Reason Writer's Book Declared Notable, Highbrow, and Brilliant

Accolades for Kerry Howley's Thrown


MMA meets MFA.

Congratulations to former Reason staffer Kerry Howley, whose recent book Thrown—in which a fictional grad student narrates a tale about real mixed martial arts fighters—was just included on The New York Times' annual list of the year's notable books.

Thrown also made it onto New York magazine's latest Approval Matrix, where it appears in the Highbrow/Brilliant quadrant—the exact opposite, apparently, of SantaCon.

Howley talked with Reason about Thrown here, and the rest of her Reason archive is here. Her website is here. The New York Times' full-length review of Thrown is here.

Afternoon update: Maybe I should've waited to post this later in the day. Time just put Thrown at #2 on its year's-best-nonfiction list, and NPR found a place for the book in its best-of-2014 roundup too.

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  1. I’ll see you in the Octagon, Howley.

    *glares – punches gloved hands together – points*

  2. If you want to get me to read her book, mentioning that not only did it receive high praise from the acolytes of Kakutani, but that it was also placed favorably on the “What Insufferable Progressive Douchebags Like” Matrix of New York magazine, is the perfect way to get me to not read her book.

    Jus’ sayin’

    1. No one cares

      1. No one cares that no one cares.

  3. Maybe Jesse should write a book.

    1. Hasn’t Jesse written a book? Just kidding. Congrats to KH. I will now log onto Amazon and goodreads to laud her.

    2. You’d think so…. wouldn’t you….

      …well maybe that’s *just what they WANT YOU TO THINK*

      (looks around suspiciously)

  4. I really wanted to like Thrown. It was a great premise, and started out excellent. However, it quickly became inane and never made any penetrating insights beyond the first few pages.

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  5. Anyone see Werdun clock Hughes the other night? Good classic style-mixing MMA.

    I think this thread is over though.

  6. Hottest. Reason. Writer. Ever.

    Yes, we know that’s a ‘tallest midget’ contest. But gawd dayam.

  7. Howley is one of my favorite staffers, here, ever, and when I read that she was writing a book about MMA, it made me think of Katherine Dunn, who after writing one of my favorite books ever, Geek Love, seems to have spent a lot of time writing about boxers and boxing.

    Reading Katherine Dunn writing about Kerry Howley is like a dream match up–like you’re seeing it on Celebrity Death Match or something. If you could pick any three people in the world to have lunch with and talk about books, you couldn’t do much better than Kerry Howley and Katherine Dunn.

    This book is written by Kerry Howley and signed off on by Katherine Dunn, too? Gotta read that book!

    Oh, and for those of you who haven’t read Geek Love, it’s probably the best book you’ll ever read that hasn’t been put to film. It may be too brutal for horror audiences. Hard to say what it’s about exactly. Freaks, extreme body modification, religion, feminism, exclusion, revulsion as inclusion, individuality? All that and more.

    If I had a billion, I’d make the film myself. Elijah Wood would make an excellent Arturo.

    1. “If you could pick any three people in the world to have lunch with and talk about books, you couldn’t do much better than Kerry Howley and Katherine Dunn.”

      The third one is Charley Boorman.

  8. Howley talked with Reason about Thrown

    I thought she celebrated no more talking to libertarians when she left.

    Someone should totally drum up her former Reason work with huffington post Gawker guardian slate salon and Vox though. Would be fun to watch them all take a giant shit on her new book.

  9. Thrown also made it onto New York magazine’s latest Approval Matrix, where it appears in the Highbrow/Brilliant quadrant?the exact opposite

    Ursala K LaGuin’s crony socialist rant against capitalism and also made that same quadrant.

    Meanwhile 200 people are being layed off from the NYTs. Wonder why that one is not in the matrix?

  10. Sarabande Books titles are distributed by Consortium Book Sales & Distribution. The press has received grants from the Kentucky Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts,[10] and private foundations.

    Fucking wonderful. My tax dollars were used to publish Howley’s book.

    I can see why she gave libertarians such a kind farewell.

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