Obama and Putin Meet But Don't Make Ground With Talks


Tensions between the U.S. and Russia are at their highest point since the Cold War, and all eyes have been on President Barack Obama and Russia's Vladimir Putin to begin mending relations. The two met and had an informal discussion at the Asia-Pacific Cooperation (APEC) summit in Beijing yesterday, but it seems like they've made no ground.

From Reuters:

Both sides played down the significance of the moment. "They only had a brief encounter where they didn't have time to cover issues," a senior U.S. official said. "We'll let you know if they interact/cover issues tomorrow."

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also described a short exchange while holding out prospects for further discussions. Both will also attend a G20 summit in Brisbane later this week.

"There were no talks. They greeted each other," Peskov told Russian journalists in Beijing. "They exchanged a few lines."

They would seem to have much to discuss but little chance of finding common ground. Communicating mostly by telephone over the past year.

A major point of contention is the war in Ukraine, which Putin denies instigating in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The Obama administration has been hitting Russia with both targeted and broad sanctions in order to deter further conflict on the ground, but Ukraine is currently facing some of its bloodiest days yet.

Secretary of State John Kerry was also at the APEC summit and met informally with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and it seems like Russia holds the upper-hand in any talks.

"We do have some disagreements about some of the facts on the ground with respect to Ukraine. We have agreed to exchange some information between us regarding that. We have also agreed this is a dialogue between us that will continue," Kerry reported after the meeting. Talk about an understatement.

The White House issued a stern warning, saying that it's "very concerned by intensified fighting in eastern Ukraine" and Russia's provocation of it.

That's not tough enough talk to deter Russia from pulling back the dozens of tanks it sent into Ukraine late last week.

The two countries are also divided on how to deal with the ISIS war in Syria. Russia is an ally to the Assad regime, but Obama wants Assad out of power. 

Obama will have another chance to address his issues with Putin soon. The two are set to have informal discussions at the G20 summit in Brisbane this weekend. 

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  1. RESET BUTTON!!!!!1!111111111111!

  2. Mending relations? Not sure why Putin would want to do that. If anything he'll create a smoke screen of good intentions and happy talk while plotting a grab of some kind in the next two years.

  3. Did Putin make him bow, or did he do it on his own?

  4. Putin has a lot of leverage.

    Putin still has Obama by the cojones over Assad's WMD stockpile, and the more involved we get in Syria, the more leverage Putin will have over us.

    Incidentally, this is how we got into big trouble with Iran's nuclear program, too. Iran's decision to go forward while the United States was bogged down in Iraq wasn't just a coincidence. Isn't it funny the way progressives blame Bush for everything stupid that Obama does--but somehow ignore all the stupid things Bush did that Obama can't be blamed for?

    Anyway, it's nice that we can impose sanction on Russia, just like we did with Iran. But I'll believe that Obama can use that to push Russia out of the Ukraine just as soon as his sanctions on Iran force an end to Iran's nuclear ambitions.

    1. Gee, who got us bogged down in Iraq?

      1. And who was dumb enough to GO BACK?

      2. "Gee, who got us bogged down in Iraq?"

        Currently, that would be Obama.

      3. Who wanted to keep 'boots on the ground' there after the predetermined Bush timeline?

      4. Palin's Buttplug|11.11.14 @ 1:27PM|#
        "Gee, who got us bogged down in Iraq?"

        Gee, turd, that would have been Bush first, and then some lying POS too stupid to realize it would be a bad idea to repeat it.
        BTW, turd, did you see anyone defending Bush?

      5. Gee, who got us bogged down in Iraq?

        Palin's Buttplug may be dumber than Tony!

        Here's what I actually wrote:

        "Isn't it funny the way progressives blame Bush for everything stupid that Obama does--but somehow ignore all the stupid things Bush did that Obama can't be blamed for?"

        Does anybody out there see me saying anything that might suggest it wasn't Bush's fault for getting us bogged down in Iraq?

        I actually said there were stupid things Bush did that Obama can't be blamed for--and Palin's Buttplug is so stupid--that he STILL thinks somehow I'm blaming Obama for what Bush did?!

        Like I said, Palin's Buttplug may be even dumber than Tony. At least, I can't say I'm sure Tony would write anything so stupid.

      6. Who said - "If we have not gotten our troops out [of Iraq] by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do."

  5. they look like they are about to make hate sex.

  6. I give you. . .ten Russian women. Good providers, sexy. You give me. . .free hand in Eastern Europe and Middle East. No? Then I "throw in" as you say case of vodka. Good? Good. Pleasure to do business with you, Mr. President.

  7. OT: Can combining predestination with objective morality be referred to as the Doctrine of Calvin and Hobbes?

    1. OK, that there is pretty good.

      *polite applause*

        1. [takes bow and curses HTML]

    2. Welp, close down the comments for the day, no one's topping that.

  8. Well, they aren't soulmates for sure.

    1. Unlike you and Tony.


  9. Obama, Putin or Lao Tzu. You figure it out because if not?.
    It's already a done deal. The next US president will complete the job that only Jeb Bush can do. No need for him to be in the spotlight or do much campaigning when he knows he can use the same Deception that worked so well for his father and for his brother. After 9/11 they know they can do anything and get away with it. From the JFK assassination until 9/11 one hidden hand from Texas is ruling not only in this Country and with the next US elections it will make it official all over the World.

    It would only take one more trick of the tail and the Beast will have Humankind on its knees. Raised at the school of the CIA now he is master of Deception.

    Perhaps a few will still remember when George W. Bush told the terrorized US citizens to seal their windows with duct tape to protect from an imminent chemical attack. An irony like this could tell the whole story. The next day on the shelves of the stores all over the US there was no more duct tape for sale.


  10. "... the war in Ukraine, which Putin denies instigating in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary"

    The evidence is overwhelming only to those silly enough to think that the war began with Russian commandos providing support for the group we now call 'seperatists'.

    The wise will note that we've made ongoing efforts for years to pull Ukraine away from the Russian sphere and into the West.

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