Drug Enforcement Agents Probe NFL Docs, Anonymous Hacks Ku Klux Klan Twitter, Dark Days for Mississippi Prisons: A.M. Links



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  1. …no arrests were made.

    Hopefully they got some autographs out of it.

    1. Hello.

      Your morning derp…or dope. You choose.

      “What can be done in the face of the seeming inevitability of environmental calamity? In short, plenty. Great ideas are represented on this list of Global Thinkers, from making Helsinki (and eventually other major cities) free of personal cars, to mitigating the impact of tsunamis and storms by planting more coastal trees, to organizing local populations against powerful interests to block dam construction, mining, and other environmental dangers. There are also wonderful communicators, whose work brings new publics into conversations about global warming: Katharine Hayhoe, for instance, has shown great skill in reaching evangelical Americans, a group traditionally resistant to hearing the climate change message.”

      “…We stand ? on the right side of this key issue for our common future.”


      Ted, stop taking FOX Sports soccer commentator at face value. /wink.

      1. Well, the planting trees part is probably a good idea.

        1. No problem with that.

          It’s stuff like ‘ban cars, plastic, and tax this and that’ that worries me.

        2. The crazy enviros really do suck the air out of the room for real conservation. I mean who is against energy efficiency and conservation of resources? “You know they business, always trying to figure out how to waste money and raise energy prices, because profits!”

          1. Spot on. The watermelons push too far when they force people to reduce their standard of living. Conservation happens when people find ways for it to suit their personal interest.

            1. The watermelon’s main weakness is their blatant hypocrisy, they advocate for everyone else to conform to standards that they themselves would never sink to.

            2. Conservationism/environmentalism is a luxury. You really do need to be at a certain standard of living before people will give a shit.

              1. I think of conservation differently than environmentalism. Conservation makes sense even for poor people by making their limited resources stretch farther. Environmentalists think buying a hundred thousand dollar electric car saves the world. Dumb!

                1. I was thinking more of land conservation sorts of things. But I think you are correct as well when it comes to conserving resources. But even that is a luxury in places where is subsistence living is the best that most people manage.

        3. The planting of trees is an excellent idea, particularly if they are the ones doing it with their own time and resources.

          “Why are you here when you could be out, you know, actually doing something?” Repeat as necessary.

          1. Yeah, planting trees is great because it actually accomplishes something positive, and it is something that most people can easily afford to do on their own.

            1. mitigating the impact of tsunamis and storms by planting more coastal trees

              While I have no philosophical qualms with individuals planting some trees, would it achieve its supposed purpose at all? I have difficulty believing that a few trees would do much to stop a 30 ft high, building-destroying wall of water.

              1. “YES WE CAN!” – The Little Trees that Could

              2. I think the main thing is the root structure stops soil erosion.

                1. Ahh, that’s something I hadn’t considered.

              3. Big tsunamis are going to wreck everything. But there are smaller ones too. And trees do help slow erosion of soil when there is a flood or storm surge.

                1. That’s seen in Haiti when there’s a hurricane or tropical storm. Flood or storm surge that wouldn’t cause a ton of problems in other places will cause complete devastation and kill thousands there, down to the lack of trees. It actually is an important thing.

              4. It certainly does no harm, and could serve the purpose of distracting enviros. I’m serious about challenging them as to why they’re not out planting trees ever time they open their pie holes.

      2. I thought that was going to be a link to the Thomas Friedman article generator.

      3. Ted, stop taking FOX Sports soccer commentator at face value. /wink.

        What does Gus Johnson (snicker) have to do with climate change?

  2. Navy’s first ever LASER gun that sets fire to enemy aircraft and ships is deployed to the Gulf

    The solid-state Laser Weapon System is designed to target what the Navy describes as ‘asymmetrical threats’
    Those include aerial drones, speed boats and swarm boats — all are potential threats in the Persian Gulf, specifically from Iranian forces
    The system is aboard the USS Ponce, which has been patrolling with the weapon since late August


    1. I was impressed with all that coolness until they got to the “USS Ponce” part.

      1. What about the USS Jon?

        1. When the CHiPs ar down, you resort to a joke like this??

      2. From Wiki:

        USS Ponce (LPD-15), – now USS Ponce (AFSB(I)-15) – an Austin-class amphibious transport dock, is the only ship of the United States Navy that is named for Ponce in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, which in turn was named after the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Le?n, the first governor of Puerto Rico and European discoverer of Florida.

    2. Oh what! The 50 cal isn’t good enough for you navy? Bah!

      1. It’s a 3,000,000 kilocal gun. Math is hard.

        1. 40 million dollar laser to shoot RC plans and ski boats or 14000 dollar machine gun. Yeah math is hard.

          1. I wonder what the effective range is on the laser.

            1. They won’t say. my main point is they are using space age tech to shoot boats. Also lasers don’t work well in the rain or fog and are questionable against highly reflective targets. But hey, we’re spending other people’s money here so why not buy 1 laser instead of 2800 proven weapons.

              1. Proof of concept. I’ll cut them some slack on this one.

                1. This^^

                  Developing working Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) will revolutionize defensive weapons systems.

                  Hitting a drone with Ma Deuce is not really all that easy.

                  1. Also, if you note, it only costs $1 a shot. Not sure what they cost the military but .50cal rounds cost that much each.

        2. Did you just compare energy to a chamber diameter? Neat.

          1. Nevermind, that’s kW. If you fired one 50 BMG round per second you would be at 18.5 kW of power. So two 50 cal machine guns 1 massive freaking laser.

          2. Where do I send your prize? Not everyone is able to get the joke, apparently.

      1. You just need to strongarm a couple million people to pay for and you can Zeb.

        1. Just one of those welding lasers would probably do. I wonder what those go for?

          1. I did a quick google and it looks like a half a million dollars or so.

    3. “USS Ponce”

      I’m sure there are a lot of British sailors laughing at that.

      And if the stereotypes about sailors are true, more than a few who’d like to be on it.

  3. Student, 23, arrested for ‘having sex with a sheep’ told police he did because he was stressed about final exams

    The unnamed 23-year-old suspect is a student at Fresno State University in California
    He was caught, police say, after a passing student heard strange noises from the agriculture department barns
    He was charged with sexually assaulting an animal and released


    1. Did the sheep give enthusiastic consent?

    2. He’s baaaaaad to the bone.

      1. Alternate joke: He took the term “animal husbandry” too literally.

    3. It was definitely not that lawyer guy who sued Reason.

      1. “AAW ?.” is *too* written in an English script!

    4. you have to wear special boots for that,uh,I heard

    5. Good to see there are still some willing to engage in the oldest traditions of animal husbandry.

  4. Is this the most bizarre music video of all time? From horse masks to chicken costumes… the latest viral hit to come out of China has to be seen to be believed

    Chinese singer Wang Rong Rollin released ‘Chick Chick’ in bizarre video
    It is reported that the lyrics are mostly made up of weird poultry sounds
    The clip was posted onto YouTube and has received over 3.7 million views

    Worth checking out. It’s messed. Up.

            1. Shows up here the second time… The Dan Band’s cover of it.

    1. I’d still go with Die Antwoord I Fink you are freaky

    2. Wow, his Wang isn’t the only thing that’s Wong.

  5. How the White House Used Gruber’s Work to Create Appearance of Broad Consensus
    …The White House is placing a giant collective bet on Gruber’s “assumptions” to justify key portions of the Senate bill such as the “Cadillac tax,” which they allowed people to believe was independent verification. Now that we know that Gruber’s work was not that of an independent analyst but rather work performed as a contractor to the White House and paid for by taxpayers, and economists like Larry Mishel are raising serious questions about its validity, it should be made publicly available so others can judge its merits….

    …On the 29th Nancy-Ann DeParle, head of the very White House Office of Health Reform that Gruber was hired to consult for, posted perhaps the most misleading column of all on the White House blog:

    MIT Economist Confirms Senate Health Reform Bill Reduces Costs and Improves Coverage

    1. She identified Gruber as an “MIT Economist who has been closely following the health insurance reform process” who had “issued a compelling new report.” There was no acknowledgment that her very own White House office had commissioned Gruber’s work….

      …On December 28, Gruber published an Op-Ed in the Washington Post — in which he neglected to mention his contract to consult with the White House on this very issue. He was asked point-blank if he had any contracts related to the piece for which he was being paid, and he said “no.” The Post subsequently published a correction….

    2. The left has already spun Gruber:

      From a comment from Politico: “There was no lie, and if you pay ANY attention to what he’s saying it’s clear he is interested in the greated public good.”

      1. “the greated public good.


        1. Obvious mispelling; he meant ‘grated’.

      2. you know who else was interested in the greater good?

        1. The town from Hot Fuzz?

        2. The Neighborhood Watch Alliance?

        3. +1 Tau

      3. the irony is that they are defending him, when the voter’s who supported the bill are the people he’s calling stupid.

      4. No lie = noble lie?

  6. Pope Francis has confirmed a trip to the U.S. to participate in the 2015 World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia.

    The Holy Father is going to think America is a total shithole!

    1. Philadelphia? I hope he realizes he is going to get booed.

        1. +1 flung whisky bottle chalice.

  7. Meet the ‘Skimpies’: These are the girls earning up to $6k A NIGHT serving beer in their underwear to thirsty farmers in the outback

    Shae works as a skimpy bartender in rural Western Australian pubs serving beer to miners in her lingerie
    She’s been a skimpy for almost a decade and says the money is the biggest draw card for the 300-odd women in the industry
    The 29-year-old says she had to develop thick skin for the job as she often cops criticism about her body from drunk men
    Skimpies often travel four to five hours for a four-hour shift in regional WA


    1. Hooters has better looking girls. Although that accent bumps them up a few points.

      1. Too much British stock.

      2. In the outback, I think your other option is “Fresno State Dating Program”, so …

    2. They server miners alcohol in Australia?


      1. True story – Many years ago I was in the car while may father was driving with the radio on, and he was listening to something about minors being served alcohol. I heard “miners” and was very confused.

  8. An online poll from PBS finds most folks would not support an outright ban on tobacco sales.

    They feel differently about tote bags, though.

    1. “If you pay $200 for the 2 CD set of Frankie Valli you’ll be one of “elite” special members.”

  9. Missing summer? Bella Thorne lounges in a bikini on Miami stop of her book tour

    Youth is wasted on the young.

    1. Cool moire effects with the T-shirt photos. But, who?

    2. Am I the only one that hates her face? Nice body though I guess.

      1. There’s something wrong with her lips.

  10. The gadget that makes ANY wine taste good: Sonic Decanter uses sound waves to ‘age’ cheap plonk and boost its flavour in 20 minutes

    Sonic Decanter uses ultrasound to alter compounds in wine
    Device accelerates ageing process using high frequency sound waves
    Seattle-based inventors claim gadget improves flavour by breaking down preservatives, softening tannins and releasing aromas
    Device can be pre-ordered via Kickstarter for $129 (?82)


    1. I poured some Colt 45 into the machine and it turned into Chateau Lafitte 89.

      1. Fucking cosmotarian! Everyone knows real men drink Old English 800.

        1. King Cobra!

        2. Crooked I only.

      2. That brings me back to high school. Colt 45 was my first beer drunk.

        1. That implies that your first drunk was on something other than beer. Do tell.

          1. My first drunk was on watermelon pieces that had been soaked in vodka and rum. I was 15 or maybe 16, at a block party and my friend’s older brother had made the concoction.

      3. I poured some Colt 45 into the machine and it turned into Chateau Lafitte 89 I turned into Billy Dee Williams.


    2. Perfect scam. Make a bunch of nebulous claims – “this improves mouth feel and flavor” – when you know such things are completely subjective and unprovable – and walk away with $129.

      1. Easy enough to test. Get two bottles of the same vintage and year, run one through the machine, and taste them side by side.

        1. Yeah, doesn’t seem to hard to test if it works. Whether it improves it is subjective, but I’m sure it does something.

          1. It would be easier to test if not for legislation that requires all wines to be aged for a year before being sold. I made some blackberry wine recently, and it took about a year of aging before it tasted good. It would be interesting to put a new wine in the machine and see if it really takes the bite out.

      2. The placebo effect is still a real effect, you know.

        1. That’s why we need double-blind taste tests.

    1. risky click

    2. We’re all mad here.

  11. Wrong… on so many levels! Adventurers scale Hong Kong’s skyscrapers to take vertigo-inducing selfies above the city

    Alexander Remnev travels the world with three friends taking selfies on skyscrapers
    Their latest project took them to top of buildings in Hong Kong, including The Center tower
    Remnev said his aim is to view cities around the world ‘from a different point of view

    I’m dizzy.

  12. wait wut?

    In Ferguson, Tactics Set for Grand Jury Decision in Michael Brown Case

    Some of the national leaders met with President Obama on Nov. 5 for a gathering that included a conversation about Ferguson.

    According to the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has appeared frequently in St. Louis with the Brown family and delivered a speech at Mr. Brown’s funeral, Mr. Obama “was concerned about Ferguson staying on course in terms of pursuing what it was that he knew we were advocating. He said he hopes that we’re doing all we can to keep peace.”

    1. Doing what we can to keep peace?

      How about doing your part and keeping quiet? How about the community takes care of its own business?

      Too much to ask I know but it’s a start.

    2. Mr. Obama “was concerned about Ferguson staying on course in terms of pursuing what it was that he knew we were advocating.”

      Now, *that’s* Presidential leadership.

    3. I take it the grand jury won’t indict, then?

      I mean, what kind of riots would we expect if they *did* indict?

    1. Ahem

      Instead of a hat tip, you can give me a pack of tips: http://www.amazon.com/Replacem…..B00EZPISPA

      1. The reviews are golden (or upsetting).

        At $650 these might seem a little steep but they are the perfect replacement foreskins. The package of 10 comes fully equipped and is both all you could want as all you could need. They really round out my collection and I would strongly recommend them for any collector or enthusiast.
        It gets four stars because the build quality is a little lacking. It’s kind of understandable as these are meant to be replacement foreskins but with a little care they could work for long-term use. The realism couldn’t be better though and this could be a great gift for him or her.
        Important to note is that these are specifically for Life/form? Pre-teen circumcision trainers. While they may be compatible with Life/form? Infant Circumcision Trainers they are completely different foreskins. Whatever fits your needs is fine but a real connoisseur or professional would try to complete the entire set.

  13. Several supposed Ku Klux Klan Twitter accounts were taken over by Australian Anonymous hackers

    Now… to make them say embarrassing things on Twitter.

  14. Fox Anchor: CNBC ‘Silenced’ Me For Reporting On Obamacare
    Fox Business Network anchor Melissa Francis said she was “silenced” by CNBC when management told her she was “disrespecting the office of the president” by reporting about Obamacare….

    1. “disrespecting the office of the president”

      Six words I bet you never heard between 2000 and 2008.

    2. What a liar. CNBC has regular reports about Obamacare. Maybe she was lying about death panels or the gubmint takeover if healthcare in which case she should have been fired.

      1. Lemme guess. She’s a liar but Gruber or Hilary, Holder and Rice and even Obama aren’t, amirite?

        High five.

        1. *walks by, high fives Rufus, wonders how long he has been standing there*

      2. Leftist takes down Gruber. Also posted above, but this one is just for Weigel.


        1. Poor Weigel is shitting his pants right now over the latest Obamacare polls, which are absolutely dismal for Obama and his JournoList friends.

          The talking points just get harder and harder for the sad-sack to come up with.

  15. Several supposed Ku Klux Klan Twitter accounts were taken over by Australian Anonymous hackers after KKK members threatened to use “lethal force” against Ferguson, Missouri, demonstrators.

    I’m going to pause and reflect on the idea of the Klan tweeting.

    1. #folksainthomecrosswontburn

  16. New Jersey judge orders parents to pay estranged 21-year-old daughter’s college tuition
    …The Ricci case is similar except that Ricci’s even older than Canning was. Rachel was 18; Caitlyn is 21, an adult legally any way you slice it. And yet, under Jersey court precedent, mom and dad may need to fork over a cool 16 large annually for her tuition at Temple even though, to hear them tell it, she hasn’t said a word to them outside of court in two years. …

    1. an adult legally any way you slice it.

      Except for the purposes of determining health insurance.

    2. New Jersey courts are famous for ignoring any principles of law and ruling based on the feelz.

      1. Yep – See Abbot School District decision is you need proof.

        1. See the Mount Laurel decision on affordable housing as well.

        2. Costello v. Hardy

    3. Well, if they are paying for it, why not go to Princeton or some other Ivy League school?

      1. Sorry to break this to you, but Temple versus Princeton is not a decision variable you’re likely to run across.

  17. “according to DEA spokesman Rusty Payne

    Sounds like something in Warty’s basement

    1. Warty has a DEA spokesman in his basement?

        1. Yes, he had him – again, and again, and again. Until he…..broke.

      1. Warty has a DEA spokesman in his basement?

        No, just the DEA

  18. Obamacare Facebook page comments mostly from small group of supporters

    Sixty percent of the site’s 226,838 comments generated from September 2012 to early last month can be attributed to fewer than 100 unique profiles, according to an analysis completed by The Washington Times with assistance from an outside data analytics team. Many of those profiles belong to just one person who created multiple aliases or personas to widen her influence and multiply her voice.

    Cindi Huynh, an Obamacare supporter in California, posted on average 59 times a day on the site in 60 days, making her the No. 1 poster in that period. She posted only during work hours ? as is the trend of the top 25 posters on the site ? and never on weekends.

    1. Transparency!

    2. I hope she got a living wage out of it.

    3. Re “Cindi Huynh”:
      “She has a full-time job but has declined to name her employer.”

      No kidding. It doesn’t sound like she, you know, works.

      1. Or if she does they’ll know she was putzing around shilling for the government on their dime.

      2. Good porn name

        1. “It’s pronounced ‘Honey’.”

      3. She M$de $14,383 last month working from home. See how you can too!

    4. Any of them named Mary Stack?

      1. All of them?

  19. Pope Francis has confirmed a trip to the U.S. to participate in the 2015 World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia.

    I wonder if diplomatic immunity will allow him to hand out food in a public space.

    1. The Philly cops might “tune him up” anyway.

    2. Nice! I am going to run with that one in Philadelphia area media.

  20. my co-worker’s ex-wife makes $79 /hr on the internet . She has been out of a job for 6 months but last month her check was $14145 just working on the internet for a few hours. go……

    ?????? http://www.payinsider.com

  21. Iraq Just Got Its First Hardee’s

    Hardee’s made no effort to blend into the surroundings. The building exterior had the American modular home architecture that could be found in a highway rest area. The building was topped with the Hardee’s mascot, an anthropomorphic star that looks like the baby-in-the-sun from Teletubbies, smiling down at customers. This Hardee’s even had a drive-through, which, to my knowledge, is the first in-your-car feeding option to come to Iraq (open to a reader proving me wrong on this one).

    The interior didn’t do much to deter the thought of Midwestern ingurgitation, either. Sans the TV blaring a talk show featuring two dudes in thobes, everything else was right out of the American fast food chain experience. Sign boards were in English, there were faux metal tables and chairs, booths had enough space to accommodate the obese, and there was a typical walk-up ordering counter. Even that ubiquitous burger joint fast-foody smell of sodium and MSG was in the air.

    1. I remember my first Hardee’s. I believe I was 13. Her name was Niki.

      Oh, you mean the burger chain.

    2. Iraq has a Hardee’s. New Jersey does not. Not sure what to make of that.

    3. Hardee’s burgers are, in my opinion, the best of the fast food chains.

      1. It’s up there with Five Guys I’d say. Hardee’s is a little thicker but also a little dryer.

  22. Krugbe: The CBO on insurance premiums
    The Congressional Budget Office has released its much-awaited estimate on how the Senate health care bill would affect premiums. It’s good news from the point of view of reform advocates: premiums would stay about the same for people with group coverage, while falling significantly for most of those in the small-group or individual markets. Jon Gruber has crunched the numbers, and produces this convenient chart…

    1. So sweet in that he was completely scammed by Gruber.

    2. while falling significantly for most of those in the small-group or individual markets

      If by falling significantly you mean doubling or tripling then yeah.

  23. Gallup: ‘New numerical low’ for Obamacare

    Support for Obamacare continues to decline, with the law hitting a new low in approval, and a new high in disapproval, as the second enrollment period has opened for Americans, according to Gallup.

    Just 37 percent approve of the Affordable Care Act, 1 percentage point less than the previous low recorded in January, Gallup found in a new survey released Monday.

    The pollster notes the approval results are a “new numerical low” for Obamacare.

  24. Jezebellians worry about the very real possibility of dying alone.

    Tohru – My Truck Hates Snow
    Today 1:07am
    Since my relationship luck is completely zero, I got a roommate so I don’t have to worry about this.

    1. I refuse to click on Jezebel links, but I’m guessing the fact that they’re alone is due to the patriarchy and not due to their shitty personalities.

      1. Get lots of cats. It solves the body disposal problem.

    2. That is perhaps the most sorrowful, sad and pathetic statement I’ve ever come across.

      1. It gets better, click the link.

        1. No.

          1. C’mon, do it! All the cool kids are clicking it…

    3. Who do you care what happens to your body? You don’t have to deal with it. I suppose it is polite to make sure no one finds you rotting and half eaten by cats.
      Maybe worry about why no one can stand being with you first.

    4. And it’s not your housemates job to supply hospice care, unless that’s part of the deal and you’re providing free or discounted housing in exchange for that.

      Except I don’t think that having her hand held at the final moment is her real concern so much as using the housemate as a surrogate friend/family-member. That is why adults generally do not have housemates, the people seeking such arrangements are often damaged.

      1. “And it’s not your housemates job to supply hospice care”

        There are a lot of unattached women who think it’s their roommates’ job to take care of them. After a string of such roommates in my 20s, marriage started to sound great.

        1. and it’s not just the taking care of the person, because obviously marriage involves quite a bit of that. But they view it as your obligation and in return you get sullen bitterness and glares every time you remind them electricity is due.

          1. Women roommates have to be the worst. Men can be complete pigs but at least they aren’t passive aggressive about everything ever, seems to be a theme with two women living together, my friends who are girls seem to leave like every living situation completely hating the other girl they live with.

            1. Yes, the passive aggressiveness is bad with most female roommates. I’m not that way at all, so it just confused the hell out of me. My policy was if a perceived issue was important to say something, if not, then I would get over it. So I’d let most things slide, but when I was honest about the important things I was the bad guy. For example, one roommate liked to leave this antique oil lamp I had on the porch on overnight. When I explained that this was how people’s homes burned down so easily 100 years ago and why it shouldn’t be lit unattended, she wouldn’t speak to me for days.

    5. Well, I say it’s good that they’re thinking about their likely futures.

    6. How to Avoid Dying Alone With No One to Claim Your Body

      Stop reading Jezebel and make me a sammich?

  25. Chinese Students at U.S. Universities Jump 75% in Three Years

    The number of Chinese students at U.S. universities jumped 75 percent in three years to almost 275,000 in the last academic year, according to a report.

    Students from China made up the largest contingent among the 886,052 foreign students last year, with 31 percent, the Institute of International Education, a New York-based nonprofit group, said today. India is second with 12 percent of the total, followed by South Korea with 7.7 percent.

    Just more Asian girls in yoga pants and Ugg boots.

    1. 99% of Chinese girls are ugly with flat chests and asses.

      1. Rog, at least Koreans are obsessed w/ plastic surgery and get fixed up before they are even 18

  26. the 2015 World Meeting of Families

    Shouldn’t that be “the 2015 World Meeting of *Working* Families” or “the 2015 World Meeting of *Dysfunctional* Families”?

  27. Donna Brazile: Why Not Al Franken for President in 2016?

    Democratic strategist Donna Brazile listed independent senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Democratic senator Al Franken of Minnesota as potential Democratic candidates who could challenge Hillary Clinton for the presidential nomination in 2016. “I’ve been getting tweets about Al Franken, Senator Al Franken,” Brazile said on ABC’s This Week. “Again, someone is thinking about it, Joe Biden has already thought it over, but we’ll see what happens in the next couple of weeks.” Earlier on Sunday morning, Brazile tweeted “Why Not Al Franken in 2016?” with a link to an Esquire piece that discussed the likelihood that the Minnesota senator might enter the race.

    1. Cause he’s not good enough, he’s not smart enough, and nobody likes him?

      1. +1 inspirational mirror.

      2. My impression is that Franken has a pretty good idea of his limitations – one reason he was pretty much invisible during his first term. Unless he listens to the siren song, I suspect he will continue to say little and keep a low profile lest his inadequacies are revealed.

    2. Bernie Sanders…hahahaha…yeah, I don’t see him appealing to the limousine liberals because he really would redistribute their wealth. If they run him it will only be to move the platform to the left, since it appears that Warren has been bought off.


    3. Why not be the next Walter Mondale?

    4. Democratic strategist Donna Brazile listed independent senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Democratic senator Al Franken of Minnesota as potential Democratic candidates who could challenge Hillary Clinton for the presidential nomination in 2016.

      The Dems can gather a further five potential candidates and then call it “Hillary White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

      1. I see Hillary more as the one handing out the poison apples in that scenario.

        “Mirror Mirror, on the wall, who’s the most electable of us all?”

  28. First penis transplants could be just five years away after scientist has success – in rabbits

    We’re in an age of organ transplants so it was inevitable we’d get around to penises. Dr Anthony Atala has been working on the problem since 1999 and he’s had considerable success ? in rabbits.

    No human beings so far, but his team at the Wake Forrest Institute in North Carolina, US is close. Another five years, they say.

    Which is very good news for any man who has lost his penis either through genital defects, injury or perhaps surgery for an aggressive case of penile cancer.

    Will there be a Doomcock of Doom model?

    1. So will people be fucking like rabbits?

      1. Why rabbits? Why not hares?

    2. There can only be one.

      1. Actually, retailers are hoping to have them in stores worldwide by Christmas.

        “This year, give the gift of genital overkill.”

    3. Are cotton balls a side effect of the transplant?

      Will it cause me to grow buck teeth (with overbite) so that the next time I eat pussy it tastes like shit?

    1. Comment:
      “D. Lane said…
      Fake. Nobody that far gone can escape the asylum long enough to catch a bus.”

      1. seriously that is on deranged lunatic.

    2. That is awesome. I want to post that in comments on every “trans” whining blog site there is.

    3. That can’t be real. No fucking way. Please no.

      1. It’s not.

        At least 50% of This is Thin Privilege is people submitting increasingly absurd stories to troll them and to see how gullible they are to post them. The answer is that they’re really fucking gullible.

        1. Yeah it looked totally made up. Hilarious and well done.

        2. It is real. Sad, yes, but apparently real.


    4. Pix or GTFO

    5. Well, “transfat” is unintentionally funny, but I’m totally confused as to meaning. Is this a transgendered person who also has some bizarre fat/thin issue, or a non-tg skinny person who wishes they were fatter than they were?

      1. I’m means a thin person who wants to become fat. They are also known as “brides.”

        1. You sir, are a comic genius.

          1. But the typos keep coming. Damn you, typos.

        2. +1 Wedding Cake

      2. I read it as mocking the notion of transgender. Trans-woman:woman::Trans-fat:fat. It’s Alpha/PUA dickheads trolling each other.

    6. Now THAT’S funny!

    1. How to not be creepy: Be attractive.

  29. Comedy gold, Jerry!

    Uranus might be full of surprises

    Karkoshchka believes that Uranus’s southern hemisphere rotates in a way never before seen in gas giants. A gas planet’s thick atmosphere, filled with clouds, typically shows the same rate of rotation at the top and bottom. But on Uranus, it seems, the southern hemisphere is cycling much more quickly than up north ? as much as 15 percent faster.

    “The unusual rotation of high southern latitudes of Uranus is probably due to an unusual feature in the interior of Uranus,” Karkoshcka said in a statement. “While the nature of the feature and its interaction with the atmosphere are not yet known, the fact that I found this unusual rotation offers new possibilities to learn about the interior of a giant planet.”

    1. So, Uranus knows how to rotate itself in a fashion which lures academics?

  30. TLC’s “Cake Boss” Arrested on DWI Charges in Manhattan: NYPD

    Police stopped Valastro near 10th Avenue after following him for a bit; they said he was unsteady on his feet when he stepped out of the vehicle. They say his face was flushed and his eyes were bloodshot. He allegedly failed a Breathalyzer test and was taken into custody.

    Prosecutors say Valastro allegedly told arresting officers, “You can’t arrest me. I’m the Cake Boss,” and asked to be put into a cab.

    1. “Now you’re the DWI Boss. Get in the car.”

      I love the ‘don’t you know who I am?’ routine. Love it.

      1. One of those situations when I sympathize with the cops.

      2. When everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, it does kinda dilute the meaning, doesn’t it?

    2. Prosecutors say Valastro allegedly told arresting officers, “You can’t arrest me. I’m the Cake Boss,” and asked to be put into a cab.

      My God….(closes law book), he’s’ right!

    3. I was shocked he’s only 37. Looks 15 years older.

      1. OMG I’m older than that guy?

    1. “We investigated ourselves, and we found we did nothing wrong.”

    2. Well you can’t blame the cops. Anyone with that dark of a tan in January in Minnesoda is suspicious.

      1. “Aw jeez.”

  31. Obama defends healthcare law after adviser criticism

    Obama said the law, which extends private health coverage to uninsured Americans, was extensively analyzed and written about before its passage in 2010, and in subsequent debates.

    “The fact that some adviser who never worked on our staff expressed an opinion that I completely disagree with … is no reflection on the actual process that was run,” Obama said during a press conference at the Group of 20 leaders meeting in Brisbane, Australia.

    “I would just advise every press outlet here, go back and pull up every clip, every story … It was a tough debate.”

    1. “I would just advise every press outlet here, go back and pull up every clip, every story … It was a tough debate.”

      Careful what you ask for, Mr. President.

      1. Isn’t that exactly what’s happening?

    2. “I would just advise every press outlet here, go back and pull up every clip, every story … It was a tough debate.”

      Telling the press to do this might not be the smartest thing.

      /Gary Hart

      1. Obama is pretty sure they will remain on the reservation and continue to cover for him.

  32. Police training gone awry results in three-cruiser crash, tear gas at school

    Columbus police will review their recruit-training procedures after a tumultuous morning in which three cruisers were wrecked in a chain-reaction crash, and tear gas carried by wind to an elementary school irritated the throats and eyes of several children and a pregnant, asthmatic teacher.

    No serious injuries were reported in either the crash on N. Hague Avenue or the later incident at Sullivant Elementary School in Franklinton.

    The Police Division promised a full accounting of both incidents, which did not appear to be the fault of any of the 35 recruits who are set to graduate next month.

    something, something thin blue line

    1. The Police Division promised a full accounting of both incidents, which did not appear to be the fault of any of the 35 recruits who are set to graduate next month.

      I guess the pregnant teacher made a furtive movement.

    2. I’m sure that a “civilian” who caused a three-car crash and released tear gas into a school would be exonerated by the police, too.

    1. no man has thighs like that

      1. “A fledgling killer’s first attempt at transformation…”

        1. “Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me. I’d fuck me hard. I’d fuck me so hard.”

          1. +1 Goodbye Horses

            1. +2 I’m Cryin’ Over You

    2. How did Kirsten Stewart get any role ever? I mean her acting is below subpar as are her looks, she must be a magician on the casting couch.

      1. Subpar looks is a plus. Can’t have too attractive of an actress playing the Mary Sue, or else the girls can’t project themselves onto her.

      2. Was she the actress that played the Real Girl in Lars and the Real Girl?

        1. No, but I don’t know how the casting director missed on that, she would have been perfect.

      3. Dude, you’re crazy.

        I’d hit that until I evaporated.

        And she was in fucking Twilight. Can you imagine how hot she would be if I didn’t have the memory of fucking Twilight stuck in my subconscious, decreasing her hotness?

        1. Wut, in the fuck fluffy? and to think I thought your commentary was thoughtful and interesting you go and you lay this egg.

        2. I stand with Fluffy. She is cute as hell.

          1. There truly is an ass for every seat.

        3. Yeah I’m with Fluffy on this one. She is smoking hot.

      4. Before she was in Twilight, she was in Adventure Land, which was pretty good.

        I guess the real question is, can you take a shitty, teenage heart throb story like Twilight and expect any actor to do well in it?

        Is writing about human beings so boring and dull that authors now have to introduce vampires and werewolves to make it interesting?

    3. Does she look like Jay Leno’s daughter to anyone else?

  33. Chicago schools teaching ‘safe’ anal sex to 5th graders

    While CPS spokesman [said] the “objectionable material presented [was] never was part of the student sexual education curriculum” as reported at the local NBC affiliate, the slides shown to parents are also posted at Waters Elementary School as part of the “Sexual Health Education” curriculum for “Grade 6.”

    Lube, lube, LUBE!

    1. Jeez Rich what are you some kind of prude?

      1. Sheesh, I said “LUBE!”

        *** pouts ***

    2. We need to teach the kiddies safe alcohol drinking.

    3. Totally inappropriate. They won’t be paying taxes for AT LEAST a few years.

    4. Good blowjob technique should be part of the curriculum.

    5. Maybe it’s part of a plan to reduce teenage pregnancy.

    6. Monty Python called this decades ago in The Meaning of Life

  34. What comes next for the ACA following comments made by a condescending, loathsome, elitist liberal prick, as explained by a condescending, loathsome, elitist liberal prick.


    1. Does anyone have the invoice for his consulting time. I feel like that’s the next big smoking gun?

      1. ~$400K for his predictive model was the standard rate applied to the federal and several state governments that hired him.

        1. Wow. For that kind of money, I would seriously consider suppressing my code of ethics and creating a model that showed them whatever they wanted to see.

          I guess that’s the whole idea.

          1. He didn’t even have to suppress any of his ethics. He already wants the government to control all the entire medical industry. So it was een easier for him.

  35. Delusions of the Democrats

    Today’s Democratic Party, with its finely calibrated, top-down fixes, does not offer anything so transformative. It seems scared of its own shadow, which is probably why it keeps reassuring itself that its triumph is inevitable. It needs instead to fully acknowledge just how devastating the recession was for working people everywhere in America, and what a generation of largely flat wages did to their aspirations even before that. It needs to take on hard fights, even against powerful forces, like pharmaceutical and insurance companies that presume to tell us the limits of what our health care can be or energy companies that would tell us what the world’s climate can endure. It means carving out a place of respect for working men and women in our globalized, finance-driven world.

    Invite us to dream a little. You don’t build an enduring coalition out of who Americans are. You do it out of what we can be.

  36. Man films Ferguson officer Darren Wilson allegedly violating his rights during confrontation at his home
    An online video captured by resident Mike Arman reportedly shows Wilson refusing to allow him to record the incident and threatening to ‘lock (his) a– up.’ Wilson arrested Arman on Oct. 28, 2013 for failure to comply but the charge was later dropped.


    Turns out the cop is a lying dickbag. Oh wait, he’s a cop, so that’s a bit redundant.

    1. The best part of it is that despite the police report saying it was Wilson, the police department is saying it wasn’t him:

      The Ferguson Police Department declined to comment on the video and a spokesman told the newspaper he did not believe it was Wilson though the officer’s name appears on the police report.

      1. They routinely falsify their reports so it’s impossible to know who really wrote it.

  37. thewalkingdude

    Sometimes, when I’m waiting for a train I fantasize about pushing someone in front of the train. This usually happens when I see middle aged men that look like by father or boss on the platform with me.

    Then I think “Hey, people have places to be and this will fuck that all up,” so I don’t push that douchebag with the briefcase and Yankee cap in front of the train.

    That said- the urge is getting stronger and harder to ignore. Tick-tock, you know?

    1. Do it pussy.

  38. Progressives and guns. A very dangerous mix.


    1. She’s one deluded whore. She actually thinks she trolled gun people by coming up with a ridiculous “anti-gun” meme using a graphic from a pro-gun site that mocks anti-gunners…yeah, she’s bright one.

      She apparently lives her life openly on Facebook, and has been getting trounced there, but refuses to acknowledge it, saying “conservatives” (i.e. anyone who doesn’t agree with her) don’t understand satire and trolling.

  39. *the sound of a million women breathing into paper bag*

    World’s largest chocolate manufacturer adds voice to warnings of ‘potential cocoa shortage by 2020’

    The world is running out of chocolate and even bumper cocoa crops cannot keep up with soaring demand from Asia, the biggest international confectionery manufacturer has warned.

    The Switzerland-based Barry Callebaut Group has joined a host of industry experts in expressing concerns about “a potential cocoa shortage by 2020”, which has contributed to cocoa prices rising a staggering 25 per cent in the past year.

    1. Which would be worse for women: a cocoa shortage, or a shoe shortage?

    2. TL;dr “The Switzerland-based Barry Callebaut Group has never heard of supply and demand”

  40. That said- the urge is getting stronger and harder to ignore. Tick-tock, you know?

    Autoerotic asphyxia sounds like a good hobby for this guy.

  41. Wow, someone posted the NYT article about the US allowing Cuban doctors serving abroad to defect:

    “American immigration policy…should not be used to exacerbate the brain drain of an adversarial nation at a time when improved relations between the two countries are a worthwhile, realistic goal….

    “Some doctors who have defected say they felt the overseas tours had an implicit element of coercion and have complained that the government pockets the bulk of the money it gets for their services. But the State Department says in its latest report on human trafficking that reported coercion of Cuban medical personnel does “not appear to reflect a uniform government policy.” Even so, the Cuban government would be wise to compensate medical personnel more generously if their work overseas is to remain the island’s economic bedrock.”


    There’s only a *little bit* of human trafficking going on, nothing major, the important thing is that we don’t want a bunch of foreign doctors coming into this country to practice their profession!

    If we want to admit refugees from government persecution, why not some literary figure from Nigeria whose poetry is censored?

    1. I thought brain drain was one of our best weapons against the commies.

      1. I thought so too.

        But nobody’s going to drain the brains of the NY Times.

    2. the important thing is that we don’t want a bunch of foreign doctors coming into this country to practice their profession!

      That’s not the important thing to the Times.

      The Times is in the MNG bloc, and they consider doctors slaves. They don’t want us to help Cuban doctors escape their just slavery. Those fuckers should just shut up and do what they’re told. The rest of the Cuban government’s slaves need medical care, dammit!

  42. “I would just advise every press outlet here, go back and pull up every clip, every story … It was a tough debate.”

    Somebody needs to have a little sit-down with Gary Hart.

    Say, “I dare ya!” once too often, and the results might not be what you hoped.

  43. How the GOP used Twitter to stretch election laws

    The Twitter accounts were hidden in plain sight. The profiles were publicly available but meaningless without knowledge of how to find them and decode the information, according to a source with knowledge of the activities.

    The practice is the latest effort in the quest by political operatives to exploit the murky world of campaign finance laws at a time when limits on spending in politics are eroding and regulators are being defanged.

    The law says that outside groups, such as super PACs and non-profits, can spend freely on political causes as long as they don’t coordinate their plans with campaigns. Sharing costly internal polls in private, for instance, could signal to the campaign committees where to focus precious time and resources.

  44. American University employee brags about destroying Bruce Majors’ campaign sign in front of students, deletes tweet after he gets called out by Reason and Cato’s Matthew Feeney, and then posts the most deranged things ever on his twitter feed about evil libertarians

    1. Kizone is showing up everywhere these days.

      1. All things being equal, his research into Sullivan and Cromwell during the Nazi era is interesting. Although I think that rather than letting the evidence speak for itself, he’s trying to force his conclusions onto it. I’m not certain what the point of it is though. It’s well understood that a lot of Europe, and particularly the Nazi regime, was corporatist during that period.

    2. his twitter feed is retarded:

      “Captain Obvious says: Right wingers are only interested in the rule of law if it protects their privileges over others.”

      Oh gawd:

      “If *anyone* is telling you not to ask questions, not to investigate, not to experiment, not to think – then they are not worth listening to.”

    3. Tony?

      1. Kizone Kaprow, our latest and most prolific troll

        1. That’s our oldest and most infamous troll-Mary Stack.

  45. Early contender for giant dick of the week: Saints fan becomes viral villain after video shows him ripping football away from Bengals fan at Superdome

    Midway through the third quarter, Cincinnati tight end Jermaine Gresham caught a 1-yard touchdown pass that put the Bengals up 19-3 when he jogged over to the end zone wall. As he approached, two female Bengals fans — one dressed in a black A.J. Green jersey and the other in an orange Bengals T-shirt — had just jogged down the section’s steps to the edge of the wall. They were excitedly pleading for the ball when Gresham complied.

    But what none of them, not Gresham nor the women asking for the ball, had expected was the male Saints fan lurking nearby in the first row.

    As the ball left Gresham’s hands, the Saints fan, identified by the Cincinnati Enquirer as a man named Tony Williams, leaped in front of the two women. As the one in the Green jersey — identified by the Enquirer as Barrett — caught the flip, Williams snatched the ball from her. In the same motion, he sat back down, putting the ball underneath his right arm.

    It stayed there the rest of the game.

    “He should be ashamed of himself,” Gresham told a reporter from The Associated Press after the game.

    1. “It’s very simple,” he told the Enquirer. “I caught the football.

    2. What a piece of crap that guy is. Would’ve been great if the woman would’ve grabbed his feet and threw him over the wall

  46. “Not that I could say with any certainty how exactly I’d found myself in the rather surreal scenario of proposing to myself on a park bench on Parliament Hill last November….

    “Sitting on that park bench, it dawned on me that a self-marriage ceremony witnessed by other people would potentially be this massively powerful means of making those agreements stick.”


    1. “And just because I married myself, it doesn’t mean that I’m not open to the idea of sharing a wedding with someone else one day.”


    2. “And just because I married myself, it doesn’t mean that I’m not open to the idea of sharing a wedding with someone else one day.”

      How gracious of her.

      1. She might marry someone else while on the rebound after divorcing herself.

        “I came back from work and the house was a mess! Can’t you keep things neat?

        “Oh, yeah? Well, I waited all day for me to get home, and the dinner I prepared for me got cold.

        “I work and slave for me all day, and this is the thanks I get?”

        1. And then her friends will be pressured to take sides in the divorce, and it will get all awkward.

          1. She has such loud arguments with herself, the police keep getting called.

            So she finally got a restraining order against herself, forbidding her from coming within 100 yards of herself.

            1. And to avoid having to pay alimony, she hides her assets from herself by putting money in hidden parts of her house and then forgetting where it is.

    3. The picture makes me want to send her a card congratulating her on taking the bullet for some poor guy out there.

  47. Some sad news as Maryland permanent legal resident Dr. Martin Salia died of Ebola early this morning at Nebraska Medical Center.

    FREETOWN, Sierra Leone ? When Martin Salia’s Ebola test came back negative, his friends and colleagues threw their arms around him. They shook his hand. They patted him on the back. They removed their protective gear and cried.

    But when his symptoms remained nearly a week later, Salia took another test, on Nov. 10. This one came back positive, sending the Sierra Leonean doctor with ties to Maryland on a desperate, belated quest for treatment and forcing the colleagues who had embraced him into quarantine.

    “We were celebrating. If the test says you are Ebola-free, we assume you are Ebola-free,” said Komba Songu M’Briwa, who cared for Salia at the Hastings Ebola Treatment Center in Freetown. “Then everything fell apart.”

    Remember, the “top men” know everything there is to know about this disease, according to them.

    Oh, also, in more news that the so-called “mainstream media” is sure to try and downplay, Ebola is now spreading to Mali, and the CDC quietly announced yesterday while you were watching football that visitors to the U.S. from Mali have been added to the mandatory screening list.

    1. Yeah, the test said negative. HE was going to be okay!! Not exactly.

    2. Very sad. I hope no one else contracted it, especially with them temporarily removing their protective gear.

    3. That is interesting and scary. Was the test itself at fault, ie bad batch of reagents or whatever, or was the testing procedure not properly followed?

      Presume this is a lab tech type test requiring drawn blood, not a DIY cheek swab test.

      1. We’ll never know.

  48. Anyone cover the Peter Thiel interview on Vox?

    I define technology as doing more with less. In the context of security and privacy, a technological solution is one that gives you more security without sacrificing privacy, or more security and more privacy at the same time. A non-technological solution is one that always involves trade-offs where you can get more security and you’ll have less privacy, or more privacy but you’ll have less security.

    I think the alternative to something like Palantir would be a world where we’re forced to make very unpleasant tradeoffs. I think that at the end of the day, the libertarians lose the trade-off war.

    1. That’s pretty neat. It’s like when I hear economic talk about how awesome the 90s were for jobs and wage growth and how that was because of president Bill Clinton. No it wasn’t. It was because of a vast, unprecedented technological boom. Now we live in the fallout of that boom where doing more with less might actually mean you need to hire fewer employees.

    2. If you haven’t bought his book Zero to One, you need to. I’m half way through it and it’s pretty brilliant.

      He has some interesting ideas about competition in free markets, though. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around those.

  49. The federal jury indictment of Mississippi’s longest-serving chief of prisons, Christopher B. Epps?he’s accused of accepting more than $1 million in bribes from a former state legislator who now owns and represents private prisons?could require the state to undertake “a top-to-bottom reassessment of its prison-contracting system”.

    I would like to think the last thing that went through his head before that bullet was how a man like Andy Dufrane got the best of him.

    1. Yeah, I’m not really comfortable with privatizing prisons until after we’ve decriminalized most self-regarding acts like drug use and things like that.

      1. I will never be comfortable with doing it. Prisons are one of the few things we have to tolerate government to do.

  50. Number of homeless children hits an all-time high according to new report

    The number of homeless children in the U.S. has surged in recent years to an all-time high, amounting to one child in every 30, according to a comprehensive state-by-state report that blames the nation’s high poverty rate, the lack of affordable housing and the impacts of pervasive domestic violence.

    Titled “America’s Youngest Outcasts,” the report being issued Monday by the National Center on Family Homelessness calculates that nearly 2.5 million American children were homeless at some point in 2013. The number is based on the Department of Education’s latest count of 1.3 million homeless children in public schools, supplemented by estimates of homeless pre-school children not counted by the DOE.

    Child homelessness increased by 8 percent nationally from 2012 to 2013, according to the report, which warned of potentially devastating effects on children’s educational, emotional and social development, as well as on their parents’ health, employment prospects and parenting abilities.

    The report included a composite index ranking the states on the extent of child homelessness, efforts to combat it, and the overall level of child well-being. States with the best scores were Minnesota, Nebraska and Massachusetts. At the bottom were Alabama, Mississippi and California.

    1. Don’t worry, the media will start covering this the moment a Republican wins the White House.

      1. NPR mentioned it this morning on the tail end of a list of headlines. Offered with no commentary.

      2. That was a headline in the local paper this morning.

      3. Well that along with in depth discussions of the historically low labor participation rate.

  51. Uh, he also kissed her.

    “That can’t happen again,” the tutor said according to Woods’ testimony Wednesday, Nov. 12.

    For Assistant Kent County Prosecutor Helen Brinkman, the “again” refers to the sexual relationship Simon, 33, was already having with a 15-year-old student. Simon was paid $45,000 per year to help tutor athletes for the two Grand Rapids Catholic high schools.


  52. I think the alternative to something like Palantir would be a world where we’re forced to make very unpleasant tradeoffs. I think that at the end of the day, the libertarians lose the trade-off war.

    Is it just my imagination, or is Thiel a blithering idiot?

    1. Whatever Thiel is, he’s not a blithering idiot.

      But yeah, the idea of Palantir seems to be something that he would oppose. From what I’ve read, it looks like he believes he can provide the information that the government wants without violating people’s rights to do it. Where the government would just strong arm everyone to get what it wants, I think Palantir is Thiel’s effort to data mine public information and tip toe around everyone’s privacy.

    2. And why am I not comforted that they are naming this after Sauron’s personal teleconferencing system?

      1. Were they Sauron’s? I thought they were dangerous because some of them were lost and no one new who had them. So if you used them, you didn’t know who(probably Sauron) might be listening in.

  53. New Democrat talking point: Reagan and Bush Sr used executive fiat to shield immigrants from deportation and so can Obama!

    In 1986, Congress and Reagan enacted a sweeping overhaul that gave legal status to up to 3 million immigrants without authorization to be in the country, if they had come to the U.S. before 1982. Spouses and children who could not meet that test did not qualify, which incited protests that the new law was breaking up families.

    In 1987, Reagan’s Immigration and Naturalization Service commissioner announced that minor children of parents granted amnesty by the law would get protection from deportation.

    Spouses and children of couples in which one parent qualified for amnesty but the other did not remained subject to deportation, leading to efforts to amend the 1986 law.

    In a parallel to today, the Senate acted in 1989 to broaden legal status to families but the House never took up the bill. Through the INS, Bush advanced a new “family fairness” policy that put in place the Senate measure. Congress passed the policy into law by the end of the year as part of broader immigration legislation.

    But a lawyer who worked on the 1986 law and the 1990 follow-up as an aide to then-Sen. Alan Simpson, R-Wyo., said Bush’s action wasn’t controversial because it came after lawmakers had made it clear they were going to tackle the issue.

    1. related:

      There’s no denying that many blacks share the same anxieties as many whites about the wave of illegal immigration flooding our Southern border?a sense that what’s happening now is fundamentally different from what has gone on before,” then-Senator Obama wrote in his 2006 autobiography, “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream.”

      “Not all these fears are irrational,” he wrote.

      “The number of immigrants added to the labor force every year is of a magnitude not seen in this country for over a century,” Obama noted. “If this huge influx of mostly low-skill workers provides some benefits to the economy as a whole?especially by keeping our workforce young, in contrast to an increasingly geriatric Europe and Japan?it also threatens to depress further the wages of blue-collar Americans and put strains on an already overburdened safety net.”


      1. To be fair, President Obama hasn’t read that book.

  54. my best friend’s aunt makes $69 /hour on the laptop . She has been out of a job for nine months but last month her check was $17708 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Get More Info….

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  55. “Several supposed Ku Klux Klan Twitter accounts were taken over by Australian Anonymous hackers after KKK members threatened to use “lethal force” against Ferguson, Missouri, demonstrators.”

    As someone who’s never really used twitter, and only occasionally watches videos about “Dumb Shit People Say” on said medium… = between #Gamergate and #Shirtstorm and Hijacked-KKK-Tweets, it seems to me to be nothing more than a platform for the absolutely dumbest parts of society to scream inanity over the moutaintops, and be roundly ridiculed in return. At least the back-and-forth of frothing stupidity is (mostly) encapsulated in that medium, and only occasionally spills over into reality (with predictably repulsive and embarrassing effect).

  56. My buddy’s step-aunt makes $89 every hour on the laptop . She has been without work for 8 months but last month her check was $14034 just working on the laptop for a few hours. check out here. ???? http://www.jobsfish.com

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