Eric Garner

D.C. Protests for Eric Garner and Mike Brown Continue


Earlier tonight, I blogged about the bizarre experience of listening to Canadian opera singers perform an ode to the Lord Jesus all the while several hundred people shut down a main Washington, D.C., thoroughfare to protest gross racial disparities in the U.S. criminal justice system. Here now, the photographic record of the day.

The demonstration began at 4 p.m. with fewer then 50 people at the U.S. Department of Justice.

#DCFerguson protesters at the Department of Justice.
Stephanie Slade
#DCFerguson protesters at the Department of Justice.
Stephanie Slade

As night fell, the growing crowd made its way down Constitution Avenue, where it went on to stage a series of "die-ins" at various intersections in the vicinity of the White House.

#DCFerguson protesters near the White House
Stephanie Slade
#DCFerguson protesters near the White House
Stephanie Slade
#DCFerguson protesters near the White House
Stephanie Slade

Eventually the marchers wended their way up 14th Street, through Chinatown, and to the steps of the courthouse at Judiciary Square. From there, an organizer with a bullhorn announced they were going to shut down Pennsylvania Avenue en route to the John A. Wilson Building, home of the D.C. government. 

#DCFerguson marches through Washington, D.C.
Stephanie Slade
#DCFerguson marches through Washington, D.C.
Stephanie Slade
#DCFerguson marches through Washington, D.C.
Stephanie Slade
#DCFerguson marches through Washington, D.C.
Stephanie Slade

When I finally headed for home around 9 p.m., the protesters were still at it, having pledged to continue marching, shutting down as many streets as possible in their quest for justice.

The marchers' demands are here. My live tweets of the action as it happened are here.

UPDATE: Former Reason intern Ford Fischer captured this video of the marchers moving the protest into the lobby of D.C.'s Grand Hyatt Hotel until police are called:

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  1. It’s cute that the socialists are protesting against police brutality when their political philosophy necessitates a police state.

    Self awareness: How the fuck does it work?

    1. Yeah, they don’t get that if have more laws, taxes and regulations you are going to need someone to enforce them. And in anyone who opposes those laws are evil then why is it wrong for a cop to brutalize them?


      Lenin called for the police to be abolished mere months before Red October. I guess Cheka doesn’t count.

      1. Checka wasn’t police – police!

    3. You see, Mr.Irish, what we have in this country is not a problem with authority, but a problem with race. And a race problem… being a problem which arises out of the lack of authority, this problem can only be fixed with… more authority.

    4. That’s why they twist it to be about racism.

  2. All these James Garner articles are getting on my nerves.

    1. Roger Moore was good as his cousin.

  3. So I guess it’s a thing… every protest placard from here on out will be #hashtagtivism.

    1. #GetOffMyLawn

  4. Dear mother of God, can’t a DC precint go out and promote one of their black cops? Include slapping some sensitivity training into the rest of the mongrels on the force and slip Sharpton some Benjamins — that’ll probably shut up those protestors. I’m sure it will solve those issues with police brutality I never hear about because the conversation is always about race — but if it doesn’t, Sharpton and co. will be right along to remind me that repeating the above will fix the problem. Oh, and never, ever learn from your mistakes or question the race narrative — that would be foolish when things are going this well!

    1. Slip Sharpton all the B’s you want. He just met with Obumbles and they got all of their community organizer strategies in-line.

      I don’t think people coming together and putting a stop to police brutality is on their list. They will fan the flames and people will keep screaming at each other so the political class can go play golf.

  5. The Eric Garner autopsy-truthers are pushing a narrative that he really died of a heart attack while violently resisting arrest and it’s a total lie to say he was choked.

    1. Well, like Kelly Thomas of Fullerton, he ultimately died from lack of oxygen to the brain. So really, it was an act of God.

    2. Michael Brown died of lung bullet cancer from the cigarillos.

    3. The initial autopsy, IIRC, did say that. The follow-up one was what called it a homicide.

  6. “”D.C. Protests for Eric Garner and Mike Brown self-absolvement Continue””


  7. Remember Gamergate and how everyone said they got their asses handed to them? They got their foot in the door.

    1. Um, isn’t this a win for the feminazis?

      1. For now, but now the GGers have something tangible to point to to fire up their troops.

        1. Agreed, any wins for antiGG actually helps solidify GG (from what I’ve seen).

        2. Hang on, lemme count the Rs in your name…

          Yeah, I like you.

      2. Yes. It has been suggested that the “feminazis” got their asses handed to them.

      3. That’s the point.

        People have been saying Gamergate is people pushing back against SJWs and those sort of feminists, but they’ve won in Australia, at least.

        1. And I would be shocked if GTA exists as we know it in 10 years.

          They’ll have to tone down aspects of it at least, like make the hookers impossible to beat up.

    2. Of course they do it for “violence against women.” There’s no explicit violence that I can recall, other than the option to kill random women, same as random men. The worst that’s done in the story is that some women are called names, which I guess does count as “violence” to a lot of these folks.

      But the outrage and ban is not about, say, forcing the player to methodically torture an innocent minority character because he looks like a Muslim. That’s not as bad as the unspoken option to pick up whores or punch women.

      1. I’m pretty sure the crazy psycho Trevor takes off the ear of an abusive husband.

    3. Anti-videogame crusaders are censorious Puritans except when they’re not.

  8. If Garner had been selling hypodermics or birth control he’d be alive. But he chose to take on the Progressive Compliance Machine which used its armed thugs to enforce removal of the tax loopholes this capitalist was exploiting on doubleplusungood products which The Party has deemed unfit. What really sealed his doom was the fact that he was black which means he was unappreciative of the increased productivity, health and food they provided for him. 3 strikes, he’s dead

  9. The lack of indictment is not surprisng as the Progressive Tribunal was not going to open the door to legitimizing apostasy from uppity blacks

  10. “When I finally headed for home around 9 p.m., the protesters were still at it, having pledged to continue marching, shutting down as many streets as possible in their quest for justice.’

    Well, you can argue about the effectiveness of blocking streets for those who commute at rush hour; I’m not sure.
    But I am pretty sure that shutting down the streets after 9PM is gonna inconvenience me (getting back from a dinner out) and several folks who are currently enjoying adult beverages and hoping NOT to be involved with the cops on the way home.
    So I’m not sure what the most effective tactics might be, but this one looks like a really bad idea.

  11. I am staying in the Hyatt a couple of blocks from the Capitol building tonight. The protesters blocked the entrance to the hotel and we had to have police assistance to get inside after we came back from dinner. The crowd was chanting “this is what democracy looks like!” Not much more to report than that, sorry.

    1. They were correct.

    2. Democracy is harassing fellow citizens? Noted.

      1. Usually it’s not so direct and immediate.

      2. That’s a pretty accurate description, yes.

      3. I’ll tell you, Democracy has been harassing the shit out of me where I live. Honestly, I don’t think a dictator could do better.

      4. Well, this is exactly why the founders of this country wanted a Republic, not a democracy. Democracies are essentially government by mobs

    3. DC this week and LA next week? What are you, some kind of progressive interloper?!?

      1. If C. A. didn’t have those orphans polishing his monocle, who would?
        You, you piker?

        1. I’d polish his monocle with…. Something.

    4. You in town for the ALEC thing, then?

      1. Yes, exactly.

  12. I’m amazed how fast that cloth banner was made.

  13. “Black Lives Matter” is insultingly stupid. My white privilege is at its greatest when I realize how much angrier I’d be if I were black, and these people were saying this shit to “help” me.

  14. Black lives do matter, which is why black on black violence needs to be addressed, instead of just calling people who bring it up “racist”.

    Yeah, there are a blacks (and whites and Inuits) being harassed for a lot of stupid laws, like Garner was. But Mke Brown robbed a store, assaulted a store clerk, and then a cop. I’m sorry he’s dead (he appears to be a Cardinals fan, so we had something in common), but that sort of behavior was going to lead to a bad end eventually.

    Blacks commit a lot of violent crime. That’s arguably the main reason they have more run ins with police. Is it unfair that innocents get harassed? Yes, it is, but it’s a consequence of crime statistics. Not saying there should be policies like that stop & frisk thing, but just that blacks are probably going to be in violent confrontations with cops, like Brown and like that Myers guy also in St. Louis, who shot at cops (with the gun he posed with on twitter). You can blame the police and say they were good kids, but the reality is, no, no they weren’t. And that’s a problem the black community has to address, raising good kids instead of bad ones. (And I’d say school choice is a big thing that could help there)

  15. to protest gross racial disparities in the U.S. criminal justice system.

    That’s a stupid thing to say; completely PC, of course.

    They should be protesting gross racial disparities in committing crimes against people and property.

    1. Black people make up the majority of drug arrests even though every study shows them as a small (~20%) minority of drug users.
      Black people get harsher sentences for the same crimes compared to other ethnic backgrounds.
      Black people are much more likely to get the death penalty if convicted of a capital crime.

      Nope, no racism here! Just PC nonsense.

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  18. Watch this video of Micheal brown and his friends ganging up on a senior citizen. This might change the medias opinion…

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