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Vermont School Bans Brownies, Says 'the Kids Like Kale Here'


To Vermont public schools, the brownie is as old fashioned as the powdered wig.

Brownies and other chocolate treats are now officially banned by the state. Vermont Watchdog reports the state is now pushing fruit kebabs, kale and gluten-free paleo lemon bars as school treats.

The ban comes in an attempt to comply with new federal school lunch and snack regulations championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.


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  1. If the kids like kale why did they need to ban brownies ?

    1. You know how that kind of logic goes: We SHOULD ban brownies, and it’s OK and doesn’t hurt anyone since nobody liked them anyway, right? Seriously, that is almost exactly what the principal says. “We don’t serve desserts here; I have never seen anyone eat dessert here; the kids like kale and don’t like dessert.” Of course, she seems to have the arrow of cause and effect a little mixed up…

  2. As a general statement, we’ve simply become too civilized. When assholes got too much into everyone else’s business, they were forced to take poison and go away.

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  4. The underlying problem here is not that brownies are better than kale or that parents SHOULD feed their kids brownies instead of gluten-free paleo lemon bars, or regulations that force the opposite decision…it’s the government presenting the “healthy” decision as the ONLY decision for all us plebes, peons and proles they are taking care of.

    It seems a lot of people have never really looked at the underlying assumption here, so that it becomes almost heretical to point out that HEALTH IS NOT THE ONLY “GOOD”! There’s plenty of precedent for choosing other rewards over the optimally healthy option.

    Does enforcing this “single option” work towards the gathering of power unto liberal/progressive/stasist/technocratic nannies? Well, tchyuh! Does the Poope shit in the woods?

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