Sex Crimes

Teacher's Aide Sent 14-Year-Old-Girl to Bathroom to Get Sexually Assaulted by a 16-Year-Old Eighth Grade Boy So He Could Get Caught in the Act


Sparkman Middle School
Madison County

June Simpson was a teacher's aide at Sparkman Middle School in Toney, Alabama in 2010 when she sent a 14-year-old girl into the bathroom to be sexually assaulted by a 16-year-old eighth grade boy with a long history of discipline, and who had been accused in recent months of sexually propositioning girls in the school) so that he could be caught in the act and disciplined for it, the Associated Press reports.

Simpson, who quit after the incident, said she told an assistant principal, Jeanne Dunaway , about her plan and that she initiated it after the principal, Ronnie Blair, told her he couldn't discipline the 16-year-old eighth grader unless he was caught in the act.

School officials claim the administrators weren't aware of the plan, but according to the A.P. the principal said he "may have" said the boy had to be caught in the act, "but the point was it had to be proven that he was guilty of something before it would have—he could be punished for that particular situation."  Communication skills and note-taking, apparently optional for school administrators in Toney.

Blair is still the principal at Sparkman and Dunaway has since been promoted to principal at another school. The parents of the 14-year-old girl sued the school district but a magistrate judge threw the lawsuit out because, he argued, the school couldn't know the danger the girl was being placed in. "Although it was foolish to send (the girl) to meet (the boy), the court cannot say that it was 'extreme and outrageous.'," the A.P. quotes Judge Michael Putnam in his decision. "The scheme to catch (the boy) ended horribly and tragically, but the idea of using (the girl) to catch (the boy) 'in the act,' however foolish, was not so extreme or outrageous as 'to be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized society."

Putnam seems to have a different idea of a civilized society than anyone who would find the idea of using one student to catch another student victimizing them on its face disturbing.

The Obama administration has joined with nearly three dozen private advocacy groups in petitioning a the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn Putnam's decision and allow the lawsuit against the school district, filed under Title IX's prohibition of sexual harassment in schools, to continue.

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  1. Top Men.

  2. Wait, 16 and in 8th grade? What happened to “No Child Left Behind” I thought they all got failed upward for ‘socialization’ benefits these days.

    1. He trying to avoid the draft.

      1. You trying to avoid possessive.

        1. Possessive is a tool of the bourgeoisie

        2. I think your confusing verbs with possessives.

          1. I think you’re bad at spelling. Get a brain! Morans

            1. It’s maroon.

    2. But they didn’t in his case, and that’s how he got to be a sexual predator. Q.E.D.

      [Some moonbat will actually argue that in five … four … three ….]

    3. Yeah, I noticed that too. I was still 16 when I entered my senior year of high school. Of course I was molestering high school girls, not junior high girls, because I was advanced for my age.

      Also, since when do they need “evidence” to suspend kids? I mean if a pop tart chewed into the shape of a gun is evidence, what isn’t?

      1. Evidence is only needed when convenient.

        1. Like double jeopardy.
          Laws are for when it’s convenient.

      2. Yeah, I noticed that too. I was still 16 when I entered my senior year of high school. Of course I was molestering high school girls, not junior high girls, because I was advanced for my age.

        No milfs were nailed in that story, and there were no bears. FAIL!

        1. Well, wait, I have to get to the part about your mom.

          1. Well you best step it up, she’s like 76 years old now.

            1. GILF, huh?

              1. don’t get Almanian started.

              2. No, I think that was headed for bear porn, not grandma

            2. Well you best step it up, she’s like 76 years old now.

              She’s pretty flexible for 76…and the mouth on her…filthy.

            3. Dude, swear to God, she gave me a Jane Hathaway, right on my chest.

    4. Ole’s son came home from school one day and said, “Hey dad, me and the other boys in the third grade were comparing dicks in the locker room after PE today and I have the biggest one!”

      Ole, looks at him and says, “Uffda, I should hope so. You are 17 years old after all.”

  3. But schools can easily discipline students who bite Pop-Tarts into the shape of guns. Stop the world; I want to get off.

  4. Don’t forget – the *real* danger is that this girl might have been homseschooled and developed into a sociopath.

    As opposed to being exposed to a sociopath at school.

    1. More than one sociopath.

    2. If you let these selfish homeschoolers have their way, it’s only a matter of time until our hardworking public school administrators run out of bait for sexual predators.

  5. Let’s see…A sexually mature male who likes to proposition girls is hanging out in the girls bathroom, let me send a girl in so I can give him detention. Yep, seems like a good plan. I don’t see anything that could go wrong.

    1. Still better conceived than like 90% of police sting operations.

    2. Couldn’t they have suspended him for hanging out in the girls’ bathroom? Or just made something up?

      1. I too find it odd that despite their willingness to make shit up for pretty much everything else under the sun, somehow this dipshit can remain.

        Guns r bad, rape is meh I guess?

        1. A work of fiction involving guns means expulsion, but multiple accusations of sexual harassment and possibly assault require more investigation. Awesome.

      2. Or just slide a Pop Tart under the door and see what happens.

  6. Reason #4,106,680 why my kids will never see the inside of a government school.

  7. I thought the girl was mentally handicapped to boot.

    1. If its the same story, she was. And went to the wrong bathroom, which is why they didnt catch him.

      1. Obviously procedures were followed

        1. She breached protocol.

          But, neither got ebola!

  8. Newsflash maybe a kid who can legally drive a car shouldn’t be in middle school.

  9. If that were my daughter or granddaughter, I’d in another country right now as a fugitive wanted for at least two homicides if not more. I don’t count the judge (even though he should be put in a cell with all the people he’s locked up) because it would not have made it that far.

    1. “Be” in another country.

  10. They were just preparing this kid for college, that’s all. Might as well get him on the sex offender list now instead of giving him the false impression that he won’t get on it in college the first time he disses some homely co-ed.

  11. Let’s see. Colleges have their own courts to adjudicate sexual assaults. Why wouldn’t a teacher’s aide in a junior high think she was authorized to be a detective ?

    Maybe teachers really do deserve their pay and benefits, what with all the law enforcement duties that have been added to their jobs.

    This really does speak to the low intelligence of educators. Any manager worth their salt in a private company would immediately recognize the risk of getting into a law enforcement matter and avoid it like the plague. But these idiots think, hey, I’m a teacher’s aide, I’ll set up a sting operation to catch a rapist. Morons.

  12. Earlier reports on this story included the detail that the girl got anally raped, prison-style.

    Has this been proven not true, or have news editors, collectively, come to the decision that such details are too lurid for the refined sensibilities of their readership?

    1. I was gonna say that something seems missing from this story, as I’m not sure if the lawsuit is because she got assaulted or because she was put in position to be assaulted.

      1. Also, this could mean anything, and apply to many 16 year old boys.

        “a 16-year-old eighth grade boy with a long history of discipline, and who had been accused in recent months of sexually propositioning girls in the school)”

      2. It is both. Schools while not strictly liable for assaults on students do have a duty to take reasonable precautions to prevent them from happening. Using a student as bait for a suspected rapist is needless to say pretty negligent.

        1. Sorry if I’m being slow, but still not sure if she was actually assaulted here.

          1. I just assumed she was. Even if she wasn’t, they still were negligent by putting her in danger. Imagine if a school, rather than calling the bomb squad, had one of their students open a suspicious package. That is really what they did here. Even if the package doesn’t go off, they still are on the hook for whatever damages the parents can prove from their kid being placed in danger.

            1. I got a pretty good laugh at the unintended innuendos. Thanks, John.

              FWIW there isn’t a 16 year old boy on this planet that doesn’t want his package to go off.

          2. However, instead of meeting in the boys’ bathroom on the special needs corridor, the boy told the girl to meet him in the sixth-grade boys’ bathroom, in another part of the school.

            “No teachers were in the bathroom to intervene,” legal papers said.

            “She stalled for time. She continually tried to fight him off but ultimately was anally raped by this young man,” Eric Artip, the attorney who represents the girl’s parents, told CNN.

            After police were called, medical staff found evidence of trauma “consistent with (the girl) being sodomized.”

            1. Ok, I’m just curious at this point. How, exactly, does one “stall” anal rape?

              Fuck I hate reading the news. Everything is so PC that you have to de-code the story to get what actually happened instead of them just coming out and saying “16yo dipshit rapes 14yo retard, execution @ noon tomorrow.”

              1. How, exactly, does one “stall” anal rape?

                I’m guessing in this case, sit on the toilet and grip the sides of the bowl really hard.

              2. “Bathroom…stalled”, get it?

    2. Court documents show he had been involved in 15 violent or sex-related incidents before the rape.

      And he was still at school? Did those documents exist before this incident?

      1. “He was suspended from the school for five days but later returned.”

        A whole five days for forcible sodomy. Five days. For a kid with a track record already they were trying to catch doing something. What’s the penalty for murder? You get held back another year?

    3. Maybe one of her “special needs” was anal and she just didn’t know it.

      1. I’m laughing. I shouldn’t be, but I am.

    4. Also, they were special needs students. It seems that a lot got left out of the story.

      1. You know, posting the same thing 15 times just makes you look like a special needs student.

  13. How did they figure that they couldn’t suspend or expel him if there were multiple complaints about his inappropriate propositions? It it had been just one girl who might have had a score to settle or something, maybe wait for more evidence, but if you have multiple complaints about the same sort of thing, I think some disciplinary action could reasonably happen.
    I don’t even know what to say about what they actually did. How could that seem like a good idea? Mere stupidity doesn’t account for that.

    1. I think it’s cowardice. When they can prevail utterly without effort or repurcussions, they come down hard on, say, they kid who chewed a pop tart into a gun shape, or brought in a spent brass from a Memorial day celebration. Zero tolerance, you know, rules are rules, student safety.

      But when it’s a hard case, like this kid, it’s, you know..hard. Difficult, a challenge. And they don’t have the stones to say that little Johnny, with his 15 sex incidents, has got to go.

      Just at theory.

      1. To be fair, the standards for “sexual assault” are probably so low by now that hitting on a girl you like is an “incident.”

        1. The bar does keep getting lowered. However, zero tolerance didn’t seem to be in play this time.

        2. I read a different article about this, and it seems that it was indeed rape, and a violent rape at that. Sodomy if I remember correctly.

  14. Kid’s 16 in 8th grade?

    ok, I lol’d. School’s obviously not working for this dumbass anyways.

  15. So punishing little boys is more important than protecting girls? Sounds like your typical evil feminist, albeit a bit more proactive.

    1. In fairness I thing the woman was more amazingly stupid than anything else.

      1. Well, being in the public sector, maybe she’s been shielded from her own stupidity, thus never learning how stupid she is.

        1. The sad thing is that out of all the scenarios posited, this is most likely.

      2. If her plan had been for the girl to talk sense into him so he would see the error of his ways, I could buy stupid. But her plan was for the girl to get molested. That sounds pretty evil to me. Although she went about it in a fairly stupid way. I’m gonna go with stupid and evil.

        1. I thought the plan was to have a teacher jump out and say “gotcha” before any molestation happened, but they went to the wrong bathroom.
          Even if the whole plan wasn’t poorly conceived and unethical, which it certainly was, using a girl who perhaps was a few marbles short and didn’t think that going to the wrong bathroom might not work out as planned was extra fucking dumb.

          1. They probably figured that only a dumb girl would go along with their dumb plan.

            Sons of bitches, prison is too good for them.

      3. In many school districts, to be a teacher’s aid, or “paraprofessional”, you don’t even need an Associate’s.

          1. No, I think it’s “-ade” like lemonade, only made from teachers.

            1. Ok. Just for that nonsense, I’m going to post this.

              1. fuck. you.

                and fuck me. that damaged me.

  16. Rope. Tree.

    1. For which one?

  17. Isn’t 16 the age where the kid can drop out of school? I mean, holy shit, if he can’t pass the 8th grade after 4 tries then what the fuck good is an “education” to him?

    1. This story left out what I had read in another story, which is that both students were special needs students in special education.

      1. Ahhh, so the AP was walking on eggshells so as not to other the Alabamans (I mean special needs types)?

    2. … is an “education” to him?

      As I recall many public schools are funded based on daily attendance.

      Oh wait, you asked what was in it for him. Never mind.

  18. This story is leaving out what I read in a different article about this situation. The students, including the victim used as bait by the teacher, are special needs students. Which, I think, makes it even worse.

    1. My son is also a special needs student.

  19. “The scheme to catch (the boy) ended horribly and tragically, but the idea of using (the girl) to catch (the boy) ‘in the act,’ however foolish, was not so extreme or outrageous as ‘to be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized society.”

    What the fucking fuck!? WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK!!!!!!!????

    1. I’m surprised that you’re surprised. Government employees, Loki. Come on.

      1. *sigh* Sadly, you’re correct, this shit shouldn’t be shocking anymore, but usually they at least try to hide their “How dare you try to hold a public institution accountable for anything, because FYTW!” so called logic at least a little bit better than this.

    2. Human bait is perfectly kosher in a civilized society.

  20. was not so extreme or outrageous as ‘to be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized society’

    If that is to be the standard of civil liability for school principals, it should be the standard of civil liability for everyone.

    Or the 14th Amendment means nothing.

  21. So this is what they mean by “socializing” students.

  22. So many felonies were committed here by various school personnel.

    Yet, I see no mention of a criminal investigation. Odd, that.

  23. So we have 2 special needs students and a teacher who wants to use one of them as human bait for sexual assault. Sounds to me like the teacher has special needs too.

    An acquaintance of mine is a special needs teacher, mostly dealing with kids with behavioral problems. Usually the kids are either completely neglected, severely beaten regularly, or molested by their parents. So the kid usually gets a few hundred chances. Which is probably why this teacher (in cahoots with the principal who is now lying) went to this extreme of baiting the kid.

    Sort of proves the Standford Prison Experiments though. Much like police becoming sociopaths because of the authority they are given over sociopaths, special needs teachers often wind up with behavioral problems. Play in the dirt, you get dirty.

    1. Oh, was the rapist “special” too?

      I remember one special needs student in particular from school who definitely got the few hundred chances (though I don’t think he did anything sexual to anyone, just regular violence). One time he most likely would have brained the music teacher had another student not stood behind him and grabbed the stool he was preparing to use to beat the teacher over the head as he walked in the door.

      I think he joined the Army.

  24. Sounds to me like Judge Michael Putnam needs to be removed from his position and barred from practicing law ever again.

  25. “Blair is still the principal at Sparkman and Dunaway has since been promoted to principal at another school”

    The entire problem in a nutshell…

  26. What this says is that the intention is viewed as worse than the act itself.

  27. The reason for all this mess is that in public schools, everything becomes legalities and everything becomes politicized, from how to teach math to who has sex with who to teachers’ salaries and where you buy the pencils.

    A private school could just have made a judgment call and kicked the boy out.

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