TSA Demands to Search Man AFTER Plane Lands. He Filmed His Response.


Kahler Nygard, 22, of Minnesota was called off a plane by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) when it landed in Colorado earlier this month. He filmed his unsettling encounter with the agency.

"I'm the only one walking off the plane," Nygard states in the first video he posted on Youtube six days ago. "They let me fly all the way to Denver. Everyone's wondering what's going on with me," he says as heads turn toward him. "No, I have not committed a crime."

His plane tickets, like those of about 14,000 other individuals, are apparently marked by the TSA "SSSS" for Secondary Security Screening Selection. That means he gets to go through all those extra pat-downs every time he wants to travel through the air for unknown reasons based on hazy criteria.

His second video has all the creepy action. Once he gets off the plane, a TSA agent named Andrew Grossman claims the screening of Nygard was "not completed" in Minnesota, so they need to re-examine "his body and his bags" now. The agent calls Nygard "pretty objectionable" for filming the encounter, demands to see his boarding pass, and threatens to call Denver police on him for not complying.

Regarding the boarding pass, Nygard responds "I misplaced it." This seems to stump Grossman, as do Nygard's many valid questions. He repeatedly asks if he's being detained, and gets a different, mushy answer each time. He asks why he needs to be screened after a flight since he traveled safely from one location to the other, and the agent says, "I'm not going to argue with you." He asks under which statute or law he's being detained, and the agent replies, "I'm following my orders."

Watch the encounter here:

He walked out of the airport despite the agent's demands, and according to NBC, "Nygard says he flew back to Minneapolis [last] Thursday. Besides another pat-down, he says there were no issues." He wasn't arrested as the agent threatened, but the TSA says it "is investigating the case." 

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  1. “I’m following my orders.”

    You know who else was just following orders?

    1. Dawson and Downey?

    2. Paul Warfield Tibbets Jr?

    3. Jimmy Johns Delivery Driver?

      1. Free smells? Really? No thanks.

    4. Diane from Cheers?

      1. Oh, and piss on all of you for having wittier responses than mine.

    5. The Fedex shipment tracking website?

    6. Dinner?

      No wait, that’s just following hors d’oeuvres.

      1. Swiss Servator will be along shortly to narrow his eyes at you…

      2. The art of the pun is still alive!

      3. Damn. You beat me to it!

    7. First comment. Godwin be like what?

    8. Baron Harkonnen?

  2. OT: Strange things are afoot at The Nation.

    Liberals and Feminists, Stop Enabling the Police State
    Sex, or the fear of it, has been almost as important in the construction of this nightmare as racism.

    1. Dont worry = every now and then, even the most severe alcoholics also experience ‘moments of clarity’.

      Then they get Back to Business.

      1. It’s already been 36 hours. Enough clarity. I guess it’s beer for breakfast today. Oranjeboom 16%.

  3. Were members of the SS-Totenkopfverb?nde particularly stupid? If so, these guys would fit right in. The have all the right answers and will follow the dumbest, most Unconstitutional orders without question.

    1. There is no evil too so great that you cannot find a man somewhere willing to commit it for a steady paycheck.

      1. Which explains the IRS and DEA.

  4. “He asks why he needs to be screened after a flight..”
    “I’m not going to argue with you.”

    There’s a number of ways to deflect and redirect a point, but this one? Is like the Figure-4/Full-Nelson/Body-Slam-off-the-Ropes of petty authority =

    turn very specific, narrow, relevant questions into “Being Argumentative

    1. You are so lucky you didn’t add the Camel Clutch to your list of wrestling holds. If you had, I’m pretty sure you’d be on the no fly list.

    2. I’m wondering if the TSA “agent” deserves an award for not pepper spraying him?

  5. But people look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I refuse to fly.

  6. TSA says it “is investigating the case.”

    Somehow I trust that less than police investigating their own.

  7. re: “… and threatens to call Denver police on him for not complying.”

    From everything I’ve heard, this is a great way for the TSA guys to piss off the Denver police, or any other police organization that consider the TSA to be a bunch of buffoons that are not real police officers.

    1. Please, just because the cops regard TSA agenst with the same lack of respect they have for “Paul Blarts” doesn’t mean they won’t be grateful for the opportunity to crack some prole’s skull open.

      1. They’ll talk about the TSA agents behind their backs, but in the end, the TSA agent is a fellow government operative, and you’re just a prole. Most of the time, they’ll side with their fellow government operatives because they’re better than the rest of us.

      2. They’ll be super happy that TSA saddled them with a 1983 situation? DPD likes paying huge settlements because TSA is a bunch of fuckwits?

        I have my doubts that professional courtesy extends THAT far.

    2. My brother got in a huge argument with a TSA agent at an airport in Vermont. A police officer was summoned and basically said, “what the fuck, just let him through.”

    3. Friend of mine was “caught” (he wasnt trying to hide it) twice by TSA with medicinal marijuana at the SF airport. Both times they called the local cops in. Both times the cops looked at his prescription and shrugged their shoulders. Once they told him, “Make sure you finish it before you land.”

      TSA agents were irate he wasnt arrested.

      1. Praise tha lawd that TSA goons don’t have arrest powers.

  8. …the agent replies, “I’m following my orders.”

    I’m sure it sounds better in German: “Ich bin nach meinen Befehlen.”

    1. Google translate is NOT your friend.

      1. Just followink orders.

  9. He asks under which statute or law he’s being detained, and the agent replies, “I’m following my orders.”

    I haven’t watched the video yet. Tell me the agents responds in a German accent.

  10. His plane tickets, like those of about 14,000 other individuals, are apparently marked by the TSA “SSSS” for Secondary Security Screening Selection.

    BTW, there’s evidence you can get the SSSS designation for punishment by an airline ticketing agent if you get snippy with him/her.

    1. The best policy when flying is to avoid human contact as much as possible. Get your boarding pass on your phone and don’t check any bags.

      1. And you very definitely should not, under any circumstances, download your boarding pass, open it in photoshop, and erase that goddamn “SSSS” bullshit off of it. That would be bad. Very naughty. So don’t do it.

        1. Holy SHIT, ah am SOOOO glad yew warned me NOT to do that!!! Ah would NEVER think of doing that, and now, ah won’t even THINK about thinking about doing that!!!! (Ah does NOT want to be thunk of, as “naughty”, let alone “very naughty”; ah haz been severely SPANKED fer less than that!)

      2. The best policy when flying is to avoid human contact as much as possible.

        FIFY, NTN. The Libertarian Proviso is that one might make an exception for prostitutes or trade partners.

      3. “His plane tickets, like those of about 14,000 other individuals, are apparently marked by the TSA “SSSS” for Secondary Security Screening Selection.”

        I believe that is abbreviated SS

    2. I had that designation for about six months in the early 00’s. Nobody could explain why, and, after submitting a formal protest through the TSA website it stopped.
      Then I got a letter from the TSA denying that they had had anything to do with it.
      I can date the start of the SSSS crap from when I needed to make an emergency trip home from a conference, but I never actually interacted with anyone that I can recall.

    3. I’d be interested in what you heard about this, since, as I mentioned below, I had the honor of the SSSS designation for a while about ten years ago.

    4. My 18 YO, just out of HS, got that designation on her last flight. Maybe there’s something in her shady past she’s not telling about…Like wearing her mortarboard on backwards in her yearbook perhaps?

  11. Reading that Nation article makes me think Massachusetts should be forcibly expelled from the Union if they elect Coakley to the governorship.

    Goatfucking Jesus, what a despicable cunt.

    1. She’s one of the worst human beings in politics. Like Hillary Clinton without the charm or ethics.

  12. Two by two… hands of blue… TWO BY TWO… HANDS OF BLUE!!!

    1. Please. Like the TSA could ever be that efficient.

    2. Has anybody seen my girl?

  13. This is what happens when we hand over state power to people who got Cs in high school.

    1. Reminds me of all the nursing students when I attended college. “OMG. These classes are so…hard!! And we have to get a C or above to pass, or we have to retake it!”

      Average people need to work, too, I guess.

      1. Nurses actually help people. They look better in their uniforms as well. Nurses 2, TSA agents 0.

      2. Still not as bad as teaching majors freaking out over having to pass a basic skills test that any kid bright enough to get into a university should have been able to pass drunk and blindfolded.

  14. Who the heck is Keith? He’s sitting in his office giving illegal orders to his flunkies.

    1. Quickly looking through a book for a plausible applicable statute. Unfortunately, reading isn’t his forte.

  15. Should we even bother trying to figure out what happened here? I’m guessing some TSA guy was on the hook for not finishing the job at the airport he flew from, so they thought they could smooth it over by completing it where he landed. If you’ve ever been an election inspector who had to account for a discrepancy between the public count and the number of votes cast, you’ll know what I mean: a silly, pointless exercise to make the record look correct.

    1. Probably right. Some shit head called Denver and begged them to close the circle. Too bad they got a guy who knew his rights.

  16. This happened to me one time. Right after we got out of the skyway coming off the plane this TSA guy pulled me and my gf both aside and said they had to search our bags. I asked WTF? We are getting OFF the plane. Didn’t matter. So he proceeded to take all or stuff out of the bags and lay it out on some benches and we had to put it all back into the bags. There was no reason for it at all, from what I can tell. It was just another “fuck you for flying” on the way out.

  17. This shit is why I will not fly. I just got back from a 3300 mile (round trip) drive to see my brother on his wedding day. I refuse to prostrate myself for these fuckin’ nazi thugs.

    1. Lucky the road nazis didn’t steal your car.

    2. I’m planning a drive from NH to TX next yer for the same reason.

  18. free country my ass

  19. Looks like this TSA agent identifies himself in the video as Alex Grossman, not Andrew Grossman. Might be an edit to make in this article.

    1. Was just about to comment that the agent’s name is Alex, not Andrew.

    2. We should find his telephone number. List it here. Then he can account to every inquiring reader here, one at a time, why he is a little Eichman Fuckwad.

  20. Peak hilarity to see the smurfs being upset at the kid’s stridency over being harassed for the act of flying. You can read their minds: Why not just be nice and follow orders so we can all get along? We’re polite, why can’t you be compliant when we’re bugging the hell out of you and violating every principle the nation was founded on?

    1. Some police and TSA encounters are legal, constitutional, and reasonable and you should cooperate even if it inconveniences you. Others are not, and those you should figure out the most effective way of fighting them. I’m sorry if such fine distinctions elude you, but in the real world, they happen to be quite important.

      1. no. you are a fascist moron. There is not a single consititional limitation on your right to free travel between the states. It is ALL illegal.

        1. That has nothing to do with what I said, which is basically: pick your battles carefully.

          But since you raise your entirely unrelated point… Yes, you have a constitutional right to cross state lines. You do not have a constitutional right to force private companies to transport you across state lines.

          So, the libertarian solution is simple: abolish the TSA and its goons and restore the ability of airlines to choose who to transport without government interference. I suspect more people would be refused passage by airlines than are now on the “no fly list”, but at the same time, service would improve for the rest.

  21. Soudns liek some serious business.


  22. Add me to the “never fly again” folks. Since my Bullshit Detector(tm) has a fairly low tolerance setting, I’d get shot or put in prison before I ever left the airport.

    And since my dad and sister both sold their planes, the only air time I’ll be getting will be jumps on the dirtbike.

    … Hobbit

    1. Yeah, as much as I’d like for my kids to experience flying in an airplane, I have a bad feeling I’d win the unlucky lottery and me or my kids would end up getting cavity-searched. I don’t feel like piling thousands of dollars of therapy sessions on top of thousands of dollars of airline tickets.

  23. More than the SS I was reminded of Don Knotts in “No Time For Sergeants”.

    “I’m supposed to mark it down whether they put it back together or not and there ain’t supposed to be but one way of doin’ it and he didn’t do it that way!”

    That sounds exactly like the TSA minions here. He was supposed to get an enhanced screening and somebody messed up and failed to do the enhanced screening. So rather than take the time to understand what the point of the screening is, they went about their programmed task, to make sure that he got an enhanced screening. The why and where is irrelevant at that point. They have their check box properly filled in now, so they can go on with life without having to file an exception report.

    1. I have actually encountered things like this many times in the business world. Some procedure gets put in place for some low-level employees to follow, but years later the reasons for that procedure are long forgotten and even though it is no longer needed and completely irrelevant they keep right on doing it.

      It can even happen to the top level people. I separately created a couple of one-off reports for two of the senior accountants to help with a difficult month-end close. About a year later the CFO called me in to help with a problem he was having with the closing.

      It turns out they were spending about a week each month reconciling the two reports, using about 4 staff accountants each. They put the reports into spreadsheets and created totals with formulas and then compared their results. They then spent 2 weeks tracking down the differences. He wanted me to automate their spreadsheets.

      When I investigated I found that all of the differences were always due to cut and paste errors in the spreadsheets. The data was coming from the same source and always reconciled perfectly (of course). He still insisted that I recreate their reconciliation spreadsheet as a report so they could save all of that time. After arguing about how pointless that was for about a half hour, I just made the stupid report. I labeled it the TPS report – but nobody got the joke.

      As far as I know they ran that TPS report every week for the next few years until a new CFO came in.

  24. I travel often, and I fly because I have to be places on fairly short notice. I couple of years ago I was flying out of an airport in the mid-west. I was 2 hours early, and I was selected for “enhanced screening”. To make a long story short, I tested positive for explosives on three different machines, with three different TSA agents, and nothing else happened.

    TSA: You can go. Safe travels.
    Me: Wait a minute. I just tested positive for explosives three times in a row, and now you’re going to let me walk out of here and board a commercial aircraft?
    TSA: We completed our checklist and followed protocol. There’s nothing else we can do.
    Me: Well sure there is. If I were you, I’d pull my checked bag out of the system, and I’d have it right here on the floor going through it with a fine-toothed comb. I’d pull my laptop out and pull the battery and hard-drive, and I’d want to see it boot up after putting everything back.
    TSA: That’s not in the checklist, and those things have already gone through x-ray. You can go. Thank you for your patience.
    Me: Seriously? I just tested positive for explosives…not once, not twice, but three times, and you’re not going to deviate from protocol? I appreciate you guys being polite and professional, but what was the point in all of this?
    TSA: It is what it is. All we can do is follow the rules. Have a nice flight.

    It’s Security Theater, and it’s sole purpose is to “do something”, even if it’s the wrong thing.

    1. You weren’t the Godot they were waiting for.

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  26. I would like to point out that when he said “Pretty objectionable”, he literally meant he was objecting a lot, then he dropped the “and”, just stating “filming me”, which is acceptable in spoken English. It is not like he was giving testimony to a court, he is talking to his boss, his boss gets what he meant.

  27. Who the F do these people think they are in the TSA….if Hitler were alive these are the people he would LOVE to recruit..the mindless drones who always say “I was just following orders”…..are you kidding…are there ANY govt worker bees out there who aren’t just lemmings and can actually question authority and rules and unjust regulations? THEY are the problem just like the police and military who turn their power against other Americans blindly “following orders”. Time for a revolution…

    1. A core reason why Government Almighty runs amuck, v/s free enterprise, is this: In free enterprise, if I blindly follow a narrow and counter-productive, senseless interpretation of the rules, which technically follows the letter of the rules, but violates both the spirit of wise rules, and screws the customer, I get FIRED if I do this often enough. Or my company goes out of business?
      If I do this as a Government Almighty “Servant” of the pepples, then I get promoted, and more “Servants” are hired, and more rules are passed, every time I butt-fuck the customers, so as to try and prevent the bad effects of too many stupid an ill-applied rules that have already mucked it up in the first place. If stupid policy “A” messes things up, and “AA” messes things up even more, then Government Almighty blindly takes us to policy “AAAAAAAAA”? We never try “B” instead, nor do we try NO policy, and letting individuals, families, and non-Government-Almighty entities, to step up to the plate.

  28. What is the name of the individual who issued the order?

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