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Tonight on The Independents: Midterm Madness, With Veronique de Rugy, Stephen Hayes, Guy Benson, Richard Fowler, and More!


Tonight's theme episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, with re-airs three and five hours later) starts from the premise that the upcoming congressional midterm vote is a "Seinfeld election"—i.e., an election about nothing. Trying gamely to protest to the contrary are a host of partisans: Party Panelists Guy Benson (Townhall Political Editor) and Richard Fowler ("Progressive Messaging Expert and all around good guy"), plus the DNC's Michael Czin and the RNC's Kirsten Kukowski.


Thankfully unencumbered with such affiliations is our own beloved Reason columnist Veronique de Rugy, who will talk about which combinations of partisan control over various chunks of the federal government lead to the least worst increases in spending. Breaking down the dizzying number of possibilities in the Senate is Fox News Channel Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt. Assessing the role (and non-role) of foreign policy in this election is Weekly Standard Senior Writer Stephen Hayes. Kennedy will stick her microphone into the determined apathy and ignorance of New Yorkers and tourists, and the co-hosts will enjoy some of the worst campaign ads of this latest dreary cycle.

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  1. Is this interdepenerants show still on? Really? No one cares about you libertarians, the day of social justice and progress has arrived. Soon everyone will be poor, but equally poor, and with free ponies and cell phones, you racists.

    1. Obligatory.

      Carry on.

      1. I got a woody watching her smash into the socialists.

    2. If only we had those Eugenics Wars in the 90s we’d be halfway to the Federation by now.

  2. What’s this thread all about?

    1. Whatever we want it to be…let your imagination run wild!

    2. It’s all about what Veronique de Rugy will be wearing. I hope.


  3. No mentions of the shootings?

    1. I think this was recorded before the shootings.

      1. A pity. I was looking forward to seeing them squirm trying to defend their dogma that illegals don’t hurt anyone in Placer County.

        1. You know who else hurts people in Placer County?

        2. It’s snohomish coumty you dolt , a big fire is was in PLacer County. fucking dolt.

  4. Kennedy will stick her microphone into the determined apathy and ignorance of New Yorkers and tourists.

    Kennedys tend to stick their ‘microphones’ in all sorts of places.

    1. You mean their hydrophones

  5. WTF? Nothing about the Ebola/Benghazi Scandal? ITS ELECTION SEASON!

    1. And your beloved democrats are about to lose control of the senate. I hope you enjoy seeing your master with a hot poker up his ass. I know that I will.

      1. I honestly do not care as long as gridlock is the norm. We spend at lower rates when a Dem is POTUS though. That is a modern fact.

        1. Hi smart guy. Man oh man did you miss out on my 100k challenge. You could have cleaned up with my tip.

          1. He only likes cleaning up Obama’s tip.

          2. Yes. The bull market is still stampeding. I get nervous in October though. It is the month of market peril.


              Bigger things to come next week.

              1. Nice. Congrats.

            2. And for the record, I had more at stake than the bet you pussed out on.

        2. Yeah sure, not counting the *war* spending of course.

  6. Too bad this guy wasn’t a Republican, we’d be hearing about this nonstop –…..-the-door/

    1. (autoplay)

    2. Like we heard about Anthony Weiner 24/7 for six months?

      1. Who?

  7. I had to laugh at this Salon article Eddie posted earlier today about Ron Paul telling Jesse Ventura we should pardon drug offenders.

    It’s surprisingly not mindlessly hostile given Salon’s history, but this paragraph was hilarious:

    Overall, the interview is a libertarian love fest, with all the good and bad that entails. The two men’s discussion of inflation and debt and the evils of Keynesianism is well-worn territory for both and is misguided as ever. But the sections of the interview devoted to the dangers of a foreign policy premised around frequent international interventions ? as well as those moments when the two discuss the dangerously unaccountable CIA ? are focused, and keep the libertarian crankery to a minimum.

    Libertarians are totally okay when they agree with my biases and never talk about any of their other arguments. Also, disagreeing with the idea that gargantuan debt is totally okay and will cause no long term repercussions is ‘crankery,’ though obviously I won’t bother saying why.

    1. I liked Ventura about 2 decades ago. Then he got really weird.

    2. Ron Paul was an embarrassment as Chair of Monetary Policy. I watched his big hearing with the Fed. He had no idea what he was doing. Go watch it on the Daily Paul.

      1. Yeah yeah, and this coming from someone who cannot admit what a total embarrassment his hero has been as potus for six damn years now. Just admit that Obama is a clueless loser and that he sucks as potus. Admit it, I’m waiting.

        You’ll admit is soon when you start supporting Hillary, so just admit it now.

        1. Yes. I am aware of the many fake scandals of Obama. Today while driving all I heard about on redneck radio was Ebola and ISIS.


        2. Yes. I am aware of the many fake scandals of Obama. Today while driving all I heard about on redneck radio was Ebola and ISIS.


          1. Even when you repeat it twice and type in call caps, you progressives are retarded.

          2. KROFT: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.

            Mr. SOROS: Yes. That’s right. Yes.

            KROFT: I mean, that’s — that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?

            Mr. SOROS: Not — not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child you don’t — you don’t see the connection. But it was — it created no — no problem at all.

            KROFT: No feeling of guilt?

            Mr. SOROS: No.

          3. What are you talking about? Who cares about ISIS when we are engaged in a constant War on Woman, and are trying to destroy the planet as fast as possible with our evil Pipelines? DARN THOSE CRAFTY DEMOCRATS, ALWAYS SAVING THE PLANET!!

  8. In re: PM Links

    Mama June is a piece of shit. She’s dating a child molester, and the victim? Her own daughter.…..oo-dating/

    I don’t watch reality TV. This is why.

    1. TMZ has the greatest comment section:

      Not surprise
      Majority of white American mal3s are child molester, rapist , drug users and racist!

      So sadden that TMZ never evem mention theshooting here in Ottawa Canada shame on you Harvey. I was tmz live all the time & you just slap all of us Canadians in the face. SHAME ON YOU ALL AT TMZ SHAME SHAME SHAME

      1. PB posts there too?

      2. That sounds like a Patton Oswalt sketch when he uses his retarded voice.

        1. You mean his normal voice?

      3. This parochial clown does realize TMZ is a CELEBRITY show, right?

        What did this idiot want? The papparazzi following the shooter around?

  9. On to Richmond!*

    Chevron Corporation is acting all corporation-y, intervening in municipal elections in Richmond, CA. Chevron has facilities in Richmond which blew up a couple of times, and now this corporation is trying to suppress efforts to hold them accountable.

    (the above is from the Brennan Center, so we know it’s impartial and even-handed)…..l-election

    *Civil War joke

    1. Fun fact: I live next to El Segundo*. So named because it was the second Standard Oil refinery built in CA after the one in Richmond.

      *Anyone who makes jokes about where they left their wallet? You suck.

    2. The TL;DR version: people move near a refinery, then are upset that there’s a refinery nearby.

  10. Washington Post admits that illegal votes cast on behalf of Democrats influence elections.

    Because non-citizens tended to favor Democrats (Obama won more than 80 percent of the votes of non-citizens in the 2008 CCES sample), we find that this participation was large enough to plausibly account for Democratic victories in a few close elections. Non-citizen votes could have given Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health-care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) won election in 2008 with a victory margin of 312 votes. Votes cast by just 0.65 percent of Minnesota non-citizens could account for this margin. It is also possible that non-citizen votes were responsible for Obama’s 2008 victory in North Carolina. Obama won the state by 14,177 votes, so a turnout by 5.1 percent of North Carolina’s adult non-citizens would have provided this victory margin.

    Voter fraud is a myth.

    1. Also, if this many non-citizens voted, completely illegally I might add, how many people do you think managed to double vote or otherwise vote illegally? There’s no rational reason to believe these non-citizens are the only illegal voters.

      1. Yeah, yeah but requiring voter IDs is still RACIST, and stuff.

        1. So be it.

        2. My favorite part is that they claim the Republicans’ idea of voter ID would be ‘ineffective’ because of the people asked for IDs only 25% were stopped from voting because of it.

          So stopping 1/4th of all voter fraud isn’t worth it? Apparently if something doesn’t completely solve the problem, it’s not worth it. Who cares if it helps the problem if it doesn’t completely end it?

          1. I think it’s the hypocrisy that gets me. If, for instance, it could reasonably be proved that Republicans were winning due to voter fraud, I think you’d see a very large call for some sort of voter ID system from the left. And the race issue would suddenly get more complicated.

            1. Hey, remember when Democrats claimed that Republicans were winning due to purposefully fraudulent voting machines in Florida?

              Voting fraud apparently existed then, but magically disappeared around 2008.

              1. Weren’t there claims about
                Voting machines in Ohio in 2004?

                1. There were claims of fucked up voting machines in 2012 and there have already been claims this year.

                  I personally think we should go to all paper ballots, but Shrike will probably claim that makes no sense because the constitution doesn’t specify what kind of ballots we have to use.

    2. Voter fraud is a myth.

      If you think that someone should have to prove citizenship (giving them a vested interest) in order to vote, you are a super-bigoted racist. And, probably a violent sexual assaulter that looks at womyns cleavage even though they didn’t want you to, just certain people.

    3. Why do you care? Libertarians were not close to winning any of those elections.

      Oh yeah. You are a Team Red supporter.

      1. Because wanting fair elections is something only a power-hungry scumbag would do?

        1. What does the Constitution say about voting rights?

          Nothing much. All persons should get to vote just as they have other inalienable rights just by residing here.

          1. Nothing much. All persons should get to vote just as they have other inalienable rights just by residing here.

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously? So let’s say a Chinese person moves here for 3 months and then leaves. Is he deserving of a vote in our elections despite the fact that he has no plans for long term residency?

            How about foreign students? Should they be able to swing American elections even though the minute their student visas are up they’re heading home?

            I’m in favor of the free movement of labor, but only people with citizenship should be allowed to vote. If it were up to me, any Mexican who wished to come here to work could do so, they just wouldn’t be allowed to vote until they’d gained citizenship. To argue otherwise is to basically argue that American elections are open to the entire planet, which is a nonsensical position even by your low standards.

            1. So what does the Constitution say?

              1. What does the Constitution say about the best way to bake cake? What does the Constitution say about how to quit smoking?

                The Constitution being mum on a particular topic doesn’t mean that we can pass no laws on that subject.

                Are you really this stupid? I don’t see how the Constitution being silent about who should be allowed to vote means that we must allow everyone to vote regardless of citizenship. After all, the Constitution DOES talk about natural born citizens which clearly means that there are privileges granted to citizens which are not granted to non-citizens. There is no rational reason why voting should not be one of those privileges.

              2. So what does the Constitution say?

                Shrike is right. The 26th Amendment only gives US citizens 18 years or older the right to vote. Which obviously means non-citizens of any age can vote. Oh, but those Christfags will want to allow pregnant women multiple votes!

                Palin’s Buttplug| 9.2.13 @ 5:57PM |#

                If everyone agreed with me I would quit posting.

            2. It isn’t sentient.

              1. It’s a turd.

          2. “All persons should get to vote”

            How is this incompatible with requiring ID to ensure people aren’t committing fraud?

          3. residing here

            And, as I referenced above, everyone currently registers to vote in a certain district. It is in this district that the person resides that the person has a vested interest. Why not make said registration valid by showing an ID when a ballot is cast?

            Further consideration: My state simply sent out cards (that served as ID) to everyone who was registered to vote. This is one instance of non-atrocious tax dollar spending, in my opinion.

      2. What universe do you live in? I’ve explicitly stated, on many occasions, that the Republicans at best are the lesser of two evils. I’m pro-prostitution, in favor of total drug decriminalization, and usually anti-interventionist (though I’m more wishy-washy on that topic than many of the people here).

        Which of those are Team Red positions? Are Republicans known for their vociferous support of the rights of whores or for their attacks on police abuses? Because I’m sure that would be news to them.

        Regardless, I’m not sure how opposing voter fraud is a Republican position. If you ask the average independent ‘are you anti-voter fraud’ I have a feeling about 100% would say yes.

        1. Forget it Irish, its Shriekytown.

          The world is all TEAM for him. There is no “not TEAM”.

          1. What about TEAM LEAVEMEALONE?

            1. That which is Not Blue is Red. There is nothing outside this dichotomy.

              1. It’s just bizarre that I get called a conservative by Shriek and various other leftists, get pilloried as a ‘left-libertarian’ by right-libertarians and moderate conservatives, and am apparently an actual leftist according to conservatives who get angry when I criticize cops.

                I don’t even consider myself really libertarian since I’m comfortable with more government than someone like Epi or Ron Paul and I’m not as anti-war as most libertarians.

                It’s like I’m a political Rorschach test. We need to take back the word ‘liberal’ so I’ll have some way to describe myself.

                1. Welcome to the club, get in line

                  1. Welcome to the club, get in line

                    *pokes head out*

                    It’s not moving very fast.

                2. It’s like I’m a political Rorschach test. We need to take back the word ‘liberal’ so I’ll have some way to describe myself.

                  Already done… In the rare cases it comes up, I describe myself as liberal.

            2. That’s the most dangerous team of them all.

              1. Just call yourself a liberal. It is entirely correct and it pisses off the lefties and righties. Classical liberal if you really want to elucidate a point.

  11. People still watch this shit?

  12. “Progressive Messaging Expert and all around good guy””

    Can we go with “Well-Dressed Liar”?

    Ok, “liar” is unfair (for people who work in politics, that is. Its like blaming fish for the water)

    How about “Bullshit Artist”? ‘Artist’ is nice, no?

    1. You missed the NYC Reason meet up. You’re dead to us (them).

      1. my condolences to all. I’ll be back in a few weeks FWIW. Sorry i missed jesse.

  13. Democrats on FEC demand regulation of YouTube, Drudge, and blogs. Remember there is no difference between the two amendments to the Constitution.…..le/2555270

    1. Team Red Head Cheerleader.

      1. Well then it’s ok. Carry on.

      2. Yes. I am aware of the many fake scandals of Obama.

        You know what? Go fuck yourself. There is nothing remotely “fake” about a president asserting powers that he does not, legitimately, have; like being able to unilaterally wage war, kill American citizens without a trial or ignoring the plain language of written law, among other things that Obo does on a routine basis.

    2. Democratic FEC Vice Chair Ann M. Ravel announced plans to begin the process to win regulations on Internet-based campaigns and videos, currently free from most of the FEC’s rules. “A reexamination of the commission’s approach to the internet and other emerging technologies is long over due,” she said.

      These people are vile.

      1. Remember kids, we need to let the government control the internet or bad corporations will ruin freedom of expression.

      2. Yes they are and cunts like PB are all in.

    3. Wait, I thought the bitch about citizens united was that the dems didn’t want money buying elections? So now free Youtube videos must be regulated too? That doesn’t make sense…..

      Its almost like the left isn’t being completely honest with us.

      1. Next you’ll tell me that the left really doesn’t respect gun rights and wants to use the regulatory state to enact back door gun bans.

        This is a nonsense conspiracy. You’re better than that.

  14. Salon is too absurd to parody.

    I just read this sentence over there:

    “I value Rebecca Carroll’s point of view, as a black female artist living in a post-Dunham world…”…..em_at_all/

    You can’t even make fun of that. It makes fun of itself.

    1. That is brilliant. Every syllable is tremendous.

      I love Salon because even intelligent leftists mock it. They’re like the Free Republic of the left.

      1. I don’t think The Onion could come up with something better than that.

    2. So she raises, and rebuts, the idea that Lena Dunham has a race problem?

      I wasn’t aware she had one, so I guess it’s good that the author dismisses such an idea?

      1. No, progs have been talking about Girls’ alleged racism for a long time. They live in an area where there are tons of non-whites in real life, but they never show up except as nannies and janitors.

      2. She also raises the idea that there’s a post-Dunham world.

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that relegate 6,000 years of world culture to the pre-Dunham world?

        1. ‘And lo – the light moved swiftly upon the water, the wind rustled gently in the leaves, and all was silent and pure and noble, for at last the one true Dunham had been born.’

          1. It is now year 2 P.D.

      3. I wasn’t aware she had one, so I guess it’s good that the author dismisses such an idea?

        *That’s* why you’re stuck in the Reason ghetto. All good people must provide positive evidence of their lack of racism – innocence proves nothing. Therefore its only proper that Lena Dunham be examined for racism despite committing no overt racists acts.

        If you don’t know who the racist in the room is, its you.

        1. We should only allow non-racists to vote.

  15. Welcome to Seattle, where pot is legal:

    The city of Seattle is warning more than 300 medical-marijuana businesses that their days could be numbered.

    Officials have sent letters to medical-marijuana growers, processors and dispensaries reminding them they need to either shut down or be licensed by the state by next summer.

    The problem is that the Legislature hasn’t created a licensing system to allow sales of medical marijuana.…..rsxml.html

    1. 1) Because you can’t do anything unless there’s a system to ask permission to do it.

      2) How long before Dunphy comes in and tells us how great Washington state is because . . . and then lies about how he wouldn’t strong-arm a business to provide him the data he wants to conduct his ‘investigations’?

      1. Dumbfy was on this afternoon asserting that the Feds were not putting any pressure on his state about MJ laws/regulations.

    2. Point…Set…Match.

      This is how Seattle progs work…it is high comedy …so who is the star in next version of Frasier.

  16. Check this shot at Harper by a deranged left-winger:

    “Cirillo stands out as someone who heroically served his country unlike someone who decides to hide in a broom closet.”

    There are no words to describe these people anymore.…..lton-home/

    1. Admittedly, I’m not really much of a nationalist, but the pats on the back are really starting to get obnoxiousness. Yes, it’s a shame that a soldier had to die at the hands of a madman, and yes, Vickers is a brave and skilled man for gunning down said madman. But it was one man. And I have been bombarded over the past couple days with constant articles and posts about how ‘strong’ Canadians are in the face of danger. About how amazing Canadians are when the chips are down and how much better they are at responding to a crisis than Americans. About how professional and well-aware Canadian cops are (except a friend in Ottawa who had access to a police scanner said it was total chaos for hours).

      But it was one man. A man who attacked a monument and a government building, and was successfully stopped. To be frank, that’s not major in the grand geopolitical scheme, get over it. Norway handled itself a lot better after Brevik shootings, and let’s not even get started on the American response to thousands of deaths on 9/11. It seems like there’s a total lack of perspective in regardless to the whole thing, and I’m sure it’s going to get stupidly politicized (mostly in regards to gun control and foreign policy) when the election comes around.

      1. …”let’s not even get started on the American response to thousands of deaths on 9/11″…

        As a yank, I got tired of the ‘show’ pretty quickly. My memory is constant narcissism; yuck!

    1. Orange and black. Fashionable this evening.

    2. Is there any way I could get away with an “Orange is the New Black” reference without getting in trouble?

      1. Go ahead. I don’t plan on watching it.

        1. Never seen it either, really. But the wordplay brought it to mind.

  17. I’ve seen Foster wearing that combo before. This was filmed months ago.

  18. < i The Independents is stealing Gillespie’s material.

  19. Harry Reid’s own aide called him disgraceful?

    1. The truth hurts.Reid should be the dtocks in line for the stocks at a minimum.

  20. Talking Point #1: President Obama is not on the ballot.

  21. Kmele, you go girl!

  22. Fowler is a ‘messaging expert’? he seems to be mumbling at high speed. Something about ‘kitchen tables’.

    I suppose the ‘message’ is to avoid having one?

    1. Fowler is a ‘messaging expert’? he seems to be mumbling at high speed. Something about ‘kitchen tables’.

      So he’s a professional liar?

      1. He does dress well.

        but he’s a horrible spinmeister.

  23. LET’S HEAR ANSWERS FROM YOU, FOSTER. Tell them what’s what.

  24. It’s enough if you are a TEAM player, Kennedy!

  25. Why is Kennedy translating for her fellow hosts? THEY’RE PRETTY ARTICULATE ON THEIR OWN.

    1. More-so, even.

  26. 50-blah blah can get healthcare

    …at the point of a gun.

  27. Ha, whether you like our agenda, you want us to do SOMETHING!

  28. Fowler.


    /throws vegetables. Vaudeville cane comes out.

  29. What is Kennedy on tonight?

  30. At least Fowler has a nice suit.

    1. I see Rufus dressed smartly… I don’t know why…

  31. Why does Obama love using the word ‘folks’?

    1. It makes him “sound” like the commoner that he claims to cherish?

      1. Because the Bush playbook is peppered with the term.

        1. If you replace the word ‘folks’ in Obama’s speeches with ‘peasants’ they actually become more honest.

    2. My Old Kentucky Home tm.

  32. Goddamn dried snap peas with sea salt are fukin delish, bitches.

  33. People forget how bad Democrats in power are. They have to be reminded every few cycles.

  34. Apparently Pointless Interrupter Kennedy showed up tonight.

  35. And I am gonna start drinking

    You have A LOT of catching up to do, dear.

  36. Psychologists watch TI to study Kennedy for tips on ADHD.

    1. Lot of El Fisto goin’ on here…

      1. And I’m not even actually watching the show!

        1. Neither am I, oh fisticuffian fistola. Waay to fuckin boozey to turn cable on.

  37. Honest Republican spokesperson: “Look, if you don’t like our candidates, primary them. But just because you don’t like our sucky candidates, don’t take it out on the country by inflicting Democrats on them!”

    1. Can asshole be rated by the pound? Is a tub of Republican assholes heavier than a tub of Democratic assholes? OR vice-a-versy?

      1. Assuming the tubs are equal in size, a pound is a pound is a pound.


        1. SO! Assholes are the same whether Demoshittious or Republidickious? I tend to concurious. Assholes reign in the congressious.

        2. You’re failing to account for the fifth fundamental force: feelings.

          1. I prefer to ignore my feelings as I find them to be an impediment.

      2. Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.
        /some French dude

        The Republicans at least pay the tribute of hypocrisy – even if their actions conflict with their professions.

        The Democrats are like “yes, we’re crazy fanatical statists, and we’re proud of it!”

        Democrat victories will be interpreted as victories for statism.

        1. “The Democrats are like “yes, we’re crazy fanatical statists, and we’re proud of it!””

          Except for the lies re: econ: ‘Min Wage hurts no one!’, ‘we can deliver medical care cheap and good!’, ‘social security is in fine shape!’, etc.

        2. The Republicans at least pay the tribute of hypocrisy – even if their actions conflict with their professions.

          Yes, but that does tremendous damage to actual advocates of liberty. When Republicans win and subsequently fuck up, it gets blamed on free market economics, even though no free market economics were ever practiced. That’s not good.

      3. Assholes are rated by cubits, you may have to wear a glove though.

  38. Oh, FAKE SCANDAL segment!

  39. I’m pretty sure that first footage wasn’t ISIS fighters but paintballers.

    1. Has your wimpy white ass in Beaver Cleaver town ever been bruised by a full=on paintball assault, oh furious fist of fistilicious?

  40. The Independents Attire Review, 24 October 2014

    Let’s Dance-Edition

    – Kennedy: I believe i have previously called this the “Jackie O'” – it has an early-mid ’60s Chanel look. Needs white handbag, pearls. OR! Hey, Halloween is coming up, so slap on a funny hat, and Instant Flying Nun*

    [*Note: that’s before my time, but still – it is a culture reference which speaks to one’s deep-hipness to all things absurd]

    – Matt: Royal Blue w/ White Shirt – one of our favorite formulas. Is someone subtly rooting for the Royals? I do not know how Matt’s baseball loyalties influence his tie choices, but we love this new tie in this arrangement. We also like the Cyan with white, but prefer the Navy and or striped ties w/blue shirt.

    – Kmele: We were kind of hoping the plaids were being shelved for the winter. This is our least-preferred instance of this sort of thing. We love the khaki blazer and the many things that can be done with it, but this is pretty much not happening at all. Navy jacket, maybe. The best we can say is that it won’t give anyone Ebola.

    – Chris Steirwalt: Dude, fix your collar. WTF.


    1. The thread just experienced a Gilomorious…

  41. Chief Paul

    I like it.

  42. Weekly Standard guy – the voters may not like intervention, but the elected Republicans are on our side!

  43. Next week this guy is going to use Carbonite to cheat on his wife with her sister.

    1. A wife WITH a sister is best… cajole, caress, implore…

  44. Bought a bag of shelled pistachios along with my tons of 90 min Imperial IPA dogfish fucking head… I’ve been mixin’ the nuts with hickory roasted peanuts I have to shell.. Makin’ a mess like a true sleazy nut slut… just sayin…. Sittin’ here in the wood watchin my super hot slutty wife try on tight mini skirts….. I’m in heaven… Libertarian comedians all (that’s all you bitches), booze, me, booze, happy family, booze, hot wife…

    1. Pictures or it didn’t happen.

      1. I love yo, boo. Pics would make your little johnson cry like a baby thrown from a building….

  45. They react by flinging feces, same as always.

    1. All politicians fling their legal poop right into the throats of the children created by the American citizen…

  46. So when we do need Kennedy to interrupt she’s out to lunch.

    1. Would you fuck Kennedy while she’s swallowing an Italian sub?

  47. There’s something kid of pathetic about hanging onto a single fashion quirk forever.

    1. Wait. What? You like t-shirts. right?

      1. lol

        1. Belinda, massage my sausage, dear…

  48. They didn’t shake on it.

  49. I think for Halloween, Kennedy should wear a fake tattoo on her arm all week. Something like this

    1. Another Gilmorian attacks the thread like a slutty hound seeking a beagle to create the ultimate raccoon killers with…

      1. With which to create the ultimate raccoon killers…

        Is there no sense of propriety?

  50. Pitch me ugly jacket guy.

    1. Ah republicans suck, good one.

      1. Do Republicans give better head than Democrats?

    2. this guy is the DNC *national press secretary*?

      He looks like he’s still in college.

      1. “this guy is the DNC *national press secretary*?”


        1. Is true

          So, what you just heard him say is the *most* sophisticated ‘message’ they’ve got.

          Maybe i should be nicer to Fowler

  51. I like to watch people trying to smile and failing.

    “There’s a very clear choice!”
    (proceeds to obfuscate)

    Democrats are about *issues*, and Republicans are about…. GRRRR!!! EVIL!! DRAGONS!!!

    1. A Gilmorian torpedo erupts from the Reason seas…

    2. I like how it was a sissy-boy Dem. I’d wager that the average Rep. woman is insurmountably more self reliant than the average male Dem. (and that is the only thing nice I will say about the R’s)

    3. Wait, Republicans are going to *finally* defeat the dragons? Well Jesus, of course I’m going to vote for the party that promises to save my village from the sky fire.

  52. So, did this guy refuse to come on with the RNC dude? Is that the setup?

    1. He doesn’t want to reveal their torrid love affair.

  53. Seriously Kennedy? SERIOUSLY?

  54. Let me finish my point? Oh, boy, did you just come on the wrong show.

  55. Paycheck fairness sounds stupid and something commie’s would say.

  56. Paycheck fairness? Is that minimum wage or war on women?

    1. It’s a war on Doritoes and eggs, beloved.

    2. Paycheck fairness?

      It means that TOP. MEN. will decide what is “fair” for you to earn.

  57. “Paycheck fairness?”

    I’m going to go out on a limb, wild guess here… and assume that does NOT mean letting people KEEP what’s in their paycheck?

    1. The lords over the Gilmores live to skim the paychecks of the Gilmores.

  58. FIGURE IT OUT? You’ve actually had a little bit of time to figure it out.

  59. Yeah, point to the RNC lady. Comprehensive law is BAD law. Always.

  60. Shorter RNC spokesperson: Wank wank wank no substance no substance wank wank Obama wank wank.

    1. Like I needed a reminder that politics is Chess for Stupid People.

    2. Quit wanking an empty cock, NotGKC

    3. I thought the point that actually forwarding bills to President was a pretty good one… Probably the best I’ve heard all night.

      Force Big O’s hand.

      1. You’re right, good point.

  61. Just got my toenails all painted purple… Have no fucking idea who did it.

    1. Your (supposedly) hot wife? If so, you may be far too wasted to be “agile” or “cybernetic”.

  62. Fuck these morons, if it weren’t for the ceremonial aspects of voting, I wouldn’t enjoy it.

    1. I feel that way about Mass

      1. (not ‘-achusetts’)

        1. Well, if that’s where you want to go…

    2. When shit becomes perfunctory you may as well buy a dump truck of beer and move to Kola Superdeep Borehole.

      1. That’s to funny I wish I knew what it meant.

  63. This episode was filmed so long ago that Welch couldn’t even remember which outfit de Rugy was wearing when putting the screengrab up there in the post.

  64. This episode has served to re-awaken my deepest loathing for politics in general and makes me want to Vote for Gozor the Gozarian to wash humanity off the face of the earth.

    1. The Gilmorian sword unleashes its vast powers against the Gozarian hordes.

  65. Won’t you come into my parlor, said Startup NY to the business…

    1. New York is the transvestite of free market capitalism…

      Sorry, trannies… I heart u.

      1. Can I have some of what you’re drinking?

        1. You do understand I have nothin but love for you my sweet Reasonoid..

        1. Oh, fuck… SusanM shows up with her interweb harpoon…

    2. I promise not to suck you dry until you actually become profitable.

      1. Ew

        This is getting all ‘crying game’

        1. Gilmoratearajerker..

      2. The hunter of bones finds the progressivio cock… and waits… lonely… tired… finally, the progressivio cock enlarges and turns free market then and grows thick and negro with profits…. and the hunter of bones clamps his pencil-fuckin;neck face onto the burgeoning cock of profits but dies when said massive cock kills him with a missile of rich cum…………………..

    1. Lou bends his fists into the gaping asshole of the F o’ E…. he chuckles seeing a Star Wars character slip from the butt of the F o’ E…. then tightens his brow seeking the elusive gaping asshole orgasm from his dear drinking partner… He shoves furiously and tirelessly… F o’ E seems unperturbed… Lou Dobbs then unzips his massive manhood and F o’ E tightens his little pooper in fear because the SWAT teams of NYPD told him how fuckin HARD lou dobb cock is…

  66. “Help Me Lou Dobbs, You’re Our Only Hope”

    1. Gilmore’s penis hole wants to swallow Lou Dobb’s cock…

      very brave creature this Gilmore.

  67. So- Russell Brand, eh.

    Seems he has a new books out. Seems that its not too popular among the critics.…..Brand.html

    Oddly, the person I feel sorriest for isn’t Brand himself ? although he certainly comes across as a rather pitiable figure, projecting his own brokenness on to the world around him ? but Johann Hari. Drummed out of Fleet Street for plagiarism, the former Independent columnist has washed up as “my mate Johann, who’s been doing research for this book”. For a genuinely talented polemicist, it would have been a humbling experience to have to treat this sub-undergraduate dross as the scintillating wisdom of a philosopher-king.

    1. Brand is a wimp, dear. He gets tied up by the most horrible troll feminists and then gets beat about the head by these sickening horrors.

      A true man destroyed because he gave his balls to Guardian feminists.

    2. Brand is basically the product of a Messiah complex mixed with years of drug abuse.

      1. So Obama?

    3. how he was redeemed from addiction by meditation, how he still engages in the endless pursuit of sexual conquest, but ultimately finds it degrading, how the truth was mystically revealed to him that there is a mysterious karmic, y’know, oneness uniting everything in the universe.


  68. The Royals got some arms!

  69. Is somebody staying up late with Agile Cyborg to make sure he doesn’t choke on his own vomit?

    1. No. We leave him on his own on purpose. When the typing goes quiet, we assume we were successful.

  70. Anybody noticed yet that Hillary went Full Retard today?

    I didn’t think she was stupid enough to try to top Obama’s “you didn’t build that” schtick, but it seems that she feels a need to present herself as somewhat more leftarded than fauxcahontas at this time.


    1. Meh. It’s the modern democratic party. They’re openly hostile to people who aren’t dependent on the government.

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