Life About to Be Quite Difficult for Obama


Republicans rode a wave of voter discontent to seize control of the U.S. Senate, dealing a punishing blow to PresidentBarack Obama that will limit his legislative agenda and may force him to make a course correction for his last two years in office.

The Republican rout on Tuesday was wide and deep in what was bound to be seen as a sharp rebuke to Obama, who has lurched from crisis to crisis and whose unpopularity made him unwelcome to Democratic candidates in many contested states.

Obama, who watched election returns from the White House and saw little to warm his spirits, scheduled a news conference for 2:50 p.m. EST (1950 GMT) on Wednesday. He invited Democratic and Republican leaders of Congress to the White House on Friday to take stock of the new political landscape.

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  2. It will also be difficult for residents of the District of Columbia (not just Obama) since the new GOP controlled Congress will have absolute control over which laws are enacted ?like the new marijuana legalization and expected regulation. Women’s access to birth control and possibly even gay marriage will also be on the table since DC is officially now at GOP Red State, not because of it’s voting population or elected local officials, but because even when Democrats controlled the Senate they GOP had a stranglehold over local government policies. The Democrats Tom Carper and Harry Reid, individually had the power to bring the DC Statehood bill at least to a vote (with unprecedented support in the House and Senate) in Chairman Carper’s committee and on Mr Reid’s Senate floor, but ? noooo. It may be time for revolution, the only alternative to a dysfunctioning democracy, and the only response to tyranny.

    1. DC should not EVER be a state. It is the federal enclave. It would be best if everyone there was required to be a resident of another state. (most of the people who work there are already)

      1. The whole DC definition has always puzzled me. Why carve out this special district which can’t vote but can be taxed? I could vaguely understand requiring legislators and the prez/VP residences not being subject to property taxes, or having them paid by the feds, and limiting income taxes to their home state, but not the way it treats all residents as worse than territorials.

        1. Because, otherwise, the choice was giving one state a lot of additional political power by placing the National Capitol in it. If you’ve ever looked into European politics, you’ll have noticed that historically whichever ‘state’ hosts the capitol has greater political power.

          Our Founding Fathers knew that this kind of concentration of political power was inevitable in a National Capitol and none of them wanted to designate one state “First among equals”.

  3. Laws? Where we’re heading we don’t need laws. Just a lot more executive order like Blanket Amnesty plus Instant Democrat voter registeration.

    1. And enough additional regulations on Coal plants to make them unprofitable. And a change forcing states to accept the Medicaid expansion, regardless of that Supreme Court decision, etc.

  4. I predict Obama will be just as blustery and unwilling to change anything at his press conference as he’s ever been. Change would be admitting failure and accepting personal responsibility…that’s just not in his character.

    1. I’d like him to be that transparently bull headed. But I expect his advisors will tell him to come out publically talking about meeting the Republicans in the middle and then drag out any further negotiations until they fail and demagogue and veto any bill the Republican’s send to him.

      Republican’s need to make an effort to get at least one Democratic vote on everything they send him for the first few bills. It will be much harder to spin a narrative about Obama the knight heroically defending the republic against evil Republicans if there are any Democratic signatures on the bill.

  5. “leaders of Congress to the White House on Friday to take stock of the new political landscape.” i.e. What can I ram through before January!

  6. Obama, who watched election returns from the White House and saw little to warm his spirits, scheduled a news conference for 2:50 p.m. EST (1950 GMT) on Wednesday

  7. I believe Obama will go down in all-Repub-bills-vetoed flaming lame duck glory, and in his multi-million dollar post-presidency speeches assert that Republicans orchestrated legislative gridlock during his presidency, which prevented reforms to which he was open, then based on voter racism capitalized on dissatisfaction based on Repubs own obstructionism, to foment the 2014 sweep. It was only him as a bulwark against racist, sexist, bigots for the last two pitiful years of his presidency.

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