Police Abuse

Brickbat: Look It Up


A Michigan judge has sentenced former Taylor police officer Michael Calabrese to 12 months probation and fined him $1,600 after a jury found him guilty ofthree counts of accessing a police database for personal reasons. Calabrese's probation will drop to six months if he pays the fine on time.

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  1. Let me guess – he’s still a cop… Oh wait, not in that jurisdiction.

    Which department is going to hire him after his vacation?

    1. Why do you hate our Heroes in Blue?

  2. Meanwhile a gang of cops beat a man to death in Fullerton, and they get nothing. With all the bullshit these assholes get away with, yet this is the thing that nails them? It’s almost as if there was more to this guys story, or his prosecution served a higher state purpose

    1. Here’s the question we may want to ask – Who did he look up?

    2. He made the mistake of embarrassing the department and leaving a traceable record.

    3. Look at the comments in the linked story. Calabrese (unwisely for a man on probation) posted a long comment explaining his side of the story. Hard to tell if it’s true or not, but remember we’re talking about cops against cops, so either side could be lying.

      1. Or both sides could be lying.

        There is zero percent chance neither side is lying.


  4. What’s everyone complaining about? If you have nothing to hide you have NOTHING to worry about!!!!

  5. As part of his conviction, Calabrese had his access to LEIN taken away and his law enforcement career is over.

    So rare to see this, but then there’s this:

    Calabrese emphatically declared his innocence to Judge Daniel Hathaway.

    “I am not guilty of every charge that was presented before this court,” he said. “I served the country and the community with honor, integrity and service, and the things that are put before you today are false. And, I am innocent.”

    So this criminal is obviously incorrigible, unrepentant and unwilling to take responsibility for his actions.

    Just like this criminal cop, except this cop is probably severely brain-damaged if he’s really this stupid.

    “I don’t believe I can put the badge and uniform back on, and go out and fight for something I really wholeheartedly don’t believe in at this time,” Dooley said. “That’s the way I feel after the way I was done throughout this process. It put a little distrust in my mind for the justice system, the way it is.”

    Really? You’ve been a part of the justice system for this long and this is the very first time you’re seeing the system screw somebody over? How sweet that apparently you’ve only ever dealt with Girl Scouts in your career.

    1. “I went from one day, everybody patting me on the back, thanking me for getting drugs off the street,” Dooley said, “and it was just like a switch flipped, and they just wanted to be rid of me.”

      They’ve stopped worshiping me, so now I haz a sadz.

  6. Calabrese’s probation will drop to six months if he pays the fine on time.

    WTF? Will his probation be waived if he pays in advance?

  7. Sounds like a very good plan to me dude. Wow.


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