Forget Secession. Americans Want to Boot California From the Union.


Escape From L.A.

Almost a quarter of Americans think taking their state out of the union is a swell idea, a Reuters/Ipsos poll told us not long ago. But why go yourself if you can kick the other guy out? So Fox News hired Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw & Company Research to ask 1,049 registered voters if they thought booting a state or two to the curb was just good sense.

Of the 17 percent who thought that was a fine idea, there was an overwhelming favorite for who gets tossed from the moving vehicle: California.

Yes, the Golden State was the choice of a whopping 53 percent of respondents who thought yanking a star off the flag would make the world a better place.

New York came in second with 25 percent of votes, and Texas was third at 20 percent.

I stand second to none in my astonishment at the degree to which Californians have managed to render almost uninhabitable one of the nicest stretches of real estate on the planet. The state's dead-last business environment has driven one-sixth of construction workers to the shadow economy, and the official response has been to tighten the screws (with cheerleading from the contracting industry) rather than loosen the rules.

California ranks at 49 in overall freedom, according to The Mercatus Center's Freedom in the 50 States. Despite loosening of marijuana and marriage laws, it adds a high incarceration rate, tough restrictions on guns, gambling, and pretty much anything else you might want to do to brutal economic regulations.

So, yes. Booting California from the union, and from a say in the laws under which we live, just might give the rest of us some breathing space. But I can't help but think, with a glance up and down the East Coast, that we shouldn't stop there.

Or maybe we could go back to screwing things up in our own states without inflicting our preferred disasters on the neighbors.

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  1. Booting California from the union, and from a say in the laws under which we live, just might give the rest of us some breathing space.

    I'm not sure how that helps me, other than getting rid of their dipshits from my Senate.

    1. I'm not sure how that helps me, other than getting rid of their dipshits from my Senate.

      We're gonna need a bigger fence.

      1. Those agricultural inspection stations could be repurposed to immigration checkpoints. Come to think of it, California pols might like the idea of a fence keeping Californians from escaping.

        1. The CA Unorganized Militia is capable of fighting its way out of this state of disrepair and disgust.

    2. Yeah, I agree. If the citizens of California want to live under those conditions, that's their choice. It doesn't affect me. States rights, man.

      1. Keep in mind - your next phone is going to be more expensive due to CA's cell phone shutoff mandate.

        Your car is more extensive due to CA's pollution controls

        Just a couple of small examples of how CA can swing its weight around.

        1. How is my car going to be more expensive because of pollution controls? I mean, I understand what you're getting at, but is there a price tag you can source? Just curious. Because if it's an extra $20, that's not enough reason for me to want to force them out of the union.

    3. Well, Cali stakes a claim to 12% of the House of Representatives, which would go away. 55 electoral votes for the Democratic candidate for President (out of a total of 538) would go away.

      The only thing the rest of us really actually lose is that California, on net, pays more federal taxes than it receives....with other states reaping the benefit.

      1. I'm thinking we would at least break even, probably come out ahead, net of everything.

      2. That's OK, they do their part to keep the rest of the country from doing things that might make more money.

        You see this same dynamic in the Northern CA counties which are completely under the thumb of SF, LA, SD and cannot exploit even a tiny portion of the resources in their own county(ies).

    4. California regulations soon become national standards. CAFE for example.

      Kick 'em out of the union and the rest of Congress doesn't get in the race.

      And then we can charge them the market price for potable water.

    5. if california were a country
      it would be the 9th largest
      economy in the world, the stupid
      of you people is incredible

      1. The randomness of your
        your use of
        the enter
        is incredible.

      2. Stupid starts without capitalization and a lack of punctuation,in the form of a quatrain.

      3. We used to be #6.

  2. It would also get Stasi supporter Dianne Feinstein out from the Senate Intelligence Committee.

  3. The US should offer China the opportunity to buy California to settle the Treasury debt owed to China.

    It would be win-win-win-win.
    - Most Calis are commies, so it's better political match.
    - The US government gets to write off debt without going into default
    - China gets a new territory with compliant residents (unlike those pesky Uighurs)
    - The likes of Nancy Pelosi would no longer infect our political system.

    The US could then work out a similar deal with New York and New England with the EU and/or Russia.

    1. Awesome idea. Everybody gets what they want. We're out of debt, Californians will get the communism they long for and the best part is, the Chinese will build the wall to keep everybody in.

    2. I don't want to share a land border with the Chinese or Russians. Have you lost your fucking mind? The Chinese have one thing going for them, mass. They are only not a mortal threat to the US because we are separated by an ocean and there is no way they could ever project that mass over here. Give them California as a land base and they would easily put a million or more troops right on our border. And unless we wanted to go back to a cold war sized army, overrun the entire western half of the country whenever they felt the need. And don't tell me nukes would save us. They have nukes too. So all nukes would do is allow us to commit suiicde and take them with us.

      I despise California as much as anyone. But no way would I sell it to the Chinese. Really, you could never let California leave the union. Chances are it would quickly become a Chinese or Russian satellite state. You really think Jerry Brown and the douche bag who owns Facebook would last five minutes in the world without the US nuclear umbrella and military power protecting them? Not a chance.

      1. This is a seriously reply to a very unserious suggestion.

        1. We live in a world where anything is possible no matter how not seriousness it seems.

          But my response goes to the heart of any issue of secession. If you broke up the country it would be very difficult to keep parts of it from being dominated by various great powers. Sure Texas could probably make it on its own. The South and the Midwest probably could. But the Blue states are too pig ignorant and valuable to make it as independent countries. They would immediately go into massive debt and effectively disband their military making them defenseless. Oh and they wouldn't have any gun rights so forget about there ever being any great American partisan movement to run the occupying forces out.

          1. Good riddance to bad rubbish. They are simply getting what they want.

            Very libertarian, actually.

            1. not very libertarian actually
              libertarians have an alternate
              reality from everyone else

              1. alternate reality from everyone else

                Care to elaborate?

              2. Oh, let me assure you, allowing people to do as they wish, provided they don't harm others in doing so, is VERY libertarian.

          2. Or they'd join the EU since its pretty much everything they've ever wanted.

          3. Texas wouldn't stand a chance unless it was somehow able to convince the soon-to-be Hispanic majority that statism is the wrong answer. So far, it's been an unsuccesful battle.

            1. I've lived in Texas for about 40 years. It is the damn Yankee immigrants who have advanced statism in Texas, not the Mexicans. Most of the Mexicans come here for economic opportunity, and aren't looking to reproduce the political environment of their homeland in Texas. The damn Yankees come here for economic opportunity also. However, they attempt to refashion Texas along the progressive states that they left for some reason.

              1. "statism"? that was one of
                billo's word of the day
                does it make you feel smart to use it?

                1. "statism"? that was one of

                  I'd like to see you define this term. I also would like you to define and differentiate between 'socialism' & 'fascism'.

              2. Why would the Yankees go to Texas? They have a brand new stadium. Hahahahaha.

      2. I don't want to share a land border with the Chinese or Russians.

        Perhaps it would give you a real threat to worry about and you and your ilk won't need to invade every impotent country in the world to satiate your war boner?

        1. No it wouldn't. There would always be a critical mass of morons like you who are convinced the rest of the world would never do something like that.

          There will never be a shortage of people who will volunteer to be victims.

          1. That's about what I'd expect from you. You're too fucking stupid to see the nuance.

            I know, for a fact, the rest of the world might "do something like that." That's why you have a strong military...as a deterrent.

            The difference between you and I, is I believe in not using it until I'm actually under attack as opposed to your perpetual state of war that results from trying to kill everyone in the world that might some day look at you funny.

            1. Dude, don't pull the nuance card. It's a front of pretentious bullshitting favored by leftoids.

              1. leftoids?? are you still in the 4th grade?

      3. Re: John,

        I don't want to share a land border with the Chinese or Russians.

        You lack imagination. California would become one of the Commonwealth client nations of the U.S. Empire, with its own currency and commemorative 1OZ fine silver piece with the image of king Obama I The Handsome (in profile) and a bear on the other side.

        1. 1OZ fine silver piece? More likely silver clad plastic. Or cardboard.

      4. John, don't sweat it.

        The Chicoms couldn't make it across the desert in their tanks (once they were converted to be electric to comply with CA's emission regulations).

        Likewise the CA rules on diversity in the work place would really crimp the Chinese military's command and control structure.

        1. I am pretty sure the Chicoms won't be too interested in environmental protection.

          1. The Chicoms may not be interested in environmental protections, but the CA Board of Environmental Protection will be interested in them...

            I think you underestimate the power of an irrational mob of Californians would have over the regimented minds of the Chicoms.

            Sure the Chicoms have guns, tanks, etc., but when has clear thinking ever stopped the citizens of California from acting like a bunch of nuts? The commies wouldn't know how to react to millions of people demanding things like shutting down all power plants AND lower electrical costs.

            1. Haha, I'd love to see the CA Board of Environmental Protection vs the Chinese military. I don't have a high opinion of the fighting capabilities of either, but I think the Chinese would win handily and brutally.

              John, nice diversion.

          2. Ugh. I HATE environmental protections. Stupid clean water! šŸ˜‰

      5. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! I am very serious. All parties would be better of with California under Chinese supervision.

        First, California already is a commie satellite state, and its politicians are a fifth column in Washington. We'd be better off without them, and they'd get more of what they want from Beijing than Washington.

        Second, if the Chinese got California, they be begging to give it back in a few years. It would be kind of like when the Japanese bought Pebble Beach. Californians would make too many whiny demands to make it a profitable investment for Beijing.

        Third, the Han Chinese do not have a history of military adventures beyond the reaches of the Middle Kingdom. (Mongolians are another matter.)

        1. "Third, the Han Chinese do not have a history of military adventures beyond the reaches of the Middle Kingdom."

          mmhmm. And how, exactly, do you think it got to be the size it is now? Osmosis?

          1. Nooki, nooki, nooki?

    3. Hey, NH isn't so bad. Stop lumping us in with our commie neighbors.

      1. But the trend is going the wrong way.
        fuckin massholes moving up here and ruining our culture.

    1. +1 deathclaw

    2. More Wanamingos!

  4. pretty much anything else you might wat to do to brutal economic regulations.

    Is She Who Must Not Be Named back?

  5. Ah, reverse secession. Long have I thought on this. Here's what I suggest. The U.S. secedes from California, but leaves the name "United States of America" and all historical statistics, baggage, and debt with California. We then rename the rest of the country Lopania and make James Hong president for life. This is a figurehead position in the new government, which will be small and very pro-freedom and free markets, so we can get good and stinkin' rich, just to stick it to our U.S./California neighbor.

    1. We then rename the rest of the country Lopania and make James Hong president for life.

      Friday, October 10, Capitol Theatre, Clearwatre Florida. Double feature: BTILC followed by National Lampoon's Vacation.

      1. Those movies will really shake the pillars of heaven.

    2. Only if we can also get Kurt Russel as SOS.

      When some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the barroom wall, and he looks you crooked in the eye and he asks you if ya paid your dues, you just stare that big sucker right back in the eye, and you remember what ol' Jack Burton always says at a time like that: "Call me Plissken".

      1. Who the fuck is Jack Burton?

  6. With a few exceptions, I truly despise that state. No amount of beauty or great weather can make up for its vile government and citizenry (vast majority, apologies to the minority).

  7. California ranks at 49 in overall freedom, according to The Mercatus Center's Freedom in the 50 States.

    I wonder where CA would rank if it were it's own country?

    1. Venezuela, then Somalia.

      1. Somalia probably has better roads than CA.

  8. And just as I'm considering transferring to our LA office to get away from my manager.

    1. If you're coming to California, please bring plastic bags. And nylon stockings, and chocolate!

      1. Shit, a guy could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all this!

      2. No! bring off list guns.
        It's one of the few ways we can get guns that aren't on the "bribe paid" list. Older Smith & Wessons, please.

  9. Getting rid of California and New York would lower inequality dramatically, since those are two of the most unequal states. Funny that the states with the lowest inequality tend to be in the midwest/mountain regions, which are also the most libertarian. Meanwhile the deep Reds and Blues have the highest inequality.

    1. It sounds so great. But letting New York and California out of the union would be akin to letting your smoking hot 18 year old retarded daughter move out on her own. They wouldn't stand a chance as independent countries and would quickly be rolled and turned into satellite states of Russia or China and become a knife at the throat of the rest of the country.

      1. Nah, we could kick their asses. Besides, they'd just join Canada.

        1. How? Have another civil war to bring them back? And people like Fransisco would ensure we didn't do anything until it was too late.

          1. The idea is to expel these states, not reacquire them. We'll build walls.

            1. Yeah, having a wall and a contested land border. That sounds fun. No thanks.

              And it wouldn't do us any good anyway. As soon as those places went indenpendent their brain dead citizens would immediately start migrating and we would be stuck with them anyway. The problem is not California, it is the people who live there.

              The solution is not succession, it is space colonization, Douglas Adams style. Convince them all that leaving for another planet is the only way to save the earth from global warming or something and put all of them on the first ship.

              1. I like *that* idea.

                Don't even need to go to the expense of making a whole ship (they won't know the difference).

                Just build a convincing mockup, load 'em up, lock the door, and let nature take its course.

              2. Space Ark B? I like it. Finally you are getting serious about this issue.

              3. I'm all for space exploration/colonization, but that's a long-term solution.

                What we could do as an alternative to a wall is launch a fleet of zeppelin drone carriers. They'd patrol the border and drone the fuck out of any unauthorized crossings.

              4. They could only migrate if they were allowed too...

            2. The problem with NY is NYC and the immediate environs. The rest of the state is pretty normal.

              CA is a different animal. SF and LA are the problems, less so (I am guessing) is the rest of the state.

              I really do wonder if we could separate these mega cities into different states, at a minimum, so that the people that live in rural NY and CA don't have to live under the tyranny of the majority.

              1. What with the rise of terrorism/terrorism fear and global spread of disease, we're all likely to be living in domed city-states at some point, anyway.

            3. I can't wait to become an illegal alien. Hell, I might just make a mint as a coyote! I know the desert really well.

      2. Yessssss, like Eastern Europe and Finland are to the EU.

        1. Just to clarify - Russia doesn't *have* satellite states anymore. They're *trying* to get one in Ukraine, and failing.

          China's got . . . Tibet?

          You know who does have satellite states? The US. All over the world - pointed right at the heart of those other two powers.

          China wants to get frsky in CA? We've got *dozens of bases and a ton of troops stationed in Japan and South Korea. We've got a couple of CBG (or whatever the Navy has renamed them to this year) in the area *right now*.

          And tons of troops crossing the CA border - its like worrying abut the tons of Norht Koreans massed on the southern border. The Chinese are better equipped than the Norks but I'd give them 3 days before they grind to a halt against the US troops that will be stationed there and 2 weeks before their offensive collapses under the weight of trying to invade across 3000 miles with a supply line stretching across the pacific - against an opponent whose supply line are less than half that long.

          The only country in the world that could reasonably handle the logistics of a pan-pacific invasion is us.

          1. If China had California and all of the resources that came with it, they wouldn't need to have a pan Pacific invasion. They would already be here. California could easily supply such an army.

            And if the US no longer owned California, it would be a lot poorer and smaller. It wouldn't have those troops in the places you mention. It would be a regional power.

            1. Dude, CA is not the majority of the US economy. Its a major player sure, it might even be the largest single *state* economy, but its still less than 1/10 the US economy.

              1. And it's highly dependent on the rest of the U.S. for consumption. Not to mention it's fiscally. . .unsound.

      3. How old should your daughter be before you let her move out? 40?

        But seriously, do you really think they woudl go with Russia or China? I'd think they would go more toward the Euro direction. Progs like to fantasize about central planning like China can (sort of) do, but I think that most realize that they are not actually communist at all and are a pretty nasty totalitarian regime. Same with Russia.

        1. I seriously think they would. They would have no military or means of self defense. They would immediately go into massive debt with China as the main creditor. They would be ruled by a powerful oligarchy of people who felt no loyalty to the nation and would have a population of largely ignorant and easily manipulated citizens. It would take China less than a decade to turn California into a satellite state.

          By off the newspapers to start a "oh my God the evil Conservatives in the old USA are going to invade" information warfare campaign. Start paying off the big money people. And then get the concessions for the various military bases you want to build.

          1. China hasn't managed to tame *Hong Kong* - and that's inside their country - in a decade and a half.

            1. China hasn't managed to tame *Hong Kong* - and that's inside their country - in a decade and a half.

              Seriously, we should invert Chicago (Cook County) for Hong Kong.


            2. That's because the Honkongers want freedom and small government, unlike Californians.

              1. Hongkongers wouldn't dig the size of our government, or the taxes. This is the city where the government is so small everybody got a refund because the government ran out of things to do.

          2. Could be. Fortunately the chances of that happening are extremely small.

  10. But where are you gonna get the 57th state?!

    1. Sevo's in the house!

    2. By splitting up Rhode Island into nine states?

      1. So there'll be the state of you and me, and I'm not sure about you?

        1. And the resulting states will fight over which one gets the coveted title of "Smallest State with Longest Name."

  11. Yes. Boot California and New York out. Leave Texas in. Texas politicians do not seem to have much desire to run the USA in their image.

    1. I'm surprised TX was third? Perhaps it was Texans voting, "Yes, please kick us out."

      1. Please don't throw me in that briar patch. Or progs actually think being thrown off a sinking ship is punishment.

        1. You're right, that was it. It was the progs voting. I'm a little slow.

      2. Progressives hate Texas.

      3. "Francisco d'Anconia|10.3.14 @ 10:47AM|#

        I'm surprised TX was third? "

        1st and 2nd place were "dislike" votes.

        Texas was third due to jealousy.

    2. Re: Lawman45,

      Texas politicians do not seem to have much desire to run the USA in their image.

      Like George Bush fils who became a big-time proggie once he tasted the waters of the Potomac.

      1. i thought he was dipped in the Potomac as an infant, by his mother, Barbara, who held him by a heel, so that in 2 tiny spots on one heel, he was still a conservative. Am i remember the myth correctly?

        1. +1 slave maiden

    3. New York would be fine if we just amputated Long Island, Manhattan, and Westchester County.

      Same thing with CA - Don't throw it all out, just chop out the coastal counties from LA to Sonora. Keep everything above, below, and 50 miles inland.

  12. Evidently the higher the population of the state the more horrid and distasteful it becomes to rest of us.

    1. Personally, I'm fine with Texas. And Florida, for that matter.

  13. Speaking of California Fantasyland....

    The state has enacted numerous policies to cut transportation-related emissions, improve energy efficiency, and in some cases eliminate the use of fossil fuel.

    One such policy--the state's Low-Carbon Fuel Standard, or LCFS--is not sitting well with oil companies, which claim the regulation will raise the price of gasoline, harming consumers.

    Now the LCFS has received a ringing endorsement from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), which is attempting to add some context to the fears of higher gasoline prices for Californians and sticker shock at the pump.

    A new report (pdf) by the group claims that concerns about rising gas prices are overblown, saying any increases in transportation costs will be offset by savings from decreased oil consumption.

    What follows is a typical bait and switch argument about "projected" fuel savings from newer more efficient cars, while saying nothing at all about the new fuel formula.

    PRESTO! Don't worry about a thing; you'll save five bucks a week on gas driving around in your fifty thousand dollar compact car!

    1. "A new report (pdf) by the group claims that concerns about rising gas prices are overblown, saying any increases in transportation costs will be offset by savings from decreased oil consumption."

      Absolutely true! If you can't afford gasoline, you won't use any!

  14. And just as I'm considering transferring to our LA office to get away from my manager.

    So long, sucker!

  15. More stupid distractions intended to avoid dealing with the real problem.

    Where's the survey asking Americans if they'd prefer an Amendment to the Constitution aimed at dismantling the Leviathan Lincolnite federal government and rebuilding/re-staffing it as something that actually resembles the size and scope originally defined in the Constitution?

    Or would the results be too disturbing?

    Eliminate the massive State-to-State wealth redistribution programs required to maintain the perpetual incumbencies, lifetime appointments and phoney-baloney union jobs at the federal level.

    Roll back the massive degree of usurpation over civil authority now concentrated in too few hands in D.C.

    With that - i.e., reinstatement of the Republican Form of Government guaranteed by the Constitution, which was destroyed in the 1860s - every State could productively be left to its own devices, and free to explore whatever form of social organization they like, to sink or swim on their own, with little to no impact on the other 56 States besides the impact of productive workers voting with their feet.

  16. sigh,

    Californai, unter allen....

    1. it would have to be a 'smooth jazz' version of the tune

  17. So 53% of 17% (i.e. 9%) = "Americans." I guess that's math in Reasonland.

  18. Count on JD to completely misrepresent in the headline what was said. Just over 80% said they would not boot ANY state out of the union. Hate to tell you, rather than the impression you tried to leave us, by far most Americans want California to stay. Try again.

    1. Count on Jackand Ace to whine about something rather pointless when one reads the article. Not all people are as lazy as you, Jack.

      1. Glad you recognize that the article is completely pointless.

      2. By the way, I might add that hooking a reader with a completely false headline is quite disingenuous. But if that's OK with you, it works.

        1. Glad to see you still can't help whining about completely pointless things.

          By the way, I might add that hooking a reader with a completely false headline is quite disingenuous. But if that's OK with you, it works.

          You really logged on nearly an hour later to follow up and post this mewling pap? You really are one silly, sad sack.

  19. As a Californian, I agree with the articles points about the business environment and personal freedoms. However, here's a contrarian viewpoint relative to most of these comments.

    If California left the union, the US would immediately lose technological superiority in every major category, military, internet, medical/biotech, communications, etc. Cali is a bit of an enigma. The business environment is horrible yet it continues to create new technologies and businesses around them at an astonishing rate. More than half of venture capital flows to CA. Current policies threaten to kill the golden goose but you have to admit there is something special about CA. Look at RicK Perry who brags about how well the TX economy is doing yet makes regular visits to CA to attract the tech companies the TX can't seem to create organically.

    The US should help CA to reform its ways because the US without CA would be a second rate nation.

    1. As evidenced by the actual poll, most Americans would agree with you. Its just JD and his minority cohorts that disagree.

    2. The business environment is horrible yet it continues to create new technologies and businesses around them at an astonishing rate.

      Disagree. It creates very few new technologies. In the past it has had a positive image and lax policies with regard to social freedoms as well as a strong ability to incentivize immigration. All three have declined dramatically.

      Unless you want to tell me that Page, Brin, Musk, Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg, etc., etc., etc. were somehow exported from California to their places of birth, California just happened to be a large social club where smart people happened to meet.

      Moreover, one of the most prolific things the innovation hubs in CA have done is free industries and economies from needing to be based in places like Silicon Valley.

      Rick Perry visits CA because TX had an image problem when CA became the new 'Studio 54'.

      1. OK, re-reading your post, I modify my tone.

        When your claim to fame as a state is je ne sais quois, I find it hard to believe the nation automatically collapses into second place when it leaves.

        The technology gap between the U.S. and the E.U. is not contained or kept singularly in California nor is the entirety of any lead which CA varyingly holds in a descriptor as amorphous as 'innovation' strictly caused by California.

        As a life-long denizen of the rust-belt, I can tell you that because Detroit was a hub of innovation and industry doesn't mean it's ubiquitousness wasn't vaporized by much less than 3 decades of poor social engineering. Nor did the nation collapse as a leader in because of it.

  20. so, a survey done by fox news,
    that pretty much renders it useless

    1. In your opinion, who would do a better job? Polls can be slanted to achieve a desired result, no matter who performs them. That said, I highly doubt the majority of commentators at FNC would support secession or ejection of a state. You'll notice, with even a cursory glance at the article, that most of the people polled did not support a separation of any state from the US.

  21. The focus on the geographic region of CA is a bit misguided in my opinion. It's not like the people who live there, that make the place uninhabitable, are suddenly going to quit existing or voting for dumb stuff. They're just going to move to where you and I are and start voting for dumb stuff. They'll bring their statist attitude with them and infect the populace.

    CA going downhill, or getting kicked out, is like a spider's eggsac bursting - you soon wish you still had all the little problem critters in one place, instead of getting into every little thing all over the house.

    1. When they're not using their federal level politicians to ram their ways down the rest of the country's throat they are already spreading to other states like a filthy plague. I left my home state which borders California and Mexico in large part because of the mass influx of Californians ruining it. Mistakenly I thought relocating about as far away as possible up right on the border with Canada would buy me a little time. Didn't work, they're flooding in up here to destroy this place, too. Swarms of dirty "liberal" locusts destroying everything in their path.

      1. It's the 11th plague.


  22. The facebook thread for this article is business as usual--that is, whenever blue state economic basket cases are pointed out as-such, a bunch of leftoids show up to tell us that California and Illinois are actually red states anyway.

    I would say, "You can't make this shit up", but the leftoids are obviously making all kinds of shit up. What a pathetic creature, to believe that reality will be whatever you (and your gang) convince yourselves it is.

    1. Well, they are Red; Red Communist.

  23. For the safety, well-being and security of the rest of the nation California needs to be chiseled off with all inhabitants on board and floated as far out into the Pacific Ocean as possible. And take their damned pols with them.

  24. CA, and other similar states, should have their Statehood revoked by the Congress, and returned to Territorial Status, for being in violation of ART-IV, Sec.4, of the Constitution.

  25. As a Californian, I plead with you other 49 staters to re-consider kicking us to the curb. Sure, we have a bunch of loony effin' politicians and other lawmakers (you can have[hang]them) but we need you and you need us. Can't we all just get along and spearhead a revolution together? We'll throw the bums out and have a do-over. Pleeeeze!

  26. It's funny/ironic that the top 3 states (17% of the) people supposedly want kicked out are also the top 3 states in terms of tax money sent to DC...

  27. The people who have ruined this incredible and unique state, have for the most part been non-native Californians, before you give us to the Chinese , deport all the people not born there, this would give us an even shot at changing the lunacy......Just add it to the wish list.

  28. More nonsense. Most people I know want Texas out of the union.

  29. Ah, so a percentage of the crazies don't like liberals??

    Wow, amazing...... Take away their california created goodies and they'll be back at cross burnings instead of on the net.

  30. mad.casua mentioned the social club aspect of Silicon Valley, but that is just one part of it. The other is money. Here in St.Louis there has been innovators who stated that they were told by venture capitalist that they would invest in the innovator's company only if they agreed to move to California. I'm sure this happens all over the country so California isn't creating all their tech companies organically the way Steveprez likes to think.

    Also if California left do they think they would keep the borders they have now? There are already a number of groups wanting to secede from California. Do they think the rest of the country would let them keep Yosemite, Sequoia or any of the national parks?The national parks are all federal land. How would it help their economy if Camp Pendleton, Edwards AFB, Vandenberg orall the other military bases closed?
    A independent California could end up a little more than a sliver along the coast.It wouldn't be able to supply enough fresh water, food or energy for itself. And how much fun would it be having to go thru Customs ever time they went to Vegas?

  31. What a coincidence. Earlier, I pulled out of my box of memorabilia an eye patch with "SNAKE IS BACK" on it, that I got when "Escape From L.A." premiered at theaters in 1996, to cover my infected eyelid. My infection is gone, but the eye patch is on my desk waiting to be put back.

  32. Gosh, the article makes it sound like California is Venezuela, like the citizens of a dozen banana republics all moved to CA en masse and took over or something...gee...

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