Ebola Can't Win Against DIY Like This. But It Probably Doesn't Have To.


Via Alex Pappas of The Daily Caller comes this shot of a female passenger traveling from Washington Dulles Airport (IAD).

Lady, I don't know who you are (though I suspect you're from the future). But if you ever run for office, you've got my vote.

Seems about the right moment to take a knee and listen to Shep Smith's wonderful takedown of alarmist coverage of Ebola in America.

Exit question: Is this a product-placement win or loss for ailing retailer JCPenney?

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  1. In her defense, have you seen the disease-ridden shoppers at Penney’s these days?

  2. Just make sure you follow protocol, or it’s all for naught.

  3. She’s going to learn a valuable lesson in plastic breathability and swamp ass.

  4. Ribbed for the TSA’s pleasure.

  5. I took a flight from LAX to PHL the week before last. I purchase a box N95 surgical masks a week before. Ebola was on my mind, but I always get a nasty cold when I fly, so I didn’t buy them just for that. It’s not pleasant to wear one of these masks. I tried one on the night before and decided I couldn’t hang with it for 5 hours. It is hard to breath through one. I have some new admiration for surgeons and nurses. I note also that Marshall arts contestants use restricted breathing mask during training and some asian women where them everywhere. Now that I have a cold, I might want to get used to wearing one sometimes.

    1. There is a big difference between an N95 mask and a surgical mask. The N95 should make a full seal around the mouth & nose which will make breathing more laborious. However a surgical masks does not make a seal and does not have the same level of protection. Surgical mask will largely preventing large things from getting out, while an N95 will help prevent small things from getting in.

  6. OK, some people are going to over-react to anything. But you must admit, the Official Top Men have been idiotic about this whole thing, with contradictory advice and actions. We have the head of the CDC, apparently not wanting to contradict Obama, saying that you can’t catch Ebola from sitting next to someone on a bus, but anyone with Ebola should not travel by bus, because they might give it to someone else. WTF?

    And then there’s “clipboard guy” in his street clothes supervising everyone in moonsuits while they load the latest victim onto a plane.

    Remember, Ebola would probably not even get to the US., and it’s really hard to catch… but one case has already infected at least two American nurses. Travel restrictions are supposedly counterproductive, but nations next to Ebola zones that sealed their borders have protected themselves. Nigeria came down hard and well on their outbreak, so we are being shamed by Nigeria on a public health issue. WTF?

    No wonder people are panicking.

    The Onion on Ebola. it’s slightly outdated, but has some great lines.

    1. Sealed border in West Africa is laughable.

      Nigeria contained it mostly by contact tracking and some initial flight restrictions that they eased.

      Never mind that Nigeria is a major travel hub for most of the continent and thus will see many more West African transits in a week than the US will see in a few years. That they’ve achieved a less than 2% infection rate (20 cases from at least 900 contacts – that denominator should probably be higher) says that if you’ve not just come out of a civil war and your people don’t distrust EVERYONE in authority of any type, you’ll probably be able to contain it.

          1. The article goes on to mostly undermine the notion that the border controls were truly that effective.

            1. Nobody says they’ll be perfect, or that it’s all we need to do, but it is something that will help.

  7. I’d be tempted to cough on her.

  8. Being afraid of Ebola isn’t irrational.

    Dressing up in a plastic space suit looks pretty silly if you could have just rented a car instead, but for all we know, she’s connecting on a flight to Pretoria by way of Monrovia.

  9. And what’s the TSA going to do about this?
    Given their appalling track record with regard to ostomy devices, crippled children, etc., this is going to get right up their nose. Of course, given the hysteria about Ebola, she may well fly unmolested by those bastards. In which case, expect lots of smuggling to start happening in the guise of ‘hermetically sealed for my own protection’.

    I think I’ll laugh now.



    1. You would take caps-lock key off if you lived in Israel now or London in 1941. Just pointing out context.

    2. I vote for those big dumb walls with autonomous miniguns they use to quarantine Scotland in Doomsday. If we don’t we’ll be overrun with Scottish punk cannibals.

  11. Hey Reason. Enough of this Ebola shit. You are part of the problem.

  12. I think I’ve been hanging around here too much. First thing I thought of was Episiarch’s auto-erotic asphxyiation suit.

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