The TSA…for Kids!

Propaganda video of the day.


America's cuddliest federal agency, the Transportation Security Administration, makes a warm'n'fuzzy video for the kids:

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  1. OT: Aborto-Freaks keep stifling freedom-

    HARRISBURG Pa. (Reuters) – A Pennsylvania woman has been sentenced to up to 18 months in prison for obtaining so-called abortion pills online and providing them to her teenage daughter to end her pregnancy.

    Jennifer Ann Whalen, 39, of Washingtonville, a single mother who works as a nursing home aide, pleaded guilty in August to obtaining the miscarriage-inducing pills from an online site in Europe for her daughter, 16, who did not want to have the child.

    Whalen was sentenced on Friday by Montour County Court of Common Pleas Judge Gary Norton to serve 12 months to 18 months in prison for violating a state law that requires abortions to be performed by physicians.

    She was also fined $1,000 and ordered to perform 40 hours of community service after her release. The felony offense called for up to seven years in prison and a $15,000 fine.


    1. I read the link and missed where the aborto-freaks are responsible for this.

      1. a state law that requires abortions to be performed by physicians

        One of the many laws designed to eliminate a female’s autonomy.

        1. Umm…is abortion so simple that anyone with a vacuum cleaner and a coat hangar can do it? If not only physicians, who else should perform them?

          1. *hanger. A coat hangar would have a lot of coats in it.

          2. I’m a little unclear on that myself. Or why there even needed to be a law clarifying that.

            I bet the same socon assholes passed some kind of statute saying tonsillectomies have to be performed by physicians as well!

        2. I’m perplexed. This is the regulatory state doing the regulatory state thing. Progressives should be having multiple orgasms over this.

    2. This is horseshit, but not for the reasons you give.

  2. In other news, kittens.

  3. *vomits*

    What the hell did I just watch?

    1. A film which makes your lack of freedom more palatable?

  4. A volcano eruption in Papua New Guinea last week. I bet the guys on that freighter needed new undewear.

  5. Jesus the Niners are fucking destroying the Cowboys and they’re only 11 minutes in.

    1. There is no sugarcoating it – these turnovers might be detrimental to the Cowboys.

    2. I missed the second half…I was busy setting up a game camera and generally dinking around in the back 40. Was it as ugly as the first?

  6. Forbes:

    Economically, President Obama’s administration has outperformed President Reagan’s in all commonly watched categories. Simultaneously the current administration has reduced the deficit, which skyrocketed under Reagan. Additionally, Obama has reduced federal employment, which grew under Reagan (especially when including military personnel,) and truly delivered a “smaller government.” Additionally, the current administration has kept inflation low, even during extreme international upheaval, failure of foreign economies (Greece) and a dramatic slowdown in the European economy.


    1. It’s too bad Reagan couldn’t get congressional democrats to cut spending by $5 his last year in office so he could secure his legacy as a deficit hawk.

    2. Oh, that article. Discussed.

    3. OMG!?

      actually, when you measure things in terms of “change” as opposed to absolute values, even shitty policies and idiotic leadership can claim great achievements simply by default.

      Given that the Obama administration *started* at the absolute rock bottom of a market crash, widespread layoffs, and economic implosion

      he would be guaranteed to demonstrate the GREATEST ECONOMIC GROWTH NUMBERS OF ANY PRESIDENT EVER!!! *no matter what he did*

      Because he started with massive deficit spending, strongly negative employment, and a moribund market…Obama simply had to wait. And VOILA. Magic! the economy rebounded! Jobs returned! The market boomed!

      its like how Al Gore invented the internet!

      Clearly his shitty policies are amazing and no one realized it.

      Its like saying the winning-est Football team in history was the one that went undefeated during the players strike of 1987. OMG the Stats were INCREDIBLE?!

      except, no.

      Only someone completely numerically illiterate and desperately partisan would look at something like that at face value and conclude that “obama” did something magical.

      Oh, hi PB!


  7. The TSA is Animals!

    I’ve started watching the BoJack Horseman show on netflix. It has its moments.

  8. Yeah, that’s not creepy as fuck.

  9. I guess they had to edit out the cavity searches as it’s being aimed at kids and all. And I missed the part where one was ‘randomly’ hauled off to a side room for awhile.

  10. re: the video…

    …i was so hoping for Daddy Dog to tell his son that if he failed in everything in life, and dropped out of high school, that he too might still be useful as a TSA screener.

  11. “Comments are disabled for this video.”

    Shocking development there.

    1. I like the revised version better. 🙂

      And I spotted a Japanese parody of the TSA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3dBe-Gaa50

  12. Was I the only one soooo sure it would be a parody or satire?

  13. That was AWESOME!

    Did you see the baby’s sinister eyes? Very likely a terrorist. And the machine gun sound made by the kid after he went though the metal detector was a huge tell. Was he imitating his dad’s “preparation” for the flight? Or was it just a joke? Either way, it means STOP, SCREEN, STRIP SEARCH!

  14. Of course, this TSA video didn’t tell the kiddies that grandma will be frisked…..damned near strip searched…..while women (or terrorists) hidden in burkas will be allowed to pass on through. The video also informed would-be terrorists that children under 12 would not have their shoes inspected like adults. So now, the terrorists know to plant explosives in children’s shoes and take them onto airplanes.

  15. The fat, pig-eyed high school dropout I had to deal with on Saturday after I told his partner to get his hands off my pregnant wife was not cute or cuddly. He was cartoonish. I’ll give him that.

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