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Cops Arrest Man for Pointing Banana at Them, Say They Feared For Their Safety


banana pointed like gun
Rickard Berggren/flickr

Darren Wilson avoided indictment, like many police officers involved in fatal shootings do, in large part because he claimed to fear for his safety. Cops almost universally make this claim after a shooting, and it almost always helps in avoiding any criminal charges. This claim by cops that they fear for their safety has become such a go-to claim it was even made by a 300 pound probation officer in Georgia who shot a 12-pound Jack Russell terrier. That officer also insisted he gave the dog "verbal commands" before shooting.

But officers in Colorado this week may have provided the clearest example of how the claim of "officer safety" is used to cover for police lack of thinking. The Daily Sentinel reports that police arrested a man from Fruitvale, Colorado, for allegedly pointing a banana in them as if it were a gun. Via the Sentinel:

The deputies, Joshua Bunch and Donald Love, said they feared for their safety when the man, 27-year-old Nathan Rolf Channing, pointed a banana at them while crossing the 29 Road bridge on foot, according to Channing's arrest affidavit.

Both deputies said they saw that the "gun" was yellow, but feared for their lives nonetheless, the affidavit says.

"I immediately ducked in my patrol car and accelerated continuing northbound, fearing that it was a weapon," Bunch wrote in the affidavit, which lists Love and him as victims. "Based on training and experience, I have seen handguns in many shapes and colors and perceived this to be a handgun."

Channing was jailed for "felony menacing." Time to start raising IQ standards perhaps. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Sometimes a banana is just a banana.

    1. But sometimes it’s a cigar. And there are folks terrified of a cigar!

  2. Well, to their credit they didn’t shoot him. Too bad they’re going to ruin his life by making him a felon…

  3. At least it wasn’t one of Fruitvale’s deadly high-capacity, assault apples.

    1. This banana had that thing that goes up and down.

  4. He’s lucky the cops didn’t have a tiger.


    1. Yeah. That was my first thought.

      I suppose he is lucky they didn’t drop a 10 Ton weight on him.

  5. It’s *Fruit*vale, of course they have bananas.

    1. And officer bunch. We’re living in comedy show, and the writers aren’t trying anymore.

  6. Channing was jailed for “felony menacing.”

    But, it wasn’t a weapon…it was a banana. How, can you jail someone for pointing fruit? What the everloving fuck?

    1. “How, can you jail someone for pointing fruit?”

      He was jailed because he did not respect their authority. There is no consequences for the cops and they’re insecure assholes so they’re going to do it. They knew it was a banana and they did not feel threatened. If they actually felt threatened they would have ever emptied their clips into him or ran away depending on how threatened they felt.

  7. Here’s a more realistic scenario – the idiot pointed the banana at them, and they felt slighted. How dare he disrespect them. So, they went out of their way to harass him.

    That’s it. There’s the story here. In very few of these scenarios are the cops in fear of anything. It’s nothing but naked power tripping.

    The sad thing is a jury would probably convict the guy.

    1. The sad thing is a jury would probably convict the guy.

      Convicted for what? Pointing fruit?

      Hey Nate, wacha in for?

      Pointing a banana at a cop…

      Nate’s gonna be someone’s bitch.

      1. “In here we *all* like to ‘point bananas’!”

  8. Look, either it was a banana, or else he was happy to see them – in either case, no harm done.

  9. “Suppose I’m attacked by a man with a banana and I haven’t got a gun?”

    1. Suppose you saw a 12-year old boy playing in the park with a toy gun and, instead of calling 911, you just took it upon yourself to shoot the kid dead, do you suppose you could get away with claiming that you feared for your life and were therefore justified in killing the child? If so, you would probably be justified in beating a banana-wielding maniac to death with a coconut.

      1. Bananas are the most aggressive and oppressive fruit, favored by the patriarchy. Right-thinking people only eat durian.

        1. Oh hell no…you come at me with durian you’re gonna get a full clip of bagoong.

      2. I was thinking about this the other day. I’d lay odds that the kid thought the cop was playing with him when he told him to drop the gun. That would be somthing I might do with a 12 yo playing with a toy gun. You know, daring him to draw on you?

        Kid thought he was going to turn and see the cop pointing his finger gun at him and he’s fucking really shot by a pants shitting coward.

        Poor kid. Fucking pigs!

  10. What’s wrong with the cops that these two work with?

    I mean, my job was pretty fraternal, much as I assume cops would be. If someone pulled bullshit like that they’d be branded as fucking pussies and publicly humiliated for years. They’d never live it down.

    1. This is exactly what I came here to post. They should be mocked for life by their peers.

  11. “Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you disrespecting my authoritah?”

  12. Cue obligatory Monty Python sketch:


  13. Well, we now know of two cops who won’t fall for the “banana in the tailpipe gag”

    1. It doesn’t actually work, the exhaust pressure ejects the banana before there’s any impediment to the car’s function.

      1. *Frozen* banana, DUH!

  14. Despite these Reason Nut Punches? this is still a great country to live in. And if it isn’t, well that’s why God invented beer, wine, liquor, cider…

    So Happy Thanksgiving, you bunch of fuckers, you.

  15. “Channing was jailed for “felony menacing.””

    I’m hoping the cop involved is called on to testify and has to justify to the jury how the end of a banana is “menacing”.

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    1. Camwhores do make pretty good money…..

  17. I can’t believe you guys missed what happened. The cops thought it was a gun with a banana clip.

  18. ” he gave the dog “verbal commands” before shooting”

    Sounds like the cop was having a slow day and wanted to spice it up some. Not many dogs respond to commands from humans they don’t know, particularly humans who are panicking.

    Which brings up the next question: How much was a Jack Russell going to hurt a 300# cop other than perhaps tearing his pants? These cops are all trigger happy and need to start leaving their weapons in the station until they learn to control themselves.

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  20. Palin: You shot him. You shot him dead.

    Cleese: Well, he was attacking me with a banana.

    – Monty Python Self-Defense Skit

  21. //”ased on training and experience, I have seen handguns in many shapes and colors ”

    No he hasn’t

    Seriously, like, wtf? This is the story he expects people to believe?

    I mean, MAYBE a FEW colors, but who the hell has ever seen any brightly colored, non-brown-black-gray gun?

  22. Too much Monty Python, I suspect.

  23. Raising IQ standards?
    How about just having a standard that they have to have a measurable IQ?

  24. RE: Crazy Cops

    Anytime any cop says they feared for their safety, they?under the concept of ‘Qualified Immunity’?have invoked their right to shoot someone dead.

  25. I heard he was involved in a drive-by fruiting.

  26. bang bang bang bang banana gun
    bang bang bang bang banana gun
    i got this feelin its so a-peel-in
    lets go shoot my banana gun

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