Police Abuse

Ed Krayewski Talking Ferguson, Police Reform on the Tyler Nixon Show


Ferguson at night, during protests

I'll be on the Tyler Nixon show on WGMD in Rehobeth Beach, Del., this afternoon at around 1:10p.m. ET to talk about Ferguson and related police reform issues. Tune in on your radio, through TuneIn, or listen to the livestream here.

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  1. Police Unions Produce Rules That Protest Bad Actors

    I think you mean “protect bad actors.”

  2. A gubernatorial or presidential commission will find that more training is necessary, and will pledge $20 billion over five years to beef up police department training, community policing efforts by putting 20,000 new community officers on the streets by 2020.

    *handshaking*photos*applause*catered party afterwards*

  3. These guys know exactly what time of day it is.


  4. Police reform? They don’t need reform. A totalitarian arm of the state with “qualified immunity” that is shielded from the voices of individuals which includes market forces, is yet another standing army and a grave threat to liberty.

    The state can call on these robots, and count on them to carry out acts of aggression against those who do not submit and obey to extortion, and made up laws that violate natural law.

    Can’t pay the extortion rate (aka taxes), or you don’t want to pay the extortion imposed upon cigarettes.!!?..we’ll just choke you out and kill you.

    Only when folks stop lying to themselves could they support libertarian anarchy. “Oh but chaos and RoADZ!! And DefeNSE” are nonsensical arguments when speaking of liberty. Socialism isn’t like lucky charms, and isn’t magically delicious all of the sudden when it comes to the production of roads, defensive services, etc.

    What makes a politician suddenly special in dealing with the economy, roads, police, or whatever? The know all politicians…..why don’t you call Mitt Romney to plumb in a new boiler? Give old John McCain a call to repave your driveway. It seems things that aren’t controlled by these folks in fancy suits do just fine and do not suffer all kinds of crisis. Watches, computers, shoes, and many other things seem to get better and cheaper. They are bought and sold the world over without all kinds of intervention.

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