WATCH: Stand With Hillary: Part 2 (Arkansas Badonkadonk)


"Stand with Hillary: Part 2" was originally released on Dec. 12, 2014. The original text is below:

Remy helps the Stand with Hillary super PAC come up with a new music video.

Approximately 2 minutes.

Written and performed by Remy. Music tracks and background vocals by Ben Karlstrom. Video by Meredith Bragg.

Scroll below for lyrics, downloadable versions, and more.

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Just like the last time around
Republicans are gonna frown
Mitt Romney and Ben Carson now?
Like Twitter stock you're going down

You'd that you were riding in
Billy Joel's car I swear
because you're gonna see
shattered glass everywhere

I'm talking Arkansas Badonkadonk..
Perfect voting record make you wanna vote along
Gonna bring along ol' Bill Clinton
and ooh-wee, shut my mouth, slap your grandma

You think she's gonna lose
in the early primaries?
You'd sooner see Al Sharpton
promptly filing quarterlies

Somehow I'm a crusader
Can label you a hater
While I say "nominate
anybody with a baby-maker"

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  1. AM I the only swinging Libertarian married to a hot wife that thinks Remy is rather hot?

      1. Remy is a cupcake, Hyp.

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    You can harness the evolution stallion and ride this sexy monster for decades.

    Feel love. Show love. Experience love. Know love. Build love. Form love.

  3. Love is rainbow, baby. Love doesn’t force. Love doesn’t elbow.

    Love is a rocketship to letting go.

    1. Would you just get a room for you and Remy and hot wife, and STFU! (;

      1. Hyp, you are a sweet mind my darling intelligent.

        1. What would reason be without Hyperion? Or its amazing cast of characters?

  4. Love is the universe in you. Love feels dimensions. Love is math. Love is granular. Love is massive. Love is atoms. Love is the sun. Love is all we have, libertarians.

  5. Reason is the bible of brightness… good men and women expressing ideas that can build new universes.

  6. Confound it, Agile, how did you find the keys to the liquor cabinet? I thought I’d hidden them better.

    1. Liquor cabinet, did I say? Agile found the keys to the DEA’s evidence locker.

      1. Notorious is crazy swell, universe. grant my sweet brother peace and a long life…

    2. Notorious Champion. I simply ask that the universe makes you full and well-regarded.

  7. Love is a champion. And I wish for this christmas all reason devotees find peace. and sex. and love. and massages from the lord

    I LOVE reason. I LOVE all the characters here. I LOVE this universe. Some of thes brothers hate my cracked up ass…. I still LOVE you… May your xmas be the best ever. May peace and love and happiness find you.

    1. Love, backatcha, master of the languages of insight and love

      I painted 9s today, and tildes. I whitened paint to make it look like the color it was yesterday. The horse is chalked and ready for decoration. The cart is sideways, but maybe blue enough.

      That was was my day at work.

      1. Magic typing by S Qunicy…. Thread just got rocked.

        1. Ain’t tripping, it’s what I did today. Telegraphic, yes, but factual enough for an oath-mad judge.

          Last week, a decision had to be made, and I braved the stink to craft the ultimate blue. A blue that breaks cameras and shocks retinas. A five-foot egg had to rock. I am a man of my word.

          1. Holy fucking vectors… collect vertices on SQ and ultra dimensions sweep the valleys of radiant change… into the chasms where eagles fly…

            1. No one knows this, but pure ultramarine pigment when wetted smells like rotten eggs. It’s a eye-wateringly beautiful color. Even more so when made airborne. I have sprayed my own weight of the stuff. I smell a bad egg, I think blue.

              1. What the fuck drugs are you guys on? lol

  8. This is why we roll with it dude.

    1. Russian/Croatian/Bosnian/Polish spammer I extend bolts of love to you also… your geography is producing some of the best knives on the walls of the interweb defenses…

      What would the interwebs do without the Merovingians?

  9. Some reasons why Hillary will never be President.

    – Her health. There are indications she’s far less healthy than she claims. Let’s see those medical records.

    – The entire feminist/War on Women is blowing up on the left. They wanted a narrative of “rape culture” by privileged white men. (Ignore the rapes by non-whites, they do NOT fit the narrative!) Instead they got the opposite: a lesson in (supposedly rare-to-mythical) false accusations of rape. The “1 in 5” meme is blown out of the water by DoJ statistics. Sorry, it’s more like 6 in a thousand, better than off-campus, and getting better. All the dogmatic Jackie supporters look like idiots. This is all a huge blow to modern feminist activists, and in indirect but distinct ways, undercuts her campaign and appeal. The plans Hillary to use her gender were never as strong as many thought, but now even fewer will feel they must make her President as a civil rights gesture.

  10. – She never fit the feminist narrative, anyway. She’s a privileged white woman who got where she is through marriage. She’s rich. She has a record of shielding her husband (a rapist and sex abuser) by attacking his victims. In her younger days she kept a dangerous rapist out of prison by attacking his victim.

    – She comes off as shrill, brittle, fake. She does not project confidence so much as entitlement.

    – She’s trapped by Obama’s failure. She can’t run on “more like the last 8 years” and win. If she runs to left of Obama, she loses the center even more. If she runs to his right, she abandons the Democratic base.

    There is the claim that Democrat have an electoral college lock, but I don’t think that’s enough to overcome the above.

    1. You’re assuming that most voters are either informed of all of this (Facebook and comedy central are major news outlets), Intelligent enough to discern fact from fiction, or that they even care what’s true or not.

      1. When Hillary’s weaknesses are pointed out, many of these people are not going to say, hey that’s a really good point. They are going to close ranks.

        1. Both parties have a rock solid floor of 35%+ of the electorate that will vote for their candidate even if it’s a convicted serial killer.

          The people you describe are part of that group. Their circling the wagons around hillary doesn’t matter because they would vote for her or anyother dem nominee no matter what.

          1. She would get yellow dog Democrats, sure, but not all the centrists/independents she needs. The black vote won’t turn out for her like they did for Obama, and similarly the extreme left.

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  12. Now that makes a lot of sene dude.

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