The War on Homeschooling is a War Against American Liberty


Kevin Williamson at National Review has an interestingly impassioned rant against a recommendation that came out of Connecticut's wondering how to prevent future Newtown slaughters: a suggestion that homeschooled kids need more oversight regarding potential behavioral or emotional problems by the state. (Killer Adam Lanza, after spending most of his life in the gentle and salubrious care of public schools, was briefly homeschooled, don't you know.)

….it is probably impossible for you to understand how intensely the Left and the government-school monopoly hate, loathe, and distrust home-schooling and home-school families. Purportedly serious scholars such as Robin West of Georgetown denounce them as trailer trash living "on tarps in fields or parking lots" and write wistfully of the day when home-schooling was properly understood: "Parents who did so were criminals, and their kids were truants." The implicit rationale for the heavy regulation of home-schooling — that your children are yours only at the sufferance of the state — is creepy enough; in fact, it is unambiguously totalitarian and reduces children to the status of chattel….

….Our public schools are dysfunctional, depressing, frequently dangerous places. Their architecture is generally penal, incorporating precisely the same sort of perimeter control as one sees in a low-security prison, with dogs, metal detectors, and the whole apparatus of control at hand….

In case you don't see where Williamson is going with this:

Contrary to all of the sanctimony surrounding them, the government schools are in fact the single most destructive institution in American public life, and they are the bedrock of the Left's power, providing billions of dollars in campaign contributions and millions of man-hours for Democratic campaigns….[in them our children] are instructed in obedience and compliance, as though the most important skill in life were the ability to sit quietly and follow instructions; those children who are more energetic than the authorities care for are given psychiatric diagnoses and very often put on psychiatric drugs: Since the 1980s, the rate of antidepressant prescription for children has increased five-fold, while the rate of antipsychotic prescription has increased six-fold. Locking children up for the largest part of the day, in a dreary room with 20 to 30 other children all born within nine or ten months of each other, is a model that make sense — that is something other than insane — only if you think of children as batches — if you believe, as our president and those who share his views believe, that the children are the government schools' product rather than their customers.

That's why, Williamson thinks, homeschooling is anathema to the state:

The Left's organizing principle is control, and the possibility that children might commonly be raised outside of its control matrix is an existential threat from the progressive point of view. Institutions such as free markets and free speech terrify progressives, because they are the result of arrangements in which nobody is in control. Harry Reid and Senate Democrats just tried to repeal the First Amendment because they are horrified that anybody so inclined can broadcast a political message without asking the government's permission or being subject to official oversight…..

Williamson's polemic is a stirring defense of homeschoolers and a frightening take on a dominant mentality in American political and cultural life.

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  1. Come on Williamson, tell us how you *really* feel!

      1. ..through a plate glass window.

  2. I sometimes like his rants – posted on recently.

    Also – you know who else whose name rhymes with Goosy Steggerbald really supported homeschooling…


  3. There’s no sugarcoating it – Williamson isn’t totally supportive of public schooling.

  4. Professor West of Georgetown is scandalized that parents “have virtually unfettered authority to decide what subjects to teach, what curriculum materials to use,” etc., and, naturally, worries that this will result in parents who teach “from nothing but the Bible.” (Question: What is the opposite of “unfettered”?)


    1. DAMN! You beat me to it!

      I can’t believe that the Reason article left out the money quote.

  5. I was homeschooled for a good part of my education. The ignorance of it and the antipathy that usually goes with it are pretty incredible.

    1. You’re almost as bad and unconvincing a liar as Dave Weigel is when he pretends that he’s a libertarian day-trader in Georgia.

      1. Paranoid much?

      2. As I said, a lot of ignorance about the subject out there.

        1. Please share. Was it a religious thing?

          1. Yes, as I’ve said many times here before my parents worked on mission quite a lot and their choice to homeschool was based in large part on a desire to structure my education with a faith based outlook. It was not like indoctrination at all, they taught about other faiths and we took trips to other churches and talked to their clergy.

            It was highly social. Homeschooling parents not only network and coordinate activities with other families but they often make extensive use of events at museums, libraries and such.

            I was homeschooled for several years and attended public schools at times too, and I never felt out of step or place. People freaked out by it are usually ignorant of what usually goes on.

            1. I’m here a lot, and I’m not. Haven’t heard the story about your parents working on mission.

  6. One of the biggest tells from people who want to control your children is how much they hate even a small number of kids slipping through their fingers. They’ve got the vast, vast majority, and that’s not enough for them. They want–they need–them all.

      1. This certainly puts some parts of STTMP in a new light.

        SPOCK: Captain, V’Ger is a child. I suggest you treat it as such.

        KIRK: A child?

        SPOCK: Yes, captain, a child. Evolving, learning, searching, instinctively needing.

        DECKER: Needing what?


        DECKER: Jim, I want this. As much as you wanted the Enterprise, I want this.

      2. He was never the same after V’Ger touched him.

      3. Ouch

    1. All your kids are belong to us.

    2. We’re all in this together!

      ALL. OF. US.

  7. A rant by Kevin Williamson? You don’t say…

    1. I knew K.W. in college. I edited a few of his earliest (college newspaper) rants. Good guy.

      Dead right on this, too.

      1. I am regularly impressed by him, though his views on abortion are a bit over the top.

        1. Over the top on infanticide? The hell you say.

          1. No, no, ABORTION. That’s a different thing from “infanticide.”

  8. I am fine with home-schooling.

    I live in an area with the Best Public Schools in NYC so I guess I don’t share Mr. Williamson’s problems.

    In NYC, practically every person I met that home schools their children are fundamentalist Christians and have objections to having their kids around our corrupt perverted kids. But I’m sure that is my experience and probably not the majority of Home-Schooling Parents.

    People have different personalities. There are people in Manhattan that can live in apartment 2B for five years and they don’t know (and don’t care to know) the people in 2A and 2C. My wife and I are very social people and we enjoy the public schools not only because it offers our children a rich social life, we’ve made friends with many of the Parents.

    I would venture to say that the majority of public schools is not what Mr. Williamson said.

    1. This is fascinating.

      Tell us the best 3 public schools* in NYC, please? and where are they located?
      (*that aren’t magnet schools)

      1. Both my children attend PS 234 and now attend Stuyvesant high school.

        PS 234 was resident based at the time.
        Stuyvesant has a rigorous admission policy.

        1. So, neither schools are really ‘public’ is what you’re saying.

        2. PS 234 is in ZIP Code 10007.

          The largest single category of income taxes filed from ZIP Code 10007 is 200K and up?

          1. So what you’re saying is that your kids never attended “public school” at all, but rather attended niche schools located in the most elite, super-expensive conclaves on an island of ~2million people, where you are likely spending far more in property taxes per year to qualify for this “public elementary school” than many people pay to attend State Universities…
            …and then their “public” high-school is an exam-based school where only the most elite students in the entire city are allowed in.

            What were you saying about ‘public schools’ again? How you like socializing with other millionaires, just like other Public School parents?

            1. So what you’re saying is that your kids never attended “public school” at all, but rather attended niche schools located in the most elite, super-expensive conclaves on an island

              Guilty as Charged.

              As far as the rest, I wish I had the answers. I have several people that live in Long Island, Westchester, and New Jersey that work for us. They all send their kids to public schools and I heard that they are pretty good. Once again, most elite, upper-middle-class neighborhoods.

              I can’t argue with you about the poor neighborhoods. You can argue that it is the Schools and the Teachers and the Government. I say that it is the social/economic situation joined together with parents that aren’t educated, bad teachers, etc. etc. etc.

              1. Yet you say that anyone who ‘homeschools’ must necessarily be a ‘crazy christian’ who doesn’t like other people’s children…

                …not that anyone might do it because… well, the public schools in NYC *suck*?

      2. The Schools in Battery Park (District 2) are also some of the Best in the City.

        I’ll be the 1st to admit, outside of Tribeca and Battery Park, there is no single district (even the upper east/west side of Manhattan) that is good in NYC.

        And now, I’ve heard that even if you move into Tribeca or Battery Park, your children may be bused to a shitty school unless you put up a fight.

        1. This is odd, because a second ago you were saying public schools in NYC were awesome and that homeschoolers were all Krazy Khristians?

          Did no one ever think ‘charter school’?

          1. My public schools in District 2 (Tribeca and parts of Central Park) are excellent.

            I said that the two people I met that home-school, both are Orthodox Christians. They chose not to send their kids to the best public schools or Private Schools in Manhattan for religious reasons. Not that everyone that home schools is a Krazy Khristians.

            1. Uh, dude? Orthodox Christians are not “fundamentalists”.

              Just saying.

              1. I’m a reform Jew. We consider Hasidic jews fundamentalist.

                1. What does being jewish have to do with your example of ‘fundamentalist christians being the only people who homeschool’?

                  While your at it, how do you square your claim that “the majority of public schools is[sic] not what Mr. Williamson said“…with your confession that the vast majority of public schools in NYC *suck*… and that the only ones that are any good are only available to the super-rich with super-high-performing children?

                  You seem to be a caricature designed to prove the opposite of what you actually say.

                  Which i guess is the point of the handle.

                  1. What does being jewish have to do with your example of ‘fundamentalist christians being the only people who homeschool’?

                    That’s an inside joke around here.

                    I,personally only attended a public High School. NYC has changed since the times we grew up here. I’m ok with my Kids schools. There was a time before the real estate got crazy down here in which people moved into the area for the Schools. And Tribeca was a dangerous place back then too.

              2. I know you’re quite the scholar on religion IT, but are you claiming no Orthodox Christians are fundamentalist Christians?

            2. “practically everyone”=”both of them”

              Where did YOU go to school, btw?

              1. I attended two private schools in Manhattan before 8th grade. Bronx School of Science for High School. NYU for undergrad and Law

                1. Bronx Science is a public magnet school, not “private”

                  Private school? Let me guess: Dalton? Allen Stevenson? Browning? Collegiate?

                  1. I attended a private elementary school and a private middle school. Bronx Science is a public school.

                    And Gilmore, not for anything bad, I wanted to debate homeschooling and not give the story of my life. I guess that’s my fault for starting the conversation that way. My apologies.

                  2. Are you from the City?

                    1. I am an atheist and moved my children to “home-schooling” (actually via a learning coooperative) while living in PRINCETON, NJ…allegedly another enclave of the “best” public schools…

                    2. Princeton is an Amazing school District. West Windsor is Much Better.

                    3. Yes, and i unfortunately went without the benefit of the hundred-thousand $ or so spent on primary schooling like you. OR the benefits of a magnet-school… which apparently is where you learned to make claims about “public schools” in NYC based on your extremely limited and narrow, elitist experience.

                      Because how dare anyone suggest public schools are either unpleasant, inferior, or substandard!? JUST LOOK AT THE AWESOME ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN MY MILLIONAIRE ENCLAVE!?

                      You should have just said, “Let them eat cake” and we’d have gotten the point.

                    4. Gilmore,
                      There is nothing special about me. I’m not above average intelligence, average looks, nor am I a great Lawyer/businessman. It all came easy to me. I was born into it.

                      I thank God for whom I was born to. I could had easily been born in Uganda, Newark, Haiti, etc. etc. etc.

                      A big part of me being liberal is that I do feel compassion for other people.
                      I know this will be followed with insults as people like me are misunderstood and misrepresented. Practically everyone I grew up with and know is Liberal and share one common idea: “We will all live better if we alleviate the suffering and hardship for others.” It doesn’t mean that everyone has to be rich. It doesn’t mean that everyone has to be the same.

                      So go ahead, insult me. I’ll pick up the thread later.

                    5. Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back, bro.

                      Meanwhile, in the wonderful city of new york, millions of children suffer in a public school system that ranks as the highest-cost-and worst performing in the entire country.

                      and its not *in spite* of the noble intentions of rich liberals, sadly.

                    6. It has nothing to do with wanting to insult you (however, piss on you for thinking “Liberal” has cornered the market on compassion for others).

                      The overriding problem that probably any of us here would have with you is the magical thinking that, “Well, since I care so much, there oughta be a law…”

                      It doesn’t take the government for there to be good things. In fact, most posters here can give you a myriad of examples where government at any level does more harm than good.

                      Why, if only there was a website dedicated to proving that point…

                    7. How is it a misrepresentation to state that you want to steal my money for your special cause? How is theft compassion? How is inflicting suffering and hardship on some to improve the lot of others anything more than a utilitarian cop out? Don’t just assume that because you were given your success that the same applies to the rest of us.

                      You want to give away your unearned wealth? Fine, just leave me the fuck alone. But you can’t do that, can you? That’s not enough for you, because at the end of the day it’s not even really about alleviating hardship and suffering; it’s about control.

                    8. Gilmore asks creepy questions, he doesn’t want answer them.

                      As you can see, he’s also not a nice fellow at times, no matter how polite you are.

                      Don’t judge everyone here by that please.

                    9. LOL

                      one puppet at a time, bo.

                    10. Gilmore is doing god’s work. NYC lib was touting the public school system. If he’s listening, he won’t be doing it any longer.

                      I’m in a millionaire neighborhood and my kids go to public school with other millionaire kids. They’ll get a decent education. But I’m under no illusions about the education that other kids are getting in public schools 10 miles east of here.

                    11. He said he thinks most public schools are not like Williamson describes and that his kids school is good. That’s hardly reason to be raked over the coals. While there are lots of bad public schools there are many good ones two, and I say that as someone who thinks they should all be privatized.

                      He even went out if his way that most homeschoolers experience is probably different.

                    12. Out of his way to say that

                      I think he’s underestimating how social homeschooling experiences can be, but it’s not like he’s Chairman Mao.

                    13. Cake is very nutritious!”

                      EVERYONE SHOULD EAT CAKE!

                      “”I can’t understand why anyone would say public schools are inferior…why, in my super-exclusive neighborhood which has the highest tax-base in the city, the schools are tremendous! I ALSO LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!?! DID I MENTION THAT? We talk about them all the time when I have after-school meetups with the other rich lawyers in Tribeca””

                    14. You’re more deranged than usual tonight Gilmore.

                    15. Its so *deranged* to point out the logic-fail apparent in people’s own statements

                      You’re not even good at the rhetorical games you play. How you expect to eat as a lawyer?… i suppose you might have a career in compliance. At best. Or ‘public defender’.

                    16. He’s been polite and accommodating and you’ve been insulting, rude and combative.

                      The fellow didn’t even make any general point for you to argue with! He said he’s satisfied with his kids school, that the homeschoolers he knows were religous but he also said many others experiences might be different. So for that you have to do your usual jerk routine.

                    17. Bo Cara Esq.|10.7.14 @ 9:02PM|#
                      “The fellow didn’t even make any general point for you to argue with!”

                      Reading fail.

                    18. “‘The fellow didn’t even make any general point for you to argue with! “”

                      Quote =
                      “the majority of public schools is[sic] not what Mr. Williamson said”..”

                      The basis for this assumption?

                      *the fact that his children attend the most elitist and exclusive schools in a gigantic city full of the worst performing public schools in America*

                      Bo = being a ‘good reader’ is part of being a lawyer. When the ‘facts’ run entirely counter to the claims being made? That’s generally considered the *poorer* argument, no matter how ‘politely-made’ it is.

                      Enjoy your cake.

                    19. Bo Cara Esq.|10.7.14 @ 8:13PM|#
                      “Don’t judge everyone here by that please.”

                      You’re proposing that people here be judged by your two-faced sophistry?!

                    20. To be fair to Gilmore, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to listen to same oblivious driven.

                      “The public schools in my all-white millionaire small town are great!”

            3. “In NYC, practically every person I met” means 2 people?

              1. “MJGreen|10.7.14 @ 9:36PM|#

                “In NYC, practically every person I met” means 2 people?”

                This, and the fact that ‘they must only want to home-school because they hate other people’s children…’

                not, like, because like, there are over 200 schools that can’t graduate even half their students… or that things like this even exist

                but seriously though, the Rich Liberals LOVE them the poor. They weep about them while they fight to get their kids into Styvie.

                1. I think I’m going to stay away from this for a while.

                  1. Panties bunched.

                    No one was insulted. Unless one finds having one’s assumptions challenged insulting.

                  2. “Your opinions run counter to facts for the following reasons” is not an insult.

                  3. Once again, Bo takes a dunph on a thread.

                  4. Urbanites cite many reasons for choosing homeschooling, but religion is rarely one of them. Laurie Spigel, who runs the website Home School NYC, estimates that “maybe one percent or less” of New York homeschool families are religiously motivated. “You can only generalize about homeschoolers as much as you can generalize about New Yorkers,” says Spigel. Mostly, though, New York City homeschoolers are “educated, middle-class people,” she says, who don’t like what’s on offer from the Department of Ed and can’t afford or don’t want to pay private-school tuition. ….”

                  5. NYC Liberal|10.7.14 @ 10:09PM|#
                    “I think I’m going to stay away from this for a while.”

                    I can understand your discomfort at people piling on that two-faced twit Bo, but I can also understand you might bail since you’ve been called on your bullshit.

    2. Pauline Kael, is that you?

  9. It is shameful and disgraceful how these War-on-Women-Republicans love to sing songs about how they desire all women to behave like prostitutes/strippers and perform lewd acts for money, forced to rub their enlarged posteriors against sweaty male genitalia, while these juvenile chauvinists express nothing but contempt for female servitude and engage in pantomimes of masturbation all over the bodies of objectified females.

    1. Well that may have made more sense in the “Rock the vote” thread.

      a little

      but, homeschooling. Yes.

    2. Now I have a boner.

  10. I always chuckle when people say that homeschoolers are not properly socialized (however that’s defined). Yes, because proper socialization means penning children up in quasi-penitentiaries and making sure they spend most time with only kids their own age and one “authority figure.” It’s absolutely crazy to think that kids could become socialized by associating with children and adults of all ages out in the open world – you know, like in real life.

    1. (however that’s defined)

      Well, imagine Mike Huckabee complaining that thanks to the ACLU, students in public schools aren’t being properly “Christianized.” His meaning is clear enough, right? They aren’t being made into Christians, or at least aren’t properly taught Christian values.

      Now, go back and imagine the person saying “home-schooled kids aren’t properly socialized.” Imagine the S being capitalized, if it helps.

    2. The only homeschoolers I know belong to a group of homeschoolers who regularly get together for activities. AFAIK homeschool kids don’t just stay home alone all day.

  11. those children who are more energetic than the authorities care for are given psychiatric diagnoses and very often put on psychiatric drugs: Since the 1980s, the rate of antidepressant prescription for children has increased five-fold, while the rate of antipsychotic prescription has increased six-fold

    Kids with ADHD are given stimulants, not antidepressants or antipsychotics?

    1. What Other Medications Are Used to Treat ADHD?

      When stimulants and nonstimulants are not effective or well-tolerated or when certain conditions are present, several other medications are available to treat ADHD. These medications include:

      Elavil, Norpramin, Pamelor,Tofranil or other tricyclic antidepressants
      Catapres, Duraclon, Kapvay, Nexiclon

      1. Those are no fun.

  12. Our education system is doing a fine job!

    There is absolutely no reason to fear that Americans are becoming really stupid, or anything like that!

    The Stupidocracy of Murika

    Seriously, do no watch that if you want to pretend, for your own well being, that the United States of America has any hope for a bright future.

    1. No One In Los Angeles Appears To Know Who Joe Biden Is

      You say that like it’s such a bad thing…

      1. No, I don’t find it bad at all that it’s impossible to find a person in a city of 10 million people who know who the VP of their own country is.

        99% of the people living in our country are functionally, literally fucking retarded! Nothing could possibly go wrong!

        1. It doesn’t matter who the VP is. Nor the President, for that matter.

          1. I’m not convinced about that. I can accept a debate about that, but I can’t accept so many people being so fucking dumb that they don’t even know who it is.

        2. Not knowing who the VP is is utterly unimportant, because the VP is utterly unimportant. It’s like not knowing who Justin Beiber is. Who cares?

          What’s much more important is people not knowing basic economics or basic science and the fact that they can vote for shit based on their lack of knowledge and (often) animism.

          1. Well, Epi, do you really think that if they would have asked these people a simple question about science or economics, or geography that even one of them could have answered that question either? I’m guessing that they would have been LESS likely to answer those questions.

            What exactly the fuck is it that people are learning in our tax funded schools today? How to masterbate? I figured that out on my own, no tax payer money required.

            1. Well, then ask them questions where the answer matters, not dumb shit like “who is the VP?” and you’ll get your answer. You do realize these idiotic “ask the man/woman in the street a basic question and see if they know the answer” things are always edited specifically to make people look as stupid as possible, right? Every single one of them? They cherry pick the dumbest fucks because that’s what entertaining and fuels the biases of their audience. And it seems like you fell for that, because you want to believe it. These things are never as dire as they make the public seem, because their entire point is to wind you up.

            2. What exactly the fuck is it that people are learning in our tax funded schools today? How to masterbate? I figured that out on my own, no tax payer money required.

              Unfortunately, the schools failed to teach you how to spell it.

        3. Calm the fuck down, Donnie.

          1. Who’s Donnie?


              1. *Whispers*
                I don’t know. Donnie from New Kids on the Block?

                1. Donny: How come you don’t roll on Saturday, Walter?
                  Walter Sobchak: I’m shomer shabbos. Donny: What’s that?

  13. those children who are more energetic than the authorities care for are given psychiatric diagnoses and very often put on psychiatric drugs: Since the 1980s, the rate of antidepressant prescription for children has increased five-fold, while the rate of antipsychotic prescription has increased six-fold.

    Holy non sequitur, Batman!

    1. I think KDW is claiming that this is due to the public school teacher – public school guidance counselor – school psychologist – MD – medications pipeline.

      KDW may be an hysteric but he does have a couple of good points.

  14. Uh, oh…

    NASA Study Finds Earth’s Ocean Abyss Has Not Warmed

    The cold waters of Earth’s deep ocean have not warmed measurably since 2005, according to a new NASA study, leaving unsolved the mystery of why global warming appears to have slowed in recent years.

    1. Well, don’t worry, we’ll find out where that heat is hiding! Because the SCIENCE IS SETTLED! DENIERS!

    2. Bailey article earlier today.

      1. So, did Bailey find the hidden, ever elusive, warming?

        1. It’s with the IRS emails.


          Looks like Bailey summarized the NASA analysis. I missed his article from earlier today. Hazard of a 50+ hour a week job.

    3. You know who else looked into the Abyss?

      1. Some guy on acid?

      2. Friedrich Nietzsche?

      3. The guy who took the Goatse pic?

      4. Your mother?

    4. “Unsolved”? UNSOLVED? I’m actually laughing right now. The ‘missing heat’ appears to be following ‘the plan’ from Gone Girl.

  15. I think it was in interacting with bureaucracies and non-homeschooling parents that I discovered how anti-liberty some aspects of American culture are. There was an amazing amount of resistance to the idea of educating your own child (and by extension, improving the well-being of your children outside the “proper” scope of government and society’s prerogatives). The pure resentment to the idea of wanting better for your children than what public schools offered — my wife got “elitist trailer trash” tossed at her as well as a couple of RACIST by lily-white progressives — really revealed just how many people dislike creativity and self-improvement. I’m not just talking about progs; plenty of “moderates” would also start conversations out of nowhere with outright hostility to the idea of homeschooling.

    1. Well, there are multiple reasons for that. One is that collectivists fucking hate it when you visibly, loudly refuse to join their collective. They take it as a personal insult. Secondly, a lot of parents probably realize in the backs of their minds that their child would be better off being homeschooled. But they would have to do that and they don’t want to, plus they’re paying taxes for day care/prison/”education” anyway and it’s SO MUCH EASIER. Then you come along and remind them that some parents do make the effort and it makes them feel guilty. Being human, many of them will lash out at homeschooling in order to try and project their own parental laziness and guilt about that away from themselves.

      Homeschoolers punch some pretty big holes in some pretty agreed-upon-across-the-board ideas that people just accept, such as things like the entire current educational structure in this country. That frightens people.

      1. Damn you, Epi. Just damn you.

        You totally nailed it.

      2. Tribal thinking and guilt. A powerful combination.

        1. Crabs in a bucket, not letting any of them escape.

      3. +1, Epi.


    2. “Elitist trailer trash” seems like a bit of an oxymoron. And aren’t you and your wife both Hispanics who live in Arizona? Who are you supposed to be racist against for not sending your kids to public schools?

  16. There is no way in hell that my granchildren(only 2 now) will ever see the inside of a shithole public school as long as I’m still alive. My daughter is fully on board with this, so it’s a little easier. She wants to home school them, but she’s in medical school and I know how easy it is to get overly ambitious when you’re an adult yet still so young. Anyway, this is one thing that I am committed to, and it’s nice to have my daughter’s agreement.

    1. Just remember, Hyper, that homeschooling can also include co-ops and someone who has been through med school would be a major asset to such an organization.

      Many places also have charter schools and private schools, and those can be created if they aren’t already in-place.

    2. If you daughter was really serious about it, she would home medical school herself.

      1. Hell, I think we could probably chip in and get her a copy of Operation. Heck, we can even let her pick.

    3. Wow, that is really wonderful. Get a cooperative and Khan Academy.

    4. There are many on-line resources and depending on the area Home Schooling Partnerships (much like co-ops Tonio mentioned).

      We use both and some instruction at home. My son is now a freshman, and getting to the point that neither of us has the time or skill for some of his subjects. So we are using both options.

  17. Should I ever have kids, there is no way, in hell, that they will go to public school.

    1. KIDS, is a four letter word.

      1. You know what else is a four-letter word that rhymes with KIDS?

        1. AIDS.

          1. The winner !

      2. KIDS, is a four letter word.

        And a great movie.

  18. “Never mind that those credentialed experts are intellectual under-achievers, education majors typically having the lowest standardized test scores of any college cohort.”

    KDW gets it exactly right in this one sentence. When 80% of educations majors graduate summa cum laude, you know something is amiss.

    1. “When 80% of educations majors graduate summa cum laude, you know something is amiss.”

      Well, all the children are above average.

    2. Ed majors != teachers

      Half of them never make it. And a bunch of the rest become elem ed teachers. So that’s a worthless stat.

  19. Even “good” public schools are garbage. Even if you can get over the pointless regimentation, the breaking kids to authority, and the fact that they look like prisons, you’re still stuck with the problem that they cram 6 or 7 years worth of material into 13. Just the wasted time alone is child abuse.

    1. I regret not playing hooky more often.

  20. I believe that we can compromise with Private schools funded by the public and having safety regulations (fire, OSHA, etc.) and no board of education. Once again, I wish we can experiment this in a few states.

    1. Re: NYC Liberal,

      I believe that we can compromise with Private schools funded by the public and having safety regulations (fire, OSHA, etc.) and no board of education.

      In other words: keep ’em expensive.

      1. OK OK

        No standards. Can it still be publicly funded?

        1. How about just give a cash handout to people who are poor enough to make us feel guilty and let them do what they want with the money.

          Guilt assuaged.
          Social control of free peoples removed.

          Everyone wins.

        2. NYC Liberal|10.7.14 @ 10:07PM|#
          “Can it still be publicly funded?”

          If you want it, and you are ‘the public’, why have at it!

    2. But a lot of private schools are religious, and members of the dominant political religions take great offense at traditional religions having the same access to public funds and the same opportunity to indoctrinate children.

  21. KMW hit it on the head with a depleted-uranian sledgehammer. Public Education is an even worse, more evil, more perverse tool of statism than central banking.

    1. Hmm, you can always homeschool your children or run away with them to Costa Rica. You can’t however escape the omnipresence of fiat dollars.

      1. A private academy that charges tuition payable in bitcoin?

  22. So who come up with all that stuff?

  23. Proof: Sandy Hook was a scam to End Home Schooling.…..malls.html

  24. My experience with homeschooling was brief, my sister stopped teaching me when I was old enough to go to primary school. By that time I was reading better than my grade level. So is my sister a genius? No. Did she have 3 years of teacher training? No. To have had 3 years of training before she taught me she’d have had to start at age 2. Yes that’s right she was a teacher barely after she first got a (paid) teacher.

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