Powerful: Egyptian Feminists Literally Shit, Bleed on ISIL Flag (NSFW)


Egyptian activist Aliaa Magda Elmahdy and an unnamed collaborator have made an incredibly bold statement against the Islamic State (ISIL).

From a writeup at Liveleak:

[Elmadhy] posted a photo to Facebook Saturday of herself and another unidentified women defecating and menstruating on an Islamic State flag while in the nude, in what appears to be a protest against the Islamist terror group's recent advances in northern Iraq and Syria

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy did not specify why she posted the photo, though past controversies, such as a 2011 incident in which she posed in only stockings and red shoes for her blog — to protest against Egypt's conservative culture — suggest that she was opposing the Islamic State terror group's brutally restrictive and misogynistic ideology.

In the image, the 23-year-old feminist is seen facing the camera, while the other woman, dressed in a black hijab, has her back towards the viewer. Two presumably plastic machine guns are in the background, and the veiled woman is holding up her middle finger. The letters IS are inscribed on Elmahdy's stomach and on the second woman's bottom.

Read more here.

Elmahdy's Facebook feed is here. Follow her on Twitter here. Read her blog here.

When you consider what Theo Van Gogh was killed for and all the violence caused by the Mohammed cartoons, this sort of imagery becomes even bolder and more powerful than it immediately appears. 

The full, uncensored image (NSFW) can be viewed here.

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  1. This chick has some balls. I hope she’s got a good plan for not getting killed.

    1. No shit. There’s a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a shame if hers got damaged.

      1. Why? It’s not like hers are helping.

        /ducks and runs

        1. She’s welcome to menstruate at my house any time. I’d introduce her to the meaning of red wings.

      2. There’s a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a shame if hers got damaged.

        Pert little ‘A’ cups are proof that there is a God, and that He loves us.

        1. Yes, loves us enough to put perfect tits on a feminist who probably loaths the D…

      3. +1 Wesley.

    2. Hardcore Badass.

    3. This chick has some balls.

      Umm… I don’t…

    4. Bigger balls than most of our elected representatives, and a large portion of the US population.

      Best wishes to them!

      1. One person’s “balls” is another person’s reckless ass attention whore with a death wish. Her cohort was smart and veiled herself. They just had to show their mutilated pussies to prove they were muslims. And if their pussies ain’t mutilated they need to get some who are….cause that there is a grievance.

        1. Are you just ignorant…. or religious?

    5. yep she does have balls. It is going to be up to the women of the middle east to “modernize islam” if possible because apparently the men are a bunch of sick morons.

    6. We could use her as bait for the feral religious monkeys…. when they turn up to cause trouble they could be bleached from the gene pool.

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  2. I find the image repulsive, but it’s insanely courageous.

    And, repulsive as it is, it’s a fitting diss to ISIL.

    1. I don’t need to watch it, because the description is enough.

      Considering that Extreme Islam(tm) is rather famous for, and has demonstrated that they’ll come after you based on a description, let alone an actual video recording of one’s disrespect, I suspect they’re already on a hit list somewhere.

    2. It gives me a woodie.

  3. I mean, good for her, and these scumbags need to be ridiculed. Ridicule will ultimately be what undoes them, like Superman and the Klan. That said, I’m not looking forward to the video of her rape and murder making the rounds on the internet.

    1. Don’t forget it also undid your mom.

      1. I bet you wish you were that flag.

        1. No, I was actually wishing it was your mom.

          1. still haven’t found your way out of the schoolyard playground, I see

    2. Concur. If we could just chill our war boner a little, this would take care of itself over time. The info revolution has enabled the moderate Islamic world to affect change, but every time we get involved we just provide groups like ISIL their Raison d’?tre and ammunition to recruit their followers.

      1. Yeah, it’s all ‘muricas fault.

        1. Nice one!


  4. They torture and kill women for far less than that. I guess they think they might as well insult them for something, rather than get tortured and killed for nothing.

  5. Am I the only one that got a boner?

    1. For smart, attractive women giving the finger to tyrannical f*ckheads? No.

      For that particular form of protest? Probably. Though this is H&R.

      1. I would say the opposite might be true.

  6. That’s fucking awesome. I hope she can stay safe.

    1. I offer safe harbor!

  7. yeah, I should really read posts all the way to the bottom before clicking on them.

    As far as ‘protests’ go? – There’s a thing that seems in vogue these days that I’m going to refer to as the “Pussy-Riot Factor”

    What this means is, the ‘Object /topic /group being protested’ is in many ways incidental to the Protest Act itself, which is the real “thing”.

    Call it, “Look-at-me”-ism as applied to Politics.

    You can usually identify the PRF* of a ‘protest’ when it appears far more effort has been placed on the ‘artistic quality’ of a protest-act than the actual ‘legibility or sense’ of the protest act itself.

    (i.e. – in this case the seemingly ‘after the fact’ concern with making the letters “ISIS” legible as such, versus the symmetrical visual presentation and AK-filigree decorative elements)

    I guess another way of looking at it would be to ask: does this act seem tailored *solely* to achieve the end of ‘making a statement of opposition to Islamic Terrorism’?

    – or does it seem to aim to offend a far greater range of the population (muslim or otherwise)… just as an added benefit?

    To what degree is the shock-value to the purpose of ‘protest’, versus for its own sake? Take ISIS away – isn’t this person just generically making a statement about Islam completely independent of this terrorist group?

    neither here nor there. Someone wrote a good piece deconstructing Pussy Riot on a similar tip earlier this year (during the Olympics) Can’t find it unfortunately.

    1. Though this touches on the same basic point

    2. And ….THIS….

      …. not only makes the exact point, but does so *using the weapons of the enemy*. Genius.

      I think that was actually better than most Tarkovsy films i’ve seen

      1. Very Python-esque in the run-up to the “song.” 🙂

    3. I just see two chicks desecrating the flag of a group of misogynist, ignorant, bully, scum. In otherwards, awesomeness.

      1. then you’re missing a lot here.

        I’m sure there are plenty of people who detest ISIS in the islamic world

        sadly many of those same people would find this image horrifyingly offensive, not for what they are ‘protest’ but for the manner its intentionally being done.

        Its not exactly going to be shown on TV all over the Islamic world now, is it?

        (maybe it will be discussed – but the manner in which it is done will outweigh the ostensible purpose of the ‘protest itself’)

        See: Pussy Riot, protesting ‘Putin’ – but purposely desecrating and insulting the Russian Orthadox church. They said their statement was about “putin”… but what they DID was actually to insult a religion.

        There is much more than just ‘insulting ISIS’ here – this is intended mainly for a Western Audience. The West already reviles ISIS. It intended to get play with Western Media.

        If there was a gesture meant to consolidate and rouse opposition among Muslims for the evil that ISIS represents, this sure as hell aint it. This is as much a gesture of ‘western feminism’ against traditional islam writ-large as it is anything to do with the Terror Group ISIS.

        1. Well if Isis’s own actions aren’t enough, what is?

          1. Can you expand on that. I don’t know what you’re saying.

          2. Oh, i see:

            ISIS isn’t ‘offensive enough’ by itself?


            if people want to create ‘statements of opposition’ they tend to do so in ways that everyone can adopt and mimic to show their agreement.

            The whole, ‘Hands Up – Dont shoot’ thing is a case in point. Thats how real ‘opposition’ symbolism tends to work.

            This, on the other hand, may get a great deal of circulation.. on the Twitters between the Jezebels…

            but i certainly dont see this being a statement that millions of muslims rally themselves behind.

            1. Checking her blog it appears that opposition to Sharia and equality for women is her thing. Apparently she had to flee her home country because of her feminism.

              Naked chicks with writing on their bodies seems to be a fad with protesters in Europe these days – and she’s no exception. But her cause isn’t “Isis”, it is equal rights for women, particularly in the Muslim world. That means Sharia is the devil for her.

              Her facebook page includes some anti-christian iconography that is completely out of context, so I don’t know if anti-religion is her thing, or if it was just a goof. I didn’t bother reading her entire blog… as you might expect there’s a lot of bad writing on there.

              Anyway, “militant feminist anti-sharia law chick with a penchant for protest that takes the form of low-talent performance art” would be her category, I suppose. She’s walking a high-wire act without a net, and happens to be on the right side of the larger issue, so major props. Too bad she isn’t more talented or more artistic, but you use what you have.

        2. Religious monkeys deserve to be ridiculed, persecuted and sterilized.

    4. In the space below answer the following questions based on our links this week:

      What IS the meaning of art? What is its purpose?

    5. “or does it seem to aim to offend a far greater range of the population (muslim or otherwise)… just as an added benefit?”

      Maybe there is an assumption on their part that there are a lot of muslims who find what Isis is doing a lot more offensive than what they are doing and that they are secretly if not publically supporting and even applauding this very public Fuck You to Isis.

    6. – or does it seem to aim to offend a far greater range of the population (muslim or otherwise)… just as an added benefit?

      As the ISIS flag is just basically a black background with the Islamic creed, “There is no god but Allah”, written in white….that’s kind of hard to avoid.

      1. Maybe, but putting a Christian cross on a KKK flag doesn’t mean pissing on that is going to offend every Christian.

        1. You’re missing the whole very-specific muslim taboos about menstruation

          its an islamic-specific-insult

          Dressing christ in a KKK outfit would be a more apt comparison for your point

            1. That’s because about 92% of Saudis understand sharia law.

              Based upon the Vice reporting, what I’ve read about them, and six years living in that sandbox over there, I’d say ISIS / ISIL / Islamic State / Caliphate, whatever, is a fairly pure expression of Islamic law.

              ISIS is reprehensible to Americans and many other cultures, but it’s honest-to-Allah Islam. It’s very much like the Afghan Taliban demolished the Buddha monuments: shocking but genuine Islam.

              1. ” it’s honest-to-Allah Islam.”

                You could say the same thing about some bizarre christian sect that stones to death adulterers.

                just because its technically validated by liturgy does not mean it reflects the majority view of contemporary adherents.

                re: the 92% #? grains of salt recommended.

                There is no proof any such poll exists except for the quote being circulated.

                1. – additionally –

                  even if a poll existed; polling of ‘saudis’ …/= ‘muslims’

                  its about as deeply convincing as the 90% that believe we need Universal Gun Control… because they said “no” when asked if they “loved Death and Murder”

                  1. I’m becoming increasingly curious as to what motivates the western douchebag claimants that the Islamic tenets embraced by self described Islamic believers are not in fact an accurate reflection of Islam.

                    Would said douchebags in 1940 assert that the anti-semitic ravings of self described Nazis be described as being outside the religious beliefs of true NAZIs?

                    That’s a rhetorical question, because or course modern leftwing douchebags would say exactly that.

                    1. Fear. Fear is the motivation.

                      The fact that Muslims, not ‘jihadists’, not ‘terrorists’, not ‘islamists’, but just average Muslims actually and often agree with things they consider batshit insane terrifies them–it means that there are bad cultures, that there are ideas and people that the world would be better off without.

                      And so they deny. Gilmore, normally quite sane, is twisting himself into knots to rationalize this.

                      Why would she do something that would not just offend ISIS, why would she doe something that would offend such a wide swath of Islam?

                      Maybe because a wide swath of Islam is the problem?

                2. Um, no, you can’t “say the same thing about some bizarre christian sect that stones to death adulterers”.

                  Well, you can SAY it, but you’ll be wrong.

                  See the meeting of Jesus with the woman at the well, and “Let that one among you who is without sin cast the first stone.”

                  New Testament, son, is where Christianity gets defined. Old testament is history.

                  1. NEW TESTAMENT

                    Matthew 5:18 –

                    “For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.”

                    Unless we blinked and everything HAS been accomplished, the New testament still condones and demands stoning for adultery, etc.

                3. You’re missing the point where Islam is not just a religion, but a system of law and rule as well.

                  It’s the antithesis to a secular society, and is laid out right in the doctrine.

                  Christianity is a little more fuzzy around the edges when it comes to religion-as-law.

            2. “You could say the same thing about some bizarre christian sect that stones to death adulterers.”

              You literally could not have picked a worse example. No, authentic Christian fundies wouldn’t do that, especially by stoning

          1. “its an islamic-specific-insult”

            It’s not taboo to her. Maybe this protest is for those in the Islamic world like her that are sick and tired of backwards, superstitious barbaric ways. I understand your point that at the same time she ostracizes the “traditionalists” but she may not differentiate those people from Isis, Taliban, etc. It’s like fuck all you caveman MF’s.

            1. “It’s not taboo to her. Maybe this protest is for those in the Islamic world like her that are sick and tired of backwards, superstitious barbaric ways.”

              Sure. Which is exactly my point. This ‘protest’ would have been the same attack at conservative islam *writ-large* whether ISIS existed or not.

              Which is exactly why i pointed out it isn’t intended for an Islamic audience, and isnt in any way an effective “protest” of ISIS in particular due to that very fact.

              1. “and isnt in any way an effective “protest” of ISIS”

                well if they had their own army they would probably go that route instead. But you work with what you have:)

              2. “Sure. Which is exactly my point. This ‘protest’ would have been the same attack at conservative islam *writ-large* whether ISIS existed or not.”

                Ok, I get that. I’m just saying that perhaps she feels she can fire a spark within Islam among those who want to move Islam out of the 12th century.

                1. “she feels she can fire a spark within Islam among those who want to move Islam out of the 12th century.”

                  Again – this isn’t going to appeal to any ‘wavering’ class of people who are muslims, but find ISIS appalling.

                  Its PURPOSELY not that. It goes far out of its way to be both hideously offensive to Islam in general while ‘shitting on ISIS’ in particular.

                  This should be clear to even most Westerners who aren’t the most symbolically literate.

                  This is for Western media, not the muslim world.

                  1. Well I’m sure she will get the western media play.

                2. I’m just saying that perhaps she feels she can fire a spark within Islam among those who want to move Islam out of the 12th century.

                  I don’t think she cares about that. On her twitter feed, she describes herself as a “Secular Liberal Feminist Vegetarian Individualist Egyptian”.

                  I’m guessing at most she’s an agnostic.

                  1. Yeah, I have no way of knowing what her true intentions are but I admire her balls none-the-less.

                    1. ” I admire her balls”

                      I’m sure that has an interesting translation into Feminist-Arabic

                    2. I admire her tits.

                  2. aka “Jezehadist”

            2. Including those 92% you refer to above.

      2. I think the fact that the flag has a phrase from the Koran makes this especially offensive to all Muslims, because all reproductions of the words of Allah are sacred. There have been protests about such trivial things as (IIRC) a yogurt lid that looked like a quote from the Koran, and shoes that had a bit of the Koran printed on the soles. She seems to have a death wish….

        1. I still have my recalled Nike “Allah” shoes. I wonder if they’re worth something

    7. If this was a womyn’s studies major descrating the US flag to protest the patriarcy I would probably see this more your way. But the fact is these women are facing real consequences for this action as were the women in Pussy Riot.

      1. “these women are facing real consequences for this action as were the women in Pussy Riot.”


        This particular ‘artiste’ has been getting Death Threats for taking her clothes off and saying “Fuck you Islam” for a while now

        so, this isn’t a new Method exactly.

        Also, it seems she applied for asylum in Sweden well before ISIS became internationally reviled, so there’s that too

        none of which changes the original point. Its sensational for the purpose of being sensational; the ISIS link is mostly incidental

        A more significant “protest” of ISIS specifically would downplay the ‘artist’-as-messenger, and highlight the thing being protested and why it sucks.

        She’s not trying to rally anyone against ISIS that doesn’t already feel that way. Particularly not conservative muslims who may find them ‘excessive’.

        1. no such thing as a “conservative” muslim, you either have feral religious monkeys killing everything…. or you have drooling cretins too stupid to understand what they profess to believe.

  8. I hope they stay safe.

    1. I think she’ll be okay in Sweden. She’s mostly angry, like most feminists, and not batshit crazy enough that she still lived in Egypt.

  9. So if the woman on our left is administering a “Cleveland Steamer,” what’s a good moniker for perioding all over something?

    1. A Red Tide?

      1. I was listening to this Doug Stanhope clip on Youtube the other night in which he referred to tonguing ass as “getting the blood diamond.” I thought that was particularly brilliant.


        1. Also, according to the always eloquent Stanhope- rear end fumes are to be avoided when one is tripping on LSD.

    2. Shark Week…ing?

  10. This article is a bunch of crap.

    1. Just like the brown smelly mass between your ears.

  11. She’s posting the death threats she’s getting on Twitter.

    1. Twitter post:

      WTF? maybe ISIS do use the flag but the writing on it means so much more. What you done is disrespect beyond belief!

      Her response:

      Mohammed and his successors did the same as ISIS under the same flag 1400 years ago.

      1. boom. drops mic.

      2. A Suicide Girl without tattoos.

        Seriously, she’s just asking to get brutally murdered.

        Insanely courageous, but I can’t see how it ends well.

        1. Again noting =

          she’s been getting death threats since before ISIS was headline news. This is round 2 (at least) of her “Fuck You Islam” campaign.

          Wikipedia suggests she lives in Sweden.

          And her ‘Art’ reminds me of something

          1. No way you do this while living in Cairo.

  12. Dumb. All she’s dine is remind me that ISIS isn’t the only group of psycho’s on the planet.

    1. Losers like you remind the rest of the sane humans why birth control is so important.

  13. Holy Shit

    See? See what I did there?

    I’m witty. Yeah.

  14. Wow, ok that is sexy! Heck yeah!

    1. anonbot, you are sick fuck

  15. Visited her blog and all I can say is that when you’re a one trick pony, Agenda Item #1 is to get a new trick…

    1. Better than being a ZERO trick monkey like you.

  16. She is resisting systemic Arabic repression of the female. A feminist who despises Islamic sharia can shit on as many flags as she wants to in my book. Simmering anger cuts through her work. So be it. She has a solid reason to hate on sharia.

  17. That’s a red flag if ever I saw one!

  18. Disgusting, but not nearly as disgusting as what she’s protesting. I’ve got to hand it to her for having the guts that very few feminists in the west would ever demonstrate.


  19. I want to go to a punk rock concert with this photo on my T-shirt.

  20. Now THAT deserves NEA funding!

  21. Naked women with Isis on their bodies symbolizing birth and death. Oh yea, no freaky illuminati ritual shit going on here…

  22. “Powerful”?

    She’s a psycho and demented probably even more than alleged ISIS members.

    1. She doesn’t torture and murder men, women, and children in cold blood.

      You are a gargantuan nitwit.

    2. Not near as demented and retarded as you are.

      Religious monkeys such as yourself should guzzle some bleach and cleanse yourself right out of the gene pool.

  23. I’d hit it.

  24. She is obviously not in the menses tent in the back yard for the duration of her visitor

  25. What is this but yet another terrible example of Islamophobia. Gals like this need to report down to Tent 9 for their FGM. I’ve got a crowdfunder going on to invest in Egyptian clitoridectomy tents, er I mean clinics, dey got some boomin’ biz goin’ on over deh. Praise to Prophet Mohammad, bringer of peace and love to mankind; women need not apply.

  26. isis are nothing but feral religious monkeys, since only a monkey could believe something as incredibly childish and ignorant as their primitive religion.

    The rest of the world should be air dropping poisoned bananas for the feral monkeys….. one air drop and no more religious monkeys murdering normal humans.

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