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Why Bill De Blasio's Comments on Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision Are Full of Shit


De Blasio et al

Here's what Bill de Blasio, New York City's Democratic mayor, said today about the grand jury decision not to indict the cop who put Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold:

These goals – of bringing police and community closer together and changing the culture of law enforcement—are why we have introduced so many reforms this year.  It starts at the top with Commissioner Bratton—a strong, proven change agent. We have dramatically reduced the overuse and abuse of stop-and-frisk. We have initiated a comprehensive plan to retrain the entire NYPD to reduce the use of excessive force and to work with the community. We have changed our marijuana policy to reduce low-level arrests, and we have launched a new pilot program for body cameras for officers to improve transparency and accountability.

You can read the rest of his bloviating here. Keep in mind de Blasio is not a community organizer or even a council man, he is the mayor of New York City, the chief executive of the municipal government. In days gone by, you could say the buck "stopped with him."

Bill Bratton, the NYPD commissioner, was also a commissioner during the tenure of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, a very different kind of "change agent" than the kind needed to bring about police reforms. As for body cameras—if the NYPD has the resources to deploy plainclothes officers on Staten Island that keep an eye out for loose cigarettes, it surely has the resources to put a body camera on every cop.

More specifically, however, de Blasio has already rejected the kind of reforms that would substantively improve police-community relations—changes that would roll back New York City's nanny state and the laws that bring cops into often contentious interactions with residents, over things like loose, untaxed cigarettes, barbecuing in front of the house, or, yes, possession of a little bit of marijuana.

From my column on de Blasio's comments in the wake of Eric Garner's death:

In a press conference this week New York City's progressive mayor, Democrat Bill de Blasio, insisted the police department would continue to "strictly enforce" such laws as the ones that led to the series of controversial police interactions. "The law is the law," the mayor said. These kinds of laws, however, disproportionately affect the same kind of people—the poor and marginalized—that De Blasio and his ideological fellow-travelers adamantly claim to defend. Absent brutal encounters with police violations of petty laws can lead to thousands of dollars in fines, multiple court appearances, and even jail time. What amounts to a "minor inconvenience" in the eyes of the privileged political class that pushes these laws can have profound negative effects on the lives of normal people. Coupled with the threat of bodily harm or even death during the initial police encounter, such "petty" crimes become anything but for the people the government targets in its enforcement efforts.

At the same press conference, meanwhile, de Blasio's "agent of change," Bratton, insisted New York City residents "correct their behavior" when being approached by cops, explaining that that's what democracy was. 

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  1. Because de Blasio is a shit gobbling weasel.

    What did I win?

    1. But well on his way to term two of Mayor!

      1. There is no way in hell this guy is getting a second term. He’s less popular than bedbugs.

        Unless the republicans fuck up on an absolutely epic scale — always a possibility to be sure — DeBlasio is a one-termer.

  2. OT:

    Remember that LASUD teacher that was feeding semen to his 3rd grade students, but they still couldn’t fire him?

    LAUSD just settled the lawsuit. For $140 MILLION.

    How’s that tenure system working out?

    1. Not a verdict that can be appealed. A settlement.

    2. No I don’t remember that. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I was blissfully unaware of such a thing happening. Thanks for piling on with the nut punches.

      1. The secondary nut punch is that the teacher is collecting a pension while he serves 25 years in prison.

    3. You know what’s going to happen, right?

      He’s going to get a job at Starbucks and start putting semen in the lattes just like that idiot preacher guy said!

      1. Or he’ll get a teaching job in Cleveland because they’ll apparently take any other city’s reject government employee.

        1. Everyone deserves a second chance! Again and again!

    4. $140 million? What kind of budget do they have? Holy shit.

      1. It’s our money.

        1. I get that, but they have that much on hand to hand out?

          1. Budget is +/- $6.7 billion.
            This is the same school district that bought all of the students iPads.

          2. As I understand these complex municipal lawsuit situations… their ‘insurance policy’ will pay it which causes their premiums to go way, way the fuck up.

            After years of forgetting why the premiums are so high, this will just be recorded as a ‘cost of doing business’ and the school system will whine that they’re underfunded. California Democrats, AKA Californians will all agree, and vote for The Education Governor, Mayor, City Council, County Executives etc. Because Everything is Underfunded(tm).

          3. You know, I’d like to see a municipal insurer fight back and say, “Yeah, no payout, because you didn’t follow the minimum effort to stop this behavior”.

            If I allow water to damage my house over a long period of time, my insurance doesn’t pay out because the event wasn’t “sudden, accidental and unforseen”

            1. “If I allow water to damage my house over a long period of time, my insurance doesn’t pay out because the event wasn’t “sudden, accidental and unforseen””

              They would if you were dumb enough to pay the resulting jacked-up premiums like the ‘city fathers’.

    5. That money’s coming out of the teacher’s union coffers, right? Right? Bueller?

      1. Fuck that, the Union did their job. He’s getting his pension, bitches. If you don’t like it, join a union and quit whining.

        1. And they wonder why people call them pigs.

    6. The Republic truly is doomed.

    7. He had to try out his new cookbook!


  3. well, deBlasio is a a politician so ‘full of shit’ is the default position and like any progtard, he could give a rat’s ass about the poor.

    Meanwhile, there is this: http://topconservativenews.com…..ate-crime/

    If the Savannah story is true, spare me the woe over what happened in NYC. While that incident was horrible, at some point you stop fighting a cop. When you’re a kid, your options against a grownup appear more limited.

    1. Stop this shit. It’s possible to be pissed off at multiple things at once.

      And one can be assured that whoever did that will be spending (at the very least) the rest of their lives as a guest of the Georgia prison system. One cannot say the same of a murderous cop.

      1. Also, is there a link to that story that isn’t on a White Supremacist site?

        1. that’s the whole point…it’s treated like it never happened. This is the closest you get: http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/st…..n-savannah

          The total absence of race is interesting. And apparently nothing has happened since Nov 23rd. Heard about it through family members who live there. Not a place where racial shit is the norm.

          1. What am I looking at here? A story of a kid being shot, not by cops, but by an unknown perpetrator. Did I misunderstand your OP to suggest that cops killed this kid? What am I not getting here?

      2. Stop this shit. It’s possible to be pissed off at multiple things at once.

        I find that lately, I only have the energy to be pissed off at only one thing at a time. Which is why I no longer listen to NPR.

  4. Because De Blasio is an admitted socialist which is an admission of being a lying sociopath and/or retarded.

  5. At the same press conference, meanwhile, de Blasio’s “agent of change,” Bratton, insisted New York City residents “correct their behavior” when being approached by cops, explaining that that’s what democracy was.


  6. This is just too good to wait for the Indy thread: Epic SJW meltdown


    1. I think this is just run of the mill crazy.

      1. I think this is just run of the mill crazy.

        Run of the Mill Crazy – Now with twice the RDA of extra crazy stamina

    2. Looks like Bezerkeley CA to me.

  7. Body cameras don’t make money. Plainclothes coppers looking for contraband make money.

    1. Now you’re getting it. Cost centers vs. revenue centers.

  8. While i don’t disagree at all the De Blasio is entirely ‘full of shit’… (not just these particular comments)

    … is the idea that Reason needs to become more like Jezebel/Gawker in vituperation-spewing for ‘more click-worthy’ headlines?

    1. Came here to post this. Reason, please consider your journalistic integrity. Headlines with curse words make the journal less reputable in my mind. Please.

      1. Really? It’s De Blasio. I wouldn’t even call a random msnbc commentator full of shit but I didn’t think readers would be squeamish about hurling profanity in relation to politicians? I’ll keep it in mind!

        1. Dance for us, Ed. Dance!

          1. I aim to please, ESPECIALLY if you’re a donor 😉

            1. I donated. Please find a way to use “No, fuck you, cut spending” in your next post. That would please me and my bags of money.

              1. Looks like Reason should start a bidding war between donors who want headline cussing and donors who do not.

                1. I suppose I’m opposed to that as a general rule, with this one exception that I’ve paid for.

                  1. I’m on the fence on this one. On one hand, it’s the hallmark Jezzie move to cuss like a sailor while making an unintelligible point. On the other hand, a blanket dislike for cussing in headlines eliminates some really good titles.

                    I say “use with discretion,” which is where Reason is at.

                    Does that mean i don’t have to donate.

        2. Here’s the thing. I think there’s a classy way to diss people. You know, with arguments and REASON. Will Buckley was really good at it. He had a nice big vocabulary. Take his example, but from the libertarian rather than team red perspective.

          “He’s full of shit” isn’t an argument. I’d argue it isn’t even an insult. It’s the kind of classless, meaningless nonsense thrown around by those other outlets. Let them be the monkeys that hurl poo. You guys stay classy.

          And if you really can’t resist, save it for the comments. We’re all a bunch of curmudgeons anyway.

        3. DeBlasio is completely excrable.

      2. “, please consider your journalistic integrity.”

        To be fair, i think a ‘striked out’ “full of shit”, replaced with “Ill-Considered and Self-Serving”… or something like that… is perfectly within the bounds of spitting on the guy while pretending to remain semi-classy

        meaning = I don’t think ‘integrity’ requires not saying “fuck you, De Blasio”

        Just do it with more *style*

        1. Of course, the correct way to do it is to say the exact same thing in the headline. . .in Latin. Miss Manners insists that you can say anything in Latin and still be polite and civil.

          1. IN verse! Iambic Pentameter is preferred, naturally; Haiku is a close second.

            Ego, De Blasio
            Loquor Spucatum Tauri
            Multa Ex Ore

    2. Frankly, I think there’s been an uptick in the number of nut punches recently. Maybe that’s just what’s happening in the world.

      I had to stop reading for a few weeks because it was affecting my mood.

      How about some more positive articles?

  9. He’s a prog,and they love laws about every thing,cigs,food,drinks,land use,building code,medical care,ect. They need heavy handed police to enforce this nonsense.

  10. A fan of Castro and the Sandinistas is a cop fellator when in power? What a shock.

  11. The power to tax is the power to use force, which is the power to kill. Cops should no be used for tax collecting.

  12. It is worth repeating that there is hardly a single aspect of life that progs do not want to tax, regulate, mandate, or outlaw. A consequence of that is they believe in few limits to government violence.

  13. Democrat Bill de Blasio, insisted the police department would continue to “strictly enforce” such laws as the ones that led to the series of controversial police interactions. “The law is the law,” the mayor said.

    “So fuck you. You hear?”

  14. Alternate headline: Mayor DeBlasio cares more about cigarette taxes than human life

    1. Well duh, we didn’t shred the constitution with the Master Settlement Agreement for our health!

  15. You know – even if the cost of buying and servicing a cop camera were $2,000/year you could cover that cost with just the salaries of 1-2 full-time officers.


    1. And by cover that cost I mean cover adding cameras to *all* of the NYPD’s 50K employees.

    2. Is there an opportunity for graft and corruption in buying them?

      1. I figured the 2k price tag was including graft and corruption (in the contracting)

        And re-running my calculations shows I forgot to take into account the union cut of those paychecks.

        So it might bump it up as much as 2-3 cops.

    3. Or, if you avoided a single law suit because the cameras were in use, they would pay for themselves.

      1. What if wearing the cameras launches thousands of lawsuits because now we actually see what the fuck they’re doing?

        1. In general where body cams are in use *both* sides moderate their interaction, so police have less problems and the subjects get beat less.

          I realize folks here won’t accept this, but many of the lawsuits and threatened lawsuits for abuse are either greatly exaggerated or never happened. A lot of times the cops aren’t at fault *at all*, or only at fault if you take the position that wearing a uniform makes you evil. Body cams generally solve this problem. I’m sure that if Wilson was wearing one that Ferguson wouldn’t be smoldering.

          1. Doesn’t make them evil. But evil people seek out those uniforms.

  16. For anyone who decides they aren’t pissed off enough right now, here’s PoliceOne’s reaction to the no-bill in the Garner case. http://www.policeone.com/Crowd…..ody-death/

    1. Having watched this video, it’s clearly another case of someone being non-compliant.. Why can’t people do as they are asked and take their disagreement to a court of law instead of with a street cop. I’m so bloody glad I’m retired and don’t have to put up with people’s crap any longer.

      My favorite, so far.

      1. So there it is. In text. Failure to comply is a death sentence.

      2. “asked”

  17. Some poetry from Chirlane McCray, De Blasio’s wife:

    I used to think
    I can’t be a poet
    because a poem is being everything you can be
    in one moment,
    speaking with lightning protest
    unveiling a fiery intellect
    or letting the words drift feather-soft
    into the ears of strangers
    who will suddenly understand
    my beautiful and tortured soul.

    It’s all about me! Bang the gong.

    1. Ah, my ears! Or eyes? Whatever, p
      lease tell me that is fake.

      1. Poets should be careful with hyphenate words.

        Here is a better example for the use and not[-]use of the hyphen:


        1. Poets should be careful when they write poetry, period.

    2. Poet Laureate! Undoubtedly-brilliantine. More-like Ha Ha Ha.

      Murder the black man. My husband-is-peckerwood. Fuck off rioters.

  18. Did he say Burn this Bitch Doen?

    1. Or down?

  19. insisted New York City residents “correct their behavior”

    OR, and I know this is crazy, cops could stop deliberately escalating every encounter they have in the field. In other words, they could stop being overpaid thugs looking for any excuse to use force on the people that pay their salaries. (You know, actually obey the law, themselves.)

    1. overpaid thugs


      I think that somewhere in the civil rights movement, the griefers realized that they could make a slow and steady number of words “racially charged” and continue the appearance of racism. Dog whistles are so much more palatable when you hear people still use verboten words (like negro, colored, black, thug). It’s a neat little trick that they play, but an effective one, as it seeps into your subconscience until you have a slight little twinge when you hear the selected term (like i did when i read the word ‘thug’).

    2. The chokehold rule is just a guideline.

  20. As others already pointed out, body cameras would not, in this case at least, have made any difference. The whole thing was already on video.

    1. Did both parties realize they were being recorded?

      Observation alters outcomes.

    2. While that is correct it doesn’t support the idea that body cameras will never help in any situation. (I’m not attributing that to you.)

  21. Completely OT but anti-nut punchish!

    Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

    We have it only through a reliable intermediary that Liberty Dollar founder Bernard von Not Haus, convicted rather strangely almost four years ago of counterfeiting for issuing silver coins worth more than the originals they were supposed to be imitating, received a lenient sentence today from Judge Richard Voorhees in U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina ? six months of home confinement and three years of probation.

    It’s said that the judge observed that von Not Haus’ motivation with the Liberty Dollar was philosophical rather than criminal. It’s also said that the judge ordered the federal government to return to its owners the millions of dollars of metal held by Liberty Dollar for its clients.

    A lawyer representing GATA appeared in court today to argue for leniency for von Not Haus.

    More as it becomes available.

    CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
    Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

    1. Holy crap if true

    2. Right on, I had forgotten about this dude.

  22. What jumps out immediately is how everything de Blasio says applies painfully well to the Michael Brown case. “The law is the law… Correct your behavior… When approached by cops”. Does this man have any sense of irony?

  23. “These goals ? of bringing police and community closer together and changing the culture of law enforcement”

    Really? How about changing the culture of politicians, as Krayewski notes, as well as, you know, CHANGING THE BLACK CULTURE OF ANTAGONISM TOWARDS COPS. The reality is that in both Ferguson and this case, had Brown and Garner not actively resisted arrest, both would be a live. The more the past of each is dug into it becomes clearer that both were immersed in quasi-criminal if not outright criminal culture.

    No, no, but you’re right, let’s change the culture of law enforcement. The people YOU hire to violently enforce the laws YOU put on the books.

    Bloviating and dangerous jackass. I’d expect nothing less from a mayor of the most corrupt political party in the US from one of the most corrupt cities in the US.

    1. CHANGING THE BLACK CULTURE OF ANTAGONISM TOWARDS COPS. The reality is that in both Ferguson and this case, had Brown and Garner not actively resisted arrest, both would be a live. The more the past of each is dug into it becomes clearer that both were immersed in quasi-criminal if not outright criminal culture.

      Ultimately, both of these human beings were executed. While being rude, or thuggish, or even resisting authoriti, should be illegal, it should be the polices fucking job to not kill people without a trial. Perhaps they actually had to shoot Brown 5 or 6 times but I seriously doubt it. There is a good chance they could have arrested Garner without anyone as much as getting their ass kicked, much less choked to death.

      Failure to obey should not carry a death sentence.


      Yes, because that developed for absolutely no reason whatsoever. You’re also mistaken in that, for the vast majority of black guys I’ve met, their parents or elders at some point have sat them down and driven home the fact that they need to be extra deferential to police and not draw attention. Mike Brown is the exception, not the norm. And how the fuck was Garner “resisting”? Because he had his hands up and verbally disrespected the NYPD? It’s also true that the people who died on 9/11 wouldn’t have if they didn’t work in the WTC but what the fuck does that have to do with anything? Garner’s death was in no way justified. (I don’t know about Brown’s. There wasn’t enough evidence to get a conviction but I don’t think it’s as clear that it was a good shot as some on the right are making it out to be).

  24. de Blasio keeps coming up with new reasons NOT to visit NYC.

  25. The author seems to forget that one of the primary reasons Giulianai was successful in bringing down New York’s crime rate was the fact he explicitly went after those committing petty crimes; in other words, no more lax law enforcement that leads to growing crime rates. But, as the Reason editors love to argue (or should I say bloviate), enforcing the law means we live in a police state. Their answer: decriminalize. After all, if it’s not against the law, there is no crime to prosecute. Ipso facto, no need for police forces. Welcome to the dystopian future of a fully libertarian America. I love the Libertarians focus on the rights of man, but some types you folks go wandering off into fantasy land.

    1. Because a guy trying to sell his own property, which is legal to own, is made illegal by a cronyist regulatory state. That looks like dystopia to you?

    2. So we need execution, instanter, for possible sale of loosie cigs?

    3. This is false. Giuliani was “successful” because crime was dropping everywhere in the country, not just where his “broken windows” strategy was being applied. Unless his efforts radiated magical goodness to other cities and even states, this is pretty obviously false.

      And lastly, why do you think decriminalizing selling cigarettes is going to lead to a dystopia? Please flesh out that argument for me.

  26. People get the government they deserve – and in some cases, good and hard.

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  28. My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do,

  29. “The law is the law,” the mayor said.

    As I frequently point out, “the law is the law” is a pretty good translation of “Befehl ist Befehl.” The abandoment of personal responsibility to authority is exactly the same.

  30. I thought about writing a reasoned response to what BDB said… but instead, I will just say fuck Bill De Blasio, and the stupid New Yorkers that voted for him. Fools. It’s quicker that way.

    1. New Yorkers are stupid shitbags. I’m so sick of hearing about how special they’re supposed to be. Electing turds like Bloomberg and DeBlasio disproves that.

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  32. “…Democrat Bill de Blasio, insisted the police department would continue to “strictly enforce” such laws as the ones that led to the series of controversial police interactions. “The law is the law,” the mayor said…”

    Maybe they could also start enforcing the law against murder, like when a gang of violent criminals chokes someone to death.

  33. This is far from perfect, but it is least a good start on type of information that should be made public about “officer involved shootings”. It at least claims to be a complete list of shootings. I think more details, especially the names of the officer and who was shot at should be available.


  34. I’m asking any who sympathize with tobacco dependent citizens who get ostracized (ALSO get “sin taxed” at rates ever more cruel and unusual) to “Share” this song if they like it. (We’ve had it posted since 2012.)

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