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Tonight on a Special 11 p.m. Edition of The Independents: Reacting to the President's Case for War, With Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, Col. Ralph Peters, and Michaels Moynihan, Weiss, and Baker


The podium, SHE LOOKS SO BIG. |||

What with the president of the United States of America turfing us out of our time slot, The Independents tonight on Fox Business Network will air live at the special time of 11 p.m. ET, 8 p.m. PT, to make sense out of our latest military adventure in and around Mesopotamia.

Coming on to chew on various aspects of the news are:

* Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-Mich.), a politician out of the Ron Paul tradition, who will make the case for Congress being able to vote up or down on this war.

* Col. Ralph Peters (ret.), who will assess the president's military strategy.

* Beloved Reason Contributing Editor Michael C. Moynihan, who will sub in for a traveling Kmele Foster (who is nonetheless scheduled to join us from San Francisco at the end of the show).

* Frequent foreign policy guest Michael Weiss, who will team up with "Progressive Messaging Expert and all around good guy" Richard Fowler to provide analysis of the speech.

* Ex-CIA dude Mike Baker, who will talk about former vice president Dick Cheney's big 9/11 anniversary speech today.

* Cabby-turned comedian Jimmy Failla, who will talk about the latest damning-to-the-NFL news coming out of the Ray Rice scandal.

No after-show, on account of the clock, but there should be enough juice to keep you interested for the original 60. Follow The Independents on Facebook at, follow on Twitter @ independentsFBN, and click on this page for more video of past segments.

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  1. Speaking of the NFL the FCC has said that the Redskins name is “offensive” and “derogatory” but “suggests” they won’t force a name change. Considering what Reason thinks about the FCC as well as what the FCC regards as being offensive I wonder what Reason will say…

    1. Ignoring the myriad other things one could say…

      …but just for lulz,

      This only occurred to them now? really? Did it only ‘become’ offensive when it became politically popular to be offended? Or was it offensive all along and we were all just being really polite about it, pretending it wasnt?

      Which reminds me = the Washington monument looks like a big white penis. Has anyone else noticed this?

      1. the Washington monument looks like a big white penis

        The locals even refer to this one as a penis sometimes:

        1. I visited Reykjavik and i swear i never saw anything like that at all.

          also, I was really drunk. the whole time.

          1. When were you there? It was undergoing renovations in 2009 and covered with scaffolding. I was there in ’05. The church is interesting but the view from the tower is fantastic.

            1. ooh.

              I’m going to say…2004?

              its in the ballpark. I was drunk

          2. Also, do you remember drinking Brennivin – the Icelandic schnapps?

            1. No – it was the “Beer Day” weekend (1st weekend in March), and hard liquor was not on the menu

              1. Ahh, I see. I was there in May so no beer day. But the Schnapps is wicked.

      2. I can see why one might think so provided that he spends his life looking at very skinny white penises.

        1. So that includes libertarians and Everyone in DC?

          1. DC is defined by tiny-dick syndrome, so yes on that count.

            But not having shared a locker room with libertarians, I could not say for certain. Though you can only hear the Leonard Read rumors for just so long before you begin to wonder how much we’re pulling up the national average.

            1. So, “I, Pencil” was him being humble?

              1. Little known fact, but the first draft of the famous essay was titled “I, Louisville Slugger.”

                Only half joking. Doherty hints that LR was the Wilt Chamberlain of the youthful libertarian movement.

                1. LR fucked Doherty?


        2. For the sake of monumental gender equality and as a pregnant symbol of our national rejection of rape culture, I insist that an appropriately sized crater be hollowed out just to the side of the Washington monument.

          50 years from now, a period when all schoolchildren will know the story of how Hillary fundamentally transformed America into an egalitarian wonderland during her 20 year reign, every visitor to DC will anxiously await the opportunity to descend into the Hillary Clinton Memorial Crater.

        3. Look, the point is, its offensive. Maybe not to YOU or ME, but someone.

          And that’s something that someone should do something about. Right?

  2. “Progressive Messaging Expert and all around good guy”


    1. This has been discussed.

  3. Is anyone actually listening to that monotone moron?

    1. To be honest, I am. I only do so for the same reason I listen to the SOTU: So, I can hear the bs straight from the source and throw it in the face of my proggie fb acquaintances.

      1. You are one brave warrior, Rev-Match. I am sorry for your suffering.

        I cannot even stand the sound of the guys voice, and knowing the dishonest scripted non-sense that is going to ensue, I just cannot do it.

    2. No.

      i figure it will give me some reason to pay attention to the show.

      1. *aside* from the clothes.

  4. I wonder how many east coast Reasonoids will be up for the 11 pm show. Who knows, maybe the stream will actually work.

    1. Not me, I have to work tomorrow, and it’s not a WFH day, I have to drive into the city, 11pm is out of the question.

  5. Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-Mich.), a politician out of the Ron Paul tradition, who will make the case for Congress being able to vote up or down on this war.

    WTF? This guy is libertarian? Why have I never heard of him?

    1. Well Benvolio does disappear…

    2. My response as well. Maybe he’s just old and cranky, which is part of the Ron Paul tradition as well.

      1. Well, you know, it’s not like any difference if we have 4 libertarian congress critters, or 5… fuck…

  6. You know who else killed children to further their military agenda?

  7. The woman married the guy. I wonder how “libertarians” will explain that.

      1. More or less bad than Wuthering Heights?

    1. Why would “libertarians” bother?

    2. I wonder how “libertarians” will explain that.

      This is less a “libertarian” issue and more a “why-do-some-women-make-stupid-dating-choices” issue.

  8. President Obama won’t send any American boys to do a job an Iraqi boy should be doing for his country.

    1. It is almost as if history is ever destined to repeat itself.

  9. What with the president of the United States of America turfing us out of our time slot,

    Fuck politicians. The Peelian principles of policing (not that Peel himself ever stated them this way) state that the people are the police and the police are the people; we just pay the police and put them in uniform to do a job we can’t do 24/7. Politicians are the same way. They’re not above us; they’re below us. Or should be.

    1. Government is us! Don’t worry, be happy!

      1. Instead of an opening prayer from the chaplain, every morning the members of the House and Senate ought to be told to go fuck themselves.

        1. I’ll bet at least half would have to be told again what they just heard.

        2. I already tell them to go fuck themselves every day. The difficult part is go fuck yourself without pay.

  10. Holy shit did he just use the exact same line he used regarding congress during the 2013 syria speech?

    1. I wouldn’t know. I couldn’t be bothered to listen to either speech.

    2. NO! I am shocked! Our unoriginal token black guy potus being unoriginal? It can’t be!

  11. So, Obo manages to throw a campaign commercial into an address that is supposedly about a middle-eastern terrorist organization. Color me “surprised” (or something).

    1. Narcissist is going to narcisisisisis.

  12. You Know Robert Reich once played Earl Williams in a performance of the Front Page. How appropriate. They should have rewritten the ending so the fucker gets hanged that hanged. At least the Republicans would do some good.

  13. The Onion nails it.

  14. So even if every ISIS fighter is killed and all their equipment destroyed will that have any effect on their financial backers outside of eliciting a loud sigh and a long trudge back to the giant money vault to get more cash to fund the next group?

    1. The USA has absolutely no intent in ending terrorism. Terrorism is big business for an enterprising fascist state.

      1. War is the friend of the state.

        1. War is the friend health of the state.

    2. Well, life is like a hurricane, here in Duckburg.

      1. +1 Money bin

      2. You might solve a mystery, or rewrite history.

    3. JUGWINE! Where you been, dude?

  15. I’m still extremely disappointed that there hasn’t been an article on the libertarian bonafides of Eugene Debs. What does he have that George McGovern, Gore Vidal, Tony Benn, Howard Zinn and Alexander Cockburn didn’t? Being too old? I’m sure Sheldon Richman can write one easily.

  16. So has he said that ISIS is proof that we need certain limits on free speech?

  17. You Know Who Else made a Speech about a War?

  18. You Know Who Else gave a long and boring speech?

  19. Cavuto and ‘some former guy from DHS’ are spinning this as a case for a stronger DHS more or less.

    “its not about sacrificing security for liberty; its about liberty!”

    that is an exact quote.

    He’s saying there’s a few thousand students from Iran in the US that “we know nothing about’.

    Fucking christ.

    1. Cavuto is a fucking moron.

      1. Weill, I did find this:

        The immigration agency’s own figures show that 58,000 students overstayed their visas in the past year. Of those, 6,000 were referred to agents for follow-up because they were determined to be of heightened concern.

        But I can’t find a breakdown by country.

  20. AP’s take:

    “Obama’s plans amounted to a striking shift for a president who rose to political prominence in part because of his early opposition to the Iraq war. While in office, he has steadfastly sought to wind down American military campaigns in the Middle East and avoid new wars”…..745391.php

    But not ‘kinetic military actions’! Lying bastard.

    1. Here’s his greatest hits. Wait until the end.

      1. Well, he picked up that phone, Bush said the magic words and Obo was just FORCED to do something!
        It’s Bush’s fault!

  21. Not having watched the speech due to Irritable Obama Syndrome, but desirous of understanding the fedgov’s objectives here, let me make sure I understand what’s going on. Last year we had to beat the shit out of Assad and support his foes militarily to avoid a human-rights catastrophe. And this year we have to beat the shit out of Assad’s foes AND Assad to avoid a human-rights catastrophe.

    So basically we have to beat the shit out of everyone stupid or poor enough to still be stuck in Syria and Iraq to make sure that the region doesn’t suffer any human-rights catastrophes.

  22. You guys should appreciate this. I just responded to a post from a prog friend that professed the necessity of “net-neutrality” with a bunch of examples of how the gov’t has fucked up. The response I got reads as follows:

    you literally just posted your opinions of policy as fact… Please keep your asinine opinions to yourself and do some research to prevent future embarrassment.

    To be clear, I did not even, directly or indirectly, criticize “The Great One” (B.O.). Though, the person that said this is a fedgov employee, so I do not expect any better.

    1. He embarrasses easily.

    2. In addition to unfriending, Facebook should offer a “cashiering” option whereby we can publicly humiliate erstwhile friends who have monumentally stupid or offensive opinions.

      1. Damn, Reason needs a Like button.

  23. Rep. King: Obama should act now, get Congress’ OK later

    President Barack Obama shouldn’t wait on Congress to act against ISIS in Syria, Rep. Peter King told CNN.

    Obama should “start doing whatever he has to do now,” and then Congress should “come back and adopt a resolution ratifying what the President is doing,” the New York Republican said.

    “We should go on record supporting what the President is doing, because this is going to go on … for at least several years,” King said.

    Peter King has violated his oath to “support the Constitution of the United States”. It is obligated that, after he receives due process of law and eventually found guilty of treason, he is stripped of his office and swings from the nearest lamppost.

    1. So a multi-year military action doesn’t require congressional approval. Did anyone think to ask King what would require congressional approval?

    2. In King’s defense, the Constitution, Declaration, and BoR are all written in cursive, which is particularly difficult to read when you’re a nitwit.

    3. He violated that oath and committed treason long ago with his support for the IRA.

  24. It is obligated that, after he receives due process of law and eventually found guilty of treason, he is stripped of his office and swings from the nearest lamppost.

    This would only happen if laws were laws and meant what they said.

    1. O tempora! O mores! Senatus haec intellegit. Obama videt; hic tamen vivit. Vivit? immo vero etiam in senatum venit, fit publici consilii particeps, notat et designat oculis ad caedem unum quemque nostrum.

  25. Apparently Rand Paul’s going to be on Hannity shortly if you can bear it.

    1. I haven’t been able to stomach ‘Hannity’ ever since his “Legalized Marijuana” episode. In which, he responded to any criticism of the war on drugs with: “Are you stoned! Are you stoned on my show, right now!”

      1. “Self-Righteous Mom”-Conservatism

        the worst kind

  26. Read these comments and weep for the nation.…..892133#new

  27. Christ, do people ever listen to “Juan Williams” talk? He just strings words together with absolutely no idea where he’s going. When he actually eventually makes a point, you can see the surprise on his own face = right! there it was. its painful.

    He seems to be a talking Liberal Stuffed Shirt paid for the ability to simply fill time in between ‘Thoughtful conservatives’.

    Does MSNBC have their own ‘conservative retard’ version of the same?

    1. He’s black. Nuf said.

  28. Ah! Goodbye Dobbs!

  29. Matt looks high, and Moynihan looks depressed

  30. Everythings a disaster, isn’t it.

  31. So if ISIS isn’t Islamic what does the alternative “moderates” even mean in relation to them?

  32. The Independents Attire Review, 10 September 2014

    We Have Met the Enemy-Edition

    – Kennedy: Holy Isabella Rossilini in Blue Velvet! I guess Kennedy keeps the big guns in reserve for emergency Live TV segments. We’ve previously been weak on ‘blue’ items with Kennedy (with the exception of the teal Izod), but this is more a kind of ‘Ultra-Azure’… it looks like it could kill bugs if necessary.

    – Matt: Pink Shirt w/ the Tie We Have Named Previously. Good choice. Nice contrast w/ the Glowing Blue Space Creature to his right (your left).

    – Mikey Mo: Keeping it real.

    – Lying Liberal Scum: Dresses well! BUT same shit he wore last time (albeit different tie; last time it was Gold) How do i know? I know. I recall thinking how I wanted to say bad things about him, but liked his light blue suit.

    – Weiss: THIS you shave for. And then *not even*? Make up your goddamn mind.


  33. Jesus, I’ve been listening to these people, but its a series of babbling and interruptions.

    Kennedy’s Questions/Intros seem designed to completely confuse and derail anyone from making a simple statement.

    Didn’t they have time to prepare for this?

    1. The contrast to most shows is striking. The writer must have been off tonight.

      1. K. also seems be trying to read a prompter that was moved 200 yards farther back.

        1. They are in lounge chairs. Why? Was the set struck to record something else?

          1. Something like that.

  34. “He welcomes Congressional Support”

    – What does that mean?
    – is the idea if he’s provided no legal cover, he’ll make some up?

    1. He wantsCongress to bend over. If he had any sense/balls he would have asked Congress for permission. He would get it, too.

  35. Something is wrong when the Hello Kitty For Men segment is more substantive than the discussion of the impending War on ISIL (which no one other than the president calls that anymore)

    Although I have to give points to kennedy for “Common Core is better than being eaten by an AIDS-ridden Tiger!”. That was nice.

    Also – Moynihan wins the Attire Win tonight = THE SOCKS!

  36. The Ravens (former Browns) let us down again

  37. Is the next question in the endless Ray Rice debate = Has the Media Taken The Ray Rice Issue Too Far?

    Mikey mo hit it on the head when he almost said, “who gives a shit?”

  38. oh, god, this guy.

    Mr “I used to be CIA”. His ex wives are probably more interesting and insightful.

  39. Right, the Turks and Jordanians. Who trained ISIS. they’ll make the BEST ‘guys on the ground’.

  40. Meanwhile, there was another protest in Ferguson, protestors tried to shut down a highway.

    But apparently the national media has moved on.

  41. The Independents Attire Review, 10 September 2014 (Addendum)

    – Kmele: Goes with a picnic tablecloth look. I guess he was prepared for the in-flight meal.

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