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Free Staters Win 'At Least' 15 Seats in NH State House; Libertarian Leaners Win Many More


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Yesterday, I wrote that many libertarian-leaning candidates seemed well on their way to seats in New Hampshire's legislature. Well, it looks like a good number of them arrived safely. According to Ian Freeman at Free Keene, at least 15 explicit Free Staters—a record number—will be ushered in as lawmakers in the 424-seat body. Many more candidates from both major parties endorsed by the libertarian-friendly New Hampshire Liberty Alliance will also take seats.

Writes Freeman:

According to a handy list compiled by "Free State Project Watch", a project by pro-state group "Granite State Progress", at least 15 people they alleged to be Free State Project participants have won the 2014 general election!!!

This is huge news. The previous counts of Free Staters in the state house were 12 in 2010, 11 in 2012, and now at least 15! It's impressive that so many have won elected office already and the official move for the Free State Project has yet to even happen. (The FSP move doesn't officially start until we reach 20,000 participants and we're currently over 16,000.)

It's interesting that Freeman relies on a list compiled by opponents of the Free State Project, but it's true that busybodies can be annoyingly well-organized—and people are often more strongly driven to number their enemies than count their friends.

Freeman adds, "the majority of New Hampshire Liberty Alliance-endorsed candidates won tonight as well!  (NHLA-endorsed candidates vote for liberty more often than not – they aren't necessarily principled libertarians.)"

About the latter group, Dick Desrosiers, Chairman of the Hampton Democratic Committee, complained last month that they dominate the New Hampshire legislature and "introduce and pass legislation to remove any and all government impacts on liberty and property rights and diminished the importance of protecting and promoting the common good."

What better endorsement could you ask?

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  1. Free State my ass!

  2. Someone should do a poll about these election results and the effect they will have on the ebola crisis bearing down on millenials right now.

  3. Say what you will about the proximity to Mass. and our recent tendency toward democrat governors (which I think is mostly about the Rupublicans’ inability to come up with a candidate that anyone gives a shit about). The NH House is very well set up for electing interesting candidates.

  4. I like the porcupine choice, I hope it sticks (no pun intended). As a cartoonist myself, I’ve always insisted that third parties won’t really be taken seriously unless they give the political cartoonists of the world a mascot to use.

  5. According to a handy list compiled by “Free State Project Watch”, a project by pro-state group “Granite State Progress”, at least 15 people they alleged to be Free State Project participants have won the 2014 general election!!!

    Ian, unless you’re preaching to the choir (which he may well be doing here), “pro-state” does not come off as a pejorative!

    Anyways, that Right WingFree State Watch site is hoot! Make ’em squirm!

    1. This is a good point especially as statist already exists as a well known pejorative. I thought pro-state meant they supported the Free State Project.

    2. “Alleged”? So fighting for liberty is a crime now? I thought we had a few years left.

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    1. 63 hour weeks don’t sound fun.

  7. I count 20 FSP early movers who won state house races. That count accords with an independent count conducted by another FSPer who is very well connected in the movement.

  8. Hey, 15 elected representatives out of 1000 Free Staters in New Hampshire. When all 20,000 move there in a few years, that’ll mean 300 get elected. /Free State math

    1. There are 400 state reps, so that’s not literally impossible, though obviously implausible. What really matters for liberty in our lifetime is getting 201 libertarian reps, Free Staters or not. We’re almost a third of the way toward that goal.

  9. New Hampshire has 424 House members? That’s just eleven less than Congress. Why don’t they just scare up a couple of dozen more chairs and let every New Hampshire citizen have a seat?

    1. “Democracy”? That’s just a \terrible\ idea.

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