Police Abuse

K-9 Cop Shoots Labrador in Front of 2-Year-Old Girl



Officer Steve Gilkerson of Woodville, Ohio, a K-9 cop for a year and a half, shot a chocolate Labrador that approached him during a traffic stop, wounding it. Gilkerson claimed he shot the dog out of fear for his safety and the safety of the people he pulled over. The dog, Moses, belonged to the local business outside of which Gilkerson made the traffic stop. The dog's owner says Moses usually greets customers who pull up right where the cop did. No one has shot at Moses before.

Police in Woodville say they've cleared Gilkerson of wrongdoing via a "review panel," but no witnesses to the shooting, including the two adults in the stopped car, were interviewed yet, and an investigation apparently remains open.

A two-year-old girl was in the car when the cop shot Moses. Although the driver consented to a search after she was stopped, Gilkerson changed his mind about the search after he shot the dog. The Toledo Blade spoke to Cook:

"He told us to leave," she said, saying they stayed awhile because she was too emotional to drive.

Her daughter also witnessed the event, and was talking about the dog being shot, bleeding, and needing to see a doctor.

"She talked about it all day [Monday]," Ms. Cook said. "I just don't want her to be traumatized. She loves animals. She was white and was breathing heavy, like she was scared and didn't know what to do."

Police insist Gilkerson loved animals too, although according to The Blade during a K9 presentation last year he told an audience he's been afraid of dogs he doesn't know his entire life.

h/t Grant Cummings

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  1. No one has shot at Moses before.


    1. ‘afraid of dogs he doesn’t know his entire life’….and they made him a K-9 cop.

      I am going to posit that Gilkerson is the pussy and his bosses are idiots.

  2. “Police insist Gilkerson loved animals too,”

    Yeah, I’m gonna have to go ahead and call bull shit here in those TPS reports.

    If he loves animals he wouldn’t, you know, fucking SHOOT THEM.

    I see dogs all the time and don’t feel threatened. And I don’t even like them! These a-holes are gonna try and tell me they feel threatened?

    Bull SHIT.

    1. Maybe he didn’t get that memo?

      1. I’ll forward it to you.

    2. When an unknown but reasonably healthy-looking dog comes up to me in a non-aggressive fashion, I act calm and assertive and, after the dog approaches and seems friendly, lavish it with attention and incoherent rambling, because furry.

      1. Caesar Milan posts here folks…Nice.

    3. It’s all part of this new police bravery that goes along with the new police professionalism.

  3. Hey, labs are dangerous. You could drown in drool or they could beat you to death with that tail. Officer dickface needs to get home safely, that’s all that matters.

    1. that whip like tail can be murder on the wrong height coffee table: glasses, magazines, toys, decorative brica-brac, electronics, knees.

      1. My dog is half lab and half St. Bernard. I can’t even begin to count the number of things his tail has destroyed. It’s like having a pet balrog.

    2. My 14 year old lab/golden retriever mix taught my boys to always keep their left up. Not doing so would result in getting a face full of wagging tail.

      They also learned that big happy dogs can knock you into the cheap seats without really meaning to. And that that is OK, just pick yourself up and get back to playing.

      Fuck these stories are depressing me. My dog is on his last legs. I don’t think he is going to make it much longer. Thinking of all the wonderful things he has done for my family and how it is coming to an end and then read this.

  4. he told an audience he’s been afraid of dogs he doesn’t know his entire life.

    not qualified for the job, yet he probably thinks he has a right to the job.

      1. and the pant shitting fear is a completely different issue from the extremely poor judgement of shooting in that situation from a public safety perspective. too afraid to do the job and too stupid to do the job.

    1. You’d think someone afraid of dogs wouldn’t become a K-9 officer, but I think this could be another case of the exact wrong people gravitating to a particular job. I could see someone who is afraid of dogs they don’t know wanting to work with dogs they do know and who will also protect them. Plus the ability to shoot dogs they don’t know with impunity.

      Promote this man! Fail upward!

    2. And by “dogs” he means black people.

    3. not qualified for the job

      This. If the pathetic POS is afraid of dogs, the pathetic pussy should find a different line of work.

  5. He was afraid of, and shot, a fucking LAB?! Christ. He’s a menace to the rest of Woodville.

  6. A Lab? Like the sweetest, mildest-mannered dogs ever?

    He’s simply just too much of a coward to be allowed to have a gun.

    1. Yeah, of all the breeds to be afraid of, that is just fucking, Christ, I don’t even have words for it.

    2. I would caution you that looks can conceal deadly consequences


      1. Now that’s a spraying pussy…

        1. A high-capacity assault pussy.

      2. Where do you folks find these gifs?!!!

  7. I love how they cleared him without even bothering with an investigation.

    The investigation, naturally, should be a criminal investigation evaluating charges for unlawful discharge of a firearm, cruelty to animals, etc.

    You know, the laws the Proles are subject to, and that any Prole would be charged with if he had shot Moses outside the store.

    1. Verdict first – investigation afterwards!

      1. No no, he gets the sentence first (paid vacation) then the verdict (safe at home!), then the investigation (how’d the reporter get that video?)

    2. It’s almost as if we live in a feudal system with a political class, their armed guards who are above the law, and everyone else.

      1. No double standard – in fact, cops are held to a higher standard. dunphy said so.

      2. Nah, if it was a feudal system they would at least shoot each other once in a while.

        1. You must have missed the brick bat this morning.

  8. …he told an audience he’s been afraid of dogs he doesn’t know his entire life.

    (I can’t even say anything, I just wanted to reiterate that.)

  9. If you’re scared of cops you haven’t known your entire life, what should you do?

    1. Congratulate yourself on having a keen sense of self preservation.

    2. Ask yourself why you’re not also scared of cops you DO know?

    3. Treat them like you would other rabid animals – try to keep a safe distance, don’t make direct eye contact or sudden movements.

      Also helps to not be black.

  10. In a real guild of craftsmen, this pathetic blubbering nonce would be mercilessly mocked, ridiculed and hazed into surrendering his gun and badge.

    Instead, his brother officers probably took him out and bought him congratulatory drinks.

  11. Like any of you wouldn’t wet your pants at the sight of a chocolate lab approaching you.

    1. Wet their pants? More like squeeze out a chocolate hot dog for the chocolate lab. Because that seems to be what the cops do.

      1. So suddenly you’re against Second Amendment rights.

        1. No. I’m not against the 2nd, I’m against #2.

          “Who does Number Two work for?!?”

          1. Everybody poops, and everybody pops a cap in the ass of chocolate pit labs ready to strike.

          2. That’s right, you show that turd who’s boss.

  12. Fund raiser for the vet bills and lawyers:


    1. Thanks for finding that.

  13. Dammit, Reason. You decided we were all too giddy about the sweet sweet tears of the left so you put on some steel toed boots, reared back and landed a devastating nutkick.

    This officer is a menace who needs to be taken off the force and put in a cell before he kills somebody. Which will be justified just like cowardly killing this dog has been justified.

    Can’t wait for Dunphy or Tulpa to come in here and tell us how it was a good shoot.

    1. The current artist known as dunphy is Tulpa.

    2. Actually the dog lived. Softens the nutkick at least a little.

      1. AND he is likely to now become a Libertarian dog with newly minted Libertarian owner.

  14. Mrs. Bischoff did not witness the incident, but said Officer Gilkerson told her Moses was not growling, barking, or acting aggressively in any manner.

    “He said it wasn’t enough evidence to tell him [Moses] wasn’t going to attack him or bite him,” Mrs. Bischoff said.

    So he isn’t even saying he was threatened, but he still justifies it by saying “well, he might’ve tried to hurt me”, and the PD buys that?

    Fuck this. Fuck everything about it. I’m gonna go think about something else before I start throwing things.

  15. Gilkerson claimed he shot the dog out of fear for his safety … according to The Blade during a K9 presentation last year he told an audience he’s been afraid of dogs he doesn’t know his entire life.

    As long as this Hero in Blue Giant Fucking Pussy made it home safe that night, that’s all that matters!

  16. Robin Cook of Clyde was driving the vehicle that had been pulled over, and she consented to a search at the request of Officer Gilkerson. She and her boyfriend exited the car, leaving her 2-year-old daughter inside.

    She said Moses walked up to the scene with his tail wagging, sniffing the ground and her car tire. She said the officer pulled his weapon and pointed it at Moses, then yelled. She said the dog looked up only after being yelled at.

    The officer “just shot and didn’t give the dog a chance to do anything,” Ms. Cook said, estimating it was 6 or 7 seconds from the time the officer pulled his gun to the time he fired.

    What. A. Fucking. Asshole.

  17. I have a yappy, 25lb Corgi-mix. She is afraid of, and barks at, everybody except me and my GF. I was walking her around the neighborhood last week and one of the neighborhood children, a girl, 6-8 YO, walks up to me and asks if she can pet my dog. I explain to her that I don’t want her to because my dog is afraid of her and might bite her.

    The girl’s response:” I don’t mind. That dog isn’t big enough to hurt me.”

    The question that occurs to me is why is this little girl more of a man than these cops?

    1. GMOs, it’s the only logical explanation.

    2. I have a similar dog–25lb Corgi/Heeler. It’s surprising how many people want to pet your dog just because she’s small enough they think they could fend her off if she lost her shit.

    3. I have a 40+ pound British Staffordshire Terrier.

      He charges nearly everyone he sees. Because once he lays eyes on you, you are his friend for life and need to catch up on giving him skritches.

  18. You know what? I’m going to look on the bright side at the one positive thing here.

    “The officer, in fear for his safety and the safety of the two subjects who had exited their car, fired one round from his department-issued weapon, striking the dog thereby ending the threat,” police Chief Roy Whitehead said in a statement issued Tuesday afternoon.

    He fired his own gun. This is much better than most police shootings, where the gun somehow fires by itself.

    1. And only one shot. That dog is lucky he didn’t unload a full clip. It might have been twice.

      1. That’s actually the dead giveaway that the cop wasn’t actually afraid for his life. if he was, he would have panic fired the entire magazine at the dog, missing most of his shots.

    2. Shots were fired…
      Dogs were shot…
      Pathetic scared little pussies went home safe at night…

  19. What never ceases to amaze me is how brazen these shootings and subsequent clearing of the officers are. They insist on shooting labs, collies, and poodles etc. because officer chickenshit (wearing body armour and likely knife resistant gloves, armed with pepper spray and batons) FEARED for his safety. I’ve regularly noticed they shoot homeless people with barely a mention on the local news, yet almost every time they kill someone’s pet the community gets outraged. fytw doesn’t quite do it for me… ghaaa! mebe shit like this will lead to their powers to be curtailed eventually… mebe.. I’ll be over here holding my breathe

    1. I doubt they honestly fear for their safety in most of these cases. They just say that because the words magically absolve them of all responsibility for their actions.

      There was a video a little while back where the cops were trying to enter an apartment under false pretenses, and at one point one of the cops said to the resident that he’d drag the guy outside if he didn’t cooperate. The guy replied that if the cop did that he would fear for his life. The cop backed off.

      Basically the guy said “Drag me outside and I will try to kill you” without saying the words.

      1. Sometimes it helps to speak cop-ese.

      2. Sometimes it helps to speak cop-ese.

  20. Another day, another dog…

  21. Y’all know how I am always pointing out that feminists are clinically diagnosed nut cases? I don’t think that is the only class of people who are crazy. Of all the cops I have known, which is a bunch, maybe half a dozen were not certifiable.

    My favorite was the officer who, while on patrol, would park his patrol vehicle in the parking lot of the local battered women’s shelter and ogle the girls, occasionally making suggestive remarks. When he was called into the chief’s office to be talked to about his actions by the chief and a city council woman (sister of the woman who runs the battered women’s shelter) he made a pass at the city council woman.

    To answer your question, no. He was not fired.

    1. Promoted perhaps?

    2. I hope the city councillor pulled out her gun and shot him on the spot.

  22. Thanks for breaking up the monotonous JOY of TEAM BLUE angst, sturm und drang, REASON.

    We prolly deserved a dog shooting. To level out the emotions.


  23. Someday, a cop is going to shoot a dog and the dog’s owner is going to shoot the cop, and it will be a just result… if the cop dies.

    1. Oh yeah, the technical term for when a cop is killed for shooting a good dog…

      Justifiable Suidaecide

  24. “…approached him during a traffic stop…”

    All of this began with some chicken-shit ticket for whatever that probably wasn’t necessary in the first place.

    Woodville sounds like a downright dreadful little place: Population of about 2k and what looks to be about 20 people in their “police” department.


    There are far too many tiny towns with their own police departments. It’s not only unnecessary, it’s dangerous.

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