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Tonight on The Independents SCRATCH THAT: Your Indies Co-hosts Will Be on a Special Live Discussion About the Ottawa Attack, Hosted by Neil Cavuto


Instead of seeing The Independents tonight on Fox Business Network at 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, alert viewers will see the co-hosts of The Independents, talking with FBN/Fox interviewer extraordinaire Neil Cavuto about the onslaught in Ottawa, implications for civil liberties, and maybe even the fresh new White House lawn-jumper, all through the hour. Fear! Fire! Foes! Awake! And tune back in again Friday, for a great show on "Midterm Madness."

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  1. A Canadian girl on my facebook semi blamed the attack on cutting of the militaries budget.. figure that one out. I can’t.

    1. Military is magic!

    2. Why don’t you just ask your, um, friend?

      1. I don’t involve myself in facebook politics crap

        1. Excellent choice!

    3. Facebook is ablaze with utter stupidity.

      1. One idiot – Tina Raymond – said Harper has made enemies around the world and wanted this to happen all along. Another clown blamed abolishing the long-form gun registry.

        They’re beyond help.

        1. Another clown blamed abolishing the long-form gun registry.

          “This never happened before the registry was abolished. I rest my case!”

          1. See this rock?….oh fuck it.

        2. After hearing about this.. i quickly wondered how long it would be until someone made a statement that “gun control” would have stopped this. Was almost instantly.

          1. A lot of the blame seems to be more on Harper for supporting U.S. foreign policy. But I suspect that’s more to do with the obsessive partisans who want to blame every Canadian problem ever on the Tories. No one was flipping out about Afghanistan when they caught those guys planning to attack the CN tower.

            1. Who would attack the CN tower?

              1. Canadian Pacific?

              2. My mistake, I got the 2006 Toronto 18 plans mixed up with a study on dirty bombs in Toronto. I believe the 2006 plot’s main goals included plans to behead the Prime Minister and take over some major public buildings.

                1. Ironic that Canada is less PC than the USA when it comes to terrorism.

                  1. Isn’t everyone is less PC than the US? Possible exception of the UK?

      2. Not just Facebook. Actual Business Week headline:

        Attack Drags Canada Into Terror Era as Nation Reels

        The nation is reeling, because one guy got shot? In Chicago that’s a slow afternoon.

        1. I’m hoping all the hyperbole is just for show.

    4. If we were a horrible police state run by a military junta with a massive budget you’d be damn sure there’d be a massive field around General Laroche’s Grand Palace (formerly known as the Parliament buildings)?

      1. *massive fence, dammit.

        1. But not so high that it can’t be jumped regularly.

      2. Well, he might also have a field. Don’t want terrorists sneakin up on your palace under cover of trees.

    5. Early on there was a bunch of “if you think this could possibly be Islam-related you’re a disgusting bigot” and other direct parallels to the Boston Marathon bombing reactions (“oh god please let it be white Christian extremists, pretty please”) on mine.

      Some of these people totally lost their fucking minds in 2008. Or perhaps I was a poor judge of character. Perhaps a bit of both, I’m not sure.

  2. It looks like the Independents weren’t so independent after all!

    1. If one lone nut can stop The Independents, our freedoms are at risk!

  3. Welcome to Illinois, where a vote for a republican gets recorded as a vote for the democrat.

    No funny business going on though, it was due to a “calibration error”, whatever the fuck that is. Our elections are completely on the up-and-up!

    1. Sorta like CA; they *know* you want to vote team blue!

    2. “calibration error”, whatever the fuck that is.

      It’s like a “computer glitch”, but more technical. We probably wouldn’t understand.

    3. No funny business going on though, it was due to a “calibration error”, whatever the fuck

      Touch screen? I could see that.

      1. You’re one of them.

    4. The touch sensor and the LCD display beneath it are different devices with different microcontrollers. The sensor has to be calibrated so that it reports a touch at the same coordinates as the image the user intends to touch on the LCD display — otherwise the system will consistently register a touch at the wrong place (e.g. 1″ high, 0.5″ to the right). For most consumer devices this is done at the factory, but it appears the “good enough for govt work” rule was followed here.

      I seriously doubt it was done intentionally — the error was immediately visible to the user when the wrong box was checked, so it wouldn’t last long. I’d be more worried about invisible ballot transformations happening internally after you hit the “VOTE” button.

      1. The easy way to alert people that they may have voted wrong would be to tally up their votes and end with a splash screen that says one of the two statements:


        If you agree with either of the statements, your votes were tallied correctly.


      2. TULPA IS RIGHT!

        1. Playa Manhattan is right about Tulpa being right!

  4. What about red-meat Wednesday?!

    1. How about Taco Tuesday! But on a Friday!

  5. The Canadian shooter seemed like such a nice guy.

    This is gonna complicate the profiling search for terrorists.

    1. More likely this will complicate civil liberties.

    2. I’m pretty sure that is the soldier that was killed…

    3. That’s the dead soldier, not the dead suspect.

    4. My bad. I blame Bush Bing.

  6. I have deconstructed this post to indicate that there is no show tonight. This is unfortunate. I was going to say nice things about Matt’s tie.

    Also, does any two people now constitute an “onslaught”. How many people have been shot? i have heard of one. Mumbai it aint as far as i can tell.

    1. “I must have told you a million times: ‘Don’t exaggerate!'”

      1. ^ + one google

    2. Most all sources say one dead soldier and one dead shooter.
      I don’t wish the soldier dead, but you’re right, Whitman’s nowhere to be found.

      1. I thought maybe Ottawa was going to look like this

        1. Pelennor has seen better days.

          1. I think Montreal does look like that.…..12&ndsp=17

  7. Another White House lawn jumper? I seem to remember earlier reading about the NIH spending 31 million bucks on ‘diversity’. I understand the SS has done the same already. Can I ask, how is that working out?

    Clearly, diversity is vital.

    1. The jumper getting past the female agent is proof we need more.

  8. Needs moar cowbell.


    1. Get lost, turd.

    2. Peanut Butter’s (PB’s) logic crushes you Peanuts.

      Palin’s Buttplug| 9.2.13 @ 5:57PM |#

      If everyone agreed with me I would quit posting.

    3. Consider that Nixon lost his job over Watergate, and that Clinton was impeached for lying about getting his jimmy waxed…

      …whereas Obama’s lies involved people getting *killed*

      Go back to mocking it now. When Hilary runs she’s going to have a lot to answer for.

      1. Haven’t you heard? Fake scandal, dude.

        Never mind that the reason the Republicans don’t want to dig into it because they are in it up to their eyeballs themselves. Stupid turdpolisher cited their lack of interest as evidence of it being a fake scandal, completely missing an opportunity to nail their asses. But then, in Turdpolisher’s world sucking Obama dick is all that counts.

    4. Take me back Washington Post! Pleeeeease, take me back, I’m begging you! Bloomberg Politics sucks!!

  10. Really, lets be serious = is it humanly possible for people to talk about Canada for an entire *hour*? I mean… at some point they’re going to be reduced to reading Wayne Gretzy’s biography out loud or something.

    Is “Some guy got shot in Ottawa, and it looks like it might be a crazy moozy” not sufficient to cover the current intelligence summary?

    Speaking of the guy who jumped the white house fence…. the cops look like sissies again. They let him beat on a dog while they kept their distance. WTF, these guys will tase people sitting in their car, and some crazy jumps the white house fence, and they seem to want to offer him a back rub?

    1. Too many cameras and tourists at the white house.. they can’t use their usual tactics.

      1. I almost feel bad for them.

    2. Well, the crazy guy might be…(gulp)…actually dangerous!

    3. “Worthwhile Canadian Initiative.”

  11. So I picked up an e-cig a few weeks ago, the Joyetech 510-T. Nifty little thing. I’ve completely stopped smoking outside of when I’m drinking. Can’t complain about that.

    1. I quit completely about two months ago. It was really difficult the first two weeks but one of the advantages I have is being in the middle of nowhere. I can definitely see e-cigs being really useful for other people.

      1. I wasn’t smoking that much during the week, usually 3-4 smokes a day, so it wasn’t too hard to stop completely.

        It’s great though. I’m starting to hate the taste and smell of cigarettes altogether which is decreasing my usual intake during drinking as well.

        1. “I’m starting to hate the taste and smell of cigarettes altogether which is decreasing my usual intake during drinking as well.”

          I quit several years ago and didn’t find it all that hard, but I’ll cross the street to get a whiff of someone smoking a cig; smells GOOD!

          1. Maybe it’s more the smell it leaves on me

          2. Same story for me; quit a pipe 30 years ago, and would still walk a block for a whiff of smoldering Balkan Sobranie. I hear they don’t even make it anymore.

    2. Maybe, but how many more children have you murdered with that secondhand e-smoke?

      1. Climate Changeeeeeeeee! You’re putting water vapor, a greenhouse gas, into the air!!!!!!

        1. Would explain the Indian summer

    3. “I’ve completely stopped smoking outside of when I’m drinking.”

      I get it.

      1. Haha nah i restrict my drinking to weekends… or when Reason sends a real nutpunch out to us.

        1. Ah….so, every day then.

          *raises glass*

          1. *raises glass*

            Fuckin eh’

    4. I picked up an e-cig and it was like trying to smoke a fountain pen. It slipped to the floor with a BANG when I tried to hold it between two fingers all sexy and cigarette-like. It was so heavy it drooped down when I sucked on it. (Oh, stop.) I couldn’t let it dangle from my lip, or it would fall out. It was the size of a small cigar.

    5. Sounds like you picked a bad day to quit smoking and drinking.

  12. New plan for Parliamentary defense: dig up Wellington St. and turn it into into a big damn moat. I mean, the Parliament buildings are already surrounded by cliffs, so you can easily make it into a European-style stronghold. Also, it would stop all those French nationalists from trying to get the street name changed because they’re upset that he beat Napoleon.

  13. I was curious about this Depression Quest game that kicked off this GamerGate nonsense, so I went and found it online.

    It is worse than I’d imagined.

    You are a mid-twenties human being. You have a significant other named Alex who you are rather fond of, that you have been seeing exclusively for the past few months. The rest of your social circle consists of a variety of friends and acquaintances, some of whom you met at your day job which is a little boring, but pays the rent. You’d like to be doing more with your life, as would your parents, but you’re still in the process of figuring out what that means and how to go about it.

    You are also dealing with motivation issues that sometimes makes dealing with these things difficult. You feel like this is probably your fault, and on bad days can feel inwardly angry and down on yourself for being “lazy”, but you’re not quite sure how you can break out of it, or how other people deal with these feelings and seem so very functional.

    Riveting. I don’t understand why anyone doesn’t love this game.

    1. As Alex leaves, you are not quite sure what to do with yourself. Standing in the middle of the room leaves you feeling kind of exposed, and you don’t feel ballsy enough to randomly approach any of the groups of people clustered together talking.

      You head to a clear spot on the back wall, and lean against it. For some reason, this always feels a lot more secure. You scan the party for a familiar face or any sign of your partner, and come up with nothing. Not sure what else to do, and worrying that you must look creepy just standing there watching everyone, you take out your phone to busy yourself.

      Twenty semi-tedious games of Bejeweled Blitz later, your partner returns. You spend the rest of the night with Alex, occasionally being introduced to people, and nodding along with group conversations even if you don’t participate that much.

      At the end of the night, as you’re falling asleep with your girlfriend in the crook of your arm, she thanks you again for coming. Half-drunk, she confides that she thought you were going to flake out, and was pleasantly surprised that you managed to come out.

      She says it lovingly, but you’re not quite sure how you feel about that statement.

      Sweet fucking Christ.

      1. That’s it, I’m stopping playing the new Borderlands this instant and playing that instead. It sounds way more fun.

        1. You’re just hoping the main character is… someone’s mother.

          1. Well, mostly your mom.

        2. Given what I’ve read about Anthony Burch and Borderlands in the wake of the Gamergate hilarity that might not be as sarcastic a comment as you think.

      2. So, did you succeed in your quest to find Depression?

        1. Show off.

      3. Reviews:

        Depression Quest received mostly positive reviews from critics who generally viewed it as not being intended for entertainment but education. Jessica Vasquez, writing for Game Revolution, praised the game’s portrayal of how sufferers are affected by depression, and expressed optimism in its potential to educate people about the disease.[6] Writing for Gizmag, Adam Williams called the experience of Depression Quest to be “dark and compelling”. He added that he did not find the game fun to play, and that “it’s certainly no Super Mario Brothers, but that’s probably the point.”[8] Tim Biggs, writing for the Sydney Morning Herald, also stressed the lack of fun in the game, and went on to say that the game was “a testing and, at times, a boring experience to go through.” However, he praised the game’s execution, and acknowledged its importance as a tool for raising awareness of depression and for helping its sufferers.[12]

        They’re important for different reasons, and it’s okay if they exist for the small audiences who will appreciate them as they are.”[14]

        1. Depression Quest received mostly positive reviews from critics who generally viewed it as not being intended for entertainment but education.

          *nods knowingly*

          1. You know, “The Oregon Trail” was educational, but it was also fun.

            1. But that game didn’t educate people about something Correct.

              1. Did too. Buy a little medicine and food and lots of ammo. And learn how to hit the damn space bar.

            2. I was “fair to middlin'” at it.

        2. You knowthis just shows how badly people want to be taken seriously.

          “Man, this game gargles my balls, but I think it might be touching on important social themes, so I have to say something positive about it.”

          1. That pretty much sums up literary, film, TV and stage critics too.

          2. I thought the ugly cow fucked her way to good reviews? Not being a gamer or an SJW I’m not really following that shit.

            1. Yes, but pointing that out means you’re a womanhating MRA/PUA rapist wrongthinker. Also attempting to question why self-described radical feminists are up in arms about this but bend over backwards making excuses for the treatment of women in Muslim societies means you’re a racist, despite Islam being a religion you can choose instead of a race.

              Ah, there’s a reason why I spend almost no time on Facebook nowadays.

          3. Plus the maker apparently actually gargled the balls of critics.

        3. “Depression Quest received mostly positive reviews from critics who generally viewed it as not being intended for entertainment but education.”

          Pretty sure they misspelled “propaganda” as “education”.

          1. “If you want to send a message use Western Union.”

      4. Writing in Ars Technica, Kyle Orland called Depression Quest “one of the most gripping and educational views on the subject [of depression]”.[5] Adam Smith, in Rock, Paper, Shotgun, wrote that Depression Quest was “‘game’ as communication, comfort and tool of understanding”.[13] In Giant Bomb, Patrick Klepek praised Depression Quest’s writing, and said that “by the end, [he] was able to say [he] understood depression a bit better.” He also warns players not to expect the game to be enjoyable, saying, “Playing Depression Quest isn’t ‘fun,’ like watching Schindler’s List isn’t ‘enjoyable.’

        1. I laughed all the way through Schindler’s List.

          What, too soon?

          1. Considering Seinfeld was getting to second base during the film the very year it came out, probably not. 🙂

            1. Seinfeld…sometimes I miss the 90’s.

          2. Schindler’s List is no Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS. It isn’t even Salo*

            *Pasolini’s estate should sue the makers of The Hunger Games

        2. Depressed college students – It’s like the Holocaust.

        3. “Playing Depression Quest isn’t ‘fun,’ like watching Schindler’s List isn’t ‘enjoyable.’

          He compared it to… Schindler’s list.

          A movie that was made with craft and skill– is enjoyable.

        4. I like how the Wiki article includes all the positive reviews of pro game critics, but none of the negative reviews of critics or actual gamers.

          I would flag it for NPOV but I’ve had my dick cut off by Wikicrats a few too many times.

        5. There’s a difference between not fun because it’s very serious, but well crafted (Schindler’s List) and not fun because it’s written by a person with 7th grade plot-writing skills (Depression Quest).

          Games with big titted girls are like IPAs. You can hide a very mediocre beer behind a shit-ton of hops. Depression Quest is like a fair trade, eco-friendly, non-exploitative american ale. Just the premise guarantees it’ll be shit, and the execution is so terrible that you wonder how the maker could even try to pass this off as OK.

          1. Precisely. I don’t know too many people who found SL to be boring; if they stopped watching it it was due to an overwhelming emotional reaction.

      5. These people (the SJWs, not the depressed people) suffer from mental anorexia. They have a disease that their mind has inflicted on them because they live such a privileged (in the traditional sense), unimpeded existence. The human brain needs adversity, and rather than stimulate it with difficult learning, adversarial debate, sporting, hard work, or other mental challenge, they have subjected themselves to entire destimulation. In response, their brains have created their adversity, and it happens to be figments of their imagination augmented by the perceived threat of those not like them. It’s a paranoia wrapped in political posturing.

        1. This is actually a very interesting way of looking at them. They do not allow themselves to face any challenges, nothing is their fault, they don’t even bother to try and think rigorously. And yes, they are, now that you put it that way, fucking paranoid. Everything is a plot by white privileged males or corporations or the other TEAM. Everything. It’s just a different way of being a paranoid nutcase, a way which fools people that you aren’t just a nut but actually “care”, when it has nothing to do with “caring” and everything to do with seeing boogeymen under every rock.

          1. My mom went through a period of paranoia a while back due to a medication interaction. It was very enlightening to see how she “reasoned” through her paranoia. When she was deep in a paranoid fit, she lost her identity, instead defining herself by her fears. She was persecuted, under seige, and focused her identity outwardly.

            When she was more in grips with her faculties, she would sometimes just have to tell herself the she’s a 40 something divorcee with practically nothing to her name. Whoever her perceived threat may be, they probably have no motivation to harm her.

            Same applies to these persecuted types. The people who they are constantly threatened by don’t even have the time of day for them, but the paranoia is so deep that they can’t recognize their own insignificance.

            Special snowflakes + privileged unencumbered life = inflated self importance + paranoia

      6. Is Alex a boy or a girl?

        1. Girl. They called her ‘she’ in like the third section of the game that I was in before I sighed and closed my browser.

        2. At the end of the night, as you’re falling asleep with your girlfriend in the crook of your arm, she thanks you again for coming. Half-drunk, she confides that she thought you were going to flake out, and was pleasantly surprised that you managed to come out.

          Girl apparently?

          And I know, she should end her cisbigotry.

          1. Half-drunk, she confides

            So you’re raping her?

            1. Women can’t rape people, duh.

          2. Wait, the main character is a girl who is into girls?

            Do you play the hot girlfriend or the frump girlfriend? I would guess by the title it’s the latter, but pretty girls have their problems, too!

            1. You have your hair cut in a mullet, and are sporting Doc Marten’s and a plaid shirt?

          3. was pleasantly surprised that you managed to come out.


        3. About Alex:

          You met Alex through a mutual friend a few months back. The two of you hit it off pretty well that first night, and after a series of initially awkward dates you finally became a couple, much to your surprise and excitement.

          Alex is 3 months younger than you are, and is currently a student with a part time job and broad social circle. She’s also got a wide variety of interests, and often times you worry that you might be too “boring” for her, but she has been good at trying to reassure you that she’s happy with you.

          Your relationship consists of a lot of nights in watching Netflix when you’ve both got time off work and she doesn’t have classes, with the occasional social outing that she tends to have to talk you into attending.

          She tries to be understanding when you are “in one of your moods” as she puts it, though you are starting to feel like she doesn’t understand what it’s like for you, and this is a source of tension in your relationship. Coupled with your reluctance to want to go to college parties, this feeds your worry of not being exciting enough for them.

          1. Looks like Alex needs to dump the zero and get with a hero!

            1. I’d do pretty terrible things to Alex. I hear she’s a freak.

          2. 3 Months younger, eh? Robbing the cradle a bit?

            3 months? 3 WHOLE months?

            Why not just say “Alex is about the same age as you”? Or is this supposed to be teenage girls?

            1. Uh, they’re in college, bro. They go to college parties.

              They nestle in the crooks of each others arms.

              I stood with my back to a wall while Alex, my slut of a girlfriend, socialized. Don’t make light of my pain.

              1. She also left for about 20 minutes with her new friend Taylor..

                1. Did she now…..I propose this. When she returns I put one arm around her, hold her close and stick your finger up her pussy. Bite her earlobe…then ask..”whatcha been up to?”.

                  Does the game give you that option?

              2. I would like to offer my most sincere and humfelt apologies.

                You know, “Diablo III” is being offered free of charge by Blizzard. Probably some of the best artwork I’ve seen in a computer game (but I don’t play consoles, so I imagine there are games with better graphics/artwork).

          3. Jesus Christ. Are these common thoughts of 20-somethings in general? Now I’m fucking depressed.

      7. It’s nothing more than a shitty Choose Your Own Adventure.

        You want the classics? Go here.

        1. The Lost Jewels of Nabooti was the first CYOA book I ever read.

          1. Cover Your Own Ass.

            1. Especially when you’re dealing with the Jewels of Nabooti.

          2. Mine was The Cave of Time.

        2. At least in the old Choose Your Own Adventure games you’d have to choose to wet yourself or bare-knuckle box Bigfoot or something.

          Depression Quest is literally ‘here’s some profoundly boring choices you can make about this boring person’s very boring life’. Christ, where’s the ‘kill myself out of boredom’ choice?

        3. I always wondered why they started with the “WARNING: DO NOT READ THIS BOOK FROM BEGINNING TO END!” on the first page. Like you’d read the whole book and not notice that the plot was self-contradictory and everything was happening out of order, like a JJ Abrams movie.

      8. Boring, Vapid, Emotionally Immature Individual: THE GAME.

      9. I found this part from Wikipedia…..interesting:
        The game has received overwhelmingly negative user reviews on Metacritic,[15] which The Daily Dot attributed to efforts organised on 4chan boards to bombard the site with negative reviews,[16] likely related to GamerGate.[citation needed]

        1. Criticism from actual humans is a conspiracy, but all the members of a single industry giving it positive reviews is just a coincidence.

          1. I’m not sure how many actually played this game before Gamergate broke? And unfortunately this has turned the game’s quality into a political issue.

      10. Ahhhhhhh….I get it now. The Feminists are all going apeshit because they read that and are now screaming “Get out of my head!”.

        Boy, that really nails them. If I play that character, is there an option to kill myself?

        1. Of course not. That would be the fun ending compared to the rest of it, and they can’t have that.

      11. You have to love how real this is. True Art is authentic.

        1. Referring to Depression Quest, of course. /cantdothreads

    2. Looks like your quest for depression was successful.

    3. Hmm, seems Quinn cut out the part where your character commits suicide because it was “triggering.”

  14. Scummy stuff on Cavuto = “will terrorist attacks in Canada improve Republican chances”?

    i mean, i get that is what Fox is about, but seriously, couldn’t it wait?

    1. i mean, i get that is what Fox is about, but seriously, couldn’t it wait?

      No, the NYT editorial board is already their strategy session for Hillary in 16.

        1. Stop giving away the answers before I can figure out your riddles.

  15. RIP Nathan Frank Cirillo and much props to Ken Vickers who took out the killer.

    1. Aye!

  16. So speaking of gamergate does this mean that the Production Code was okay? Hays and Breen were concerned about the film industry’s catering to males and their attitude toward women and violence and didn’t want rape to be depicted because it was a very sensitive issue.

    1. That’s why I call SJWs neo-Puritans.

      1. Not even neo.

        “Puritanism. The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”
        ~H. L. Mencken

        1. I think they’re different enough to warrant the prefix.

  17. The law allows victims of a crime to seek an injunction against “conduct which perpetuates the continuing effect of the crime on the victim.” A judge would determine if the offender’s conduct had caused suffering. If so, victims could recover attorney fees.

    Reggie Shuford, executive director of the state’s American Civil Liberties Union Center, said the bill was vague and unlawful.

    Read more at…..xPYptrg.99

    1. …”Essentially, any action by an inmate or former offender that could cause ‘mental anguish’ could be banned by a judge,”…

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna pass constitutional muster.
      I mean, what if he *sneezes*?!

  18. Prediction: I’m at the Pens game anyway.

  19. The sad thing is Parliament Hill is a pretty neat, even laid back spot. People playing frisbee, they congregate to protest, hang out to have coffee and so on. I wonder how this incident will impact this.

    1. I agree about the Hill.

      I’d say: Negatively.

      OTOH, we don’t have to go through security to walk on the National Mall. Yet.

    2. Hell, people go and smoke pot on it every 420.

  20. I think they’re starting to come around. More and more Muslims are speaking out. You even have shadow guerrilla groups taking the fight against ISIS. I must say, however, I am most disappointed with Turkey. I thought they’d be all business but they seem to be taking a ‘let’s wait for the Americans’ type of posturing.

  21. The Independents Abbreviated Attire Review, 22 October 2014

    Keep Calm and Carry On-Edition

    – Kennedy: Pink lipstick with Navy is the bestest. We’re getting a very ‘country club’ vibe here. I’d buy you a wine spritzer.

    – Matt: I lied; the tie is weak. We’ve said before = outside funerals, awards shows, we tend to think ‘black’ is too-hip-for-TV. That said, you look generally sharp. I credit the new suit for vast improvement in the overall profile.

    – Kmele: The Tweed is our new favorite (trumping the Khaki); OMG this tie is the bizzomb. I thought it was rasta colors for a minute, but it seems more in the ‘Fall’ theme. I think its only fair that you should donate the tie to me as thanks for all the nice things I’ve said.


  22. Muslims are conservatives – therefore I despise them.

    FYI only.

    1. So,

      Osama Bin Laden = William F Buckley?

      I see.

      I’m genuinely surprised people think you’re an idiot. *I* think you are a very smart and special person. Have a cookie.

      1. Yes, it’s like when the Communists opposing Yeltsin were called “conservatives” by the media.

        In that sense defenders of Roe v. Wade are “conservatives,” too.

        1. I recall that those Communists Yeltsin fought against in August 1991 were called “right-wing” by the New York Times in Yeltsin’s obituary. Inexplicably Yeltsin’s free-market economic reforms were never referred to as “liberal economic reforms” in that obituary even though that’s how they were then typically called in Russia.

        2. It doesn’t want a cookie…it wants cake. They all do.

        3. PapayaSF|10.22.14 @ 9:29PM|#
          “Yes, it’s like when the Communists opposing Yeltsin were called “conservatives” by the media.”

          And the shooter here is somehow differentiated from our thuggish trolls by the fact he only killed one instead of promoting the murder of millions?
          Yes, Tony, commie kid, turd, the asshole from mass; all of you guys. Yes, you!

      2. Make sure the cookie crumbles easily.

      3. Buckley was a Christfag. I coined that term by the way.

        Christ or Mohhamed is the same shitty superstition.

        This is REASON.

        1. Roll over if you want a cookie.

            1. Who’s a good puppy?

            2. Fuck off, turd.

        2. Get lost, turd.

          1. Rover needs a cookie first.

            1. Naah. Kick that mutt in the slats.

          2. Last night we dreamed that we were having a threesome with Jesus and Mohammed. Jesus’ cock was in the boss’ ass and Mohammed’s was in his mouth.

        3. You really are a sad little creature shreek.

        4. The plug is drunk.. This could be an amusing thread!

            1. Fuck off, turd.

            2. Hey PB, want to try my hangover cure? Before you pass out, just take a handful of phenobarbital!
              You’re welcome.

          1. “The plug is drunk.. This could be an amusing thread!”

            Only if turd chokes and dies.

  23. Harper shows Obama how to lead and take charge.

    1. My dog could show Obama how to lead.

      1. But could your dog fool the voting public twice?

        1. Maybe. He could fetch when he was younger. At least now he lays on the couch and doesn’t fart … much. He likes to organize his food bowl, so he’s an organizer. And he is brown, black and grey, so definitely would appeal to many just for that. After all, isn’t it about time we had a canine Prez? Haven’t man’s best friends been suppressed long enough?

          1. Get the dog a D endorsement and an interview in the NYT! Golden!

  24. I heard they were tailing 90 people.

  25. We found someone who interrupts guests more than Kennedy!

  26. Shocker!??! DOBBS!

    1. Tied at 2-all.

  27. South Park is pretty good tonight…

    1. I’m watching the last ten minutes of The Last Samurai, because I hate myself.

      1. The Vikings (1958).

        1. If you’rte watching live TV w/TCM available you shouldn’t be watching anything else.

      2. That’s a good movie. I won’t hear a differing opinion.

        1. Then you’re blind AND deaf?

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