Brothers Exonerated After 30 Years in Jail, Alaskan Dem in Trouble for 'Willie Horton-style' Ad, Duck Dynasty Ready for War with ISIL: P.M. Links


  • Duck Dynasty
    Fox News

    Half-brothers Leon Brown and Henry McCollum were set free this week after DNA evidence overturned their 1983 convictions for rape and murder. They spent 30 years in prison.

  • Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska) yanked a controversial re-election campaign ad after much criticism. The "Willie Horton-style" ad accused Begich's Republican challenger, former Attorney General Dan Sullivan, of letting convicted sex offenders escape with light sentences, causing the death of an elderly couple.
  • A New Jersey town will not rename its John F. Kennedy Center the Barack Obama Center after all. Some people were offended.
  • If it comes to war with ISIL, foreign policy expert Phil Robertson (of "Duck Dynasty" fame) is ready, he told Sean Hannity.
  • Polls show resurgent support for Hamas among Palestinians.
  • The Russian sex geckos all died, because the universe is cold and lonely and cruel.

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