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Hayden Continues Defending CIA Torture, Other Countries Respond, Detroit to Exit Bankruptcy: P.M. Links


  • Just having to look at that smirk should count as torture.

    Former CIA Director Michael Hayden insists the agency's interrogation methods provided a "Home Depot-like storage of information on Al Qaeda" in the wake of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on torture. The report's appendix spends 37 pages, by the way, countering the claims about the program Hayden made in just one hearing.

  • Other countries' leaders have mixed response to the torture report. Some are upset it happened but appreciate that the United States came clean. Poland's former president finally admitted that his country was the home of one of the CIA black sites used to interrogate detainees.
  • A story that actor Lena Dunham described in her memoirs about an alleged sexual assault against her when she was a student at Oberlin has started falling apart. She has taken to BuzzFeed to defend herself.
  • A House Committee is still trying to get at answers about the security lapses that led to four deaths at the Benghazi consulate in Libya, even though the Obama administration has been cleared of any wrong-doing.
  • Here, have some evidence that increasing the minimum wage eliminates jobs to share with your friends.
  • Detroit will finish the paperwork to exit bankruptcy today, according to the city's emergency manager.

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