More Libertarian Party Midterm News


Some local victories, ballot-access guarantees, and some more statewide numbers of encouraging size, from the Libertarian Party's regularly-updated midterm election news page:

John Monds, running for the Public Service Commission in Georgia, is currently at 31.6%, with 707,328 votes.

Several victories in Louisiana: William McBride was elected to the town council of Washington in St. Landry Parish. Henry Herford was elected as a constable in Franklin Parish. Justin Bonnette was elected as a Justice of the Peace in Vernon Parish. Chad Perry will be in a runoff for Justice of the Peace in Calcasieu Parish……

Michael Knebel, running for Treasurer of Nebraska, is currently at 5.3%. If he stays over 5%, the LP will retain ballot access in Nebraska.

Several Libertarians running for state house in Washington are getting over 30% of the vote. David A. Steenson is at 32.4%, Elijah Olson is at 31.5%, and Tim Turner is at 31.7%……

Bobby Tullis was elected as the mayor of Mineral Springs, Arkansas (nonpartisan race).

…..Andy Craig, running for secretary of state in Wisconsin, is currently at 2.5%. The LP needs 1% for any statewide office to retain ballot access.

…..Randall Lord, running for U.S. House District 4 in Louisiana, is at 28.4% (38% of precincts reporting). In 2012, he got 24.7% for the same office.

…..Karl Tatgenhorst, running for secretary of state in Indiana, is currently at 3.4%. The LP needs 2% for secretary of state to retain ballot access.

Libertarians in Arkansas have already elected two candidates today. Jacob Faught is running unopposed in his race for Benton County Township 5 Constable (a partisan race). Casey D. Copeland is running unopposed for Prairie Grove Alderman (a non-partisan race). This will be his third win in a row.

And in addition to the gubernatorial candidates I noted last night, Idaho's John Bujak is also pulling impresssive-for-L.P. numbers, at 4.07 percent.