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Albuquerque Cop Caught on Dash Cam Saying He'd Shoot "Fucking Lunatic" in the Penis Hours Before Cops Fatally Shoot the Homeless Camper


James Boyd shooting

One of the objections police officers bring up to continuously operating body and dash cams is that during their shifts they should have some expectation of privacy when they're not engaging residents. It's why body and dash cams almost universally have on-off switches accessible to the officers using them.

The use of body cams can focus attention on questionable acts by police officers. Earlier this year in Albuquerque, N.M., for example, the shooting of homeless camper James Boyd was caught on a cop's helmet video, sparking protests across the state and bringing needed attention to the Albuquerque Police Department's history of police brutality and fatal shootings.

Now dash cam video from a State Trooper's patrol car was found to have caught a conversation with one of the officers involved in the James Boyd shooting, Keith Sandy.

The relevant portion of the transcript, via KOB4 in Albuquerque:

Sandy: What do they have you guys doing here?

Ware: I don't know. The guy asked for state police.

Sandy: Who asked?

Ware: I don't know.

Sandy: For this f***ing lunatic?  I'm going to shoot him in the penis with a shotgun here in a second.

Ware: You got uh less-lethal?

Sandy: I got…

Ware: The Taser shotgun?

Sandy: Yeah.

Ware: Oh, I thought you guys got rid of those?

Sandy: ROP's got one…here's what we're thinking, because I don't know what's going on, nobody has briefed me…

In an internal interview, Sandy excused the comment as "locker room banter" and a "joke." Understandably the lawyer for James Boyd's family, doesn't see it that way. "It's chilling evidence and stunning that he has not been criminally indicted," Shannon Kennedy told KOB4. "He says to a state police officer 'that f'ing lunatic, I'm going to shoot him in the penis.'  It's crystal clear and he says it with contempt in his voice." 

Neither Sandy nor any other officer involved in the Boyd shooting have been indicted, and remain on paid administrative leave while an investigation continues to come to a conclusion.

Based on an investigation started in November 2012, this April the Department of Justice (DOJ) found "reasonable cause to believe that the Albuquerque Police Department is engaged in a pattern or practice of use of excessive force, including the use of unreasonable deadly force." The DOJ, Albuquerque, and the APD are now working on setting up federal monitorship of the department.

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  1. “In the penis?” Officer, describe in single words only the good things that come into your mind about. . .your mother.

  2. Ahem:

    The cops simply walked up to the campsite, like any normal person does

    and no normal person who isn’t begging to get shot in the penis has a knife in his illegal campsite.

    and all except a kneejerk bigot would recognize that as blatant common sense.

    1. Fuck. I have a big knife in my backpack, which goes on hikes and kayak trips. I mean, humans have had knives as a tool for how long now?

      1. I guess I’d better stop taking my ax and hatchet, too – but of which I tend to leave conspicuously by the fire at my campsite.

        Clearly begging to get shot in the penis with actions like that.

        1. “but of which” – huh? = “BOTH of which”


        2. Don’t penis-shoot me, bro!

    2. That thread was a festival of derp on Tulpa’s part.

      1. “Illegal” campsite means assume a supine position? Or is that prone?

        1. lupine position

            1. A “wolfie” is when your dog takes a picture of you in a mirror.

    3. No normal person with common snse would go camping, legally or not, without a knife.

      1. …Oh! I shoulda actually clicked the link. I figured it was some derpy comment elsewhere, about this particular story.

  3. Sandy: ROP’s got one…here’s what we’re thinking, because I don’t know what’s going on, nobody has briefed me…

    The Religion of Peace has one?

      1. Retarded Officious Pig?

  4. “Depraved indifference? Check. You’re hired! Welcome to the force!”

  5. “One of the objections police officers bring up to continuously operating body and dash cams is that during their shifts they should have some expectation of privacy when they’re not engaging residents.”

    They’re mistaken.

    1. I’m not sure why they think that. Do most government employees have an expectation of privacy while on the clock?

      1. They don’t want someone looking over their shoulder as they post on Facebook all day.

        1. As a person whose only professional ambition at this point is having a computer monitor that faces away from the door, I can understand that.

          But I’m also under no illusions that our IT department could probably look up my entire browsing history if they so chose.

          And I also don’t work in the public sector. I just can’t understand why they would expect privacy in a government/public career.

    2. Easy enough. Switch it off if you’re scarfing down a six pack of donuts. But, if you’re dealing with the public, it’s on.

      If you leave it off when you’re dealing with the public, and there is a complaint – you get fired.

  6. Can’t wait to see Dumfy defend this one.

    1. while powerliftin’ his way to the surf championship…

    2. That asshole will find a way to do it, while accusing the rest of us of being bigots for not seeing it his way.

  7. We know that he actually did aim for the victim’s penis because the shot did not hit the victim’s penis.

  8. I think it is locker room banter, but if you go out and shoot somebody after you say something like that, you better anticipate that the prosecutor is going to use that statement against you.

    If you don’t want a prosecutor to use you having jokingly threatened to shoot someone in the penis against you at your trial, there’s an easy way to avoid that.

    1. …and apparently that way is to wear a badge when you shoot him.

    2. Why? The prosecutor is a team player and friend to the cops.

    3. Exactly. Imagine exactly that scenario. You’re chatting with a coworker and you say, “[My brother-in-law is a] f***ing lunatic? I’m going to shoot him in the penis with a shotgun [next time I have to deal with him].”

      And then there’s a case involving you discharging a firearm and hitting your brother-in-law. I think the prosecutor would be keenly interested in hearing that information.

      1. There was a case in New Castle, PA where a guy shot his brother-in-law in the crotch with a .38. The brother-in-law is a cop. They were arguing about the proper way to sight in a rifle, and the guy dropped his BIL off at his house, continuing to argue heatedly.

        Still arguing in front of the house (and just down the street from an elementary school), he draws his revolver. The BIL says, “what, are you going to shoot me in the balls?” and the guy says, “yes, I am.” He proceeds to shoot his BIL right in the crotch.

        What’s hilarious is I used to know the guy and we were always a bit nervous around him because of his previous aggressive behavior. He had once actually jammed a weed eater into a car after the driver complained that he had thrown rocks at his.car.with.it. he.weed wacked the guy up and down the chest and ripped out the whole headliner. That earlier episode ended with a mild probation after his.cop friends intervened in court to get.him off an aggravated assault charge.

  9. That tape was doctored, as will be shown during arbitration. We cannot allow a fine public servant to be scapegoated merely to appease the bigorati mob.

  10. I think it is locker room banter

    You can bet your ass the prosecutor would be using it as the centerpiece of his prosecution (and ultimate push for the death sentence) if he had a recording of a civilian saying something like that prior to shooting a cop busting down his door in the middle of the night.

    1. Wasn’t there a recent case where the prosecutor wanted to use the the lyrics of a fucking rap song the accused wrote as evidence of intent? Is there any question a prosecutor would use recorded statements of a peasant who said in conversation that he was going to shoot somebody, and subsequently did shoot said somebody?

  11. being a cop sounds like it’s badass. you hang out with your bros all day talking shit to crazy people, kill one every once in a while, go on paid vacation for months at a time, be nigh on unfireable, open carry in all 50 states, wicked deference from prosecutors and citizens alike, you’re outside, probably a nice free gym, discounts at all the crappy retail places nearby, pension at 50, pols constantly giving you a ball wash. fucking-a.

    1. You forgot all the rapes and sexual assaults, brah.

      1. i did forget. probably lots more perks too like stalking ex-wives and robbing undocumented aliens.

        i bet a job this great only draws the best and brightest, the selfless and those willing to sacrifice.

        1. Nope, but it TENDs to do so

          And just to get the job, cops get psychological, background, etc scrutiny that are seen in very few other professions

          It’s key that on the whole we hire the best and it’s clear we do a damn good job of GENERALLY speaking, doing so

          Places like WA DC and NOPD being obvious exceptions


          1. And just to get the job, cops get psychological, background, etc scrutiny that are seen in very few other professions

            so true. there are very few professions that people can be too intelligent to qualify for, so you’ve got that going for you.

    2. Free dope, too.

  12. Body cameras and dashcams been very very good to me, much like baseball

    Example after example shows they help hold cops accountable and help protect cops from bogus ones (and bring bad guys to justice)


    That’s a great example of the latter point and I have seen scores of similar examples. Body cameras and dashcams are a wonderful tool for justice

    Note that the scumbag in this video was convicted (justifiably) after declining a jail free plea deal and the video allowed for overwhelming proof of her guilt.

    She also made a complaint against the officer which is very typical ploy of people who are guilty because they try to take the heat off themselves

    The video does an excellent job of demonstrating the officers excellent use of verbal judo clear verbalization and just demonstrated that he did everything very very well and made it crystal clear that the force was justified and completely necessitated by the offenders actions not the officers

    Booya body and dashcams

    without this evidence in my experience it’s very likely that would be difficulty in proving the crime and difficulty in defending the officer from bogus complaint

    Justice is served

    1. This is how you know even Dunphy’s defeated here. Because he doesn’t even bother to talk about this case, he just talks decides to deflect the conversation and talk about an entirely different case where a poor innocent officer was unjustly accused and saved by a camera.

      1. Read below idiot

        I did talk about it and did say the penis comment was relevant

        Dunphy: 1
        Bigot: zero

        And I will repeat what I said below the penis statement is relevant and should be considered by the prosecutor

        1. Andrew S.|9.29.14 @ 3:53PM|#

          That asshole will find a way to do it, while accusing the rest of us of being bigots for not seeing it his way.

          Just call me Carnac the Magnificent.

        2. Note also that Andrew above made his false statement at 4:10 PM and I made my response to this incident at 4 PM showing that he doesn’t even have the basic intelligence to check before he makes a False statement about me

          To translate for the people here who are too stupid to understand what I am saying

          The above bigot claims at a certain point in time I’m defeated since I haven’t responded to this thread assuming of course that I had even read it at this point

          Fortunately by mere chance I actually had not only read this thread but responded to it 10 minutes before he made his false accusations towards me

          The truth has a way of exposing liars and protecting the innocent, more so with body cameras etc

          Heck so do Internet threads that are time stepped

          And to let the bigots know for future reference I frequently do not even wake up till 1 PM or even later so if I haven’t responded to something it’s very likely I haven’t even ready it yet you fucking morons

          Hth smooches

  13. The penis statement absolutely should be considered when viewing the evidence in the shooting

    It IS relevant

    Investigations are always about the totality of the circ’s.

    It is not dispositive but it IS relevant. Not considering it would be a miscarriage of justice from a process angle and it’s always about process

  14. I find the commentary in this thread typical as usual it shows that the bigots don’t even understand the statement I have made in the past and as usual make bogus predictions about what I will say on any given topic

    Excuse me for waking up at 12:30 PM Pacific time and not waking up at the crack of dawn to respond to this thread

    Upon reading it I did what I always do which is use logic reason and process analysis and come to a conclusion based on same

    As usual the bigoted idiots really clearly do not understand the bulk of my posts I have made in the past because they continually demonstrate as in above a inability to predict how I will respond

    When it comes to use of force whether committed by police or people who are not police I will always use the proper metrics when analyzing same



      1. No it’s actually the exact opposite they don’t understand my words and they also make false statements

        You are a great example

        You claim at 4:10 PM that am defeated Because haven’t responded

        That is stupid on its face since in many cases I haven’t even woken up before 1 PM Pacific time

        However in this case I woke up at 12:30 and I responded to this incident at 4 PM (eastern time?)

        So you accused me of not doing something at 4:10 PM that I had already done at 4 PM

        Furthermore you predicted that I would have the exact opposite response that I had in this incident since I stated clearly that the penis statement is relevant

        So no I am not whining about libertarians I am whining about idiots who have no reading comprehension or predictive ability and who tend to lie

        Hth smooches

        1. Must be a rough life, having to wake up at noon. How do you fit in the surfing contests and powerlifting with such a schedule?

          My point was that you posted a completely irrelevant statement in an attempt to deflect. There was absolutely zero reason for you to post that except as a way to try and deflect the conversation without having to justify what the cop did. And even when you did talk about it, you just said it was relevant. You wouldn’t even say it was wrong.

          As for misinterpreting, I’ve read that thread multiple times in the last two years. I’m a contract lawyer; I have to interpret vague language for a living. And I don’t see any other way to interpret your words except for the way they’ve been interpreted by others in this thread and elsewhere.

          1. I see that you are obfuscating deflecting etc instead of doing the honorable thing where you simply say that you were wrong that your accusation was false etc

            One of the thing that separates a good police officer from a bad one is ethics and honesty the same is true of people in general

            Try to rise above your petty bigotry and ignorance and do something honorable for once in your life

            It might help you understand the kind of qualities that are required to be police officer

            Again I have demonstrated without any doubt whatsoever due to the timestamps in this thread that your statement is materially false and reckless at best if not a willful lie

            My response on this thread is also contrary to the predictions made by every person here who made a prediction and predicted I would try to explain away when in fact I make it very clear in your statement absolutely is relevant

            Being wrong is not a big deal we all suffer that fate on many occasions

            Being incapable to have the honourable response when you are wrong is another matter entirely


  15. By the way some ignoramus above was commenting regarding whether police do or do not have any right to privacy during their shift

    Of course they do just like persons in any other profession it depends on where they are what they are doing who they’re talking to etc. etc. etc.

    Generally speaking if you were talking to another person and know you are being recorded and then you do not have an expectation of privacy again as a general rule

    In many cases even if you do not know you are being recorded you do not have an expectation of privacy it is dependent on a whole host of factors that are probably too complex for the average idiot here

    As an example of an expectation of privacy we have on duty one of my friends won a very choice lawsuit because he’s privacy in the locker room was violated by a video camera placed by internal affairs

    Internal affairs actually thought it was okay to stick a concealed video camera in a locker in the locker room and they were of course wrong

  16. No employee has any right to privacy and functions under the directive of his/her employer while being paid by that employer. Cops are no different. That’s not even an argument. Don’t like that? Get a different job.

  17. I looked at that headline a good while trying to figure out when the “penis hours” were.

  18. Listened to one of those numbskull leftist judges say that a gun held to the head of a hostage in a standoff situation does not mean that the perp intended to pull the trigger.

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