Police Abuse

NYPD Slams Pregnant Woman to the Ground for Intervening in Arrest of Teen, Father Also Booked


screen cap of NYPD brutality

Another day, another video of police brutality. This time a video caught by a bystander and posted on Facebook  shows officers from the New York Police Department (NYPD) shoving a pregnant Brooklyn woman to the ground who was trying to intervene in the arrest of her 17-year-old son. The cops also pushed another woman and arrested the teen's dad for arguing about the arrest as well, according to the New York Post. The teen's alleged crime? Carrying a knife in New York City.

Watch the video below:

No amount of diversity training, sensitivity training, diversification or community relations-building can eliminate behavior like this by law enforcement. The laws need to change. Not just the laws that protect bad cops but the petty laws (like banning knives over a certain length*) that create the opportunity for such interactions in the first place.

*Years ago I had a beautiful, lightly stained, hunting knife I found at World Trade Center confiscated from me by a cop in Times Square who noticed it in my pocket.and said it was too long. He said I could throw it out or go to the station with him. I tried to throw it into the trash in a way that I could recover it later but the cop clued in to it and came to watch me junk it. Later on a friend told me that the reason the cops wanted me to throw the knife out is because they couldn't do it themselves and that the threat of taking me to the station was probably a bluff. A couple of months later I got big into Ron Paul.


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  1. so if your trained in martial arts are you considered a weapon and not allowed in NYC?

  2. All this over a kid having a knife? How does anyone heart NY?

    1. The progs love it, because knives are scary.

  3. It’s like you people don’t care about officer safety at all. These law enforcement officers are heroes. They go out every day and put their lives on the line. In the course of risking their lives, sometimes they have to slam pregnant ladies on the ground belly-first to protect themselves. It’s just reflex. Unless you’ve been out there putting your life on the line to protect innocent life, you don’t understand.

    1. If you physically resisted the arrest of another person then the expectation that your arwest will involve your being taken swiftly to the ground is a near certainty and for very good reason. This reminds me of all the hoopla in the case with a Seattle cop who Punched the young girl who was physically interfering with a jaywalkers arrest and said punch being entirely justified as even many reasonoids admitted after the hoopla died down

      1. Too many capital letters, no acronyms or abbreviations, no mention of weightlifting or surfing.

        Troll-o-meter: 0

      2. You seem to be appealing to your own rulebook, which is part of what is in dispute.

  4. Look at those big, strong men assaulting those women! So manly!



    2. Assuming she physically interfered with the arrest of another being taken to the ground forcefully does not constitute assault and no amount of begging the question in prejudgement changes that fact

  5. Oh, and where’s my hat tip?

  6. the reason the cops wanted me to throw the knife out is because they couldn’t do it themselves

    Let me get this straight. The cops can’t confiscate your knife, but they can force you to dispose of it? That makes no sen…but, there I go again.

  7. Wait ’til they start slamming pregnant cows to the ground.

    Why Is the USDA Buying Submachine Guns?

    “At its heart it comes down to this: To myself, and for a lot of Americans, there is great concern over regulator agencies with heavy handed capabilities,” Rep. Stewart told Modern Farmer.

    You’ll notice amongst the regulators themselves obviously there isn’t great concern over regulator agencies with heavy handed capabilities, so I think the answer to the headline question is pretty obvious – FYTW.

    1. Why Is the USDA Buying Submachine Guns?

      Because people are questioning their need for submachine guns.

  8. A couple of months later I got big into Ron Paul.

    So, knives are like a gateway drug?


  9. It will be interesting to see just what is the nature of the “grudge against law enforcement” the guy who ambushed a state trooper in Penna.’s Poconos has. Did he pick out a random trooper or a trooper that, in his mind, wronged him in the past?

    1. Is there a realistic chance that this guys gets taken alive?

        1. No. He’s as good as dead. They’ll kill him and tell whatever story they want to tell.

          1. He could surrender on live television and they’d still gun him down.

            1. And most people will cheer. The rest won’t care.

              1. I’ll be cheering when he takes down more cops.

            2. “The perp put his hands in the air, indicating that he was about to perform a somersault into the officers. Shots were fired. Good shoot.”

              1. I just checked out the Twitter feed on the manhunt…
                The LEOs seem to be in one accord in their desire for this dude to be turned inside out. Wish they got this fired up about a ‘regular’ murder. Oh well…I guess some of us are more equal than others.

  10. Come on, who hasn’t wanted to slam a pregnant woman at some point? Arresting a 17-year-old is fun, but making him watch, helplessly, while you dump his momma on the asphalt? Priceless.

    1. I think almost anyone who has lived with a pregnant woman has wanted to slam her at some point. Seriously though, fuck every single government dick luber that made this happen, from the cops to the pants shitting politicians.

      1. To David Brooks, the ultimate government power bottom.

      2. This has nothing to do with wanting to slam anybody . As a general rule and a general principle in use of force if somebody is physically resisting somebody else’s arrest process it is entirely legitimate to force them to the ground to effectuate an arrest. Just like most fights end up on the ground so do most arrests and when you are arresting a person who decides to physically intervene in another arrest that is the arrest of a person who has committed a serious and violent crime that needs to be dealt with effectively.

        1. Yes, yes, Dunphy. Let the hate flow through you. Lick the boots, those boots your love…

          1. Dude, he’s wearing the boots.

            1. OH! THAT explains it…

              Yeah, I put it together further down…

  11. The news report referred to the fetus as a “developing child.” Why is that reporter anti-science?

  12. Don’t throw it in the garbage can, throw it at the cop to get an achievement, and a little stun-prodding.

  13. The laws don’t need to change (other than, of course laws that create victimless crimes). The violence employed by the cops did is already illegal. Its just that nobody cares to enforce the law against the cops.

    What needs to change is much more fundamental than that. The Cop-Industrial Complex needs to be destroyed, which means a ground-up rebuilding of the criminal justice system.

    That ain’t gonna happen until after the Revolution. Sorry.

    1. No in most cases the alleged violence used by police is perfectly legal it’s just that people don’t understand how to analyse force.For what it’s worth I already posted detailed use of force to include deadly force statistics for the New York PD who m show an astounding amount of restraint in use of force of any sort. Their rate of deadly force either per capita or per rate of Part I crime for example is far below that of most other agencies.

      Generally speaking if somebody physically resists the arrest of another person they should be expected to be taken down to the ground hard. The problem is that most people this usually results in little to no injuries but is problematic for a pregnant person. Groovy, and one could propose modified uof techniques for pregnant suspects, but that would have no relevance to this case

      1. Yes, we know. Do what you’re told and maybe you won’t get hurt. Obey. We know.

      2. I thought all cases of alleged violence by police were perfectly legal. I mean, isn’t that the whole purpose of internal investigations? Police police the police in their policing and everyone gets what they deserve!

      3. I hate to say it, but Dunphy’s correct about the law. Of course, the law is intentionally unjust and immoral, but hey, the law’s the law.

        1. And of course, everyone knows how trustworthy the NYPD, and cops in general are, so you can trust those statistics.

      4. The amount of restraint the NYPD showed when they choked that guy to death earlier this year for the alleged crime of selling loosies was amazing.

        1. I mean, really. Like, the NYPD could have gone after the guy’s family afterwards, but they restrained themselves to only one corpse one for that incident.

  14. The use of force may or may not have been excessive but there is no way based on this video to determine that. Assuming arguendo a pregnant woman was pushed to the ground if it was true that she was physically resisting the rest of somebody whether or not her son then generally speaking pushing somebody to the ground to accomplish the arrest of a physically resistant suspect somebody who is physically resisting somebody else’s arrest is a valid use of force.Obviously in a perfect world, you try to avoid a pregnant woman’s stomach being slammed into the ground, and of course a pregnant woman has a higher duty to avoid such crimes like resisting arrest that could result in damage to the unborn during a physical arrest. Just as most fights in real life end up on the ground so do many if not most arrests of physically resistant suspects and for good reason.

    1. Much of the defensive tactics I have been taught and have taught to others in both the police and non-police training involved taking a person to the ground to detain or arrest, again training for both cops and noncops alike. Much of what I use and have been taught and have taught has grounding in American wrestling ju-jitsu and Aikido, – where ground dominance is a substantial part of technique. So people can whine and as usual jump to unsupported conclusions, but generally speaking taking a physically resisting suspect to the ground is legitimate use of force

      1. I’ve never really licked a boot before. I appreciate you picking up my slack.

      2. Will you tell us how good it feels to slam a pregnant woman to the ground?

  15. Oh yeah Ed,
    *Months ago I had a beautiful, Benchmade pocket knife that my father had given me ~20 yrs ago that had traveled with me on airlines pre-9/11 and to Iraq/Afgh/HOA post-9/11, “relinquished” by the Pentagon Force Protection Agency for being a half-inch longer than the limit of 2.5 inches. Could I turn around and go home or put in my car? No. Could I pick it up on the way out? No. It was to be destroyed because PFPA apparently has to be bigger dicks than TSA to uniformed military members w/ spotless records and security clearances. Screw knife restrictions and the mall cops who enforce them.

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