Feds Threatened Foley's Parents, Tumor Knocks Rob Ford Out of Race, Germany Bans ISIS Symbols: P.M. Links


  • Are they sure his body didn't just make its own drug stash?
    Credit: West Annex News / photo on flickr

    James Foley's parents say the Obama administration threatened to charge them with supporting terrorism if they paid the ransom to the ISIS terrorists who ultimately killed the man. (Hat tip to Francisco d'Anconia)

  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, for whom the word "embattled" is clearly insufficient, is withdrawing from re-election efforts and has been hospitalized with a tumor in his abdomen.
  • In other updates of news that was hot months ago, George Zimmerman, for whom perhaps the word "embattled" is also insufficient, has been accused of threatening to kill another driver in a road incident in Florida.
  • A woman legally growing medical marijuana in northern California had a pack of armed men in fatigues descend from an unmarked helicopter in her backyard, refuse to identify themselves, and destroy her crops. She thinks it's a private security company working with local law enforcement, but they insist it's not them.
  • Germany won't join airstrikes against ISIS, but it did ban all flags and symbols that represent them.
  • Powerful and controversial Northern Irish Unionist leader Ian Paisley has died at age 88.

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