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Columbus, Ohio, police officers say they are going to review procedures after a day of training that saw three patrol cars wrecked and tear gas carried by the wind to a nearby elementary school. A teacher and six students at the school reported eye and throat irritation from the tear gas.

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  1. Columbus, Ohio, police officers say they are going to review procedures after a day of training that saw three patrol cars wrecked and tear gas carried by the wind to a nearby elementary school.

    Yeah, definitely not enough destruction of property and collateral civilian damage. Those officers were not adequately trained that day.

  2. Bob Dylan’s Friend: “Should I engage the police?”
    Bob Dylan: “The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.”
    Bob Dylan’s Friend: “You’re so annoying.”

  3. The Police Division promised a full accounting of both incidents, which did not appear to be the fault of any of the 35 recruits who are set to graduate next month.

    I take it back. They were very well trained for their job.

    1. Not the recruits fault, so the fault of the guys training them.

      Whatcha wanna bet the people that put that statement out have no idea what they said?

      1. Suthenboy,

        I think you’ll appreciate this portion of the original article as well:

        “The crash occurred when a sergeant – not a recruit – tried to close a gap between his cruiser and the cruiser he was following.

        … An investigation will determine who was at fault and whether departmental discipline or traffic citations are warranted…”

        I suppose their investigation will determine if the Sergeant who caused the accident was at fault for causing the accident or whether the vehicle he happened to be behind the steering wheel of accelerated into the car ahead of him.

        1. Gas pedals were floored.

        2. An investigation will determine who was at fault and whether departmental discipline or traffic citations are warranted…

          Show me one occasion where police investigate a rear-end accident and the driver in the following car is not cited for a traffic violation. Besides this one, I mean.

          1. I know what you’re saying. Yet it did happen to a friend of mine.

            1. Some driver backed into me once and they didn’t hold me at fault. Of course, I don’t think that’s what happened here.

          2. I was the third driver of a three car bumper banger and the insurance companies said it was my fault for tailgating, in spite of the lead driver admitting she had come to a full emergency stop on the freeway, and both other drivers lied about having a passenger who had whiplash injuries.

            And years later, someone banged into me, and the insurance companies decided I was at fault, not the tailgater.

            Neither case involved cops, just insurance companies.

  4. Next up,pistol training at the animal shelter

  5. The humor just writes itself…


  6. Waiting for the day a department gets an MRAP and they claim GTA is adequate training simulation.

    1. Given that I once stood on a ledge under and overpass in one of those games and watched cop cars just piling up (occasionally exploding as they burned) in a futile effort to reach me (the helicopter couldn’t get line of sight because of the road overhead), I think GTA might just be how this lot trained.

  7. completely trained to be complete clowns in all phases of clown police work.

  8. Is this the Police Academy?

    1. No,it had better writing

    2. I don’t remember Police Academy very well. I never saw it a second time. Which movie had the larger police car pileup – Police Academy or Blues Brothers?

  9. “Sometimes in a convoy, there’s like an accordion effect,” Deputy Chief Tim Becker said.

    Perhaps now is as good a time as any to remind Becker that he is chief of a domestic peacekeeping agency, not a martial force that convoys anywhere.

    1. Technically the cops would be more akin to wolfpacks, as the regular drivers convoy for protection against them.

      1. When I lived in the Chicago area back in the 80’s, the state police would swarm sections of interstate to write tickets..they called themselves “wolfpacks”.

  10. The tear-gas manufacturer said the effective range of the gas is supposed to be about 40 feet. “The school is about 3,000 feet from where it was deployed.”

    So it’s the fault of the tear-gas manufacturer!

    1. How many cans were opened at the same time? A higher source concentration flowing with the breeze would remain coherent enough for irritant effect over a longer distance.

      1. “There you go again!”

      2. Why would you use real tear gas for a training exercise in a populated area? There are more appropriate methods for fit testing of a respirator.

        1. I should probably have read the article, I’d thought the release was incidental to the crash (ie the cans were in the trunk and ruptured).

          Fire the Columbus PD and hire the Keystone Kops, you’ll get fewer screw-ups.

          1. Will need Keystone cops to protect the new pipeline.

        2. Obviously so the recruits could witness the effects.

      3. I only read the total number deployed, not the concentration:

        “Trainers checked wind direction with smoke grenades and moved the training to the far west side of the stadium lot to compensate for the wind. About 15 tear-gas canisters were deployed.”

        At least they seem to have taken some precautions at the beginning and following the gas incident will review their old training procedures:

        “Training has occurred at the stadium twice a year for about the past five years without complaint, but the site’s suitability will be part of the pending review, [Deputy Chief Tim Becker] said.

        “‘This is unacceptable, and it should not have happened,'” he said.”

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