Twitter Temporarily Bans Great Press Secretary Parody Account


What happens when you create a poignant, popular Twitter parody account? It's a crapshoot, but  sometimes this happens:


Twitter has some rules about parody accounts. One is that the account name should make clear that it's not the real deal. The fact that this one is "@WeKnowWhatsBest" seems obvious enough. Another rule is that "the avatar should not be the exact trademark or logo of the account subject," but that wouldn't seem to include faces, as the fake press secretary account was forced to change. And, plenty of parodies have real faces, like this raunchy Bill Clinton account.

The press secretary account has over 41,000 followers and, thankfully, it's back online jabbing the commander-in-chief and his staff. Today it took a jab at President Barack Obama's vacation habits, and presumably, the new revelation that he isn't going to many of his intelligence briefings: "The White House intruder made it all the way to the East Room, which technically means he spent more time in the WH in Sept than Obama."

There are countless satirical accounts across the political and and ideological spectrum, like this spot on "hip" parody of Vice and the flawlessly bumbling @GOPTeens. Reason's Robby Soave recently highlighted @SalonDotCom, which got temporarily blocked, presumably for being so convincing.

Twitter doesn't seem to have a consistent policy, or likely the manpower, to give a fair check to every parody. As such, it comes off as just nitpicky and leaves itself open to accusations of being biased.

More disturbing is this recent case highlighted by Reason's Scott Shackford: A judge was OK with an egotistical mayor sending a SWAT team to catch a guy who parodied him. 


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  1. Oh, Twitter. Is there nothing you can’t do?

  2. Is there any big tech company that isn’t run by complete fascist douche bags who will bare any burden to lick Obama’s boots?

    1. Napster? Ask Jeebs? Aol?

    2. Is there any big tech company that isn’t run by complete fascist douche bags

      John, I know you intend this as a throwaway rhetorical question, but it’s a real fucking problem.

      I meet a lot of engineer entrepreneurs in my non-profit work. These guys have no fucking thought to the totalitarian tools they are creating!!!! To them the government is a well-funded customer. And, if you ask them how they will prevent their latest gizmo from being misused by the state to silence/intimidate/surveil/mission-kill critics, their response is almost invariably full of wishful thinking and the crudest, most simplistic rationalizations.

      I think a lot of them don’t really know anything about history, and are almost criminally naive. And the government sure takes advantage of this!!!!!

      1. I didn’t mean it as a throwaway question. And yes, it is a real fucking problem. These people have no souls and even less morality.

        1. Or it could be as simple as they like getting a regular paycheck.

          1. Not the billionaires who run the companies.

          2. Seriously, sarcasmic, it’s not the regular paycheck thing.

            I am talking entrepreneurs slaving away on a dream late at night when they go home from their day jobs.

            To them, giving the U.S. army facial recognition tools to id and track agitators through a crowd and identify them is a worthy cause. They wax happily about how the next time a bad guy shows his face in public he can be captured or even killed.

            Ask them what would happen if that same tool was used to identify opponents to keep them out of political rallies, and they look at you like you just sprouted a penis out of your head.

            I remember one dinner when the notion of bringing back the draft was raised. It was horrible. I think I was the only guy who pointed out the oppression required to deal with the problems raised by involuntary soldiers, and raised the question of the morality of forcing people to become slave-soldiers. All they could see was the free labor – naturally with people doing STEM in college exempted of course.

            1. The draft.

              *hisses and spits*

              That is the fastest way to get me to rant.

              *turns red holding in torrent of profanity*

              1. I don’t even want to imagine what it would be like to be in command of a bunch of soldiers who had no earthly desire to be in the military. Fuckin-a.

                1. I’d self immolate on the stairs of Capitol Hill first.

                2. Was a study ever released on how this was a problem in Vietnam, Korea, WWII?

  3. Thanks, Twitter. Didn’t know this existed before. Following.

    1. The Streisand Effect never fails.

      1. And the failure to learn from it seems inevitable, yes?

  4. @SalonDotCom, which got temporarily blocked, presumably for being so convincing.

    If I were younger and looking for an excuse to get blackout drunk I’d play a drinking game called “Salon or parody”. Could also be a funny game show.

    1. People have played that on here. I couldn’t tell the difference. You tell me how this isn’t parody.

      Screw the national anthem

      After what happened in Ferguson, I can’t pretend the promise of that song extends to a black man like me

      1. There is a promise in the national anthem? I thought it was just a question in the form of a weird run-on sentence.

        1. I thought it was just a drinking song!

          1. Right, the promise is you wind up hammered.

          2. All songs are drinking songs.

    2. They also retweet real Salon headlines and it’s very hard to tell the difference unless you check the header.

      1. I just went to for kicks. My God, that place is appalling. It is not that it is leftwing. It is that it is unbelievably stupid even for a left wing publication. It makes Slate seem centrist and erudite by comparison.

        1. I feel dirty after going to Salon for some AM Links fodder.

        2. Once you go progressive clickbait, you never come back.

          1. Yeah. It is just one big trolling operations.

          2. There is one thing. If things go poorly for the Dems in November, Salon will be a prime source for butt hurt and schadenfreude.

        3. That’s what is hilarious; Slate used to be the more whacko bird of the two. Now it’s practically pedestrian.

          1. Remember, there is no such thing as peak retard. Every time you think they can’t get any more retarded, they prove you wrong.

            1. The way Vox is running SBNation we might soon approach peak sports retard.


                Except edsbs of course.

                Its got a decent community that mostly self-polices total idiots.

  5. Why must everyone one Twitter be so mean?

    1. That’s two, if you’re counting. Or maybe eleven.

      1. –When I really want to rip it, I crank it to ’11’.

        –You know, you could just make ‘1’ louder.

  6. They have to kill this because leftists are all impossibly earnest. Humor and parody is like kryptonite to those people.

    1. Humor and parody is like kryptonite to those people.

      Yet they imagine themselves the Kings of Wit as they bark like seals, in unison, as Jon Stewart and and that Oliver guy with the exact same schtick repeat talking point after talking point in their insufferably smug and morally sanctimonious manner.

      1. And they all “fucking love science” and think of themselves as beacons of light to the uneducated despite being pig ignorant about virtually every subject imaginable from science to history to economics.

        1. They love consensus. They don’t know dick about science.

          1. They don’t love science. They just love being told what to think.

            1. When you agree with the popular kids then you become popular, or something.

          2. They also love pretty pictures of nature, which they seem to think are science.

  7. I know most people here hate Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, but:

    RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

    1. He was dead right and leftist know it. Moreover, the weaker your position the more devastating it is. This is why TV comedians wont’ touch Obama. They know how devastating ridicule would be.

      1. Key and Peale have taken a few gentle jabs at the Lightworker. Don’t they count?

    2. That’s why I’ve shifted from persuasion and logic to ridicule and sarcasm when dealing with statists. I can’t say for certain that it works better, but I can say I feel much better afterwards.

      1. I can’t say for certain that it works better

        Persuasion and logic don’t work on idealogues, so I say just go with whatever makes you feel better. To hell with being nice and trying to get along with those clowns.

      2. So you are Doug Piranha in real life?

        Vercotti Well I had noticed that the lad with the thermo-nuclear device was the Chief Constable for the area. Anyway a week later they came back, said that the cheque had bounced and that I had to see Doug.
        Interviewer Doug?
        Vercotti Doug (takes a drink) I was terrified of him. Everyone was terrified of Doug. I’ve seen grown men pull their own heads off rather than see Doug. Even Dinsdale was frightened of Doug.
        Interviewer What did he do?
        Vercotti He used sarcasm. He knew all the tricks, dramatic irony, metaphor, bathos, puns, parody, litotes and satire.

  8. I’ll take thin-skinned humorless douchebags for a thousand, Alex.

  9. I hate the word “tweet” with a passion for some reason, but Twitter did give us Joshua Allen’s Fireland twitter which is a thing of genius, and I’m not sure he’s not the bastard child of Warty and Nutrasweet.

    Joshua Allen @fireland ? Mar 17

    I ain’t here to make friends [does 3-hour disco penis dance] [gets kicked out of Fame school] tbh I was hoping for maybe one friend [cries]

  10. OT: please tell me someone already posted this – woman jailed for possession of Spaghetti-O’s

    1. She spent a month in jail. She also if she wasn’t very lucky has lost her job and maybe her home. And she has absolutely no recourse for the arrest and any DA or judge will tell her “we dropped the charges, what do you want?”

      Pardon me while I go and vomit now.

    2. I think the beloved Lord Humongous already did.

        1. He’s only flattering you to lure you into his van…

    3. AM’s I think. Everyone involved should be fired.

      1. With the AM links I mean, those officers are just trying to make it home to their families every night.

    4. I have nightmares over babysitters making me eat spaghetti-o’s when I was little, but I still think that’s messed up.

      1. Spaghetti-O’s are great in a pinch. You can eat them right out of the can.

  11. I’m a big fan of Sexts From The Void, pornographic Lovecraft in textsprach.

    And, of course, The Worst Muse.

    The Worst Muse @WorstMuse ? Sep 7
    Yes. Those wolves would definitely spontaneously befriend your protagonist. That sounds like exactly the sort of thing wolves would do.

    1. You and Nicole should start a joint Twitter feed, but just call it The Worst.

      1. We could chronicle your adventures in the cock mines as you swing a pick ax into your own ass for SCIENCE.

      2. I think Nicole has sole rights to “The Worst”…

        1. Nicole uber alles.

          1. Nicole ist die Unterfrau

  12. AFAIC, @iowahawkblog wins Twitter.

    1. yes he does and by a mile.

    2. For years I have been wondering what Twitter was good for because, every time I followed a link there, all I saw was a stream of demented consciousness.

      This is the first time I ever saw anything interesting on Twitter. The WeKnowWhatsBest account is pretty funny, and the iowahawkblog is really good.

  13. Twitter doesn’t seem to have a consistent policy, or likely the manpower, to give a fair check to every parody. As such, it comes off as just nitpicky and leaves itself open to accusations of being biased.

    Motherfucking libertarianism at work!

    1. If you don’t have a consistent policy and you only go after one side, you are not open to accusations of bias, you are biased.

      1. Regardless of policy, action, or intent bias exists. It abhors a vacuum. Where it doesn’t exist, it can easily be fabricated.

        I’ll take Twitter’s inability to enforce an unbalanced policy over Google or Facebook’s ability to enforce a balanced one any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

        1. I am not following you. Why is trying to be fair bad?

          1. Why is trying to be fair bad?

            Intrinsically, it’s not. If you just need an example, see affirmative action.

            I don’t see the problem as fair/bias and the policies thereof. All I see is a distinct deficit of force and an open market.

    1. Hey. Eric said a that it might be a good idea to do something about long drug sentences since his people are suffering under them so much. So, anything else he did is totally cool. Got that?

    2. Well, let’s hope that when they start abusing this stuff in the near future they at least use it against old Eric.

    3. “When a child is in danger, law enforcement needs to be able to take every legally available step to quickly find and protect the child and to stop those that abuse children. It is worrisome to see companies thwarting our ability to do so.

      Emphasis added. You know, banning clothing would probably make identifying child abusers much easier.

      1. B-b-but… it’s FOR TEH CHILDRUNZ!!!1!111!!! WHY DO YOU HATE CHILDRINZ!!11!!11!!!!!!

    4. If there’s any justice in the afterlife Eric Holder will spend his in the same special hell reserved for child molestors and people who talk at the movies.

      Hopefully being raped up the ass with a giant spiked dildo while demons bukakke hot lava all over his face for eternity.

  14. Meh, I’m OK with rules designed to make it clear that parody accounts aren’t the real deal. Not exactly a giant censorship take-down.

    Now, to the extent that the real purpose of this post was to advertise the existence of the account in question, I thank you.

  15. Twitter doesn’t seem to have a consistent policy

    I suspect their policy is whoever gets the most butthurt and bitches the loudest gets their enemies blocked. And since left leaning people tend to spend 99.9999% of their time butthurt about something, they’re the most likely to bitch and moan about things like parody accounts.


    the NORK dictator looks sort of like a giant baby in silly adult clothes.

    1. Tripped over his own high heels! The fat fuck wears high heels?!?


      The Norks are incredibly prejudiced against disabled people. If he keeps it up, he will be walking with a limp and it will be really, really hard for him to project the aura of physical perfection. As stupid as it seems, the idiot just made rebellion a little bit more plausible!!!!!!

        1. Sadly, that’s probably what they’ll do: require everyone to walk with a limp just like the Dear Leader (or whatever they’re calling that giant retard baby).

  17. Funniest one yet:

    Obama saluted a Marine with a Starbucks cup. The Marine wasn’t offended & saluted the cup back, relieved to finally salute something strong.

  18. A Nother wonderful example of a police body cam being able to clear an officer from suspicion of wrongdoing

    I will ignore the news articles typical rush to judgment and referring to other allegations of excessive force without such qualifying terms as ‘alleged’ or ‘claimed’. But instead using words that conclude that the other incidents are actual brutality or excessive force and not merely alleged

    Reason idiots of course constantly spout that the mass media are lapdogs for the police and not critical enough which is so absurd it makes my teeth hurt
    Body cameras Booya!…..34861.html

  19. This isn’t the first time that abuse of process has been used because somebody got their feelings hurt as in the case of the mayor sending a SWAT team

    Recall the incredibly inept Renton Washington PD that made a case against one of its own officers and violated his privacy with search warrants etc. because he had dared parody some department politics using animation on the World Wide Web

    They accused him of a grossly unconstitutional version of cyberstalking and I have stated many times that our state statute for cyberstalking is of course unconstitutional since essentially it makes insulting somebody on the Internet a crime

    He was not prosecuted but of course they were able to use the fake criminal charges to issue search warrants etc. and gather evidence against him internally which mostly amounted to anonymously using free-speech on the Internet to criticize department politics

    Reason to its credit did do an article about the case

  20. Why would anyone support or use Twitter or Facebook? Clearly, neither corporation believes in freedom of speech. Now, that might not matter if they were, say, ice cream vendors. But it certainly does matter since they provide a medium of communication and an outlet for news.

    I would suggest that users should begin to find alternatives that have their best interests at heart rather than the best interests of politicians and ne’er-do-wells.

    1. “Clearly, neither corporation believes in freedom of speech.”

      Under that standard, very few social media outlets and websites do, including Hit and Run. Almost have some standards of use that allow for the owner to remove or ban user content the owner deems inappropriate. The question is whether this should qualify under Twitter’s stated standards of conduct.

  21. The SpaghettiOs case is it gross myelination due process and she should get a massive settlement

    Any real police department and prosecutors office requires a minimum of a chemical field test before you arrest a suspect for a drug offence

    A state lab tests performed by a certified chemist is necessary before you charge somebody

    Both are in rare cases fallible especially the field tests and I have never ever seen a field test that failed but it’s at least possible

    Of course nobody should ever be subject to arrest or prosecution for using the drug but that’s another issue

  22. “The fact that this one is “@WeKnowWhatsBest” seems obvious enough.”

    I’m not sure itis obvious that that is not actually the twitter account of the Mouth of Obama

  23. As with most Leftist humor, the GOPKids Twitter is boring and lame.

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