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Jim Webb for President?


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Jim Webb, an eccentric, anti-war, Ronald Reagan–quoting ex-senator from Virginia, is garnering attention as a possible presidential contender on the Democrat side. Because I'm still desperatley/delusionally clinging to the hope that someone less contemptible than Hillary Clinton could earn the Democratic nomination, I enjoyed The Washington Post's profile of Webb, who is seriously considering a 2016 White House bid despite the fact that most experts don't think he has a chance. 

Webb's experience in the Senate is sparse—he served one term after defeating Republican George Allen in 2006—but he's also a Vietnam War vet who served as assistant secretary of defense and Navy secretary during the Reagan administration and was tossed about as a vice-presidential pick in 2008. "We want to see if there's a support base from people who would support the programs that we're interested in pursuing," said Webb, 68, announcing potential presidential aspirations at a National Press Club speech last week.

And what programs would those be? One of the things Webb is most well-known for is his anti-war stance, and this may be where he's "uniquely positioned as a disruptive force on issues where many Democrats consider Clinton compromised," the Post notes. 

"Remember, one of the reasons Obama did so well in Iowa was because he said he would end the wars," said Marcos Rubinstein, who directed antiwar Democrat Dennis Kucinich's 2008 presidential campaign in Iowa. "That is why he was able to beat Clinton, and Iowa remains full of Democrats who are looking for a peaceful message."

In his speech last week, Webb attacked the Obama administration's Middle East policy, citing it as one of the main reasons for his return to political life:

"If you go back and look at the remarks I was making from the time this administration got involved in the Arab Spring, I said it was an unprecedented use of presidential power—no treaties, no Americans attacked, no imminent threat of attack, no Americans to be rescued," Webb said. "Secretary Clinton and I have worked well together, but the Arab Spring is a different question. .?.?. This administration, collectively, made some very bad decisions, and they now have to climb out of a deep hole."

Critiques of presidential power from a Democrat? Be still my heart! This "redneck regal" liberal is also an advocate of gun rights and a supporter of criminal justice reform. In the Senate in 2009, he introduced a bill calling for a serious re-evaluation of our nation's drug and criminal justice policies. (Irrelevant but interesting: He's also a fiction author and wrote the story for the 2000 film Rules of Engagement.) 

Webb is still a Democrat, of course—"economic fairness" is among his causes—but he seems to actually have principles, too, which is so much more than we can say for Clinton and, at least anymore, President Obama. If nothing else, it would be nice to see Webb widening the scope of primary-season discourse and taking Clinton to task for her war-hawk ways. 


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  1. Yeah, let’s ignore his economic policies and vote for the anti-war Democrat, it worked out so well with Obama.

    1. I fully recognize that I would almost certainly be saying the opposite if this had come to pass, but after nearly six years of Obama, I start to wonder if Field Marshal Rodham wouldn’t have been a less shitty president.

      1. What difference at this point does it make?

      2. No. Just as bad but in different ways. For instance, she would probably actually attend her intel briefings, but implement horribly Byzantine strategies that turn into complete clusterfucks.

  2. Webb’s experience in the Senate is sparce…

    Sparce? Is that pronounced “spar-kay”? Or “spar-see”?

    1. I think it’s spelled “sparse.”

  3. You know what other candidate looked good on paper and was terrible in practice?

    1. All of them?

      1. Which ones looked good on paper?

        1. James Buchannan.

        2. Who is on the largest bill the Treasury prints?

  4. “economic fairness” is among his causes

    Economic fairness translates to institutionalized injustice.

  5. So basically, all politicians are scum. It’s best we all remember that.

  6. It’s one thing when a bad candidate and human being makes it through and gets nominated. Shit like that happens in our system for a variety of reasons. It’s another thing altogether to anoint and urge on a bad candidate and human being before the primaries even get started.

    If nothing demonstrates the uselessness and moral vacuum that is the Democratic Party, the fact that they’re just lying supine (or is that prone?) while a venal, proven-incompetent, and totally amoral old lady walks on their heads shows that in living color.

  7. Economic fairness. We’re supposed to get excited over Elizabeth Warren with a cock? Fuck that and fuck him.

    1. Hey now, I am told Elizabeth has a fine cock. Its almost as big as Hilary’s or so I am told.

      1. Look, an extremely large clitoris is not a penis. Just ask NutraSweet.

        1. Gah! DO NOT! Can you imagine what he would pen…

          1. No, he’s referring to a rather distressing situation a friend of mine found himself in during high school.

    2. I just don’t see any reason at all to vote for any Democrats right now, unless they’ve already proven that they aren’t statist fucks. How many of those are in office today? Two?

      I despise most Republicans, but at least limited government proponents have some voice within the party, however limited and however despised by the old guard. And that voice has grown somewhat while the GOP walks in the wilderness, eating wild honey and locusts.

      But, by all means, vote based on identity politics or some other single issue that is more important than all of our other freedoms, our mega-economy, and avoiding tyranny.

      1. The point is not to vote for Webb, but to liven up the Democrat race so Hillary doesn’t get a stroll down memory lane with all her lies and obfuscations intact. More power to Webb for that.

        1. I’m confident that her primary opponents, which are nowhere near as few as the media wants the world to think, will rape and pillage her. Perhaps literally, in this day of rape-sex, perhaps not.

          1. (uh, that was directed at Scarecrow Repair’s comment)

              1. Ha! I knew how it worked.

    3. Eh. I’m with ENB. I’m not going to vote for any major candidate with Rand Paul maybe being the exception, but Jim Webb appears to be an adult human being who took his office seriously. This would be a huge step in the right direction and away from Biden or Clinton.

      1. Exactly. It’s not like I would necessarily vote for Webb, or like I really plan to even vote at all, but I will cheer politicians on either side who seem marginally less terrible than most.

      2. He was Sec of the Navy when I was an enlisted man in the Corps. He seemed like a decent sort to me back then.

  8. What is more important Elizabeth, the fact that the country is turning lawless and downright fascist or that we are bombing Syria? It seems to me the first problem is a lot bigger than the second. For that reason I fail to see why Webb’s being “anti-war” means very much without some indication that he plans to do something about the first problem.

    1. Oh, he’ll do something about the first problem, all right. He’ll make it worse, in the name of “economic fairness”.

  9. Jim Webb, the guy who wrote that “Women Can’t Fight” article? Is this April Fools Day or something? The left went apeshit back when someone floated the idea of him being Obama’s running mate.

    1. Webb also wrote that affirmative action is fine as long as it’s also provided to poor white folk from appalachia.

      I’m having a hard time remembering what he did in Congress other than increasing the GI bill tuition limit.

      And he beat Allen in the macaca election when everyone saw what a dumbass Allen is.

    2. In fairness, Webb had never met Brienne of Tarth when he wrote that.

  10. “I’m still desperatley/delusionally clinging to the hope that someone less contemptible than Hillary Clinton could earn the Democratic nomination,”


    Because you think the Democrat party has such great *ideals*, and just coincidentally happens to attract such ungodly shitty people*?

    (*note: almost all politicians are ungodly shitty people)

    I personally think its perfect that the Hilinator be the default candidate for America following Obama. it is a bald admission we are voting for TEAM UBER ALLES and that voters are far more driven by identity politics than issues. No one will care what an evil gasbag she is, and will say, “Tits more important than ideas”.

    Dont even get me started on this ‘anti-war’ bullshit. candidates say *anything*. When people are in the drivers seat, they become mere rubber stamps to what is perceived as ‘political necessity’ lest they show ‘weakness’.
    i al

    1. “I’m still desperatley/delusionally clinging to the hope that someone less contemptible than Hillary Clinton could earn the Democratic nomination,”


      Because if the GOP fields a shit-show candidate, the Dems will win. Elizabeth is just hoping for anyone but Hillary at this point.

      1. Yeah, I don’t see why it’s so awful to suggest that I hope both Democrats and Republicans put forth the best possible candidates.

        1. Its not. Everyone on here is always trying to “fix the Republicans” and “teach the Republicans a lesson”. That is all well and good but it is not good enough just to fix the Republicans. You have to fix both sides. You will never fix the Republicans if the alternative is a batshit insane Democratic Party.

          The a group of hard core fascists have taken over the Democratic Party and now run it. Since Democrats are bound to take power at some point, that is a big fucking problem that no amount of “fixing the Republicans” is going to solve.

        2. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that this guy is less horrible than Hilary. Still, fuck him.

        3. by “the best possible” do we mean, “the least awful?”

          Because that’s what Obama was, last i checked. And a lot of people in this magazine tooted his horn for similar reasons. I nearly voted for the guy (i live in NYC and it would have been meaningless in any case)

          I’m not voting “for” any people this time around. I’m voting against the expansion of the “free shit” state, and ending the tradeoffs of Liberty for ‘Security’. I don’t care if the Democrat is a cross between Jesus and Chuck Norris – he/she will simply be a more-attractive salesperson for horrible ideas. Fuck em.

          1. FWIW – “Jesus Norris” reminds me of rapper, Action Bronson

    2. The reason that you want someone to knock off Hillary is the same reason you want someone to beat the Cowboys in the wild card playoff game; you don’t want to take the chance that with some lucky breaks evil* wins it all. Better the contest is between two entities you don’t care about.

      * I know that there is no debate about Clinton being evil, but some delusional folks even to this day who deny that the Cowboys are evil. To them I point out that until they atone for Drew Pearson’s push off of Nate Wright in 1975’s “Hail Mary” play they will be the most loathsome team in the NFL.

      1. I asked Drew about that at a 7-11 in the 80’s. He said Nate fell down. Suck it orange throwing Vikings fans.

      2. You don’t need all that. They’re from Dallas, Americans from every shitty town that doesn’t have their own team (and far too many people from those that do hail from football towns) love them. The Cowboys are obviously evil.

        1. (and far too many people from those that do hail from football towns)

          I have no clue what this actually means.

        2. Still? I’d say there’s some evidence that the Packers are taking over some of that group.

    3. Tits more important than ideas

      Yes, but surely quality has to count for something.

  11. You know who else had principles?

    1. Financial Accounting Standards Board?

  12. The primaries aren’t a contest — they’re a coronation. Please let the experts pick the front-runner, and stick to the script! But yeah, Hillary has no chance of winning the nomination, so don’t sweat it.

  13. “Remember, one of the reasons Obama did so well in Iowa was because he said he would end the wars,”

    No he didn’t. I seem to recall he never said any such thing, but his supporters painted him with that.

    1. He said Afghanistan was the real war and we needed to focus on that. So yeah, total BS.

  14. “Secretary Clinton and I have worked well together, but the Arab Spring is a different question. .?.?. This administration, collectively, made some very bad decisions, and they now have to climb out of a deep hole.”

    So, Webb might be a Clinton VP pick?

  15. Oh great, another tax & spend, isolationist surrender monkey. Just what the country needs.

    1. To anybody who says there don’t exist some Republicans who would sooner vote for Hillary Clinton than Rand Paul, I submit this as evidence to the contrary.

  16. Perhaps the most attractive feature for you chaps at “Hit and Run” is Jim Webb’s antisemitic/National socialist campaign he ran against George Allen (as detailed by Ann Coulter). This, along with your silence on the Muslim decapitator in OK and the Muslim just 20 miles away who threatened to decapitate someone else, is perfectly in keeping with your consistent antisemitism. Jim Webb is both your candidate and your fellow antisemite, Pat Buchanan at the misnamed “American Conservative.”

    1. If Reason is anti-semitic, Lefty sites like Daily Kos must be downright genocidal Nazis because I’m pretty sure they are saying anyone who criticizes Muslims for anything is evil.

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