Governor Who Oversaw Soaring Unemployment Will Teach Class on Job Creation


Merlin Elsner / Wikimedia Commons

This has to be one of the funniest higher education developments since the announcement that Paul Krugman would be paid $225,000 to do research at City University of New York's income inequality initiative: Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm will teach a course on job creation at the University of California-Berkeley.

As the Mackinac Center for Public Policy points out, Michigan lost roughly half a million jobs during Granholm's eight-year reign. Even so, UC-Berkeley believes she is qualified to teach Public Policy 290: "Creating Jobs through Better Government Policies for Innovation and Education."

She will cost the university quite a pretty penny, too:

That is the only class Granholm will teach in the fall. In the spring, she's listed as contributing to another course in Public Policy taught by another instructor. Granholm is listed as earning $84,331 in 2013 at the college.

Granholm's husband, Daniel Mulhern, is listed as earning $180,000 in gross pay in 2013 and is schedule to teach one class in the fall and two courses in the spring.

Granholm is not entirely, or even mostly, responsible for Michigan's high employment levels during the 2000s. But it would be quite a stretch to say that her government growth policies had any lasting positive effects. Granholm's favorite tools for trying to get Michigan's engines running again were subsidies for government-favored industries (like Hollywood), brutally high taxes on small business, green energy boondoggles, and anything else she could find in the lefty corporatist playbook.

Perhaps Granholm will surprise us all and begin her first lecture with a candid confession that nothing she tried worked and that the best method for the government to promote job growth is to get out of the way. Only time will tell.

It does look like Granholm will at the very least be doubling down on the necessity of environmental regulation for job creation, though. According to The College Fix:

In addition to job growth, the course aims to assist politicians with the rollout of new environmental protection rules.

"The class will coincide with the rollout of EPA rules regarding CO2 emissions, wherein states must formulate state-specific plans for cutting carbon pollution," the guide states. "The final state-based reports will be delivered to candidates and office-holders of both political parties in each of the states."

In the meantime, I wonder if UC-Berkeley is looking for a former Michigan politician to teach, say, "Ethics in Government" as well? Because Kwame Kilpatrick probably needs a job. (Maybe he could Skype from federal prison.)


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  1. Those who can’t do, teach! Right?

  2. ” Kwame Kilpatrick probably needs a job”


    AND ABLEIST also… somehow…. transphobic…. and…. uh, ferrets, they’re not legal… city limits….

  3. On the first day of class, the UC Berkeley Students for Liberty should hand out a flyer detailing all of Granholm’s “accomplishments.” After all, her students should have a right to know, full disclosure,
    transparency, etc. so they can judge how well their tuition money is being spent.

  4. Granholm might be a nice challenger to Hillary. Remember, Ds are looking for a President with ladyparts, everything else is optional.

    1. Unfortunately, she was born in Vancouver, BC. No American ancestors.

      Indeed, “Everything is optional.”

  5. Worst. Governor. EVER.

    You Calitards want to take lessons from her? Be my guest – PERFECT fit. Enjoy!

  6. Man lets jsut roll with the punches. WOw.


  7. to be fair, the course title doesn’t say what kind of jobs.

  8. Technically, it’s true that Granholm caused Michigan residents to get jobs…in Indiana, Texas, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Florida…and on and on.

    OR: Unemployment reduction by getting people to move away!

    Also: Granholm…taking a bunch of money from the public sector to pad already huge bank accounts? Never!

    (Note: former Michigan resident.)

    Oh yeah, she didn’t cause Michigan’s collapse, but she sped up the crumble beyond what most did.

    1. I think her main methods of environmental protection were 1) discouraging business from setting up shop in the state; and 2) causing even more people to flee the state, thereby reducing its carbon footprint.

      (Also a recent escapee from that post apocalyptic wasteland referred to as SE Michigan.)

  9. I doubt Jennifer Granholm has any idea about creating jobs or running a business. She was fired resigned from the Dow Chemical board of directors after less than 7 months. The average tenure of the current board is just over 9 years. She was a feckless governor, California can keep her.

    She may have just been a useful idiot with political connections Dow Chemical wanted to use. Dow Chemical is an aggressive lobbyist, and just recently spent more than a million dollars in support of Michigan’s Prop 1 Use Tax Proposal.

    (Note: lifelong Michigan resident.)

    1. Oddly enough, when Obama was running in 2008 and saw in his platform that he was basically just Granholm. Predicted that the US would just turn into what Michigan was from 2002 on.

      Oh look.

    2. PS – Where in MI? From the wild UP, now in South Dakota (I was one of those fleeing statistics).

      Note: Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream is one of those things that you never truly knew what you had till it’s hard to get…

      1. Heh. I grew up in mid-MI – live in western ‘burbs of The D since I work with teh auto induhstree.

        What I missed in two stints in Ohio was…”touch” car washes. Everything was those shitty “touchless” spray things that didn’t get off dirt. Hated that…

      2. Born, raised, and sadly still in mid-Michigan. I never would have cut it in the UP, too much damned snow.

        1. Where in mid-MI? I’m originally from that City of Wonders, Flint.

  10. She gets $84,331 to teach one class, and her husband gets $180,000 for three classes.

    When I was on the market for academic jobs about 10 years ago, teaching Freshman Composition (an actually useful class, in contrast to what these bozos teach), nine courses over two terms (or 13-14 over three) got you about $45k in CA. And they expected you to sit on committees and publish on top of that for no extra compensation.

    These people are parasites who have no shame.

    1. How the fuck does UC-Berkeley’s public policy school have that kind of budget to blow in the first place?

      If someone looked hard enough I am sure they could find an alum who donated to that school in nearly the exact amount payed to her and her husband and they also happen to be in an industry she helped.

    2. Similarly, in the mid 90’s, I saw that one of my law school profs was making around $140k for teaching our Criminal Law class. A class she actually held 18 out of the 31 scheduled times; for the others, it was “Oh, sorry… I had to attend my Ron Brown’s funeral” or some other ridiculous reason. But she was also fairly high profile, and got lots of media attention for the school, so all could be forgiven.

      When some students complained to the law school’s Dean, he said the school might offer a summer session if enough students were interested — which they wouldn’t be, since that’s irreplaceable time to work in the highly competitive Big Law internships.

      I imagine it’s going to be even more the situation with Granholm. It doesn’t matter that she’ll teach nothing useful; it doesn’t matter what she does. They have a governor/author/cable show personality on the faculty, and it will garner them the press they want.

      1. *”… my friend Ron Brown’s funeral…”

        -1 proofreading.

  11. Well, this is a little silly. I really hope she is not serious about it. We’ve already have a bunch of holes in our educational system, her “contribution” is not exactly what we need at the moment. This seems more like some kind of wicked self-promotion to me. As for job places, it’s much better to apply for writing a professional resume for job rather than waiting for politicians and officials to magically solve the problem. I do hope than soon enough the situation will change, but right now we can only depend on ourselves.

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