Philadelphia Is About To Be America's Largest City To Decriminalize Marijuana


Pretty soon, you won't be considered a criminal for carrying around a little weed in Philadelphia.

Philly Mayor Michael Nutter confirmed Monday that he will sign a bill into law that will make his city the largest in America to decriminalize marijuana possession, Philly Mag reports. Essentially it softens the penalty for such an offense from possible jail time to a $25 fine.

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  1. Maybe now they won’t throw snowballs at Santa Claus.

    You mean the Mummers weren’t all high?

    Phila – City of don’t bogart that joint.

    1. Dude, the Mummers are all drunk!

  2. OT: (somewhat) I used to enjoy when I had to go into Philly for work. Best Chicken Pizza-Steak was from an old guy with a cart on the North side of Independence Hall.

    I need to get back there.

  3. They city police will still shake you down for any stray cash and maybe hit on you if you’re a woman. It is still Philadelphia.

    1. They city police will still shake you down for any stray cash and maybe hit on you if you’re a woman. It is still Philadelphia.


  4. Even a small fine still gives police a’reason’ to escalate a stop.How many times here have we read stories about little things like jaywalking,grilling or selling single cigs turn in to violent reactions form police.Petty’crimes’ are often used as an excuse,just look at seat belt laws

  5. It will still be illegal under Pennsylvania state law, won’t it? And prosecutors in Philadelphia will still bring charges based on state law. So I’m not sure what impact this will have in the real world.

    1. Let’s see how much influence Nutter has on police policy. I’m guessing none and he knows it.

      1. Given that the man is a complete idiot this is one case where I’d suggest that it might actually be for the best, or the less worse, at least.

      2. Nutter can’t even get rapists and extortionists fired from the police force.

    2. Yes. Philly legislation doesn’t trump the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act.

      They’re trying to finesse it by saying state law makes enforcing drug crimes “optional,” so Philly should be able to do what they want. This is the same approach they tried with their firearms laws to try to get around state pre-emption.

  6. Nutter’s tweak will tack on a $100 fine for smoking in public, which can be waived with a few hours of public service.

    Can that public service be walking around with a sandwich board saying “Don’t Smoke In Public”?

    Better put *those* scofflaws in prison. Don’t want to send the wrong message to the children.

    1. will people that refuse to stop smoking be put in a choke hold?

      1. In Libertopia, is there any mechanism for law enforcement by the state or is enforcement the duty of sovereign citizens exercising their free will?

        1. not sure where you going with this.

          1. While there is a false dichotomy embedded in the question, the question is pretty straightforward. How do you enforce a valid law against a belligerent person?

            1. You don’t get it ,do you.Too many uses of force for things that are,well,harmless.The law,and in some cases the cops,can be an ass.5 cops to arrest a guy for selling single cigs and using a choke hold that kills him is a good example.

              1. I am well aware that cops can be an ass. I am familiar with the incident you are referring to and am insulted that you would think that I somehow approve of the police in that situation. I do not.

                Let’s say that possession of MJ is legalized. Even that public consumption in appropriate places is permitted, however there is a local ordinance that consumption in view of minors is not. This would seem like a reasonable accommodation in my Libertopian fantasy state.

                So the town has contracted through competitive bidding process for law enforcement services. A law enforcement officer encounters a gentleman smoking pot on a swing set in a crowded public park. The officer politely engages the gentleman, letting him know that such activity is illegal and asking him to remove himself from the park. The gentleman laughs, blows smoke from a bong hit in the officer’s face and says ‘Fuck off, slaver.’

                In this scenario, what level of physical contact should the officer use to enforce the law?

                1. In this scenario, what level of physical contact should the officer use to enforce the law?

                  What’s the contract say?

                2. All laws should be based in harm,if the guy is harming no one leave him alone!

                  1. So you’re saying that such a law as described above would be unjust. I disagree. I don’t think it unreasonable that peaceful individuals would expect to be able to allow their 8 year-old children to play unsupervised in a public park without having to be concerned that they would be subjected to observing conspicuous sex or drug use. I would also find it unreasonable to believe that subjecting such a child to observing such things wouldn’t rightfully constitute harm to them.

  7. What a Nutter!

  8. I suppose this is Philly just trying to live up to it’s motto “Look, We’re Not as Bad as Chicago, Really.”

    1. “Keep Philadelphia clean. Dump your trash in Camden.”

  9. These guys make no sense at all man. None.

  10. The who thing is Kabuki theater to attract black votes to councilman Kenney.

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