NY City Councilman Wants to Ban Toys in Happy Meals


Cruiser / Wikimedia Commons

New York City Councilman—and Bloomberg-in-training—Ben Kallos has proposed legislation to stop fast food restaurants from putting toys in Happy Meals that contain too many calories. From CBS New York:

Kallos has now introduced a bill Thursday that would put an end to putting toys in kids' meals that are often unhealthy.

The measure, dubbed "Healthy Happy Meals," would ban fast food restaurants from offering free toys and other incentives with kids' meals, like a McDonald's Happy Meal, if the food in the children's meal contains more than 500 calories and more than 600 milligrams of sodium.

"We're trying to make sure that any happy meal is a healthy happy meal, and making sure that any incentives, be they toys or anything else, are tied to healthy meal choices and healthy eating," Kallos said.

It would also require the inclusion of a fruit, a vegetable or a whole grain serving.

Good luck getting through that entire article without choking on the nanny statism being shoved down your throat (the accompanying video is unwatchable—freedom lovers will vomit).

Readers will remember that this kind of thing was tried in San Francisco a few years ago. The law was mocked by all and eventually food chains found ways around it. And a few months ago, a court invalidated New York City's attempt to police sugary beverage consumption. With any hope, Kallo's proposal won't even get that far.