Voting Libertarian Tomorrow: Still Not Drowned by Ann Coulter


Ann Coulter

Tomorrow I will be voting in Virginia for Libertarian candidates Robert Sarvis for the U.S. Senate and Paul Jones for the House of Represenatives. In a September column, conservative provocatuese Ann Coulter demanded that all conservatives and libertarians vote Republican this November. She added:

The biggest current danger for Republicans is that idiots will vote for Libertarian candidates in do-or-die Senate elections … If you are considering voting for the Libertarian candidate in any Senate election, please send me your name and address so I can track you down and drown you.

I provided her with my address and a map from her house to mine, and so far Coulter has been a no-show and I remain undrowned. Perhaps she'll drop by to try dunking me this afternoon.


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  1. I provided her with my address and a map from her house to mine, and so far Coulter has been a no-show and I remain undrowned. Perhaps she’ll drop by to try dunking me this afternoon

    In case she shows up, just get out your anti-giraffe slingshot. Aim for the neck, you can’t miss.


    2. Aim for the Adam’s apple.

      If that doesn’t work, kick her in the stones.

      1. If you have any trees in your front lawn, she won’t be able to resist stopping to much on some tasty leaves from high branches. That’s when you take her out.

  2. See, my goal isn’t that the Republicans win; my goal is that my freedom wins. If the GOP wants to become the party of limited government, individual liberty, and free markets, I’m ready to vote for them. Otherwise, LP it is.

    1. Are you ready for your new lord and savior Prol? Get ready for uncle Charlie!

      1. I did it. I voted for Scott. This may be the only time I’ve let my disgust over a candidate influence me away from an LP vote.

        I simply cannot abide Crist.

        1. Good, good. I can feel your hatred. Let you ballot flow to the republicans. You are now mine!

        2. that is good to know. I could never understand how a lizard like Crist was leading Scott — My idiot moderate brother said some shit about Scott having a medicare fraud thing going on??

          Had lots of libertarians running in CO. Even though I want Uterus punished for being an Obama butt boy and legacy dipshit, and want Hickenlooper to lose for being a gun grabber, it was L all the way.

          1. Rick “Drug test everybody” Scott? What possible problem could people have with him?

            1. I see – don’t follow FL politics that much. I just couldn’t see anybody choosing two-faced prick Crist.

              No Libertarians running?

              1. No, that’s the whole quandary–there is an LP candidate: Adrian Wyllie. Only my unusually deep and abiding disgust for Crist made me do something I very rarely do, which is vote GOP when there’s an LP option.

              2. I’m in CO, and if I vote it will likely be straight L or No. But I remember Scott being very enthusiastic about the drug testing welfare recipients program in FL a couple of years ago, and that’s all I need to know about him.

            2. And, yes, I have plenty of problems with Scott. If he’d stuck to his initial positions against the teachers’ union, the exchanges, etc., I’d like him more.

          2. Even if Scott were guilty of anything, which I doubt, he’d still be less personally corrupt than Crist.

            1. It’s a shame that the GOP puts up such jackasses in Colorado. Gardner and Bupreaz are not acceptable alternatives to Udall and Hickenlooper. I either get a SoCon snooping in my bedroom, or a progressive in the boardroom. FFS, I’m tired of the Douche and Turd show.

    2. Question, not a whine, but a question – how much a party of limited government, individual liberty, and free markets would they need to become?

      I mean if there were a libertarianish Republican with a 49.5% chance of winning running against a statist Democrat and a strongly libertarian Libertarian with a 1% chance, who would you vote for?

      1. I’d vote for Paul in 2016. I may vote for Cruz (that would involve an FP/War compromise on my part), but I think your theoretical is too theoretical – until I see repubs cutting spending and gov, I won’t vote for hardly any – they get together and pressure any libertarian leaning Repubs to toe the line or lose any assignments.

      2. Really, it wouldn’t take that much, given how authoritarian and socialistic the Democrats have become, which just goes to show how much the GOP misses the mark. It’s not like Big Government did anything but grow the last time the GOP controlled all three branches of the federal government.

        1. Yep, they could have used post-cold war to shrink gov (like even Clinton almost did — he did shrink the mil) but used AQ as an excuse to grow everything.

          Not a party of small government or conservatism even.


  4. The only thing more pathetic than Coulter is Bailey responding to her. Ron, she is not worth the effort. Listen to Lord Humongous and “Just walk away!”.

  5. Perhaps she’ll drop by to try dunking me this afternoon.

    Whatever jiggles your handle, Ron.

    1. Yeah, Ron is sounding a little creepy with his demands for a ‘drowning’.

      1. I’m starting to think Bailey has some bizarre Coulter waterboarding sexual fantasy.

        1. I have a bizarre Coulter waterboarding fantasy, but it’s asexual

        2. …how is it that we made waterboarding comments at the exact same time? Down to the minute.

          1. Google my name. I’m from the future.

    2. Maybe she’s just trying to baptize you? So at least your immortal soul isn’t condemned to hell after the godless Democrats send you to the camps.

  6. so far Coulter has been a no-show

    Kind of like the fake, nonexistent manmade global warming over the last sixteen years.

    1. Like Coulter, AGW is simply taking a ‘pause’. Because Science. Or maybe she is hiding in the deep ocean, who knows?

  7. so far Coulter has been a no-show

    Well yeah, you can’t expect her to actually show up, she’s busy. Bitch got books to sell.

    1. Have to watch that later – boondocks can be funny, though rarely. New show Blackish is a hoot though.

      In Coulter’s defense, she does drive leftists insane, but then she goes and give Christie, Romney and McConnell BJs and claims they are conservative.

  8. I remember when she first issued her statement… It was during the peak of the ice bucket challenge videos. I wanted to offer my version with a tagline being some variation of “Ann Coulter’s Extreme Waterboarding Challenge.” Since she’s too chicken shit to follow through, I’d volunteer to take 30 seconds of waterboarding rather than vote republican (it would also encourage discussion of the waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay).

  9. Good article, Ron, but that’s not an honest picture of the hotsy-totsy Ann C. that I know. For a more accurate if perhaps less flattering picture of Ann, please see:…..age004.jpg
    That’s the Ann C. that I know!

    1. Link not working… Try this:…..age004.jpg

      1. So she’s half-sandworm? Does she vomit awesome drugs?

        1. Not so sure about the awesome drugs, but her blow jobs are pretty awesome… If yer into PAIN…

        2. Is that a reference to sand worms as in “Dune”, and the desert planet of Frank Herbert? I tried to read one of those books, never got very far, I could not see why this writer was such a big deal…

          1. I read all six of the trilogy. Still reread the first one every few years.

          2. Yes. Careful about shitting on Dune in the Hit and Run comments. It is a Sacred Text here.

            Herbert was really good at creating complex, believable future societies. He tended to dump a lot of philosophical, religious and sociological concepts into his work as well.

            Also, quotes like “All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptable. Such people have a tendency to become drunk on violence, a condition to which they are quickly addicted.” are probably why libertarians are such fans.

            1. From another series, but Herbert also came up with BuSab.

          3. Try again. Read Dune. Don’t bother with any of the others.

            1. Just finished rereading Dune Messiah. Definitely not as readable as the first but interesting nonetheless.

            2. I like the rest of the series, but I also agree that Dune is far and away the best.

  10. I’d let her drown me with her boney vagina.

    1. Look out for the 9″ clitoris.

  11. For what it is worth, Real Clear Politics now casts Va as Leans Dem instead of Likely Dem. If the margin of victory is less than the Sarvis vote, the Sarvis vote will return Warner to the Senate. As much as I would like to see him do well, I gotta throw my vote behind the only other candidate with a chance of unseating Warner.

    1. There you go. He really loves you, he just gets so scared. This time he won’t hit you, he means it!

    2. Unseating Warner with Gillespie, heck of an improvement there.

  12. If the margin of victory is less than the Sarvis vote, the Sarvis vote will return Warner to the Senate.

    Not buying it. Too many variables unaccounted for, that can never be pinned down. Its a pure counterfactual.

    The first and most important being: Which Sarvis voters would have actually voted for the Republican? No way to know, but I know for sure that its not 100%.

    The second being: How many Sarvis voters, and Warner voters and non-voters, would have voted for the Republican if he had taken a more liberty-friendly approach?

  13. Not for nothing, but Bailey keeps bringing Coulter asphyxiating him…

    I’m starting to think someone has a fetish.

  14. tend to agree with you, Clown Hunter. Additionally, isn’t Mr. Gillespie a “dyed-in-the-wool big government Republican” carry-over from the second Bush administration?

    I know a few Virginians who are asking their Republican acquaintances why they should vote for a candidate who is only marginally less bad than the incumbent.

    The common answer seems to be “Because Democrats Bad, Republicans not nearly as Bad.”

    There are occasional “Most important election ever!” claims too.

    1. isn’t Mr. Gillespie a “dyed-in-the-wool big government Republican”

      Younger Ed Gillespie helped draft the Contract With America. Older Ed Gillespie is an establishment GOP sellout.

      1. Thanks Scruffy.

  15. Voting Libertarian Tomorrow: Still Not Drowned by Ann Coulter

    Resident of California: Can’t Vote Libertarian Tomorrow!

    1. We’ve got the Top Two blues.

      1. Oregon votes on Top Two tomorrow. I hope they don’t prove as gullible as Californians were a few years back. On the other hand, the backers of California’s Top Two were sly enough to put it on a PRIMARY election ballot in non-Presidential election year. The turnout for that election was dismal, and we got saddled with Top Two without consent of the governed. IIRC, fewer than 1 in 4 eligible voters approved the measure. Someone needs to get a quorum initiative on the ballot, so we avoid similar travesties of democracy in the future.

  16. You Libertarians are truly as stupid and brain damaged as the left! You do not fundamentally understand US politics or why YOU are the very reason we have never had more than two parties in power!

    To vote for your own candidates that do not have a chance in hell winning and willing to take away a vote for someone with a party that does and one that we can at least get to oppose the left you all claim you’re against I think exposes why you are not now or ever to be trusted with ANY political power!

    You, like the Republicans, are about to get a lesson on how to play them at their own game and quite possibly how to replace a party in power with the Tea Party. If this next group of R’s do not follow We The Peoples lead, we will escort them all out by replacing them!

    Something you Libers could or can never do cause your philosophy is stupid, dangerous and been rejected for more than a century. But you, like the left, are stubborn, childish and ignorant which are all creature features we are SICK OF!

    1. “You do not fundamentally understand US politics…”
      Sure we do… Almost all humans are self-righteous power pigs and / or stupid and ignorant, and voting does not magically make them better humans. Only the truly wise people realize that government itself (based on force and coercion) is an evil, and should be reserved ONLY for fighting even bigger evils. Truly wise = libertarian…
      See, we ***DO*** understand politics!

    2. The reason the US has never had more than two parties in power is Duverger’s Law. Look it up. The simplest solution is Approval Voting. ReasonTV recently interviewed the chairman of FairVote, which promotes IRV; the system is poor and hopelessly complicated, but FairVote’s chairman is the former drummer of Nirvana, and a good interviewee. Check it out.

  17. The only libertarians who should be drowned are those still bleating about voting your head or your heart, taking sides in this dilemma forced on us by the voting system instead of promoting Approval Voting. Oops, that’s practically all of them. Though I am a lifetime LP member, the LP will not get another vote, penny, or second of my time until it endorses Approval Voting. Until the US uses Approval Voting, the LP will remain irrelevant, except on those rare occasions when it succeeds in spoiling an election, its redefinition of “success”.

  18. Most of us original organizers of the Free State Project were LP members. We all were certainly frustrated with the status quo: libertarians’ inability to achieve real results, continued head-pounding against the same wall, pathetic optimism (“This time it’s different?the American people are ready for a third party, and we have the right celebrity candidate”), and lame excuses (“The electorate is brainwashed by the public schools”, “The two-party duopoly has fixed the rules”). When the FSP was picking its target state, many New Hampshire cheerleaders were local LP members eager to recruit reinforcements. Ironically, the 1500+ free-stater reinforcements disproved the idea that more libertarians would make the LP successful. Results-oriented, politically-minded free-staters work within the GOP and Democratic Party, in roughly a 4:1 ratio. In 2010 a dozen free-staters were elected to the NH state legislature; tomorrow you will see that record shattered.

    Libertarians see government as an unnecessary evil, Republicans see it as a necessary evil, and Democrats see it as a tool for good. In a two-party system, it’s obvious which party libertarians will tend to choose, despite our personality types more resembling progressives than conservatives (see Jonathan Haidt’s 17-minute Cato lecture). With higher IQs and lower emotional intelligence, libertarians need to exploit their advantage and look for Kobayashi Maru opportunities like the FSP and Approval Voting.

  19. “I provided her with my address and a map from her house to mine, and so far Coulter has been a no-show and I remain undrowned. Perhaps she’ll drop by to try dunking me this afternoon.”

    I am thinking that you are safe for now, as we are couple of days beyond Halloween, when the barrier between the worlds of the living and the dead was breached, and the dead could roam the Earth. Coulter had her chance then, but was doubtless sucked back into the underworld when the sun rose the next morning. Better luck next year, Ann! Vote your conscience proudly and without fear, Ronald!

  20. As a service to humanity: I think that everyone reading this should send a complaint to anyone that can press charges in federal court. Suggested wording:

    Ms. Coulter’s authored and publicly promoted an “assignment” to “anyone reading this” that is “considering voting libertarian” to send her their address so she can “track you down” and murder you (i.e. kill by means of drowning). I believe that this constitutes an clear violation of US Code Title 18 Section 594 concerning voter intimidation.

    Add your personal touch here.

    US Code Reference…..sec594.htm

    What she actually said…..#read_more

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