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Obama Says World Seems to Be 'Spinning' Out of Control


At a DNC fundraiser today, President Barack Obama voiced a concern many Americans might now have. "[T]here's a sense possibly that theworld is spinning so fast and nobody is able to control it," Obama told Democrats at the White Street Restaurant in New York, New York.

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  1. Not what he said at all…but good try. After discussing how Americans might at times get down on themselves about events in the world, he said this:

    “…there’s a sense possibly that the world is spinning so fast and nobody is able to control it. And yet if you look at what happened at the General Assembly on the terrorist group ISIS and the need to mobilize an international community to push back against their radical violence, it was the United States that mobilized that coalition both in the Middle East and around the world. When you look at Ebola, a humanitarian crisis in West Africa, but also a public health crisis that has the possibility of affecting people around the world, it was the United States that is committed to building the infrastructure that allows health workers to get in and start saving lives and making sure that children aren’t dying on the streets.”

    Get it? Still strong on America and our ability to be a positive force in the world. Guess you didn’t think anyone would actually read the quote rather than take your word for it.

    1. Uh huh. I’m sure you just as indignant when Bush was quoted out of context.

      What? You were shouting from the rooftops how stupid he was?

      Silly me. I almost forgot that leftists have no principles.

      1. Not to mention sleazy ethics and stupidity.

      2. Bush? Really…you need to forget about him…we have a new President who is responsible for things he says. Bush? Give up the ghost…its well past time.

    2. Your thesis seems to be that he is bragging about handling the spinning world.

      Your thesis seems to be full of shit. Not only is he behind the curve, a day late and a dollar short, but the world is not his oyster and he shouldn’t be trying to control it.

      1. Actually, read my thesis…just another headline at Reason that is incorrect. You should write the headlines…”Obama says America is a force for good in the world that is currently chaotic.”

        No problem there…that is what he said.

        1. “Jackhand Ace”,

          Actually the quote used above (on Reason) was taken directly from Daniel Halper’s article in The Weekly Standard (check the link and you’ll see that the entire line was “copied and pasted” verbatim – including the typographical mistake of connecting the words “the” and “world”).

          Regardless, have you found a transcript of the actual speech? I couldn’t. The only source I found was Mr. Halper’s. If you could provide for us a link or source for the actual speech it would be of help, I think.


          1. Charles-
            Thanks. Like you, no transcript could I find. However, my complaint still holds.

            Whereas WS just put “Obama” and then the truncated quote, which clearly means many Americans feel that way, here at Reason your headline seems to suggest that he feels that way. A full reading clearly shows he doesn’t.

            Being precise seems to be important, and in a world where one headline gets copied often, we all should care about precision in our headlines.

            So now here is what Conservative Focus claims is the truth…”Obama Suggests Despite World ‘Spinning So Fast’ ‘Nobody is Able to Control it’ He Can”

            And it keeps going on…no one getting anything right about what he actually said. I get the far right playing that game, I don’t think you should.

            1. “Jackhand Ace”,

              Earlier when I read the quote and then the Weekly Standard article I didn’t get the impression that the President meant that he felt that way.

              The reason I wanted to see a transcript was so that I could determine what was said rather than relying on Mr. Halper’s account, which didn’t include a source.

              You wrote: “…here at Reason [the] headline seems to suggest that he feels that way.”

              I can see that. I considered the headline to be like numerous others I see which seem to be intended to draw attention to their articles which (not always but often) clarify what the “attention-grabber” actually means.
              Nonetheless I understand your points.

              My impression of what the President said (again, according to Mr. Halper) generally echoes your own.
              Where you will likely disagree with my overall impression is here: While reading all of the quotes I easily visualized a President Romney saying almost the exact same things.

              Finally: “I get the far right playing that game, I don’t think you should.”

              I wasn’t, even if I cannot convince you otherwise.


              1. Thanks, Charles, for responding. I believe you.

    3. Get it? Still strong on America and our ability to be a positive force in the world.

      We’re following a clear, well-designed and executed plan to quickly and decisively defeat ISIS and are doing our utmost to stop the spread of Ebola and prevent it from reaching beyond the African subcontinent. World clearly not spinning out of anyone’s control. Got it.

      1. I envy anyone’s ability to extract actual meaning from our Presidents’ eructations. To me they just seem like a bilious cloud of well-enunciated baritone Politspeak gibberish.

    4. Your clarification doesn’t make things much better. It illustrates the hubris of someone how probably believes that the world can be controlled. This is typical progressive conceit.
      ISIS is not contained and Ebola is not under control.

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