Why Dems and Reps Both Want a Midterm Election About Nothing


Less than two weeks away, the midterm elections seem like an episode of Seinfeld: They're about nothing.

I've got a new Daily Beast column up about the midterms. Here's a snippet:

The most riveting stories so far deal with trivial matters that sound like deleted scenes from a George Costanza fever dream. Did Charlie Crist break the rules by having a fan blowing on his crotch during the Florida guberntorial debate? Is Texas' Greg Abbott anti-dildo and anti-interracial marriage? Did Colorado Congressman Cory Gardner really play high school football?

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans mustered the strength to articulate a unified vision for the country, and individual candidates are mostly running on a variation of the theme that they're not as completely contemptible as their opponent. Sadly, but predictably, most of them are lying.

The tragicomedy of U.S. politics is that we really do get the government we deserve. But even a nation of idiots that is paying Social Security to Nazi war criminals deserves better than the content-free snarkfest that will come to a pause on November 4—before starting up again on November 5, as the preparations for the 2016 presidential election get underway.

More here.

The short version is this: Politicians are refusing to talk about serious issues because they can get away with it.

Read the whole thing to see a surprise endorsement of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.