Powerful: Egyptian Feminists Literally Shit, Bleed on ISIL Flag (NSFW)


Egyptian activist Aliaa Magda Elmahdy and an unnamed collaborator have made an incredibly bold statement against the Islamic State (ISIL).

From a writeup at Liveleak:

[Elmadhy] posted a photo to Facebook Saturday of herself and another unidentified women defecating and menstruating on an Islamic State flag while in the nude, in what appears to be a protest against the Islamist terror group's recent advances in northern Iraq and Syria

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy did not specify why she posted the photo, though past controversies, such as a 2011 incident in which she posed in only stockings and red shoes for her blog — to protest against Egypt's conservative culture — suggest that she was opposing the Islamic State terror group's brutally restrictive and misogynistic ideology.

In the image, the 23-year-old feminist is seen facing the camera, while the other woman, dressed in a black hijab, has her back towards the viewer. Two presumably plastic machine guns are in the background, and the veiled woman is holding up her middle finger. The letters IS are inscribed on Elmahdy's stomach and on the second woman's bottom.

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Elmahdy's Facebook feed is here. Follow her on Twitter here. Read her blog here.

When you consider what Theo Van Gogh was killed for and all the violence caused by the Mohammed cartoons, this sort of imagery becomes even bolder and more powerful than it immediately appears. 

The full, uncensored image (NSFW) can be viewed here.