School Choice Now!: Gym Teacher Drags/Pushes Girl in Pool


Here's a great argument for school choice from the bankrupt city of Stockton, California.

Watch above as physical education teacher drags and pushes a 14-year-old girl into a swimming pool. Some details via California's News 10 ABC:

A Stockton Unified School District physical education teacher is facing a charge of corporal injury to a child, and is on paid leave, after video surfaced of him trying to force a 14-year-old girl into a pool during a P.E. class.

Denny Peterson, employed by the school district for more than 10 years, is seen on video for 95 seconds using strong force to drag the girl toward the pool at Edison High School. The incident happened in late August, and much of it was captured on video by another student.

Gilbert Somera is a Stockton attorney representing the girl and her family.

"Regardless of her participation (in the class) it should disgust you how this man put his hands on a 14-year-old girl. She said multiple times, 'my top is falling down,'" Somera said. He is preparing a claim and likely a lawsuit over the struggle.

Paid leave, folks. Your tax dollars at work.

Anybody think this sort of shit would pass muster in a school system in which students and parents chose which schools to attend?

And while we're at it, anyone think we'd still be wasting as much time and  resources on phys ed if the education of children (rather than catering to the needs of existing teachers and other interests) was the primary goal of K-12 schooling?

More here.

Hat Tip: Lisa Snell.

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  1. If, after the 18 month review process he loses his job, the NFL would take him.

    1. He basically has to drown the girl before the local union allows the district to fire him.

      1. Struggles ensued. Children’s lungs were filled with water. Procedures were followed.

    2. Why don’t we just make him a cop?

  2. In my day, teachers dragged us into swimming pools all the time! Back then, ’tweren’t even a pool but hole they dug up behind the field house! Half the time, ’tweren’t even filled up with water! Sometimes you’d bang your head and cut it open and you’d bleed out and you died! Then they’d drag the next kid in and he’d have to swim around the other dead kids what bled out and died! BAH! Kids today! Mizerble lil twerps!

    1. We also wore onions on our belts, which was the style at the time.

      1. Give me five bees for a quarter, you’d say.

    2. Water? You had water? Back in my day, we had to bang Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms together to make our water!

      1. At least you had oxygen! We had to get our energy by reducing sulfur compounds that came boiling out of the ground, and we liked it!

        1. You try telling that to kids today, and they won’t believe you.

          1. As if kids today would even understand “reducing sulphur compounds”.

  3. I don’t think her hair was the reason she didn’t want into the pool. As a girl who has spent a lot time in swimming pools, there was one time of the month where I absolutely did not want to go into the pool, especially if I was using certain kinds of personal products. What a pool does to a pad is absolutely horrifically embarrassing. And there’s no way a 14 year old girl is going to tell a fat tub o lard male PE teacher that she doesn’t want to go in ’cause she’s on the rag. Just a theory.

    1. The reason doesn’t matter. If she doesn’t want to go in the pool, dragging her in is absurd and unacceptable. Send her to the principal’s office if you want to be a dick, but physical coercion is ridiculous.

      1. Oh I agree absolutely. And why do they have a male PE teacher for girls swimming?

        1. Look, pervs have to get jobs too. Look at Warty.

          1. Look the pervs can get as much wet teenage girls in skimpy skin tight outfits action as they like by attending the swim meets. Lord knows they did in my day.

            1. Wait a second…I was on the boy’s swim team and got as much wet teenage girls in skimpy skin tight outfit action as I could (we had our meets often at the same time). You calling me a perv?!? Because that’s probably accurate.

              1. You were one of the wise hetero’s then. Same as the guys who figured out that Home Ec and choir were great places to pick up chicks without competition. But seriously straight guys were really rare on the swim teams I belonged to (which was sad cause they all had great bodies). I’d say at least half the boys team was openly gay and the other half was kinda maybes.

                1. Sounds like you were contributing to the rape culture and the patriarchy, BuSab.

                  1. Sounds like you were contributing to the rape culture

                    I believe you incorrectly spelled “rap culture

                  2. Maybe. The creepy guys in the stands never fazed me. I’m blind as a bat without my glasses so the audience was all a fuzz anyway, and all I cared about was winning the race. Besides, exhibitionism is one of my kinks. Are you trying to repress my sexuality, you horrible cis-lord?

                    1. I’m blind as a bat without my glasses so the audience was all a fuzz anyway, … Besides, exhibitionism is one of my kinks.
                      Meganekko is one my kinks. Go on…

                    2. So useful intel: a thong and my glasses are all that’s needed to bend HM to my will.

                    3. Yeah. I’ll completely own up to that.

                    4. Are you trying to repress my sexuality, you horrible cis-lord?

                      It’s “horrible cis-shitlord”, thank you.

                    5. I forgot that it’s not only bad to identify rape culture, but for a hetero cis-male to express concern about it in some way. I was obviously blaming the victim in my above comment, or white-knighting, or something bad.

                      Men are presumed guilty. I keep forgetting that part.

                    6. Maybe. The creepy guys in the stands never fazed me. I’m blind as a bat without my glasses so the audience was all a fuzz anyway, and all I cared about was winning the race. Besides, exhibitionism is one of my kinks. Are you trying to repress my sexuality, you horrible cis-lord?

                      I believe that’s ‘shitlord’ you cis-white het-bigot.

                2. It’s only sensible. The swim chicks had killer bodies for the most part. Got any pics of you in your suit?

                  1. Yes, but I aint showing you. What if Warty got them?!

                    1. Like he doesn’t have them already.

                    2. Look, such plebeian concerns are no reason not to share. I think Warty might be sleeping right now. The Browns won.

                    3. Sono toori desu.

                    4. We could finally get his ass sent up the river for posession child pron.

        2. Wait, I think I know this one.

          1. The teacher self-identifies as a woman! What do I win?

            1. A paper cup with your name on it. Provided your name is Dixie.

              1. All right! Those things will be collector’s items in a few years!

        3. Or female gym teachers for boys’ classes.

          Unless they share the showers, of course.

        4. Because the female PhysEd teachers keep sexually abusing the girls.

    2. Suppose, also, that the girl didn’t want to swim because she wasn’t a confident swimmer and feared drowning? And, hope forbid, suppose he’d tossed her in the pool and she had drowned?

      “In my day” jokes aside, had I refused in that situation, I wouldn’t have been made to swim and my parents would have been called.

      1. In my day, though I went to Lincoln and not Edison (yes I spent many years in Stockton as a yute) no one had to go in the pool if they didn’t want to. The gym teacher sent you to the weight room instead, no particular reason required…though the most common reasons were period and various religious types who didn’t ken to co-ed swimming.

        1. What if you didn’t want to go to the weight room?

          1. Then you probably need to squat more.

          2. Principal’s office. Same as if you didn’t want to play dodge ball, or tag football. I spent a lot of time in the principal’s office, and my PE grades guaranteed I would not be valedictorian.

            1. In my HS, PE was pass/fail. You showed up, you passed.

              1. That would have been nice. But none of the five different high schools I attended had that feature. (My parents moved around A LOT.)


    PE is a stupid waste of time and has no place in an educational institution. It’s like having an etiquette class at NFL academy.

  5. I’m as much for school choice as anyone, but how does this prove anything besides that some dude is an asshole?

    I’m pretty sure assholes are still allowed to exist in the private sector.

    1. Except that the taxpayers of the Stockton Unified School District aren’t forced to pay the salaries of private sector assholes under threat of lien and/or imprisonment.

      1. True.

    2. With school choice comes competition. A competitive system doesn’t tolerate this kind of shit.

      And another thing, why is this creepy asshole not in traction? If that were my kid he would be in bandages. WTF is wrong with people that they put up with this kind of shit?

      1. Bandages? If that were MY daughter his body would never be found.

      2. Based on the video below she has no father at home.

    3. Careful, you’ll ruin the narrative.

  6. Only the Seahawks can suck this much while winning. It’s a Seahawk specialty.

  7. So, she agreed to swim laps but didn’t want to get her hair wet.

    Aren’t there these things called bathing caps?

  8. This “choice” thing reminds me of “choice” on abortion, “my choice, your money.”

    Remember Enron? Of course, when capitalists misbehave, it’s not a reflection on capitalists at all.

    1. Remember Enron? Of course, when capitalists misbehave, it’s not a reflection on capitalists at all.

      Which is why, of course, Enron’s fraud was rewarded by the market and as of 2014, Lay oversees a financial empire with shares rivaling Google’s $570.

  9. Wow she is pretty hot, Id hit it.

    1. Pedo bot strikes again!

    2. She is 14.

      Pedo-bot strikes again.

    3. Think your usual “sometimes you jsut gotta roll with punches” would have been more appropriate here.

  10. It’s for her own good!


    It’s not about the money. Where in the private sector could you abuse teenage girls and not only get away with it, but get paid?

      1. That’s a bit rich, calling the Catholic church part of the private sector. They have their own country and ambassadors and shit. (Really — does the Pope shit in the wood? They’ve made joke out of it, they have so much shit.)

        1. They’d be a major beneficiary of so-called school choice.

          1. Whooosh! — or maybe I sailed it too high to be visible. Yes, I understand that in the context of schooling, church schools are not public schools.

          2. Do you understand the concept of “choice”?

        2. But the priests and parishoners don’t automatically get Vatican citizenship, so outside of St. Peter’s square they are just a religion.

          Also, if you’re going to use that argument, that makes all Jews agents of Israel, and therefore fair game for foreign policy reprisals. Do you really want to go there?

  11. OT: Tonight on 60 Minutes: Our Crumbling Infrastructure

    Can’t wait to see how this is the Republicans’ fault.

    1. I still like that when a bridge collapsed in Minnesota progs were so sure it was somehow the Republicans’ fault. Because we all know how powerful the Republican party is in Minnesota.

      1. Well we did have a GOP governor at the time (who was a nasty man who only raised spending at a fast pace instead of the ludicrous pace the progs wanted). Oh, and a GOP sheriff too.

    2. I watched the report for some goddamn reason. You’re never gonna believe this: They need more money. And of course, we need high speed rail.

      Like all of you, I’m sure that if we were to pore over the federal budget, we couldn’t find a single dollar being wasted. We MUST raise gas taxes to upgrade our infrastructure, full stop.

      1. That was my immediate reaction…color me surprised government officials think the answer is more of other people’s money.

  12. Talked to a public school teacher the other day about the inability to fire bad teachers. To her, you have to protect the worst teachers to make sure the rest don’t get arbitrarily dismissed.

    Reminds me a Ferguson. Right or wrong, defend a certain class of people if it will result in perceived benefit to oneself. What could possibly go wrong by defending the indefensible?

    1. In all my experience in the private sector, I only ran into one manager who arbitrarily dismissed good workers. Strangely enough the company went bankrupt within two years.

      1. IMO, having bad workers around makes the efforts of good workers meaningless. Same in the macro. If govt is going to give life support to inefficient businesses through ZIRP, stimulus and other countercyclical measures, they are preventing the emergence of efficient businesses. Stagnation top to bottom.

    1. Ummm, yeah, if BDW looked more like Anthony Mackie

  13. He will not get tye punishment he deserves to get and that is a shame.

  14. Ah, Stockton. I went to the private, Catholic high school in Stockton, and we didn’t get dragged into swimming pools. We were forced to run the “circuit,” which involved running around the track and up and down every row of the football bleachers for the entire hour every Monday. This was especially fun during football season, when the bleachers were filled with trash from the weekend’s game–built-in obstacle course! Walking, stopping, or slowing were strictly prohibited. Oh, and no water breaks (or even carrying water with you). Btw, typical summertime (as in August, when school started) temperatures in Stockton are over 100 degrees.

    Physical fitness! Looking back, I can’t believe no one actually died.

    1. We ran laps outside in August in Dallas, too. You were allowed to walk, but not if you wanted girls to talk to you. There were water fountains right on the track, and nobody minded if you soaked your shirt too.

  15. Saint Mary’s?

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  17. I suspect strongly that one PE Teacher had enough of someone’s smart ass shit.

    I have lots of problems with the schools, which is why my wife homeschools our daughter, but I also feel sorry for a lot of teachers–they have no legitimate way of dealing with shithead children and their awful, awful parents. That little girl was a spoiled little snot–“she had had her hair done that morning”–she knew she had PE and swimming lessons that day and should have made arrangements. A simple note would have solved all her problems.

    So yeah the instructor was a dick, but after dealing with *todays* over privileged, pampered twits and their children he probably just snapped.

    He was wrong, but teachers are humans too. Unlike the folks at Reason who NEVER EVER lose their shit.

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