DEA Shoot Grandmother Reaching For Baby During Raid, According to Son


Police raid stock photo

Lilian Alonzo, a 49-year-old grandmother, was shot while trying to pick up an infant grandchild during a by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Manchester, New Hampshire, according to her son. Police in raids elsewhere arrested two of Alonzo's daughters in an oxycodone ring but neither of them lived with Lilian and no drugs, weapons, or cash was found in her home.

The New Hampshire Attorney General's office is investigating the shooting, according to the New Hampshire Union-Leader, and believe that "one of the officer's weapons discharged." They're expected to rule on whether the shooting was accidental, and an initial report could be released this month.

Earlier this week, a Houston police officer shot a man in the abdomen during a "confrontation" in a drug raid in which the DEA also participated in Sugar Land, Texas. "This neighborhood is really quiet and peaceful. Our kids run around the neighborhood. It's a great place to live, it's very surprising to see this in this area," one resident told the local TV station. There are more than a hundred SWAT raids a day across the United States, often on drug-related charges.


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  1. The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office is investigating the shooting, according to the New Hampshire Union-Leader, and believe that “one of the officer’s weapons discharged.”

    I love the use of passive voice, there. The weapon discharged. All by itself. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the jumped-up mall ninja who failed to keep his booger hook off the bang switch.

    1. Almost like it’s a question whether the woman was shot or not.

      Police were there, a loud noise was heard, a woman died, nothing else happened.

      1. I don’t think she was fatally shot, but it’s still outrageous the stark difference when a noble peace officer’s weapon goes rogue and discharges of its own free will and when a serf maliciously guns down an aforementioned noble peace officer.

        1. “They’re expected to rule on whether the shooting was accidental, and an initial report could be released this month.”

          One of the things I truly enjoyed about the Army was when they officially changed the term “accidental discharge” to “negligent discharge”. In the Army’s view, there were no accidents with your firearm. If it went off in your possession, you were at fault…whether you intended to shoot or not. And if you negligently discharged a firearm, you were punished.

          I’d like to see the cops adopt that.

          1. Don’t hold your breath. Cops are held to a lower standard of behavior than toddlers.

          2. This …

            The only accident is a moron is give a firearm.

          3. That’s a great idea.

    2. Nothing about this should make me laugh, but your phrasing of how it happened did. You horrible person, you.

      When police officers face absolutely zero consequences for “accidental” shootings, they seem to start thinking (and acting) like there’s no reason for them to follow the most basic of gun safety rules. Because really, there isn’t.

      1. There are no accidental shootings. The trigger was pulled. The decision tobput the finger inside the guard was the decision to shoot.

        1. Ah, you forget the golden rule of government. With great power comes no responsibility.

    3. IT is just nuts. Whether it was accidental, malicious or a justified shooting, an officer discharged his weapon. That’s what happened and it is in no way prejudicial to say so.

      1. Even that’s euphemistic, though. This wasn’t just an ND; the cop shot somebody. Maybe he didn’t do it intentionally, but that is what happened, and as you say, it’s not prejudicial to say as much.

        1. Yep. If he didn’t intend to shoot her, why was his weapon pointed at her?

          1. It was the gun… was like it had a mind of it’s own!

          2. If the gun is drawn then you intend to shoot. That is why it exists; to shoot. If your intention is not to shoot, then it should be holstered. Period.

            1. Rule 1 – all guns are always loaded.

              Rule 2 – don’t point the muzzle at something/in a direction where you do not wish to shoot.

              Rule 3 – do not place your trigger finger inside the trigger guard unless you wish to shoot.

              1. repeat until you remember, can repeat verbatum and understand or we take away your bang stick

      2. I never thought about it this way, but I know that when polled, cops are usually pretty good on 2A rights, even for us serfs. But when they word things like this, they play right into the hoplophobes’ fears and anthropomorphize guns.

    4. That’s not even passive voice. That’s straight up anthropomorphism.

      1. Passive voice includes an auxiliary verb, such as “was”. I guess you could call this “super-passive”. It just happens, like radioactive decay. If you leave a loaded gun sit around long enough it just fires by itself.

    5. Rape is now called “prostate discharge.”

    6. “one of the officer’s weapons discharged.”

      GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! How much of this horse shit are we supposed to take!?

      1. we should fire the weapon…no suspend with pay

    7. GFJ’s rules for civil society #3:

      “Any use of the passive voice when reporting on an incident of the shooting of any person by a law enforcement officer, shall be considered prima facie evidence for a charge of Murder in the 2nd Degree, if resulting in death, or Felonious Assault, if not.”

  2. …and believe that “one of the officer’s weapons discharged.”

    This is in dispute?

    1. bullet magically appeared in woman…cop quoted…”we don’t know where it came from it was just there right after that loud noise, but rest assured we’ll investigate this until no one cares anymore”

  3. “one of the officer’s weapons discharged.”

    What if Grandma had a weapon that “discharged”? Would the police be using the passive voice? Would they be doing an investigation to see if it was an unfortunate, but not criminal, accident?

  4. Police Chief David J. Mara is nothing more than a thuggish warlord who will engage in campaigns of terror and intimidation to cover-up the violence and lack of professionalism that is endemic in his department.

    Somerville, MA can breath a sigh of relief that he was never inflicted upon them. Which is, like, the only good thing to have ever happened to Somerville.

    Jus’ sayin’

  5. Yeah, but what’s been left out is it was an “assault baby” – a unique designed onesie with slightly puffed out shoulders and sleeker in the midsection…

    1. Please, don’t tell us it has a thing that goes up!

        1. Hey, I’m voting not to be told.

  6. I don’t see how accidental makes it better.

  7. Assault-Baby. It had a pistol-grip pacifier.

  8. Well, dangerous people all start as babies. For instance, Hitler was a baby once.

  9. It was no accident. The fucker shot twice.

    My guess….Panic fire from a roided up freak with an itchy finger. One hit, one miss in an apartment with three children and an old lady. What a hero.

    1. Language! The gun discharged twice.

  10. Just when I thought I was going to get through a day without a horrific nut-punch enter Ed.. :/

    1. What did you expect….it’s Friday!

  11. its stupid PUNK cops liek this I jsut LOVE to hear about in the news getting clipped in the line of duty.

  12. The New Hampshire AG, if he wants to be re-elected, will accept the police cover-up that the Officer tripped or that the Grandmother “was reaching for her waistband”. In no event will ANY fault be found with the Officer, his superiors, or his department. Sit back and watch the whitewash flow. That’s what the MSM will do.

    1. Well, the cops can’t be wrong because…they’re cops

  13. You run into a 7-11 with a gun, perform a holdup, and your gun discharges actually accidentally, and you kill someone. You get charged with murder. There is no such thing as an accidental discharge when you point a gun at someone with your finger on the trigger. That isn’t an accident. An accident is when you pick your gun off the table, it slips from your hand, hits the ground, and goes off. That is an accident. Even then you should be responsible.

    1. You run into a 7-11 with a gun, perform a holdup, and your gun discharges actually accidentally, and you kill someone.

      Actually, with felony murder rules, if during the hold up, your accomplice accidentally shoots himself or a bystander, or the cops do the same, accident or not, you‘re charged with murder.

  14. ..”one of the officer’s weapons discharged.” Ya think? It may have been an “accident”? Really? In all my years, I’ve never known a firearm to discharge “accidentally”…..unless it was being handled (or mis-handled) by a human being.

  15. Drugs must be legalized to stop abuses like this.

  16. Shooting a few grannies is a small price to pay for the DEA’s inevitable victory in the War On Drugs.

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  18. Radley Balko recently wrote a piece entitled “The curious grammar of police shootings”:…..shootings/

    The deceit used in writing these reports is disgusting. People communicating like this should never be trusted.

    1. Past exonerative tense. Good one.

  19. Did he forget to bring his flash bang grenade?

  20. “This neighborhood is really quiet and peaceful. Our kids run around the neighborhood. It’s a great place to live, it’s very surprising to see this in this area,” one resident told the local TV station.

    Arrest this person immediately!

    1. *sigh*


  21. They’re expected to rule on whether the shooting was accidental,

    Accidental? It cannot have been accidental. The least it can be is negligent, which would make it it reckless endangerment. I am thinking it is Assault with a Deadly Weapon. The pig should be in prison.

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