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A Pox on Hillary's "Grandmother Glow" and Prince George Pics


Is there anything more distasteful than the obviously strategic use of babies by the rich and powerful to gild their images—and the media's feckless complicity in the spectacle? Whether it's the British royal family constantly pushing the toddler Prince George toward the camera or breathless reports of Hillary Clinton's newfound "grandmother glow," can we just change its diaper, give it a pacifier, and put it to sleep already?

Tough questions I dare to ask in a new column at Time.

Hillary is missing no opportunity to publicly play at grandmother, a role that can only soften and round out her image as the presidential campaign season swings into high gear. "I highly recommend it," she told CBS News about becoming a grandparent. At a recent speech to a group of women real estate agents, a member of the audience told Clinton that she looked "beautiful." To which Clinton responded, "I think it's a grandmother's glow."

Or maybe it's the fire of political ambition lighting up her cheeks. As far back as June, she was systematically linking her grandchild to world events, telling People, "I'm about to become a grandmother… I want to live in the moment. At the same time I am concerned about what I see happening in the country and in the world."

OK, we get it. The kid is a prop in a political play. The baby doesn't just soften you up, Mrs. Clinton, it softens us up, too. Which may actually be excellent public relations but is also deeply disturbing.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. OT: Bad news for Preppers and Doomers – 5.9% UE, gold and oil falling to new multi year lows.


    1. Retard’s gonna retard. The Dow is up today, it’ll be down tomorrow.

      1. The dumb little cuntface thinks the best way to argue with Glenn Beck is to come on here. The best we can hope for is that he finally manages to breaks his neck trying to suck his own tiny dick.

        1. I only hope he took his own advice and shorted gold – he told us it would $600 an ounce or less….months ago.

          I assume he cannot read that labor participation is vanishing, and economic data is kreptacularly mediocre.

  2. Why is Hillary holding up UConn gear in that picture?

    1. It came complimentary along with the $200,000 speaking fee.

  3. a member of the audience told Clinton that she looked “beautiful.”

    What the fuck is wrong with this person?

    1. They’re probably high on Cloud 9. Nothing else explains it.

      1. I hope the convulsion break every bone in their body.

        Of course, the real answer is more boring: Audience plant.

        1. But…but that would be dishonest!

        2. No, there are people who would do this for realz.

          Besides, if it was a plant, their head would have exploded.

    2. It was Bill’s new girlfriend’s husband.

  4. It’s one thing to see the Royal Baby paraded out in public. The Royal Family is symbolic- it is the UK’s Kardashian fix. While the Royal family is officially the head of the state, the reality is that they are merely rich celebrities.

    What Hillary is doing is an attempt to convince people that she should get power. And I think it is pretty sad to see politicians- those who would wield the gun of the State- try to attain that power by making themselves superficially appear more likeable so they get the sherrif’s badge.

    But that is the way of politics. People care about personalities, not the actual issues.

    1. “My ugly child had a baby! Give me power over your lives!”

      I’m not saying you’re wrong; I’m saying this country is fucked in the head.

    2. Isn’t ‘more likeable’ the very means of selection in a democratic state? Ignoring the arguments about republics/democracies, it’s all just a popularity contest.

  5. Politico actually ran a piece where they consulted astrologers to determine what the stars held for baby Charlotte.

    I think 2015-16 is the year the media collapses under its own weight of idiocy. There has to be a limit to the stupid people will suck up, right?

    1. We have reached peak Derp?

      Sadly, I think not…

    2. I think you are underestimating how many women believe in astrology.

    3. Some day soon you and I will live in a world our grandfathers could only have dreamed of. A world with no New York Times.

  6. How does Janet Reno feel about being a grandfather?

  7. That pic of the English kid? I’ve never wanted to shoot a baby in the head with a 30-06….till I saw that picture.

    1. A stolen^Wliberated Brown Bess would be more appropriate.

  8. So, does anyone else think they are gearing up to let the crown skip Charles and go directly to William?

    Charles: elderly, divorced Diana, extra marital affairs, married to Camilla, likes organic food way too much, habit of wearing kilts in public

    William: happily married to long-time girlfriend from reputable family, will be mid-40s by the time Elizabeth dies, dresses like a normal person, completely boring

    1. Happily married to ATTRACTIVE long time girlfriend from reputable family.

      That family needed to venture out of the corner of the gene pool that they were inhabiting.

      The Clintons could use an upgrade too, but it is too late.

      1. Agree. An impeccably classy brunette. Safest possible choice.

      2. It’s good to be the King Prince.

  9. Operation Humanize the Hillarybot proceeds as scripted.

  10. OMG Clinton being involved in something “deeply disturbing” for political gain? Like no way! Besides the 90’s political events completely don’t agree with that! ….

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