D.C. Police to Begin Wearing Body Cameras

160 officers to partake in pilot program


More than 160 District of Columbia police officers will wear cameras that record them performing their duties as part of a six-month pilot program.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier said Wednesday that she believes the camera program will enhance safety for officers and the public as well as cutting down on the time spent conducting internal investigations.

The pilot program will cost $1 million. Lanier says it will probably take between two and three years to outfit all the department's patrol officers with cameras.

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  1. Don’t you mean cutting down the time spent pretending to conduct internal investigations?

    1. DC police are lucky. Many agencies prohibit officers from wearing body cameras and I would volunteer in a heartbeat if mine would allow us to.

      I am seeing a cascading number of body camera Videos protecting officers in situations where it’s clear it would’ve been a major cluster fuck and he said she said traffic stop nightmare. I posted one on another thread where a woman was just convicted of obstructing and I’m confident that without the videotape it would’ve been a lawsuit and doubtful she would’ve been convicted. I’ve seen too many similar cases where they devolved to she said she said and it’s very difficult to accurately depict the suspect behaviour ithat clearly justified arrest.

  2. All for this, especially if they are subcontracted to be assembled by an outfit of “moderates” in Allepo.

  3. In the meantime, feel free to abuse the Constitution and batter innocent citizens as long as you’re not recording.

    1. Or being recorded.

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