kept the good guys on by doing warehouse rough carpentry; shelves, pallets, the like.
              First (white) guy, dry knotty lumber, bending nails: “Fucking Japanese nails!”. Next guy, (Saki, close to real name): “Fucking Taiwanese nails!”
              *But only white Americans are racist or have ever been in the entire history of the world.*

              1. Well of course anybody from 10RC is a retard hillbilly.

              2. “It’s the sheep who are the sluts.”

          2. John Titor is correct. I don’t think that the Japanese hate Koreans so much as look down on them.

            1. Have you heard about the Japanese people who moved to Brazil and were invited back by the Japanese because they felt it would be better to have ethnic Japanese immigrants than immigrants who weren’t ethnic Japanese?

              Apparently the non-Brazilian Japanese completely despise them because – surprise! – Japanese culture is pretty staid and repressed whereas Brazilian culture is pretty…not. As a result, after 100 years of living in Brazil, those people of Japanese ancestry (many of whom were part Brazilian due to intermarriage) belonged to a culture completely alien to the native Japanese.

              I find that story interesting because it shows the peril of assuming differences are based on race rather than on culture.

              1. Interesting. But I don’t think anyone denies that there are cultural differences. The argument is whether there are racial ones as well, and how strong those are compared to cultural ones.

              2. This is similar to point i made to a guy who claimed that eventual ‘brownification’ (dilution of each racial group) would eliminate cultural conflict

                Racial differences blur, but cultural perceptions of differences do not.

                In Europe the historical bigotry was often reduced to ‘speech patterns’ that indicated being from a different group of people that were otherwise racially identical.

                Hence, the wonderful word of “Shibboleth

                “in May 1302, the Flemish slaughtered every Frenchman they could find in the city of Bruges, an act known as the Brugse Metten.[8] They identified Frenchmen based on their inability to pronounce the Flemish phrase schilt ende vriend (shield and friend), or possibly ‘s Gilden vriend (friend of the Guilds). However, many Medieval Flemish dialects did not contain the cluster sch- either (even today’s Kortrijk dialect has sk-), and Medieval French rolled the r just as Flemish did.[9]”

                1. “In Europe the historical bigotry was often reduced to ‘speech patterns’ that indicated being from a different group of people that were otherwise racially identical.”

                  In Belgium, that’s not “historical” bigotry.
                  Try using a French Franc in Bruges (which I know is no longer valid, ’cause the Euro; but I got a dose when I tried earlier).

                  1. My point was that ‘appearances’ don’t matter as much as people think; and speech just happens to be a convenient ‘cultural divider’

                    The japs did the same thing when they wanted to find koreans to blame for something

                    “? (j?-go-en, go-j?-sen) and ????? (gagigugego) were used in Japan after the 1923 Great Kanto earthquake to search for Koreans, in order to falsely accuse them of well poisoning with the intention of scapegoating. Japanese people pronounce initial g as [?] and medial g as [?] (such a distinction is dying out in recent years), whereas Koreans pronounce the two sounds as [k] and [?] respectively.”

                2. I think the English did that to the Lombards…with “Bread and cheese” being the shibboleth.

    3. Yes the Japanese fucking hate Koreans. The feeling is mutual.

  14. That looks like its gonna be good. Wow.

  15. Did the pot smoking Santa thing get posted here today?

    I was over at a CBS thread half the day posting on that story. It gets really hilarious for me when posting on CBS because I get attacked from both the liberals and the conservatives. The liberals call me a teabagger hillbilly and the conservatives call me a liberal loon. But both sides seem to get confused as hell when my comments don’t necessarily fit into the blue or red box. When I told them I was going to make a Santa with an AR-15 in one hand, a Heineken in the other, and a joint in his mouth, it totally fucked them all up beyond all hilarity.

  16. So I hear the theaters didn’t cancel because they feared violence; they did so because no one would go see ANY movie if The Interview was showing there. Given that, what choice did Sony have?

    I’m afraid we have met the cowards, and it is us, my movie-going friends. Okay, not us, but those guys over there.

    1. *sing it

      Land of the coerced
      and the home of the

  17. And yes, you are seeing this post again. It’s too delicious.…..nt-shumlin

    After years of effort, Vermont gives up pursuing single-payer health care

    1. Vox is a feminism quag, dear. No bright reads Vox.

      1. You’re kidding.

      2. Agile Cyborg|12.17.14 @ 9:19PM|#
        …”No bright reads Vox”

        You’re a “bright”?
        I didn’t think that ID lasted for more than a couple of months after someone tried to jump-start it.

        1. God, I remember the Brights. Richard Dawkins’ brilliant idea to make atheist conferences even more insufferable.

          1. As an insufferable atheist, I resemble that remark!

    2. Plan was more expensive than initially expected

      I just snorted milk through my nose. Really… I mean, fuck-really-fuck? This was a surprise, that giving everyone free everything had a higher price tag than originally expected?

      I’ll fuck-bet that whatever price tag they ‘found’ it to be… whatever that price tag was, was trillions LOWER than I expected it to be.

    3. It’s one thing to lay out a set of principles about how health care ought to work. It’s quite another to nearly double a state’s tax revenues in order to make those principles a reality.

      They keep saying this again… and again… and again…. and again… and again… and again…. and they’ll say it again in the future.

      I’ve been saying it on these boards since… fuck, the late 90s? Offering people free healthcare is easy. Actually providing it? That’s a different story.

  18. American penis just inverted and turned into a gigantic alien non-thing. I refuse to use ‘vagina’ because most vaginas are way fucking tougher than the louts running Sony and the people who run theaters in this country. Makes me realize panda bears run corporate Amurica.

    Fucking teddy bear dick jerkers, this country….

    CHRIST JESUS, Really?!!!!

    FUCK this shit. Sony sucks duck anus.

    1. Yeah, Sony, after totally handing Microsoft it’s arse on the gaming console thing, you turned from a dominant company into a giant fucking cunt. I’m sure that Samsung and ASUS will be glad to pick up the scraps of your demise.

      1. I own a ton of Sony products and I bought my boy an Asus g20 for christman… and we also own a shit ton of Samsung products….

        And we own Sony crap… right up to its flagships.

        FUCK SONY… you fucking rotten empty dicks.



        Modern world corporations use millions of poor fucks to build their crap and make hundreds of millions YET…. no fat veiny semen-spurting dick can be found anywhere in their portfolios.

        I’ve never been more sad to be American…


        The new American normal.

        1. The last of the Sony products in my house will be gone when my wife replaces her Viao laptop. Except for my Blu-ray player.

          I used to own lots of Sony stuff and was even considering buying a PS4 just so I can play Destiny, even though I’m a PC gamer.

          Sony had better grow a set of balls very quickly here or they can go fuck themselves.

          It’s a shame, I still think they make the best TVs.

          1. I don’t know, I got a Bravia a number of years back and was really disappointed in the quality. They’re supposed to have really good blacks, but I didn’t see that so much. I’ve got a Samsung plasma now that I’m really happy with, to the point where I’m probably sticking with Samsung moving forward.

            1. “They’re supposed to have really good blacks…”


            2. Here’s the thing. The Bravia series is an LCD panel, either backlight by CFL (or if it was a couple of years ago, LEDs). Sony has very good contrasts for LCD panel televisions (black vs. all other colors). Plasma blows all LCD contrasts out of the water, which is why your Samsung has a much better picture. Frankly, LCD has never competed in contrast or trueness of color with Plasma, and OLEDs are just starting to come down in price to where you could consider them over LCD panels. OLED should get very close to Plasma’s black levels and contrasts (the LG OLEDs tend to do best on these measures thus far).

  19. This is the first Seth Rogan movie I actually wanted to see.

    1. Yeah, I would have seen it in the theater just to make a point.

    1. I saw that a couple of days ago. My comment was that I hope anyone wearing one of those shirts have their car break down after getting lost in the ghetto at 3am. And that’s not a funny situation at all.

      1. Hyp is rollin some anarchy poetry, bros and 1.5 sweet sistahs.

  20. Alamo Drafthouse is the shit and they also have a film distributor wing (first film was the hilarious Four Lions). Maybe they’ll pick it up.

    1. That movie is so underrated.
      “Barry’s puffin has gone red and is hiding under the pirate hat”

    2. Four Lions is absolutely brilliant.

      Every time I hear about that movie, I also think of Three Kings which is another movie I love.

      1. BTW – 4 lions is written by the guy from Brass Eye (Chris Morris) who i frequently link to here.

    1. The paint job is all wrong. Paint that mofo black with orange trim and put some gadsen flags on it.

    2. 37mm isn’t gonna stop anything with armor.

      1. It worked against Japanese armor pretty well, throughout the war. German armor, not so much.

        1. Yeah, that’s cause Japanese “armor” was sorta like the “armor” protection in Japanese fighters.
          A pea shooter would do just fine…

      2. It’ll stop those ‘tanks’ your local police force keeps buying dead.

        1. So it’s obvious that your local cops should be given an Abrams, and you’re a lefty turd if you disagree!

      3. That Apaches 30mm gun will chew through light armor.

  21. So, if we normalize relations with Cuba, do they hand over Joanne Chesimard?

  22. As of right now, there won’t even be a DVD/Blu-Ray/VOD release. Plans could change or rights could be sold, of course, but fuck Sony.

  23. Hollywood starts cancelling every movie that mentions North Korea:

    Steve Carell’s North Korea Movie ‘Pyongyang’ Canceled in Wake of Sony Hack


    1. You have to be fucking kidding me. Good Lord.

  24. Hey, that’s weird. Sony has been hacked before.

    1. Yeah, but that hack only inconvenienced Sony’s CUSTOMERS. This hack actually hurt people Sony considers important.

    2. And don’t forget the Sony rootkit scandal. In effect, Sony hacked computers.

  25. Total dipshit argues that North Korea is in the right because ZOMG white privilege.

    Jamilah Lemieux ? @JamilahLemieux
    What better example of American arrogance and White privilege than a comedy about killing a LIVING head of state?

    She misspelled ‘murderous totalitarian despot.’

    You want to know what’s a sign of privilege? Whining about a comedy that made jokes about killing a man who has literally ordered people murdered in real life. Since Jamilah Lemieux is not required to live in a North Korean slave camp, she should really check her privilege.

    1. The tweet just before it:

      Jamilah Lemieux @JamilahLemieux ? 6h 6 hours ago

      I’ve never met a group of people as committed to upholding damaging stereotypes and painful limitations on their OWN lives as Twitter people

      Dramatic irony or a small moment of self-awareness?

      You be the judge.

    2. Holy shit, she’s not even some rando, she’s editor of Ebony (…yeah, I know that doesn’t count for a lot, but you get the point).

    3. Is she on the record somewhere on the internets condemning the GWB assassination movie? My guess is no.

    4. She then claimed “Death of a President” (2006) about the assassination of George W Bush isn’t a relevant counter-example because, uh, that happened while she was in college.

      read = insulting North Korea in 2014 is like, a big fucking deal. Because

      Making movies about killing your own president is meaningless, because, like, that shit is old


      1. “Making movies about killing your own president is meaningless, because, like, that shit is old”

        It wasn’t about killing him, but in an indy theater in the early ’70s, I saw a film where Nixon (speaking) was played by the head of a penis.
        Yes, it was a short; it would take a true genius to stretch “dick” Nixon into a full-length film.
        Uh, hold on a minute…

        1. I thought it might have been:
          “Millhouse: A White Comedy”


        2. Yeah, but you’d need a whole lot of fluff.

      2. She then claimed “Death of a President” (2006) about the assassination of George W Bush isn’t a relevant counter-example because, uh, that happened while she was in college.

        Holy hell, that’s funny. I wasn’t even in college. I would have been 17.

        Progressives really are children. Anything that happened before the prog-dipshit was born is of no relevance. History? What, is that just that thing where old white males oppressed my people?

  26. I guess all future antagonists will have to come from fictional countries.

    *suddenly remembers the Star Wars Episode I Trade Federasian controversy, the Dilbert Elbonia/Ebonics complaint*

    Or not.

  27. Back to Back dipshits: Shep Smith asks if we’re about to ‘ruin’ Cuba with Lowes and McDonalds, talks about how much he loves Cuba because the last time he was there he bought rum for four dollars.

    You see, who cares that Cubans are living in total impoverished destitution if good ol’ Shep Smith can buy rum at 1/7th of the price it would cost in America? That’s the real sign of a great country – whether rich Americans can take advantage of slave labor in order to subsidize their drinking habits.

    1. Of course, by “rum” Shep means a few hours with a wiry 19-year-old cabana boy.

      1. “He was dark, and my was he spiced.”

        1. I read that in a Shep voice and it was perfect.

    2. Of course he spent the other 6/7ths of the price on the plane fare to get there.

  28. Jamilah Lemieux sides with North Korea because of ‘white privilege’

    What better example of American arrogance and White privilege than a comedy about killing a LIVING head of state?

      1. In a story like this, no one wins.

      2. That will teach me not to check the thread first. I plead illness. And yet my digital thermometer claims my temperature is below normal. Weird.

        1. And yet my digital thermometer claims my temperature is below normal. Weird.

          My metabolism is consistently this. 95-96 is normal and at 98 my head feels warm/flush and I get body chills like anyone else would with a fever.

          I blame evolution, GMOs, and global warming.

          1. “Normal” body temperature does vary a bit by individuals. However, mine’s usually normal, so it’s odd.

  29. What I wanna know is where the hell is the FCC and the MPAA on this one? Isn’t the whole filter films for (in)appropriate offensiveness thing their bag? Isn’t the backwards asswater country of North Kornea stepping in some state desk-pogue’s purview here?

    I mean, they really gotta get their priorities straight and step it up here. Not that either of them are really a prize; but I’d sacrifice hours and hours of Franco’s face and whatever Rogen’s talent is for seconds of Janet Jackson’s malfunctioning wardrobe.

    1. To be fair, foreign policy isn’t really their thing.

      In the old days Hollywood often disguised villainous entities. E.g. James Bond didn’t fight the KGB, he fought SPECTRE. Or adventures happened in imaginary Balkan countries like “Ruritania.”

      I have been trying to think of a movie about killing a real head of state, not in wartime, and I can think of two: that George Bush assassination movie, and Man Hunt (1941) about killing Hitler, based on a 1939 novel. We weren’t at war with Germany quite yet, but much of the world was.

      1. Ah Man Hunt:

        Man Hunt became the first war film to attract the attention of the then neutral America’s Hays Office. Joseph Breen was alarmed by the script when he read it in 1941 calling it a “hate film”.[4] Breen felt in the Isolationist atmosphere of 1941 America the film showed all Germans as evil unlike other films showing both good non-Nazi Germans as well as evil National Socialists. Breen insisted that the Germans could not be characterised as so brutal; the office would only pass the film if it would only “indicate” brutality rather than show it. Therefore cuts did not show Thorndike’s torture but left it in the mind of the audience

        Looks like Joe Breen and Will Hays deserve an apologia. I mean then didn’t rape being depicted on film either. And Breen came to power because of boycotts of major theatres.

    2. The fuck does the FCC have to do with a film that’s not being broadcast?

  30. By the way, in that article about the kid who got executed in 1944 and just got exonerated, there are some people gamely arguing that the kid who got killed by the government based on what’s probably a coerced confession deserved to die. Here’s a particular interesting exchange:


    According to the wiki link:

    The police did not make written records of Stinney’s purported confession, and at trial, Stinney denied confessing to the crime.

    I’d say that’s reasonable doubt, especially absent no other evidence.

    To which SIV responds:

    It wasn’t reasonable doubt to the jury that heard the case.

    Yeah, okay. Clearly a jury in fucking South Carolina in 1944 was incredibly likely to give a fair trial to a young black boy who was accused of murdering a few white girls.

    I bet SIV thinks Emmett Till got what was coming to him too. And don’t even get him started on the Scottsboro Boys.

    1. Was he really exonerated? That implies there was evidence proving him innocent. All the judge said was that he didn’t receive a fair trial which is true.

      The cops said he lead them to the murder weapon. The evidence proving that the cops weren’t lying isn’t there.

      1. Winston|12.17.14 @ 11:21PM|#
        …”That implies there was evidence proving him innocent.”…
        …”The evidence proving that the cops weren’t lying isn’t there.”…

        Are you suggesting that for a conviction to be overturned, the defense has to somehow “prove” innocence?

        1. “All the judge said was that he didn’t receive a fair trial which is true.”

        2. No they don’t.

          1. I mean I’m not sure the kid was actually innocent. But procedure is important and the procedure here was screwed up here so the conviction was quashed.

            1. The procedure was screwed up by 21st Century standards of jurisprudence. That doesn’t mean he didn’t kill the two little girls. If he did, he deserved every ampere.

          2. Thx; misunderstood.

            1. Think of it this way: the kid supposedly confessed to the cops about where to find the murder weapon. If that is true then that is pretty damning. How could you be coerced to reveal the location murder weapon if you are innocent?

              However we have no idea that that is what he actually confessed to since no copies exist. Did the cops lie about it? Did they find it first/somewhere else and forced him to say it? How do we know the spike was the real murder weapon? These things should have brought up at the trial but weren’t.

              Oh and one of his defenders was saying two years ago that he found the real killer but the evidence of that is even flimsier. Basically some anonymous Rich White Kid did it and his relatives helped railroad Stinney to protect him and he made a deathbed confession. Possible but again pretty flimsy since it appears to have played no part in this ruling.

              1. Pretty sure that’s why ‘reasonable doubt’ exists.
                Cops claim ‘who else could know?’. Uh, the cops?

              2. The notion there was another killer known to the community doesn’t even rise to the level of hearsay, much less “evidence”. That comes from a 21st century amateur historian/activist who names neither suspect or source.

                I have no real issue with vacating the conviction but by the same standard you could do that to most historical judicial verdicts.

                1. So Fuchs, Manson, Chapman, etc?
                  I do have an issue with your bullshit.

                  1. A lot of convicted murders, guilty and innocent alike, could be exonerated if we applied Warren Court interpretations in cases like Miranda, Gideon, et. al. to cases decided decades prior the Warren Court.

    2. why do you hate jury nullification? arent juries entitled ro decide the law anyway thay want/

      1. WTF are you talking about?

        1. Lefty troll; have a ball.

    3. You could have tried to argue in the on topic thread but you’re a pussy, “Irish”.

      I’ve repeatedly said in comments here for about 7 years that Emmit Till was murdered (as opposed to “lynched”). For the record, my opinion on the Scottsboro boys is they were the victims of a false rape accusation by the whores they fucked.

  31. NBC quotes “Officials” who say they’ve determined the Norks really are behind the Sony hack

    I need to retract my compliment of their previous threat-language as being “excellent trolling” of Nork propagandists

    1. Unnamed “officials” rank right up there with unnamed “experts” as unimpeachable sources of pure TRUTH. Hang your head in shame, dandy-boy.

      1. While you’re generally correct,

        i doubt brian williams would run a ‘breaking news’ story @ midnight making the claim that there was a Nork connection unless there was some legitimacy to it.

        Reuters is running the same news…..MA20141218

        and says that the NSC will announce shortly, which i guess is tomorrow.

        1. AXIS of EVILz!!1!!

          If they are behind it (and I remain firmly skeptical) I appreciate the Norks for taking down The SONY rather than the power grid I’m counting on to run some of my Christmas toys.

          I lost any sympathy I had for teh SONY when I found out they were funneling ca$h to DAs to go after Google for the high crime of indexing the interwebs.

          1. “I remain firmly skeptical”

            Aren’t you the clever one.

      2. Now CNN is running a banner headline on their front page

        North Korea Did It
        U.S. sources: Order to hack Sony came from the top

        The U.S. is ready to blame North Korea for the crippling hack attack at Sony Pictures, as the studio said Wednesday it would cancel next week’s planned release of its controversial comedy “The Interview.”

        U.S. investigators say an announcement pinning the blame on hackers working for the Pyongyang regime could come as soon as Thursday. FULL STORY

        also = ‘dandy boy’? why dont you call me a sissy fuck-stick or something with a little ‘oomph’ on it? Lame.

        1. “Dandy-boy” is merely a slam on your ablest-privilege of actually having a color perception. I can’t tell tan from khaki, much less beige from ecru.

          1. inside secret = i just make names up for colors and hope no one corrects me.

            1. Our resident gays have failed to adequately admonish you in accordance with their stereotype. For shame, gays. For shame.

  32. BTW, I’m getting an Enviro Defense Fund add to the right, showing a polar bear.
    For reasons of privacy, no names, but a scientist of my acquaintance went on a Nat’l G. cruise, say 10 years ago now. He returned with stories and claims of (supposed) reduced P-bear populations.
    When I asked regarding the baseline numbers, he did some walking back; there were none. He admitted to simply taking the numbers handed him as fact. He was not nasty or defensive, but a bit embarrassed.
    We have not had a chance at discussions since then; I don’t know whether he has developed some skepticism regarding the claims. I hope so.

    1. I never seem to get the same ads other people do.

  33. Here’s what Obama should do: ask for a screening of The Interview at the White House. But of course he’s into appeasing enemies and offending friends, so that’s not going to happen.

  34. I dont think Honey Boo Boo is going to like that very much.

    1. Oh no, did the norks derail the
      Mama June Sex Tape

  35. I’m surprised no one said of the decision by the theater:


  36. I would love to see Sony man up and release the movie to pay-per-view. Hell, I would gladly pay to watch it just to give hardy FYTW to NK.

  37. People need to be reminded just how much of a wussified propaganda machine Hollywood actually is.

    Every minute wasted on (correctly) pointing out what a fucked up hell hole NK is is a minute keeping you from seeing what a cess pool US Government is.

  38. Fuck you Hans Brix

  39. How is it possible that a semi-retarded fat-ass from a third world country has the power to kill a potentially mildly humorous Seth Rogan comedy?

    Seriously. The people in North Korea are basically all retarded because they have been living malnourished, uneducated and politically suppressed lives since birth, so from which pool of computer nerds does lord fat-ass build his cyber-terror unit?

    My guess is that there are enough sympathetic morons who call themselves “hacktavists” who lean hard left of Elizabeth Warren who were more than willing to be pimps for North Korean dumbassery just like Dennis fucking Rodman.

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