Third Time the Charm in Iraq?, Ferguson Cop May Not Have Been Badly Injured After All, More Fun in Ukraine: P.M. Links


  • Chuck Hagel
    Department of Defense

    Islamic State is really, really bad, says Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. And airstrikes don't seem to be up to the job of stopping the group. So you might want to get ready for Gulf War 3.

  • Despite sketchy reports of an eye injury, Ferguson cop Darren Miller may not have been badly injured in a tussle with Michael Brown at all. Hospital reports apparently mention nothing worse than a little swelling.
  • There's more reason to dislike Obamacare's much-maligned medical device tax. The IRS can't figure out who is supposed to pay, and collections are running well behind expectations.
  • Mykola Zelenec, an honorary consul for Lithuania in Ukraine, was reported by his country to have been murdered by Russian-backed separatists. And the U.S., EU, and NATO are really ticked over Russia's casual attitude toward the international border. So, hang on tight…
  • Texas Governor Rick Perry slapped back at Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg, who pursued an indictment against him after he threatened to veto her budget. "Thank God they stopped her before she killed someone," he said of Lehmberg, who was convicted of drunk driving. Pistols at 20 paces, folks. We'll buy tickets.
  • With the continent's economy staggering along, financial markets expect a new round of stimulus from the European Central Bank. Anybody have some Bitcoin lying around?

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