Brickbat: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime


Ray Wolfe faces up to 24 years in jail for falsely claiming to have found a hair in his food in the Summit County, Colorado, jail. Wolfe claimed he found a long hair in his beef stroganoff and complained to jailers. But after an investigation, including reviewing video of the kitchen and dining area, officials said Wolfe put the hair in his own food and charged him with tampering with evidence, false reporting, attempt to influence a public servant and a bail bond violation. With sentencing enhancements for being a habitual violator, Wolfe faces more than two decades in prison if convicted on all charges.

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  1. His accusation led to a full investigation by the Summit County Sheriff Office. In audio recordings obtained by CBS4, the sheriff’s office questioned the kitchen staff, asking each person working that day whether they put hair in Wolfe’s tray.

    Time and resources well spent.

    1. That sounds like a really thorough investigation.

      1. Probably because they were “civilian” employees.

        Had this been a guy covered in blood with shoeprints from footwear worn by guards nearby, I doubt the investigation would have been anywhere near as thorough or adversarial.

  2. Four charges for a single “crime”. Nice.

    Also, first!

      1. It is Fist’s world, we are merely commenting in it.

        1. He made a pact with the squirrels, and I heard it was pretty nuts.

          1. I don’t know, I think the squirrels simply appreciate Fist’s garbanzo style of commenting.

          2. He made a pact with the squirrels, and I heard it was pretty nuts.

            Every time a pun like that is made, somewhere a fairy drops down dead

            1. Why do you hate teh gays?

  3. Must we always have stories where everyone is in the wrong?

    With the lying dipshit, what did he hope to gain by the stunt? In a private restaurant I’d have said he was trying to scam a free meal, and thus at most should be charged with fraud. But as a prisoner, how did he expect any response better than “Be happy it wasn’t rat shit”?

    And the chronic oversharger, they need to be locked up for abuse of authority. “Attempting to influence a public servant” is for cases of bribery that are not successful. “Tampering with evidence”? It wasn’t evidence until after the false report was made. “False Reporting”… maybe. “Bail Bond Violation”? what?

    1. All I saw was:
      “Filing a false report”,
      “Disrespecting authority”,
      “Disrespecting authority”, and
      “Disrespecting authority”.

      1. This would be why when a Summit County cop files a false report he too isn’t charged with filing a false report, perjury, tampering with evidence, attempting to influence a public servant (multiple counts), abuse of office, coercion, misuse of public funds, attempted false imprisonment, and probably half-a-dozen more counts I could think of if you give me a few minutes. Intentions are all that matter and the cop meant no disrespect (to authority) by filing a false report.

    2. You’re assuming their thorough investigation was conducted properly. I think it much more likely the hair wasn’t his, but he was an ass for bringing such a petty complaint, and a fool for thinking any investigation wouldn’t get him in hotter water.

  4. Late OT:
    How bad is it when I read the black open carry article and immediately thought “Jesus, they need to get some white guys pronto so the cops won’t mow them down from an APC.”

  5. tampering with evidence, false reporting, attempt to influence a public servant and a bail bond violation

    Does he think he’s a cop or something?

  6. Summit County District Attorney Bruce Brown says Wolfe did something that “offends the integrity of Summit County government on a very fundamental level.”

    Sheesh, Bruce, get a grip.

  7. Sounds liek some serious business to me dude.


  8. Technically, he didn’t even falsify the report. He *did* find hair in his food. The state simply assumed it wasn’t his and charged him when they found it was.

  9. How many other stupid stunts has this brainiac pulled while he’s been in the slam?

    Kind of having a hard time feeling sorry for this cat.

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