What Happens In Vegas… Gets Federal Official Indicted


A federal grand jury has indicted a former official who headed the federal General Services Administration unit that came under fire for holding a lavish Las Vegas conference in 2010.

The San Francisco grand jury charged Jeffrey Neely, 59, on Thursday with filing false expense reports claiming he was traveling on official business, using a false document and lying to the GSA's inspector general.


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  1. The red flag here was the. Fact that the conference was in Vegas. I live there. There is no such thing as a non-lavish event in Vegas. The place is specifically engineered to be as lavish as possible. Maybe the GSA could just ban events and replace them with a fucking conference call. If I’m paying taxes for lavish events in Vegas, I had better be invited.

    1. The place is specifically engineered to be as lavish as possible.
      Why else would people spend thousands on conferences discussing exciting things like finance.

      1. Especially when it’s entirely possible to discuss finance in a video conference.

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