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Shootout or Police Shooting? Kentucky TV Station Asks


Jesse Gibbons

Last month, police in Lexington, Kentucky, say Jesse Gibbons assaulted an officer responding to a domestic disturbance in a convenience store, stole his Taser, and sped off in a Jeep before cops caught up with him and shot and killed him after he fired at them. Sounds open and shut, but, as a Lex 18 News investigation reports:

Kentucky State Police won't answer whether or not Jesse Gibbons, 29, was armed with a gun when police fired a hail of bullets at him. They also haven't said which officers, from which departments, fired their weapons…

A brief video clip of the incident provided to LEX 18 showed what sounded like a dozen shots fired. A longer version online depicted what sounded like more than 30 shots fired in the span of about 30 seconds.

Gibbons' father says his son didn't even own a gun:

Gibbons talked exclusively with LEX 18 Investigates Thursday. He said his son was a good man who suffered from bipolar disorder and anger management problems. He acknowledged his son "crossed a line" when he allegedly hit the Lexington police officer.

However, Jesse Gibbons knew that his mental illnesses could cause problems, his father said. That's why he refused to own firearms.

"That was the first question anybody that knew him asked, was 'when did Jesse get it gun, how did Jesse get a gun, where did Jesse get a gun?'" Stan Gibbons said. "And the fact is he did not have a gun."

WKYT previously reported eight officers involved in the shooting: from either the sheriff's office, the state police, and/or Lexington police

Kentucky State Police won't talk about the investigation because it's open: officers from the Lexington Division of Police, the Kentucky State Police, Madison County Sheriff's Office, and the Richmond Police Department were involved in the entire incident.

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  1. Shootout or Police Shooting?

    Policemen shot/killed: 0
    Suspects shot/killed: 1

    Police shooting. If three people show up at my house with guns, even if I get a few shots off at them before they kill me, it’s a shooting… unless we’re deferring to authority.

  2. This death with be added to the statistical pile of data used to attack gun rights. I have to wonder how much “qualified immunity” of state goons contributes to the frequency of “gun deaths” counted by Mother Jones and the like.

  3. However, Jesse Gibbons knew that his mental illnesses could cause problems, his father said. That’s why he refused to own firearms.

    $10 says this detail gets completely glossed over and a new narrative is spun from the left about how irresponsible people with mental illnesses are, and consequently, tighter restrictions are needed. Never mind that 30 rounds aren’t necessary to put down a target (This isn’t Call Of Duty but I guess the officers failed to get that memo…) and that is completely unrelated to the self control of said officers.

    [Side Note: after seeing my home state (and town) mentioned in at least 3 articles today alone, I interpreted this as a sign to register. Cheers]

    1. [Side Note: after seeing my home state (and town) mentioned in at least 3 articles today alone, I interpreted this as a sign to register. Cheers]

      I hope you understand what you’re getting yourself into here.

      1. What *he’s* getting into?!? What about what he’s getting *us* into!

        1. Meh… I’ve been a long time reader. I figure the worst thing that could happen is that To…er…he-who-must-not-be-named challenges a claim I make. To which, I’ll just chalk it up as initiative hazing.

          1. You forgot the obligatory accusations of being a sockpuppet.

            1. And the doxing. Where we go through a huge amount of effort to find out who you really are and . . . then do nothing with the info.

              1. I’ll gladly embrace the sockpuppet. Hell, I dropped a few stacks of Koch money this weekend on hookers and blow. Why leave anything to the imagination?

                In all seriousness, dig away if you want but it’s nothing exciting.

          2. Are you Tulpa or Shreek?

            1. Neither. Fresh meat.

  4. Hmm. Bipolar disorder versus cops. I’ll wait a bit longer before judging. I had a friend who would go manic after a day or two and could easily have worked himself into a bad situation with the wrong cops.

    1. Yes, a friend of mine with bipolar got very argumentative with cops when a diner owner called to say he refused to pay for his coffee. Jail time, bail, etc. but luckily no guns were drawn.

  5. The only thing the cops know how to do is tase you and then shoot you if that doesn’t work. Anybody with any mental problems is likely to be shot by police today.

  6. Interesting new police strategy: Get as many jurisdictions as possible into the shooting, so they can all investigate each other and make it harder to find an independent agency.

  7. We had a “police involved” shooting last night in Huntsville. They were quick to point out the police were not involved? Maybe it was a police adjacent shooting or maybe a police in the vicinity shooting. Local reporters seemed confused.

  8. When the police have lost Kentucky…

    1. I don’t get why the South is so pro-cop. What happened to the moonshiners? Do they just not understand that cops are revenuers with another name?

      1. Immigration. Carpet-bagging Yankees.

        1. I don’t think so. Most of the good ole boys I know are anti-tax, anti-welfare and anti-regulation but pro-war and pro-cop. And none of them are yankees.

          1. The Revenuers were Feds, the Cops are locals. It’s the difference between ‘Allen the ex-football player from the local high school’ and people from who knows where taking their orders from the patomac.

  9. So if he had a gun, where is it? Did the cops “recover” one from the scene?

    1. Give ’em a couple days and they will have.

    2. They’re still filing the serial numbers off the gun they swiped from the evidence locker.

    3. They’ll recover a cellphone.

      Bright pink because FYTW.

  10. Kentucky State Police won’t answer

    Using police logic, if they’re innocent they have nothing to hide.

    Since the police are not answering, they are hiding something and therefore are guilty.

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